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Saskatchewan – Criminal Pardon Application Canadian Pardon

Application for Pardon – Get a Pardon

Get a Pardon from your criminal record.  What is a Pardon?  Quite simply it’s having your criminal record sealed.  Apply for a Pardon and you can keep your record your business and no one else’s business.  Your national Pardon will make your record inaccessible without your permission.


A Government Pardon is referred to as a Record Suspension.  It represents a free start in life.  Whatever criminal pardon you may be seeking, a federal pardon signifies that you have complied with justice and paid your debt to society.


Once your criminal record pardon, your federal pardon, is granted, by the Parole Board of Canada’s Clemency and Pardon Division, you will instantly gain opportunities to improve your life, your happiness.  You’ll be on the same footing with all other Canadians for job opportunities that open up.  Travel becomes easier and you gain new opportunities for education and advancement.


A Waiver – An Entry Form necessary for entry into the USA

Those individuals with a criminal record attempting to enter the United States, without a criminal record pardon, will be denied entry.  A computer search for criminal records are made by US Custom and Immigration Officers.


If you haven’t obtained a criminal record pardon, a Government Pardon, you will require Form I-192 Advance Permission to enter as a Non-Immigrant – a Waiver.  This US Waiver form is granted by the Department of Homeland Security in the USA, permitting you the freedom to travel in and around America.


Pardon Services – Application for Pardon or Waiver

How to Get a Pardon – How to get a Waiver

Pardon Services file all the government paperwork for you.  Yes, you can file the papers yourself but why take the chance at not filing completely nor correctly?  For a reasonable fee a Pardon Services company will make certain that your application for pardon is properly and completely prepared.  Your Pardon Services Company will then assure that your complete and correctly filed application for pardon is forwarded to the appropriate government pardon department.  Get a pardon with the competent help of a Pardon Services company.


How to choose a Pardon Services company:

1. Call the toll free number of a Pardon Services company and speak with the well versed, knowledgeable, trained Pardon Services Agent.  The Pardon Services Agent is there to help and advise you.  The Pardon Services Agent wants to help you successfully get a government pardon.  And their Pardon Services call is toll free.

2. Be honest about your wanting a criminal record pardon or a US Waiver.  Answer their questions honestly and completely.

3. They may have a payment plan.  Ask.


Saskatchewan Criminal Pardon Application


Who is Eligible for a Government Pardon?


When you apply for a pardon you must have completed the following requirements:

1. You must have completed your sentence including any and all parole   requirements

2. You must have paid any and all fines related to your case

3. You must have paid any and all financial penalties related to your case

4. You must have completed your probation period

5. You must have served any waiting time

6. You must have demonstrated that you are a law-abiding citizen

7. There may be other criteria in your case


Pardon Application for Government Pardon


You must obtain the Government Pardon Application Guides and Forms


Your completed government pardon application must include the following          documents:

1. You must include a certified copy of the criminal record obtained through the   Royal Canadian Mounted Police Criminal Records and Pardoned         Criminal Records from the Personal Information Requests program

2. You must obtain a record check from your local police department

3. If your conviction does not appear in your criminal record you must obtain        proof of your conviction

4. You must obtain court records as confirmation of your parole eligibility and       provide proof of your payment of all fines

5. If you were in the military you must obtain a certified copy of your military          conduct sheet

6. When you are applying for a pardon you must notify the Parole Board of           Canada of any change of address


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