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Article by DeShea Witcher

Many a time we have heard stories of people performing inexplicable feats and of people with uncanny abilities. It is said that some people can sense when a loved one is about to die even if they are miles away. Some claim to see sprits in the world around us. History is replete with stories of people with psychic abilities. Some of them have been exposed as frauds but the others have stood the test of time.

Daniel Dunglas Home was a physical psychic medium born in Scotland in the year of 1833. While he was in his teens he started hearing noises and furniture being shifted in the house. She thought he was cursed and took him to the ministers. They told her that he was gifted. Then he started giving séances. Phenomena that defied the rules of science happened in broad day light. Furniture and people used to levitate, musical instruments appeared out of thin air and produced music, tables used to rise up or vibrate.

Home himself started levitating at a later stage. He was accused of fraud but was never found guilty. Jose Arigo was born in Brazil in 1918. He was known for his gift of psychic surgery. A relative of his was about to die. The family began performing the funeral rites. Then Arigo got hold of a knife from the kitchen and took out a tumor from the woman’s body. She recovered and Arigo’s new life began.

Arigo claimed that he was helped by the spirit of a German doctor named Adolphus Fritz. Arigo was arrested for practicing medicine illegally. The Brazilian president issued a pardon later. Arigo performed his surgeries with whatever instruments that was near and was ready to be used. He used no disinfectant. Even then all the people whom he treated were cured. Psychic abilities like these remain a mystery even today.

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