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Rising Gas Price

california pardon
by mrjoro

Article by Gary Gregory

I live in California where you have to drive to most places that you want to go because of the shear size of our Golden State. I know that this argument will fall on deaf ears but I will make it for the first time (tongue in cheek) I am sure.

Being a common man with common means, I am finding it harder and harder to make sense out of this whole situation. I find the more I learn about it the less I know. This seems to be a common thread throughout my life but that’s besides the point. Four dollars a gallon? Come on this is really getting out of hand. There is so much money in petroleum that I am sure the powers at be are very fond of these prices but where does that leave you and me? I find myself being very efficient when running errands. Making sure I get everything I can done in one trip, including getting more gas. Does anyone know of a car that will get 100 miles per gallon? If so I will gladly trade in my Toyota, which up till a year and a half ago, at 38 miles to the gallon I thought I was ahead of the game.

I was reading about alternate fuel sources and there certainly is a ton of information or misinformation available for you to get a headache over. At first I though I might faint when I read about cars running on water only to find out (according to physics) that this is not entirely possible at this point. I also read about the possibility of cars using hydrogen and water combinations to at least make better fuel efficiency possible. This seems to be a plausible solution but who knows? I never really did well in the sciences while in school.

I also came across an article form 2006 that talked about 6 high school tech students that invented a car engine that ran on soybean oil!? It gets me to thinking that if these ground breaking inventions, pardon the pun, hold any water than why am I paying .00 per gallon to drive my car around? You can always choose to believe the conspiracy theories about the people with the money behind petroleum paying off and squashing any new technology in the name of the almighty dollar but that doesn’t help you or me now does it?

Oh well… maybe I will just move to a small town, ride my bike and walk to wherever I have to go. Where does that leave my wife and 4 young boys? Well, I guess they are on their own.

If you agree with gas prices being too high, maybe you will benefit from a helpful place in which to explore this topic more thoroughly:

About the Author

Gary is a mortgage professional and has a lot of outside interests that he enjoys writing about.

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