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Riding Your Way Down The Fashion Alley With Equestrian Boots

Article by Mithran

Horseback riding is an active sport for the young and old alike. Provided you have the skills, horseback riding can be fun and challenging at the same time. This is why you need the perfect pair of boots to boot (pardon the pun). Equestrian boots, also known as riding boots, are the best shoes for horseback riding. For fashion, equestrian boots easily rank top of the charts because they are meant to keep you safe and comfortable.

For a range of great equestrian boots for both fashionistas and professional equestrian athletes, look no further than Ariat’s range of equestrian boots. Horseback riding enthusiasts and those wanting to sport the western look would be glad to own a pair of these Ariat boots. As Ariat makes boots meant for the professionals, comfort is definitely guaranteed. Aside from their range of equestrian boots, they also have a range of casual boots that emulate the looks of the equestrian boot, but meant for wearing in the ranch. Fashion enthusiasts could easily steal the look by getting a pair of Ariat boots. Made of durable material, they will definitely not die out on you for a very long time.

Durango has a range of shoes meant for horseback riding as well. Popularly known as Durango cowgirl boots, these shoes have a reputation for its comfort. Durango boots are specifically made for western horseback riding since 1966. The key to a pair of Durango boots is ultimately comfort. They have a variety of different shoes made for different occasions and purposes, but each range is designed to be comfortable yet stylish at the same time.

Even horseback riding enthusiasts purchase their pair of equestrian boots based on current trends. However, looking for a pair of equestrian boots may not be as easy as it seems. For those looking for a pair to be worn for fashion, a pair with low or high heels may not matter as much. For those looking for a pair to be worn for proper horseback riding, however, may want to consider the height of the heels. Traditionally, horseback riding boots have higher heels to keep the rider’s feet in the stirrups. Not to worry, though, because most boots for equestrian these days have high heels. The heels also boost your sexiness factor, because a little stiletto doesn’t harm anyone.

Equestrian boots are synonymous with western boots because horseback riding is often a pastime for westerners. Even western movies portray these boots in the way that heroes or heroines ride away on their horses wearing these shoes. For extra fashion appeal, pick a pair that has unique detailing on it. A combination of colors makes the shoes look more attractive as well. If boldness is your middle name, then spot a pair with bright colors like bright pink. From floral details to images like skulls, you can be sure to find a pair that will appease your sense of fashion.

On days when we feel like going ‘Howdy!’ to every single person down the street, cowboy boots are perfect to be worn. Worn with a rugged pair of jeans and a tank top with a plaid shirt tied around your waist, you can be assured to look your best in your western getup. There is no doubt that western movies have greatly influenced the style of equestrian boots. These days, they are well known as stylish shoes, although comfort is never compromised so you can wear them for work (especially if you are a professional equestrian rider) or play. Go for a pair that’s plain black with rugged tie up shoelaces to go with a pair of skinny jeans and braided belt.

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