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Rekindle Love

Article by Shellie Chappell

It was not such a long time ago that we were on fire. We could not be away from one another for more than five minutes. Those five minutes away from you I spent making myself look better and smell better and make my skin smoother. I did this for that split second when you see me from a short break apart. I can see the desire in your eyes and enticing smile on your handsome face. My most erotic, daring, loving and happy times were when we first were together.

When we were together, well, time stood still, (in a hot, tingly and explosive kind of way). We were sexy. We were hot. We were in love. What used to be isn’t anymore. We are no longer. Does this sound like familiar? Quite depressing, isn’t it? Have you ever been in love and at first your relationship was exciting, carefree, so unforgettable, and the attraction between the two of you was magnetic? Well, this is nothing new and hurts just as much no matter what age, race or sex you are.

Rekindle love. Pardon me? You can rekindle love! Rekindle love. If the love you have for someone is strong and committed, even the most boring and dried out of couples can rekindle their love that lost all it’s luster. You are still in doubt, aren’t you? I understand. I was not convinced that my long term boyfriend and I could ever get our spark, sizzle and craziness back! I was wrong.

All you have to do is practice these time tested and true techniques and steps so your fizzeled out boyfriend, finace, or husband will turn back into your hot, energetic and attentive lover!Key Steps and Techniques to Rekindle Love:

1. SHOPPING: Go out and buy yourself some sexy lingerie and a beautiful outfit that will not only look hot but will make you feel very confident; like a million bucks! One outfit can make him take that second look at you, which stirs up some feelings and makes his head swim.

2. Makeover: Well, let’s face it. You let yourself go….badly. You need help. And off to a trusted salon you should go. Make sure you don’t go and do something drastic and permanent. Men love long, smooth, run-your-fingers-threw-it hair. Do not go and cut you beautiful brunette, shoulder-length locks, into a bleached blonde pixie cut. That makes a statement like “I am a liberated, women’s woman and I don’t care what you think”. Not sexy at all. Try getting your hair trimmed with long, sexy layers. Before trimming, have your stylist deep condition your hair and massage your scalp. The conditioner will make your hair turn to silk and the massage will relax you for your new look and soon-to-be hot date! Have a makeup artist apply your makeup to scream vixon and you are one step closer to rekindle love and spark fireworks!

3. New Attitude: Whatever personality faults your partner complained about, try to fix yours. Relationships are give and take. So if you want to keep this one, try to improve on some things and he will surely notice.

4. Do Something Special: Make a point of planning something special that your boyfriend would love. Do not think about your wants; focus on his. For instance, if your man is kind of a ‘cool’ nerd and loves art, history and jazz music, you could take him for the day to a museum and/or art gallery and then dinner and drinks at that hot new jazz club around the corner. You may dislike all of these outings, but you want to rekindle love, right? He will know how hard you planned to make his day perfect and that will show him how much you love him and that will be quite the turn on.

5. Be Kind, Do Not Rewind: Men and women are very different. Women always want to talk and frequently hash-up the past. Men, on the other hand, practice ‘what’s done is done’. Men do not enjoy talking about the past so if you constantly bring it up, he will get cold and withdrawn and that is not even close in getting any closer to rekindling love.

These techniques and steps are just a few things that you can do to rekindle love back into your dull relationship. Don’t throw love away. Sometimes love can be hard work but it is well worth it when you can still have the hot spark and strong attraction to your long time man. In fact, the spark can get bigger and brighter and ignite into something bigger than you could have imagined!

About the Author

If you need any further advice or help please feel free to visit my blog at http://www.secretsto-gettingback.com and you will find what you are looking for.

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