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Some 2012 Scientific Explanations

Article by John Q

There are many predictions about the world coming to an end on the Winter Solstice in 2012, some that may have some validity, others that are completely absurd.

Some religious leaders now see this day as Armageddon, again, and say that this is now the time when the end of the world is at hand.

While there are some things that may point to the end of the world, if you simply step back and look at the bigger picture, then you may find that all life as we know it is not going to suddenly come to a crashing halt.

Many of these predictions are based on the Mayan Long Calendar. This is a calendar, one of three that were developed by the Mayan Civilization.

This calendar is said to start somewhere around 3000 BC, and ends on 12/24/2012. There are also I-Ching prophecies that also told of a 2012 doomsday theory that occurred 5000 years ago.

Does this all mean that mean that the world is truly going to end?

If you are truly worried about some of these prophecies, then there are scientific places you can go for answers.

NASA has a website, and an area devoted to answering questions about these prophecies scientifically.

Just like the big Y2K scare, the 2012 scare too has been quite analyzed on a scientific level, and contrary to what many believe, when science is applied, many of these start to come apart, pardon the pun.

There are also other websites, including National which also debunk many of these end of the world theories.

For an example, let’s take a closer look at the Mayan Calendar. While there are some people that say the calendar abruptly ends on 12/24/2012, archaeologists say that the ancients never said that the world was going to come to an end.

It is simply a time when the largest Mayan calendar cycle of 5,125.37 years turns over and begins a new cycle.

While this is an overwhelmingly long period of time to say the least, we have a 12 month calendar that overturns every 365.4 days, right? Should we hide under the bed and wait for the end on December 31 each year?

The next myth that is debunked is about the Earth will undergo some cataclysmic pole shift, tearing continents apart, like that from the movie 2012.

Scientific evidence does say that the planet has undergone many of these kinds of changes, but the problem is that these changes take place over millions of years, hardly like the changes that took place in a matter of days like what happened in the movie.

Scientists say we would hardly even feel these changes, and would be long dead before it was finished.

These are just some of the scientific explanations for these 2012 theories. You can find numerous websites, both full of scientific facts, as well as wild speculations.

No matter what you believe, there are some things that you have to ask yourself. If you truly believe in these doomsday prophecies, then is there anything you can really do to prepare?

If the world truly is going to come to an end, instead of concentrating on finding some hole to crawl into, or hide until it is all over? Wouldn’t it be more productive in the time you have left to concentrate more on getting your affairs in order?

About the Author

We are on a mission to educate the public on the mis-truths about December 21, 2012. To get your Free copy of 2012 a quick, easy explanation please go to For more on the spiritual side please check out this article

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