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Switching to LED Lighting Is Easy and Profitable

Article by Michael Rupkalvis

Let’s take for granted that the current movement to ban incandescent light bulbs is the only way to get the average citizen to switch to more energy efficient bulbs. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the only option shoppers have is CFL. In fact, from an environmental perspective, one can easily argue that CFL bulbs, while reducing demand for electricity, will cause tremendous harm. LED lighting decreases the need for electricity and it doesn’t harm the ecosystem.

Mercury Poisoning Your Water

Do you know how to dispose of a CFL light bulb? Few people do. When the big switch to CFL lighting started there were no bulletins issued and no information passed out. That is because no one really considers the mercury in a single bulb to be truly hazardous, but it isn’t exactly safe either. The US EPA now provides specific steps for the disposal of a broken CFL bulb.

Open the windows in the room where the bulb broke to reduce gaseous mercury concentrations in the house. Don’t touch any identifiable spilled mercury. Clean the glass carefully and immediately without using the vacuum or your hands. Wipe up the area with a paper towel to remove all the glass and mercury and then bag everything used in cleaning and take the refuse to a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Site. Does that sound safe to you?

Wonder what happens to all those bulbs that are ending up in the trash? They end up broken, in landfills, where the mercury enters the water table. Even a little bit of mercury can have a profound impact on your local water system, so until your trash service offers you a safe way to dispose of CFL bulbs, double bag them carefully, place them on the top of your waste bins and be as careful as possible not to break one in your home. Common sense will have to do until safer disposal options are made available.

Do You See Why LED Lighting Is Better?

LED lighting is better on several fronts. Since LED bulbs don’t contain any mercury they have none of the concomitant risks. LEDs, or light emitting diodes don’t contain filaments or mercury. They use about 50% less energy than CFL equivalents and 90% less power than incandescent bulbs do. From the energy savings alone they make themselves a good investment.

On top of energy savings, they offer another incredible perk. Lasting for more than a decade in moderate use these bulbs will almost never need to be changed. You can put an LED bulb in your kitchen spotlight and not need to replace it until 2020 or later. Frankly, having to pull out a stepstool and start climbing up and down stairs to handle bulbs every few weeks is a drag. I would very much like not to have to pull out that stepladder again.

Very Versatile

There is a mistaken idea that LED lighting is ugly and harsh. While that might have been the case when the product originally came to light – pardon the pun – it no longer is. LED bulbs are manufactured to fulfill a variety of needs. C7 bulbs are available for candelabras, while standard-sized bulbs are available to replace those you use in larger fixtures, sconces and over the bathroom sink.

Specialized flood lights can work indoors and out, with dimmer switches and motion detectors. They can even be hooked up to solar panels.

Pay More Now or Pay More Later

As is always the case in this world, sooner or later you have to pay the ferryman. You will find that LED bulbs cost about twice what CFL bulbs do when you go shopping. A single bulb can set you back nearly (some cost more), but they will outlast, outperform and out-save any other bulb you can get on the market today. In the end you have to make the choice between saving a bit more right now or facing the potential ecological cost later.

About the Author

Michael Rupkalvis works with the LedBulbsandLights website. The site features a variety of different types of environmentally-friendly LED products, including tube LED lights and other LED lamps and lights.

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