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Shishi clothing accessories hats planning a big market building

Article by zhangtianyu

Recently, Shishi City Planning Board on the professional market Shishi clothing accessories hats planning assessment will be held. At the information display and lions will be more than 100 garment accessories company funded the establishment of a joint stock company, invested nearly 500 million fund to construct a professional clothing and shoes accessories market.Previously, Shishi city has three accessories market, with new investment and construction accessories market, and lions of the accessories market will again re-structure. At the same time, with the emergence of large accessories market, Shishi City, the availability of the right to speak on domestic accessories market will be a big step forward.100 companies shares”I beg your pardon, because the company registered the things I have to hurry would let city leaders make a phone call.” 18 pm, when I find the lions shoes Fashion Accessories Industry Association, Shishi Hualian Garment Accessories Company Limited and Chairman Huang Wen-yuan When he was still a matter for the accessories market, busy, “more than 100 shareholders had to sign this thing a little trouble.”In the morning, Shishi City Planning Bureau has just lions hats garment accessories market, planning program will be a review. According to Huang Wen-yuan introduction, planning accessories market covers 80 acres, costing nearly 500 million, will be developed in three phases, only the first store on the more than 1100. “If nothing else, then you can start the second half.”It is understood that Shishi garment accessories production in the domestic position of absolute dominance, has been among the billion-scale industries, products of radiation throughout the country, but it is awkward, because there is no terminal market sales to grasp the initiative, a large number of value-added is the professional market developed Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing and other places to grab, and accessories manufacturers earn lion was only a processing fee.Accessories market, competition for the right to speak is the Idea of lions accessories market, mind, back in the early days of the 2008 Society to build a large accessory market has become one of the main tasks of the association. According to Huang Wen-yuan introduced a proposed this idea, it was the association lodged a response within enterprises, ultimately, more than 100 enterprises have become shareholders of the new accessories market.After the implementation of investment, after careful investigation, and ultimately selected a nearby lion Bus Terminal accessories market as the building block, the “as close to the Baogai production base, and traffic is also convenient.” Huang Wen-yuan believe that this high-capacity market will provide a one-stop sourcing procurement requirements. It is envisaged that the completion of the market, it will be the largest in East China’s accessories market, “relying on local complete industry chain of Quanzhou, Quanzhou accessories grab in the domestic market should have the right to speak.”

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