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Royal Takes Plumbing Courses

Article by Martin Hofschroer

Rose Llewellyn has decided on a life of plumbing over privilege despite being the daughter of a baronet.

The 23-year-old daughter of Sir Roddy Llewellyn, who is most famous for his eight year relationship with Princess Margaret, decided to enrol on plumbing courses instead of going to university.

Rose told the Daily Mail that she was unsure about what she wanted to do with her life and did not want to commit to three years at university studying a subject she had no interest in.

The young royal discovered that her heart was in plumbing when she fixed a tap at her home and decided to follow her dream and ditch university in favour of plumbing courses.

She told the publication: “I was sitting with Dad in the kitchen. A tap was leaking, so we took it off, fitted a new washer, and it didn’t leak any more. It was my light-bulb moment.”

Rose revealed she was delighted by her decision to take plumbing courses and that her friends, who had been pressured into going to university, were jealous that she was doing something that she actually enjoyed.

She told the Mail: “I’ve always liked making things, and suddenly realised I wanted to learn a skill I can make use of – I was going to be a plumber. It was a huge relief and a lot of people around me were very envious.”

Rose signed up to the City & Guilds NVQ 6129 level 2, which is the required foundation course for beginners as it allows progression onto the NVQ level 3.

“I sat down with them and my boyfriend and decided to apply for a year-long plumbing NVQ level 2 course,” she told the Daily Mail.

Rose said that she is extremely enthusiastic about plumbing despite coming from a privileged background and is happy to do the dirty work as it provides her with great job satisfaction.

She told the Mail: “I’m not a prissy girl and have no qualms about getting dirty or wet to do the job. I’m 100 per cent committed and have done everything on this course to the best of my ability. It’s a fantastic feeling.”

Rose believes that plumbing courses will set her on the path to a successful career in the heating industry.

“I don’t want to be a bog-standard plumber – if you pardon the pun. I want to go as far as I can,” she told the Mail.

Rose was speaking to the publication to encourage other young people to choose vocational qualifications over university.

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