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Revealing Important News About An ADHD Child Diet -4 Things You Must Know

Article by Robert William Locke

Did you know that latest review on ADHD child diet from the Harvard Medical School says there is no conclusive evidence to show that all those artificial colourings, sweeteners, chemical additives and preservatives will actually have a negative impact on a child with ADHD? They actually say that there is only limited evidence to show that there can be an effective diet for the ADHD child. Many parents are convinced that an ADHD child diet exists but actually behavior modification is the only treatment which has stood the test of time.

Does that mean that all the studies on colourings and preservatives have been a waste of time? I do not think so because although the famous Southampton study was flawed and indeed Harvard says that the omega3 fish oils studies were also less than perfect, there are four things you must know about an ADHD child diet or indeed any child’s diet.

The first thing is that although the Harvard study does say that that there is no firm evidence that dietary restrictions can actually help a child to concentrate or reduce hyperactivity, they do point out very clearly that following a healthy diet is going to be of enormous benefit to a child, whether he or she has ADHD or not!

The second thing we need to keep in mind is that sugary food and snacks are bound to spike sugar glucose levels in the blood and that means mood swings and when you are assessing a diet for ADHD child, that can be a problem. This is why a few carbohydrates plus a good ration of protein (eggs or cheese) are a good idea for breakfast.

The third thing to be aware of is the alarming growth (pardon the pun!) in the number of obese children. We all know that the more processed foods which are full of additives, sugar, salt and refined oils are just the prelude to obesity. The five a day fruit and veg principal still holds for old and young alike. The Japanese diet is a case in point as obesity there is at an astonishingly low level.

Why are there alarming rates of obesity, diabetes and even heart conditions among young children? As the Harvard study points out, any healthy diet is only going to do good. That is the fourth point to take away as teaching our children what to eat is going o help them grow up as healthy and balanced individuals.

This now brings us to the question of how best to treat ADHD. The National Institutes of Mental Health have awarded scholarships for experts to study the effect of behavior modification on ADHD. The general conclusion is that this type of therapy is the only effective lasting treatment for ADHD. When it is combined with an ADHD homeopathic remedy, the results are often stunning.

About the Author

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children’s Health. He has written extensively on ADHD. Discover what natural ADHD medications treatment is available.Smart parenting is the key to successful ADHD treatment and the problem child. Sign up for FREE Parenting Tips to help you cope with problem behavior

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