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Success Is No Surprise

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by SS&SS

Article by Gary Greenfield

When it comes to your success there should be no surprises. This article was written to share some success principles that, if used, would lead to your higher level of success being NO surprise. I’m confident the concepts can lead to the following affirmation being true: YOU WILL KNOW HOW! The words in that affirmation are the outline for my thoughts.

YOU are the most important element to your level of success. There are two aspects of you that are particularly critical. First, is your own sense of YOU. Think about this: Wouldn’t it be neat to see something that no human has ever seen before or will ever again? Well, look in the mirror…it’s you! Prior to the day of your birth no human had ever seen you. You’re one of a kind and once your life is over there won’t be anyone quite like you ever again. Talk about a living, breathing miracle!

What you do with that miracle is the critical question. The simple fact is if you’re going to be an even greater success, it won’t come as the result of a surprise. Rather, it will be because you planned it; then, confidently predicted it; and, then, achieved it. But, there are several keys to doing all that.

One key is an understanding of the definition of the word, success, for YOU. Almost everybody it seems wants to ultimately be seen as a success in whatever their pursuit. Success is not as seen through the eyes of the beholder. It is as felt in the heart of the pursuer. Define success on your terms not those of others.

Back to our outline and the word, WILL.

This shouldn’t be any great revelation but it’s not the human “won’t.” It’s the human “will!” Great things happen through a strong attitude of “will” rather than a negative attitude of “won’t.” The sewer of life is filled through the drain of negative thoughts.

If you are going to live your life to the level of your dreams, it takes the will to put forth the effort. The power of your effort is driven by the engine of your attitude and the fuel of your dreams.

A key to turning on the engine and igniting that fuel is your self-esteem. Let me cut to the chase. May I suggest you build some “steam” and that will help you take care of “self!”

Having the will to drive your success requires passionate self-discipline. You can’t grow until you have a passionate focus on your dreams and dedicate yourself to the discipline necessary to achieve those dreams.

Now, let’s focus on the “Know” in the affirmation. Each of us must create our own options to success by learning mentally, developing physically and disciplining financially. A few things must be known to do that.

The content of books, all kinds of books, is nourishment for the human soul. Your acquisition of knowledge is potentially one of the greatest gifts this life has to offer. Read! Lots!

One result of growing intellectually…the acquisition of knowledge…is the overcoming of fear. Learning enough, through reading and study, about what you have to do to live your life to the fullest will give you the great courage to do just that.

Its one thing to get our mental exercise through reading and studying but that won’t give us the physical strength to apply that knowledge over time. Pardon the limerick but, a brain that with knowledge is loaded can’t be helped by a body that is bloated. The experts say it takes a minimum of 60 minutes of various forms of exercise at least three times per week to even begin to gain some reasonable form of physical development.

Financial discipline is also critical. When you know you either have or are progressing toward true financial independence it offers a level of peace of mind that is indescribable.

In that regard, I like the “Rule of Thirds” concerning financial discipline. It states a third of your income goes to some form of investments. Another third goes to funding your current personal lifestyle. The final third goes to funding the community’s lifestyle…otherwise known as taxes.The HOW in our affirmation can otherwise be defined as the skills necessary to your success.

Don’t allow people’s first impressions of you stop you dead in your tracks on your way to success. Learn to dress so it clearly communicates to people that they should buy into the fact of your success.

Just as important to wrapping yourself in a cloak of success is making sure people don’t view you as an “empty suit” because of your lack of some very powerful communication skills. First among those skills is having the confidence and substance to deliver a ready smile to people. Think about it. Ever wonder why people don’t smile? Maybe it’s because you didn’t smile at them first.

The warmth of your smile can show the humanity of your soul. Adding a warm, direct look into their eyes increases your personal power exponentially. After all, our eyes were made to communicate with people not the wall behind them.

Along with these visual skills comes the need for strong verbal skills. One critical aspect of verbal skills is being confident in volunteering your name in every encounter with another person. There’s a psychological power in reinforcing your value as a person through giving value to your name by using it in every form of communication. Another aspect of verbally communicating effectively is to recognize the fact that it is what you say but it is even more how you say it.

There is another critical skill that you must develop and use if you are to achieve all that you can be. The fact is your skill at and your commitment to planning will determine your destiny. Think about it this way, around and around we go and where we stop we better know. In short, the answer is planning. A detailed plan that includes well defined goals and the actions steps to provide the roadmap to those goals, can give us the certainty that many of us want in our lives.

All through this article the affirmation, YOU WILL KNOW HOW, has been projecting to the future…suggesting that there were additional pieces to the puzzle of success that you needed. I believe the foregoing information has provided you enough of those pieces so that now, you do know how to make your success no surprise!

About the Author

Gary Greenfield is a speaker, author, trainer and business coach/consultant who helps people and their organizations “Profit Through Performance.” His areas of expertise are performance improvement and inspirational leadership skills. He provides expert solutions for ten business challenges.

Gary is a professional member of the National Speakers Association. He is currently the President of the Florida Speakers Association.

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