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Siwaratri or Night of Shiva

a pardon
by Torley

Article by thinqbali

Siwaratri is known as “Night of Shiva”, and is celebrated on the dark moon of the seventh based on the Balinese lunar calendar system, a day which usually falls in the month of January. This is an auspicious time for introspection and meditation during which the Hindus of Bali pray for forgiveness of their earthly sins and support and strenght from Shiva in order to reach their higher level.

Balinese believe that on this day, God Shiva, the destroyer, meditate for the welfare for the world, and the God of Shiva will bestow upon every person a pardon for all sin if he accompany the God of Shiva in his meditation by observing some self restriction and meditating on the night of Siwaratri.

Siwaratri starts with an opening ceremony of prayer and offerings which is performed at Kawiten, the family house temple. The premilinary ceremony shoul be finished before day break and it starts at 6.oo am followed by :

Monabrata – Silence, no speaking for 12 hours. It is a method to learn one should never speak impulsively but instead carefully weigh one’s words before reacting to one’s experience in life, to always speak fair and honest words, to never lie, slander, speak evil or swear.Upawasa – Fasting, not eating and drinking for a period of 24 hours. This is a method to reach self control by not allowing greed or selfishness.Mejagra – meditation, not sleeping for a period of 36 hours. It is a method to learn to be constantly awake and to be aware of one’s approach to physical life, which should be done with insight and wisdomThe activities of Siwaratri are methods to learn self-conscious at all times and to have self control. When finished, each activity is closed with prayers and offerings at the in house temple.

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