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3 Things Vegas Reminded Me About Business

I recently had the pleasure of being invited to speak in none other than Vegas (baby – sorry – can’t help myself with that!) While there good old Vegas reminded me of a few things about business that had almost slipped my mind.

1. Nothing lasts forever

Since the last time we’d been to Vegas the classic Stardust hotel and casino (home of the eternal Wayne Newton for so many years) was gone, as was the old Aladdin, and the new Aladdin (transforming into Planet Hollywood).

This time while in Vegas at 2.30am in the morning (after a quick powernap) we got to watch what was truly an awesome site. Another Vegas icon – the Frontier got imploded to the ground to make way for yet another “bigger / better” in Vegas.

The Frontier was originally opened October 30, 1942 and was only the second to open on the strip. It also housed Elvis’ first show on the Strip in ’52 and now it is no longer.

In Vegas you can do the Eiffel tower (half size), the New York skyline and the canals of Venice in a day, but don’t expect them to be here forever.

In the same way, we can expect to constantly see changes on the business landscape. Say the word Google or Yahoo in the 80’s and you would have received a polite “pardon me?”.

2. You’ve got to know when to hold em

Kenny never spoke truer words than “You’ve got know when to hold em, know when to fold em, know when to walk away and know when to run”. And despite the fact that the song is called “The Gambler” it could have just as easily been called “The Entrepreneur”.

Steve Jobs knew to hold on to Pixar when it was going through troubling times. Bill Gates knew when to fold first company Traf-O-Data. Tyra Banks knew when to walk away from her music career (and back into the arms of her loving television audiences). Warren Buffet knew to run in the opposite direction of tech stocks missing out entirely on the tech crash.

3. If you build it, (and have faith in it) they will come

Celine and Caesars Palace “built it”, it being a $ 95 million purpose build Colosseum and didn’t let poor early reviews stop her mammoth 5 year stay. Over 3 million fans have seen the show with revenues in excess of $ 400 million.

Kirsty Dunphey is one of Australia’s most publicised young entrepreneurs and is the founder of – the ultimate tool to help real estate agents write amazing advertisements. For more information on Kirsty or either of her books or to sign up to her weekly newsletter head to:

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Part 2 – Gemäldegeister Erst der Hausherr, dann die Frau, dann das Baby – Wer von den dreien ist der gefährlichste? Käsestücke und Geldgeister dürfen dabei nicht vernachlässigt werden! Auf Erstkanal “LETSPLAYmarkus” erstmals hochgeladen am: 02.05.2011

Question by 2live Crew: How does the president choose who to pardon?
So Bush pardoned 7 ppl this Christmas and he pardons few on Thanksgiving day, some of these guys were suppose to be in jail for Life or some of them were on death-row, so How did he choose who to pardon, and where to pardon?

Best answer:

Answer by tonalc2
An application for a pardon is submitted to the Justice Department. The Attorney General reviews them and makes recommendations. I’m sure Bush made no decisions on his own.

What do you think? Answer below!
BREAKING NEWS: European Parliament Condemns Safarov Pardon
The resolution also said the Safarov's pardon “runs contrary to the spirit of that international agreement, which was negotiated to allow the transfer of a person convicted on the territory of one state to serve the remainder of his or her sentence on …
Read more on Asbarez Armenian News

Pardon My Swag Funny Sweatshirt dark by CafePress

Pardon My Swag Funny Sweatshirt dark by CafePress

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Essential Knowledge About Eliminating Criminal Records

The small mistakes you made years or months ago can actually be eliminated by deleting criminal records. Given below are some essential details you should know for that.

Is a Lawyer Necessary to Delete Criminal Records?

Getting a courtroom order which deletes or seals your arrest is the only way to eliminate your criminal records. However, the trouble comes since most states have not yet made it simple to do in a standardized approach to file the crucial paperwork from the courtroom.

You will find some states in which every of the counties has its own distinct or special filing process. And in some situations of jurisdictions, you have to appear in court. However, in other process there is no need hearing. The deletion or sealing laws could be proved to be fairly complex.

Furthermore, the filing or hearing procedure normally will be made much less complicated and significantly more effective when handled by any skilled lawyer who has obtained the understanding relating to expungement laws relevant within your case or jurisdiction. You will also discover some occasions in which an skilled lawyer could make an enormous different outcome at last since they can file types of paperwork in right way.

Can We Eliminate All Kinds of Criminal Records?

Remember that this report is aiming at being a basically resource. So it’s actually not definite to specific states and jurisdictions. Generally, nevertheless, not all kinds of criminal records might could be eliminated.

In the majority of the situations, cases in which you had been identified to be not guilty or were just released without any conviction (this contains situations you weren’t charged or all the accusations had been dismissed) may be eliminated as well.

Numerous states will permit elimination for minor offenses regardless of the reality which you truly received supervision or courtroom diversion, or very much the same type of sentence as well as a fixed quantity of timescale has currently handed since supervision or courtroom diversion ceased (and the length of time could normally vary from one to five years)!

On the whole, in addition to the effective completion of the supervision or courtroom diversion (or the time limit of the vital period), it’s necessary that you really do not have any urgent cases (from the time the elimination papers are filed, until the order of expungement is given by the courtroom)!

And also keep in mind that in some situations if you have been convicted in but ended up with a probation, the elimination order is generally worthless. Normally, these situations involve tiny number of drug or prostitution and some cases of the same degree.

Want to search Criminal Records by name, please visit Criminal Records search online.

Article Source: You got a DUI, you need the best DUI Lawyer to get out of a DUI. Find the top DUI lawyers and best DWI Criminal Defense Attorneys. Stay Calm! DUI is illegal but, we can help answer all of your questions. What happens when I get a DUI? How long do I lose my license for DUI? How much is a Lawyer for DUI? Where can I find a DUI Lawyer? How to get DUI chargers dropped? How long will the DUI be on my record? Will my work find out about my DUI? What happens after my DUI is off my record? Will I get fired for getting a DUI? Driving Under the Influence is illegal. If you need help, and have more questions click here:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Question by : how long does it take to expunge misdemenor criminal record?
i was charged with 2 minor misdemenor offenses that were classified as summonses.i just had to pay a hasnt been a yr so i know it stays in my recor.but for how long?what kind of lawyer takes care of expunging it if i to hire one?i heard it takes 3 yrs ?true?can i request a police clearance?
note**** i was charged officially with 2 misdemenors and it was officially reduced to 2 sumonses(i cooperated fully).
does a summon really count on a criminal record?(sorry if its a dumb question)

Best answer:

Answer by latinlady92120
Before you spend money on a lawyer, do some research and find out what forms you must complete and/or file at the courthouse to ask for an expungement of charges. Every jurisdiction is different. In San Diego (CA) county, you must have completed all phases of your sentencing and you must have stayed out of trouble. Also, find out if the record will remain even if the charge is expunged. Many times the record stays as is, however the expungement is also in the record and shows the charges were expunged/set aside. What difference does it make?? a lot of difference: you prefer to have a conviction on record with proof of its expungement also on the record as opposed to just having the conviction. I’m thinking the reduction to summons means it’s treated like a citation (ticket) rather than a criminal charge. IF that’s the case, you may not really need an expungement. BUT find out first. The courthouse personnel can direct you to some free legal advice, although they cannot give the advice themselves.

Add your own answer in the comments!
Peterson will try, but attorneys say successful appeal is unlikely
Before Peterson files an appeal, he likely will get a new attorney, because one common ground for appeal is ineffectiveness of counsel; that is, that Peterson's lawyers failed him in some fundamental way that turned the case. And Peterson … "It's …
Read more on Chicago Tribune

Jacksonville Criminal Lawyers Deciding upon a Jacksonville criminal lawyer should really be done in accordance with the qualifications the Jacksonville criminal defense lawyer or criminal attorney in Jacksonville has. Checking his or her variety of proactively…

What You Should Know About Domestic Abuse

What is domestic abuse?

There are many forms of domestic abuse, ranging from screaming threats to pushing and shoving. Contrary to what many women think, abuse isn’t just physical battering.

Domestic abuse may include emotional abuse, economic abuse, sexual abuse, using children, threats, using male privilege, intimidation, isolation and a variety of other behaviors used to maintain fear, intimidation and power. In all cultures, the perpetrators are most commonly the men of the family.
Nearly one in three adult women experiences at least one physical assault by a partner during adulthood, according to the American Psychological Association in a 1996 report.

Domestic abuse does not discriminate against race, age and socioeconomic background. No specific type of woman is more prone to being battered by her partner, nor is one type of woman completely safe from abuse.

What Victims of Domestic Violence Need to Know?

The abuse is not your fault
You don’t deserve to be abused
You can’t change someone who is abusive
Staying in the relationship won’t stop the abuse
With time the abuse always gets worse
If you stay, make a plan to keep yourself safe when the abuse happens again
You CAN Fight Back!

Signs of Domestic Abuse

Acts of domestic violence generally fall into one or more of these categories:

Physical battering — The abuser’s physical attacks or aggressive behavior can range from bruising to murder.

Sexual abuse — Physical attack by the abuser is often accompanied by or culminates in, sexual violence.

Psychological battering — The abuser’s psychological or mental violence can include constant verbal abuse, harassment, excessive possessiveness, isolating the woman from friends and family, and depriving her of food, money, clothes, and destroying her personal property.
Be Prepared!

If you have been assaulted, you can report it to the police.

The Criminal Code says that assault is a criminal offence. The Code describes three types of assault and sets maximum penalties (called sentences) for each type.

The three types of assault are:

Simple assault (most common assault). Examples are slapping, pushing or shoving, punching or threatening that he or she will harm you or your children.

Assault with a weapon or causing bodily harm. Examples are an assault where you are beaten with a baseball bat or an assault where you get a black eye or broken bones.

Aggravated assault is an assault where your life is endangered or you are wounded, maimed or disfigured. Examples are where the offender threatens to kill you or where your injuries from the assault leave you with a limp or scars.

Warning signs of an Abusive Relationship

Are you frightened of your partner’s temper?
Are you often compliant because you are afraid to hurt your partner’s feelings or are afraid of your partner’s anger?
Do you have the urge to “rescue” your partner when your partner is in trouble?
Do you find yourself apologizing to others for your partner’s behavior when you are treated badly?
Have you been hit, kicked, shoved, or had things thrown at you by your partner when he was jealous or angry?
Do you make decisions about activities and friends according to what your partner wants or how your partner will react?
Do you drink or use drugs to dull the pain or join your partner so he won’t get mad?
Do you consent easily to your partner to avoid angering him?
What are some of the warning signs?
He is extremely jealous.
Wants to know where you are at all times.
Gets upset if you spend time with friends or family.
Holds rigid expectations of male/female or adult/child role.
He expects you to meet his emotional needs.
Blames others and you for his problems.
Threatens you with violence.

There may be many other warning signs; you can phone the nearest Woman’s Shelter for further information.

Do something before it’s too late!

In your contact with any family member, the following observations should be considered clues to the possibility of wife assault.
A history of wife assault or child abuse in his family of origin.
A suspicion of child abuse or sexual abuse in his role as a father.
Abuse of drugs or alcohol.

A history of suicidal thoughts or suicide attempts.

Such characteristics as:

Temper tantrums
Excessive dependence on his wife

What do we know about abusers?

They try to isolate victims from family and friends
They minimize and deny their behavior
They veil power and control over others
They blame victims
They distrust others
They often have been victims or witnessed abuse
They usually have low self-esteem
They are not in touch with their own feelings

Preparing to Leave

Keep evidence of abuse (i.e., pictures, police reports, etc.) in a safe place that is accessible to you
Know where you can go to get help; tell someone you trust what is happening to you
If you are injured, go to a doctor or emergency room and report what happened to you
Make sure that they record your visit
Make sure that your children know that it is their job to stay safe, not protect you
Keep a journal of all violent incidences
Start an individual savings account and have statements sent to a trusted friend
Acquire job skills
If you must sneak away, leave extra money, extra car keys, important papers, and extra set of clothes for yourself and children with a trusted friend (avoid family members and mutual friends who may be influenced by the abuser). Include a list of important numbers (insurance numbers, driver’s license, medication, checkbook, credit card numbers, etc.)
Practice effective Self Defense Tricks… just in case

Getting Out

What to do when leaving an abusive relationship?

If you are contemplating leaving an abusive relationship, there are some things you should do that may assist you in the process of leaving:

Make a safety plan

Write down Contact Places in the community for support
Assess your safety and that of your children
Contact a shelter for a safe place to stay
Seek interim custody
Seek a support system from family, friends and advocates
Be prepared, it helps you in a case of emergency

Make an Escape Plan

Make sure you have important documents
Save money in secret when you can
Keep extra keys and clothes with friends
Plan out all possible escape routes – doors, first floor windows, elevators, stairwells and rehearse escape routes with your children
Arrange a safe place to go such as a friend or relative who will offer unconditional support – or a motel, hotel, or shelter
Memorize the telephone number of a domestic violence shelter or call 911
Secure transportation
Work out a signal system with a friend or other family members so that they know you are in danger
Go when he is gone
Don’t tell him you are leaving
Create an excuse to slip away
Avoid arguments in areas with potential weapons such as the kitchen, garage, or in small spaces without escape routes
When leaving your home, be aware. Your spouse may try to hurt you to stop you escaping
Start to learn self defense techniques immediately!

What can you do if you have been abused?

You can, and you should talk to someone about the abuse. You can tell a family member, a friend, or your doctor. You can also talk to a support group in your community. Women’s centers and legal aid offices may be able to tell you of other services which offer help.

You can get medical help – if you have been hurt you can go to your doctor or to the Emergency Department at a hospital. If your injuries are visible you can have pictures taken. They can be used in court should you decide to lay assault charges. There are special medical and police procedures for sexual assault cases. For more information, check the Sexual Assault Department and the law in your country.

You can apply for a peace bond (in the countries where this system exist)

A peace bond or ‘recognizance’ is a paper signed by a person (such as a spouse) promising to keep the peace and be of good behavior. The peace bond may have other conditions such as requiring the person to stay away from your home or place of work. A peace bond may last for up to one year. The judge decides how long it will last.

You have to go to court to get a peace bond. You do not have to be assaulted to apply nor do you have to lay assault charges. You do have to convince the judge that you have a reasonable fear of the offender. The offender will also be in court.

Finding a Place To Go

When an assault occurs you should attempt to protect yourself. One way you might do this is to leave the home. If you don’t have a friend or family member with whom you can safely stay, and cannot afford a motel, there are shelters in your country which will accommodate you in an emergency. The RCMP or the police, if requested, will escort you out of the family home to any safe place you specify.

If there are no shelters for you in the vicinity, the Salvation Army may be able to provide temporary assistance. It might also be worthwhile to check with the local Crisis Line or Help Line which may be able to provide a list of the organizations that can help during a crisis.

National Domestic Violence/Abuse Hotline
TDD 24-hour-a-day hotline staffed by trained counselors ready to provide immediate crisis intervention assistance to those in need. Callers can be connected directly to help in their communities, including emergency services and shelters as well as receive information and referrals, counseling and assistance in reporting abuse.
This is a vital lifeline to anyone – man, woman or child – who is a survivor of domestic violence, or who suspects that someone they know may be the victim of abuse. Calls to the hotline are confidential, and callers may remain anonymous if they wish.

On Olga Timbol’s web site First Home Security you can find self defense tips and tehniques for women, as well as products to help protect yourself and your loved ones.

Article Source:

A guy gets on the radio and says he is shot.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

Question by : How hard is it to join the RCMP?
Would I need connections of any kind? Or is it possible to join without knowing anyone with the RCMP? I know that it would be possible, but would it be nearly impossible? Also, what are the basic requirements? What are some things I should focus on before I finish high-school? Does it matter?

Just that kind of stuff.

Best answer:

Answer by T
The minimum age is 19, but very few people get in at that age. Most folks heading off to Depot are in the 23-29 zone. Recruiting is very competitive as there are a lot more applicants than positions available but it isn’t “impossible.” Check out the RCMP Recruiting site for more info.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
RCMP Project KARE confirms identity of human remains
Days after human remains were found on a rural property near Leduc, RCMP have confirmed they are the remains of a woman who had been missing for more than 2 years. Police said they confirmed a human skull found on the weekend was that of Amber …
Read more on CTV News

Young Heroes Child Police officer Costume, Medium

Young Heroes Child Police officer Costume, Medium

  • Police Officer costume has jacket and pants
  • Also includes hat
  • Accessories sold separately
  • Child’s size Medium fits 50″ tall and 27″ waist
  • Inspire imaginative play with a costume from Rubies

This child police costume will make your little officer feel like a real policeman! Your little law enforcement hopefuls will be patroling the streets of your home, keeping everything in order and the forces of boredeom at bay. Includes genuine police style hat, jacket and pants in classic police blue make this the perfect child police officer costume out there! Belt and Police club not included.

List Price: $ 31.99

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How to Increase Height – What Every Short Person Must Know About Human Height

A lot of people are interested in learning how to increase height. Height is a favorable asset in our society; we frequently compare tallness with attributes like strength, respect, and power. This is especially true for men, but even in women, height has become a very sought after trait.

Short people frequently get the short end of the stick (pardon the pun) in personal relationships, in the office, in job interviews, and are usually much discriminated against in society. Height is an especially big issue for men, considering the fact that our notions of masculinity often mistake size for strength. A man trying to learn how to increase height can’t really blamed, thus; he is only seeking a solution to an overarching problem in our society.

The question, though, remains to be answered: how to increase height? Are there any magic pills or powders that will automatically add an inch or two to your height within a few days? Unfortunately, there are no magic ingredients or supplements. You may see a lot of such products being advertised on the internet, but all height increasing supplements are ineffective, hyped up marketing scams.

What DOES work, however, is a regulated exercise and diet regime. Most people tend to forget that their height is as dependent on their environment as it is on their genes. What you eat, when you eat it, how you eat it, when you exercise, what exercises you perform, etc. all have an effect on how tall you will grow up to be. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because your parents are short, you will have to be short too. You never know the true height potential locked inside you.

Not any kind of exercise and diet regimen is effective, though. You have to follow something that is tailor-made for height increase, not weight loss or muscle building. Just hitting the gym or jogging won’t help you grow taller. Only a routine of exercises that hit your high growth areas can be effective in helping you increase your height.

You can learn more about grow taller naturally at my website below:

Grow Taller Naturally

Article Source:

Click this link to Help me Get BIG!!! FOLLOW Me On Twitter: LIKE Me On Facebook: SUBSCRIBE Me On Youtube: Mixed & Mastered by TyCo Beats: Thanks for watching! Lyrics It’s that back on my grind flow I’m in the cockpit you a cockroach i’ll be honest i’m about to go off the edge like geronim gotta lot to do so pardon me i’m throwing rappers right off the beat man i be hotter than arsonists that’s why your girl got my songs on repeat i oughta be in that top spot i will not stop til i cop guap like chop chop til my legs crack and till i got a mil in my bank account like yea Young Kids in paris we stayin flyer than parrots you can perish if you gotta problem cuz we do us it’s apparent and apparently i’m the bomb why because i is real (israel) mess around the kid i turn you chickens to kid’s meal i been ill forget ya vaccinations i’m doin good but they mad and hatin i’m swaggin out till my head is aching i’m the one and only you a replication murder all my enemies from NY to tennesee with tendency to wreck the beat if you step to me you will rest in peace tell ye and jay i got it your tank on empty like my pockets cuz at the moment i don’t make no profit but think about everything that i could accomplish i just pick up where i left off this is how i roll you a wrecked car man ima keep flowing my brains out till i blow up like a time bomb ima rhyme on to the finish i been tryna make it in the game for a

Question by badboy: how do i apply for a govenors pardon?
i received a felony about 13 years ago for possesion of drug parafanalia.The same crime is now considered a misdemeaner and i would like to have it removed from my record as a felony.i have never been in any trouble before or since then,,,,,,,nothing more than traffic ticket ever.Wrong place wrong time wrong friends ,it was a crack pipe but im not a crack head. i was out with the wrong element and i was the only one to get caught ,,,,,,go figure.if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by Magick
It will depend on the state. Each state has its own procedures and requirements for a pardon. Might be best to Google the state name and ‘pardon’ and see what results show up.

What do you think? Answer below!
Pardon The Introduction: Singer/Songwriter Ingrid Woode
After I graduated, I took a break and used the science degree to buy music and equipment. I'm using that degree now to invest in music, to travel for music and buy instruments recording equipment. I'm using the science degree now as a means to finance …
Read more on Vibe

Music video by PJ for Ain’t so Hard from the debut album Makin’ Moves, dropping 31st of August. Director and editor: Ludvig Hedlund Cinematographer: David Ask Camera operators: David Ask, Daniel Ahlgren and Gunnar Holmberg Actress: Agnes Maltesson Produced by John-Alexis. Background singing by Viktoria Vukic. PJ Ludvig Hedlund http LYRICS Fast life, if the cash is light, brighter day comes// Up and down like a halfpipe in my past, write, whatever might come, and Whatever might come up may come out, no excuses// So I do this, pardon, do me, when it gets twisted like a rubix Whoever you be, I know some certain things seem to go wrong// And you overstress it if you hear some slow depressing song So no moping, eloping or hoping that your life would’ve been better// Don’t let up, when you get fed up you stay tough and keep your head up Aim up high (high, high) If I’m gonna be a star, then the limit ain’t the sky// Put my heart and soul in it, innit refreshing? Guessing you were looking for some sympathy? (sympathy) // I can tell from you how you look at me, but look at me When you feel shitty, no self pity. No help with it// Will you always need a helping hand when it don’t go down like you planned? Damn. Always relying on someone else, huh// Why you lying to yourself, hun? It hurts me to see you burst into tears when I personally know you deserve better// Just persevere, and you’ll make it An anthem for the
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Look Up Criminal Records – The Truth About Background Checks

A background check is a simple process whereby you request details of someone’s past, in particular whether they have a criminal record. This process used to be erroneous and time consuming, however, with the advent of the internet, checking criminal records has become a much easier and faster process. In fact, looking up criminal records has become pretty much instantaneous.

A criminal background check will obtain results by searching multiple databases which attempts to locate any potential local, state and federal criminal records, including nationwide arrest records.

Performing a criminal background check is essential for those who need to have a full profile of the people they are dealing with, especially in the following circumstances:

Charitable donations – it is advisable to perform a criminal background check prior to donating money, in particular to less well known organisations or persons. This should ensure you’re not dealing with a con artist or someone with a lengthy arrest record, and should increase the chance that your donation goes to the intended cause.
Online dating – when meeting someone for the first time after chatting online, it is advisable to ensure they have no arrest record. Such a check should ensure your safety. Equally, when being set up with someone (in the offline world), ensure you obtain some basic details on them, look up their criminal records to ensure they have no criminal history.
Hiring a babysitter or nanny – it is absolutely essential that a criminal background check is performed when hiring someone that will be in charge of your child’s safety. You would normally expect the agency to have performed such a background check, but it is recommended that you perform an online criminal background check yourself in addition to any other assurances you receive.
New neighbours – when someone new moves into the apartment or house next door, it is always good to know as much as possible about them, especially if you have small children. While some may see this as overly cautious, don’t get caught by saying “what if”.
New business partner – when working with someone, it is always good to have a full history of that person, unless you can obtain some great references. There are too many con man out there, so don’t get caught out!
New employee – if you’re a small business owner, it is essential that you search that persons records to ensure you’re not dealing with a violent criminal. This will reduce the risk of being involved in drawn out lawsuits if something goes wrong.

However, deciding on performing a criminal background check on those around you is only the beginning. It is important that you choose the right service. There are many competing websites claiming they are the best. Therefore some homework is required to ensure you’re using a good service.

Background checks can vary in respect of how far they go back in time. The further back it goes, the better, as you’re more likely to find a criminal record if there is one. Moreover, it is important that the service you choose has a proven and effective system to accurately check someone’s history. A good value service should provide you with a printable document at the end of the search containing all the information you require.

Moreover, when deciding on a background check service, it may be worth looking at how long they have been established. Also, reading a few testimonials should give you a flavour of whether customers are satisfied with the service – most reputable services will have testimonials on their website which you can read.

For my recommendation on which service to use, go to

Article Source:

Question by : If I want to work for the USCIS(US Customs and Immigration Services),What should i major in? Criminal Justice?
Would earning a Criminal Justice Degree be a good choice? i need help thanks! 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by Uncle

Give your answer to this question below!
Pot operation busted in Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest
In addition to the Division of Criminal Investigation, the DNR and the Forest Service, the investigation involved the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission, Wisconsin National Guard, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Border …
Read more on Milwaukee Journal Sentinel



  • Ages 8 and up
  • Playing time 20-60 minutes
  • 2 to 6 players

This comical crime game is perfect for showing off your memory skills. Travel the game board and stop at each of six crime scenes to take a five-second eyewitness look at the suspect. Study the picture, because when you head back to the police station for a lineup, you’ll face a challenging string of look-alike suspects. Kids who can analyze, differentiate and remember the smallest details will come out ahead. But there’s a glitch in the system a Lucky Break could trip up even the most solid ID.

List Price: $ 24.99

Price: [wpramaprice asin=”B0043AIBQ8″]

[wpramareviews asin=”B0043AIBQ8″]

Alexander Valterovich Litvinenko (Russian: Алекса́ндр Ва́льтерович Литвине́нко) (30 August 1962 23 November 2006) was a former officer of the Russian State security service (FSB), and later a Russian dissident and writer. Litvinenko worked in the Military Counter Intelligence. He was promoted to the Central Staff, and specialised in counter-terrorism and infiltration of organised crime. Six years later, he was promoted to senior operational officer and deputy head of the Seventh Section of the FSB. In November 1998, Litvinenko publicly accused his superiors of ordering the assassination of Russian tycoon and oligarch, Boris Berezovsky. Litvinenko was arrested the following March on charges of exceeding his authority at work. He was acquitted in November 1999 but re-arrested before the charges were again dismissed in 2000. A third criminal case began but he fled the country to the United Kingdom with his wife, where he was granted political asylum. During his time in London Litvinenko authored two books, “Blowing up Russia: Terror from within” and “Lubyanka Criminal Group,” where he accused Russian secret services of staging Russian apartment bombings and other terrorism acts to bring Vladimir Putin to power. He also accused Vladimir Putin of ordering the murder of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya. On 1 November 2006, Litvinenko suddenly fell ill and was hospitalized. He died three weeks later from lethal poisoning by radioactive polonium-210, an incident that is
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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