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Stop Sweaty Palms – Do You Drip Sweat From Your Sweaty Hands?

Article by Joey L Jones

You could literally “cry me a river…” with your sweaty palms. Pardon me but I know that could be possible only because I used to have dripping palms too. I literally saw the sweat course through the creases and rivers to the corner before it rolls of the ball of my palm. That is severe excessive hand sweating for you. If you have a milder case of sweaty hands, you are indeed very lucky as there are simpler solutions to your problem. But more severe conditions of excessive hand sweating or palmar hyperhydrosis require a different type of treatment altogether.

Imagine yourself caught in the sweaty scenario above having to shake hands with strangers, or in a job interview or just when your lover tries to hold your hand. Slight inconveniences which could cause you negative impression, a job, or more. Treatment for sweaty hands range from application creams, invasive and non invasive procedures, the key ones being namely medicated creams and drysol, Botox, ETS and iontophoresis.

You will choose the right remedy based on the degree of your hand sweating severity. While light treatment like creams do not leave you with side effects, they are only good for mild cases. For more severe cases of sweaty hands, you might need to consider more expensive treatment like Botox or ETS surgery. Botox injections on the palm areas could stop hand sweating over a period of time, and if the treatment is not repeated the sweat returns. Botox is essentially a temporary solution to your long term problem and the cost could escalate over time. ETS surgery on the other hand, is more permanent a cure for palmar hyperhidrosis than other forms of treatment, with one key drawback. Almost all patients develop compensatory sweating on other parts of their body such as the torso, face, feet or underarms. This could very well become another new set frustration for the sufferer.

Iontophoresis is by far the most popular tested and proven effective palmar hyperhidrosis treatment, the least invasive, and has no side effects. The procedure is available at most dermatology clinics but the entire routine requires much discipline to complete. Most people nowadays prefer to own their own iontophoresis device to do their own routine within the comforts of their own home at their own time.

I got rid of my sweating hands with the help of iontophoresis machine and as I felt that the commercial devices in the market were very pricey, I researched and made my very own device to conduct the routine in the privacy of my home.

It had been about six months since I started the procedure and I had no had a day of sweaty hands as yet. I know I have finally found the solution to my problem. If you are still looking, do not procrastinate. Say goodbye to sweaty palms and Start living again.

About the Author

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