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Some Sobering Information About Drunk Driving

must be undertaken in order to significantly reduce the number of US people who die in alcohol-related traffic accidents.

Additional Anti-Drunk Driving Initiatives

In response to the need for more ammunition in the “war” on alcohol-related traffic accidents, I propose two additional anti-drunk driving initiatives. First, those who are incarcerated due to alcohol-related offenses need to receive mandatory alcoholism treatment while they are in jail or in prison. True, other drivers are safer when the offending persons are “off the streets” and incarcerated. When the jail or prison sentence is completed, however, the vast majority of alcohol-related offenders will return to the “real world.” Acknowledging this reality, I submit that alcohol-related offenders who have received alcoholism treatment while incarcerated are more likely to become responsible people who refrain from drinking while driving and less likely to become repeat DUI offenders once they return to society.

Second, significant and observable changes in our attitudes about drinking alcohol need to take place in our society. Due to the fact that drinking alcohol is so accessible, acceptable, and intimately ingrained in our society, however, it has been extremely difficult for many individuals, especially the youth, to truly understand the destructive, unhealthy, and fatal aspects of alcohol abuse and alcoholism. This needs to change.

Our Enlightened and Aware Society

Our society has become more enlightened and more aware of the health hazards, fatalities, and destructive consequences of alcohol abuse and alcoholism. It is therefore time for us to balance the prevailing marketing “message” with a more realistic and healthy perspective regarding alcohol consumption. Stated differently, drinking alcohol needs to be less advertised, less glamorized, and seen as less “cool” while the commercials, advertisements, and public service messages that emphasize healthy, safe, and alcohol-free activities and lifestyles need to be increased.


Obviously, something besides our current anti-drunk driving laws and campaigns needs to be done in order to significantly decrease the alcohol-related fatalities on our highways. I assert that mandatory alcoholism treatment for people who are incarcerated for alcohol-related offenses and noticeable and significant changes in our attitudes toward drinking alcohol are important factors that will help contribute to the significant reduction in the number of people in our society who die in alcohol-related traffic accidents every year.

Copyright 2007 – Denny Soinski. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. Reprint Rights: You may reprint this article as long as you leave all of the links active, do not edit the article in any way, and give the author credit.

Denny Soinski, Ph.D, writes about alcoholism detox and recovery, alcohol addiction, alcohol detoxification, Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, alcohol addiction intervention, alcoholism, alcohol recovery, alcohol treatment, and alcohol rehab. For more information, please visit college alcohol abuse right away.

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