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Article by Greg Lucas

Homeowners and Investors Seeking More Living Space

One offshoot of the stagnating economy and lackluster national home sales statistics is that more people today are finding themselves living in their home far longer than they originally intended. Homes in need of upgrades that were purchased primarily as investment are now becoming permanent living quarters for the owners who never intended it.

The net result is that small private real estate investors and homeowners who in the past had only dealt with cosmetic home upgrades are now finding themselves facing the prospect of far more comprehensive home improvement projects, such as basement waterproofing and basement upgrades. Also, homeowners hoping for any increase in their homes net value can no longer rely on inflation as they have in the past.

It seems that the long ignored basement is now being rediscovered and exploited by more homeowners looking to add some extra finished square footage to their homes, thus increasing the market value of their investment. However; as one industry analyst put it, “basements can be tricky upgrades”.

Basement waterproofing services and products have are now exploding on the home improvement scene as a new growth industry even in these recessionary times and the reasons are two-fold. First, an upgraded basement that is not waterproofed properly can turn out to be investment money that is “water under the bridge”. Pardon the pun.

Secondly, home owners that in the past would have opted to “take a pass” on basement water and moisture issues by selling the home for a profit are now having to become more informed once they realize that basement waterproofing problems are theirs to solve. Add to that as one contractor put it in a recent interview, “basements aren’t cheap to upgrade to living quarters”.

Even if there is no visible water or leakage and the basement appears to be perfectly dry, a relatively small amount of moisture during a short period of time can lead directly to mold. Also, it is important to bear in mind that even if mold isn’t visible on the walls surface, it can be present hidden behind walls and remain viable health hazard.

On a further note: Increasing demand has spurned the development of new permanent basement waterproofing solutions, including user friendly, one application interior wall sealers. Other popular, easy to use products that have been developed and are now available are more powerful and effective mold and odor retardants.

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