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Simple Facts and Benefits of Obtaining Criminal Records

The question always comes down to this, why do people need to obtain criminal records? Criminal records search service is used by a lot of people to obtain personal records about individuals they are suspicious about and for others, as mandatory requirement for employment. This is made to establish the background of the person in question whether he or she had a criminal history or their records are as clean as they claim it to be. By being able to know about their particular backgrounds, people are more inclined to trust another person and they also feel a lot safer and secure knowing that the person they are dealing with have no prior convictions or arrests in his or her name.

What we have to understand about obtaining personal records from a criminal records search service either online or any other methods available is that it has a lot of advantages which we can benefit from in making our homes and workplaces a lot more safer. You can always expect people to be very suspicious especially with the increasing number in crime related activities happening around us. By obtaining these records, this suspicions are doused off especially if they found out the person they are checking on is clean but for others who may have some criminal involvements in the past, these records help other people to be wary about who they are dealing with. Obtaining personal records can help you prevent crimes from happening especially if you were able to find out that your next door neighbor who just moved in has an outstanding warrant of arrest for a crime he has committed in his previous area of residence.

Criminal records can be obtained from criminal records search service providers on the internet who can provide free preliminary search on any types of criminal records from different states. This allows the public to be informed of the various criminal activities committed by a particular individual thus enabling them to protect themselves from that said person. These records can also help people to be aware of the fact that a lot of possible crimes can be perpetrated by an individual for his personal gains and these information are available in the internet from various criminal records search service providers offering services either for free or for a nominal amount of subscription fee.

To make your search for crime records a lot easier, most criminal records search service websites have come with an ingenious solution of creating a user friendly comprehensive database which can help a lot of people to conduct a more convenient and less time consuming search for any types of records available for public access. This has led to innovation and development of such services in terms of providing accurate and reliable source of information and by centralizing their online records repositories just to keep up with the demand of their clients who opted to use their type of services for a number of reasons including the need to perform a comprehensive background check to help them establish and confirm the background of an individual.

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This article is about the benefits one can get when obtaining criminal records. This also provides facts about the recent development in internet services in providing a more convenient way of looking up criminal records online.

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Question by Q&A: Do social services records affect federal jobs?
I’m a kid, and Social Services came to my house and completely ruined my life. My dream job is to become and NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) agent, and I want to go to a good college, and my social services records are bad. I didnt do anything wrong, and they just criticized me. Will the records in social services affect my ability to apply for federal jobs, and applying for college? Please help, my dream may be over. Can i seal the record?

Best answer:

Answer by Vidapapida
If ur talking about CPS then no. It only effects the listed perp.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
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The new prosecutor's office, which opened in March, deals exclusively with crimes against women but is not limited to legal matters. The modern three-story building houses a one-stop service center that includes special prosecutors and investigators …
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This video contains information about a career with the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency.

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22 Responses to “Simple Facts and Benefits of Obtaining Criminal Records”

  • tigrawild:

    Hey, sorry, that was my systems fault 🙂 Its ok. Volume is fine !!

  • tigrawild:

    Volume is not audible. Please redo it so it can be listened to . THanks.

  • jc71480:

    I said okay, acceptable. How, where, when, and who knows when exactly the common law becomes statute law, and where is it written. He said: it’s not written.

    If it’s not written, then how does anyone know when a law changes to a statue… why would it not be written that certain laws–in particular cases or circumstance–become statutes. That leaves “openness” to turn a law into a statute at one’s will… no act of Legislature… nothing, just because.

    This is ridiculous.

  • jc71480:

    Basically, this went on for about 30 minutes over the phone, and ended with him telling me to find a court case stating statutes aren’t laws under common law and refereed me to Vernon’s statutes, or Black Statutes.

    This is bullshit. It seems he knows that he can’t establish the court’s jurisdiction, and neither can the judge. He even went so far as to say, I quote: “well, sometimes common law changes to statute.”

  • jc71480:

    I told him he misunderstood. I ask him under what jurisdiction of law: Common, Equity, or Admiralty. He could not answer clearly. He gave me the run around and told me I didn’t have a license and don’t understand what Common Law is. I explained that I did, and that I understood each jurisdiction and that proceedings under each, are determined by a written set of rules and procedures; which, I have.

  • jc71480:

    I would like to say: There is absolutely something to this. I’m currently involved in felony possession of Marhuana case. I spoke to my Court Appointed Attorney today and asked him if we have established the Courts ability to hear this case, by establishing Jurisdiction through determining the nature and cause of the accusation against me.

    He told me he did not understand what I meant by, “nature and cause.” And that the court’s jurisdiction lies in the County the offense occurred within.

  • spirituallypeace:

    is this for the usa or canada

  • MacabreHeritage:

    Excessive dialogue.

  • Gryphyn3:

    nice video but every video i have seen where the defendant defends himself and tries asking questions like these never get past maybe 5-6 questions. The judge usually figures out what is happening and stops the person from asking questions to move the session along.

  • ssupermann101shane:

    Great video thank!!! I think the cartoon frog is ok instead of a man or woman talking….I think cartoons sometimes make it easier for us to under stand… the cartoon Meet your straw man!!! I have ben researching what to say in court and I think this guy did his homework thanks again for trying to wake up the sheeple!!!

  • otpteg:

    Ok wait I don’t think this argument would work because your bringing up the US Constitution in a state court. That’s a federal document and they have no jurisdiction to discuss the constitution You would have to be in federal court. The only constitution they have any jurisdiction to discuss is the STATE constitution.

  • kgbonez:

    You can have the court reporter put in the record that the judge as abandoned the court and therefore declare the case dismissed since it was between you and the court. I have sen several video’s on this and have appt. with my mom’s attorney in the next few weeks. will let you know what happens with the advice i get.

  • kgbonez:

    Use audio if video is not permitted. Then you have your own record. Also better to play then just be screwed by attorney only making a deal with a no win situation. Also you can hire an attorney at any point you need to , remember you are paying him/her and they ought to follow the course of action you choose.

  • RemoteExplode:

    What if, per say, you get an unruly judge, or multiple judges, as would be the case in, say …seattle, and they arbitrarily and angrily verbally attack you , slam the hammer down and label you guilty before you have the chance to speak? Also, if you have a court appointed defense attorney, does any of the content in your most excellent video (many thanks, btw) apply? Sadly, the witch-hunt system is on full ahead in the north west and something needs to be done. Thank you.

  • JustinTime5683:

    Absolutely love this video! The frog barely moves his/her lips when it talks!! Lol

  • jc71480:

    how does this correlate?

  • BeatFly77:


  • cperry0817:

    sounds good thanks i will def check it out.

  • komurchu:

    Videos like this are a little misleading and encourage folk to fight a largely unwinnable fight….nah ,better to ignore the bully imo.
    If your interested in the passive, sovereign approach buddy, log on to…folk from all over the world on there teasing out these issues daily and years ahead of all the other confusing stuff tbh.
    All the legal shit is very interesting but mostly bullshit….

  • cperry0817:

    yeah i def agree with you on that. its a fucked up game. real fucked up how a group of people treat the mass majority of the land. but u have to admit the a lot of people dont know this much thats in the video

  • lym1438:

    great video……….but how long will it takes to get a job with u guys after done interview two months ago?

  • Phil:

    Unless you are saying you’ve been charged with a crime, or amounts to a finding that you have a psychiatric illness of some sort, no it will not affect your employability. It may come to the attention of an investigator and be part of a background investigation. Any such information about your home life would likely be considered irrelevant since by the time you apply you’ll be a college graduate and have established yourself as a successful and trustworthy adult.

    If it reported that you committed crimes or refers to a psychiatric condition then you’ll be asked about this, given an opportunity to challenge it’s accuracy, etc. if it would form a basis for an adverse action on a clearance or in a hiring situation.

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