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Romantic Roses

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There is no denying the romance of a rose. After all, we often say “I love you” by giving roses to  special people in our lives. Romantic roses, however, don’t live very long; in the garden, they bloom through the spring and summer and then die in the fall and when cut and placed in a vase, their lives are  even shorter, lasting just a few days. With the gold, silver, and platinum dipped process in which traditional romantic roses are able to go through, these flowers will ultimately last a lifetime.

One of the most famous rose gardens in the world can be found at the White House in the United States. It was actually President Washington who first began the plans for a garden there. What is now the South lawn of the White house was once land Washington bought from Davy Burns, a tobacco planter. And, the North part of the grounds, belonged to the Pierce family. It was then John Adams – the first President to live in the White House – who had the first planting of the garden done.

When Thomas Jefferson became President, he began some new traditions in the White House garden by having an entirely new design done; he was the first to plant trees – hundreds of seeding trees – although none have survived to the present day. Jefferson was also the one that had the idea to plant tree groves and he chose where the flower garden would go.

Edith Roosevelt – President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s wife – in 1902, designed a colonial garden with the help of Henry Pfister, who was the White House gardener. The first wife of President Woodrow Wilson, Ellen, went on to replace the colonial garden with a rose garden in 1913; it’s where the current rose garden sits and has been known as the Rose Garden ever since.

When President Kennedy took over the White House, he had the Rose Garden redesigned so it could be used as a venue when outdoor ceremonies would take place. While there are different types of events that go on in other parts of the White House garden, in the Rose Garden, things like the pardoning of the turkey every Thanksgiving, in addition to presidential speeches and ceremonies, take place there.

If it’s romantic roses you’re after, look to dipped roses instead of fresh cut. Roses that are dipped in precious metals, typically go through a 7-day, 40 step process whereby each one is handcrafted to perfection. The roses used under all the gold, silver, or platinum, were picked when they were alive and at their most beautiful. By covering them in one of these metals, the idea of a romantic rose is captured forever.

Sophia Grace loves romantic rose gifts. You can view a huge selection of romantic roses at Plated Gold Roses.

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