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define pardon
by lisby1

Article by Guna Seelan

“Money doesn’t grow on trees?” is an old proverb. How about this one? “There are dollars lying in dustbins and junkyards?” Yes there’s a lot of money lying in waste disposal areas and junk yards. Unable to believe it? Everyone knows there would be robbery where there is lot of money and where the robbers remain un-noticed. Metal prices have come up about 25% and that has thieves targeting construction sites and junkyards. The example stated about the thieves is just to define the demand for metal and the price hike, nothing intentional. Anyway the theft of scrap metal is a problem world wide. Now any one can believe there is a lot of cash in scrap metals. Once there was a report on missing manhole covers. Does anyone know a manhole cover fetches about in the scrap market? And an important note: don’t try this at home or you will live the rest of your life in prison. Anyway this is not an advertisement to promote robbery. Pardon us if it seemed so!

It was told in a review that “Everyone is looking all the nooks and crannies,” “I’m even thinking I should go through my garage.” We all know the incident that happened on 11th of September 2001. Yes the day World Trade Center was destroyed. What would have happened to the debris of that great collapse? They were not just thrown off. Reports say these thousands of tons of scrap steel were exported to part of India and Asia. Those scrap was recycled and reused for various constructions. Most of the demand was from China. The scrap importers in India had some shipping restriction earlier. Even under this situation India imported metal scrap worth billion per year. And now some of the rules laid by the government were scrapped. So with the doors wide open India has a great opportunity to grow in the scrap market.

Unauthorized gathering of scrap metals is called robbery. So what would be picking up scrap paper called? It’s called “Environmental awareness” The scrap paper prices are expected to rise by 10% this year. It seems there is a lot of money in dustbins also. Did anyone start searching the dustbins now? There is one more interesting aspect in this market. China imports many junk materials from America, then convert them into useful items and then export it to India or even back to America and turn the scrap into cash. It means that we are getting the same scraps that were exported to China. Interesting isn’t it? Scrap metal nowadays seems to turn into gold. The items ranging from old window panes to old engine parts are fetching very high prices at local scrap metal marketers. The scrap metal prices has sky rocketed from 0 to 0.

So let make a new saying, “There is gold in scrap metal.” We are not only making money from scrap but also saving the earth from degrading! And the conclusion is “MONEY MATTERS”

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