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Should I Get a New Domain Name for SEO?

Article by Amitosh Kumar

It’s rejection secret to facilitate having a keyword or 2 in your domain label can bear an collision on your rankings. Hip reality, in about personal belongings it’s obstinate to think about it some other motive why a place might rank; with the exception of their spam-keyword-keyword.Com domain label. But I’m obtainable to contemporary a only some reasons why you shouldn’t replace your domain label simply since you famine to rank in lieu of a search tenure.

1. Brand is ruler

Hip the globe of SEO, we continually say “content is king.” But in the globe of matter, brand is king. Well, maybe not “king,” but it’s pretty focal. And individual of the ways in which you help to promote and look after your brand is through the habit of your website, on your branded domain label.

If you’re marketing your matter in some other approach, you will undoubtedly understand family to your place as a findings (think: Press releases, trial, and the like.); and if a recipient of your marketing hard work must decide to study your company online, they will likely search in lieu of (or “Google”) your company’s label, not a particular keyword.

Even if your place does rank on the top in lieu of the search, it’s placed in the same grouping as the others on the search engine’s results sheet (SERP). Instead, wouldn’t it be better to bear a domain label to facilitate would allow searchers to by far identify your officer place?

2. It’s not to facilitate large of an SEO deal

It’s really not to facilitate large of a deal to bear your keywords in the domain label. We like to understand them in at hand if we can make sure of so devoid of taking away from the integrity of the brand, but we don’t stress it. And we don’t stress it since it really isn’t to facilitate large of a determining issue. Sure, it will understand a allocation of sites to rank, but not more often than not out-ranking sites to facilitate focus more on the quality of their place and Internet marketing hard work.

It’s testing to believe to facilitate after you’re staring on about competitor with a spammed domain label out-ranking you. But allow me appoint your mind on reduce with a secret run to.

100%. That’s the amount of clients we’ve had to facilitate faced about competitor absent at hand with a spammy domain label. It’s almost guaranteed to facilitate at hand is someone absent at hand, rejection count the niche, to facilitate has strong-willed to create a place to rank. And there’s an added run to too.

100%. That’s the regular amount of period it didn’t count in the close. Our clients still ranked, still established extreme traffic and they didn’t bear to sacrifice their brand integrity.

I’m not proud on the order of our opus (well, maybe a little); somewhat explaining to facilitate a quality campaign will out-perform rank-quick tactics. Besides, the sites to facilitate make sure of to facilitate more often than not (but not always) put into operation other corner-cutting techniques to facilitate close up hurting their rankings.

3. It’s on the chopping slab

Google is well aware to facilitate they are giving too much authority to domains with keywords in them. And they are aware to facilitate this is a weakness in their place results. And after Google identifies a weakness in their practice, especially individual to facilitate threatens the quality of their results they attack it.

How long it will be sooner than we think about it a “fix” is anyone’s speculation, but it’s upcoming.

4. It’s not worth behind gained ground

New sites can be a drag to rank. New site’s start on 0 inbound family, and I beg your pardon? Family you can understand in a only some months still bear to age sooner than they fully collision rankings. It’s simply not worth behind the family to your current place, the pages to facilitate are already indexed, and referrals you might bear.

And if you’re argument is:

“We can very soon redirect the old place to the new”You bear to remember to facilitate 301 redirects make sure of not pass 100% of their estimate. Instead, it is degraded a little after disappearance through to facilitate redirect. Link-building is tricky an adequate amount of as it is; individual getting 80% of the returns to facilitate you can be getting is very soon plain juvenile.

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