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Sure, Swift, and Speedy

Article by Mary Wilkey

Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil. Ecclesiastes 8:11

Whether you believe “in” the Bible or not, nonetheless, it contains the wisdom of the ages.

And the above quote from Ecclesiastes is a prime example. You see it in the news all over the place.

And that quote addresses misguided, overly liberal, wrist-slapping judges, who (I suppose) think that they are being kind and understanding.

My questions to them would be, “Whoever said that allowing criminals off the hook is being kind and understanding?” and “Why would anyone with a sense of fairness (which is what a judge should possess at minimum) not mete out justice to one who is guilty of a crime?” and “Where is the kindness and understanding that should be extended to the victims?”

Punishment should be meted out to those who have “earned” it, and kindness and understanding is not part of punishment-particularly swift and speedy punishment.

Punishing victims by denying them justice for the criminal acts perpetrated against them is wholly unjust.

To delay punishment is the same as failing to deliver swift and speedy discipline to an unruly child. You don’t wait until months after the infraction has been done to mete out discipline. No! It must be done immediately, or else the lesson is lost.

Criminals are no different. They are adults gone wacky. And they must receive immediate “whacks” for being wacky! (Pardon me, I just couldn’t resist the chance to inject a little humor!)

When criminals get off with light or suspended sentences, and when that “punishment” is executed months, or even years after the act, it delivers a loud message to others with a bent to misbehave similarly: “You, too, can get by with that… or at most, just a small inconvenience.”

Instead, the message they get from the courts should be: “You step out of line and break the law and come before this court, be prepared to get a stiff sentence, starting the moment that your hearing in this court is over with-not after you’ve exhausted the appeals process. You will not walk free for a long time, and your days in the slammer will not be a cake walk with cable TV and recreational facilities. You will be required to work six days a week, twelve hours a day, and you will not be served gourmet food while you do that either!”

Case closed!

About the Author

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