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Soccer Betting Program.

Article by Marin

“Our Soccer Program Will Allow You To Stop Wasting Hours Each Day Analyzing Games, Stop Laying on Big Favorites, And Supplement or Replace Your Income Spending Just 5 Minutes Each Day Making Your Investments

Now You Can Take Advantage Of My Years Of Experience and Research. I Do All of The Work For You So You Can Enjoy Winning and Making Money Like You Probably Never Dreamed Possible. Our Program Will Help You No Matter If You’re A Seasoned Punter Or The Newest Of Newbie!

No Experience Required!

Mr. Tod,I started with your soccer program when it launched because every time I’ve been with your PSIC sports program or other things you’ve offered I’ve always been happy. This takes the cake. I signed up and won 18 of 19 plays and paid for my membership 5 times over in just a month. I’m to the point now where I’ve actually stopped playing other sports. I love betting NFL but what’s the point when I can invest more of my bankroll into this soccer program! All I can say is thank you for all your time and research. You’ve hit a grand slam with this program.

Tim Everling

QUESTIONS? PLEASE NOTE THAT AT TIMES THE “CHAT” SAYS AVAILABLE WHEN I’M AWAY SO IF YOU DON’T GET AN ANSWER BACK CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL OR PHONE.Soccer is the worlds sport and now the online leader in sports investing, Spectacular Sports / Platinum Sports Investing Club, has the NUMBER 1 soccer program available.For 7 years I’ve been trying to find a way to put a program together for soccer and let me tell you it’s not easy. First, I thought I’d try a bunch of so called “Soccer Experts” or “Soccer Handicappers”….pardon my laughter but they are all JUNK. Giving nothing but Barcelona -700 and Manchester United -700. Are you kidding? People pay for that?Those of you who know me absolutely know that I’m a firm believer that playing big favorites like that will only get you one place….BROKE. I would watch these matches come and go and yes the big favorites win their share of matches but they also end in a DRAW a decent amount of time. So what’s your option? Lay goals? Possibly but not all sportsbooks offer the “GOAL” line so that isn’t something that would work for everyone.My next step was to watch as many matches as I could. I wanted to see if I personally could find an edge. So I spent months watching live matches, tape delayed matches on ESPN in the middle of the night, and I even watched last seasons matches online and after looking at allthe soccer I could possibly take I came to one conclusion.EVERYBODY HAS IT ALL WRONG!!!Everyone is spending all their time picking winners but just like Major League Baseball, the game is not all about the winners but about the VALUE and price that you can get. I quickly realized that if I wanted to have the NUMBER 1 soccer program in the world it needed to focus on underdogs and plus money. So my next step was to lean on my insider friends in Las Vegas.THIS TURNED OUT TO BE THE BEST PHONE CALL I’VE EVER MADE!I asked all my contacts the same questions. Do you get a lot of true “PRO’s” playing soccer at your sportsbook? IF they said yes my next question was…”What are they doing?” After my survey I found that one answer was very very consistent. Most professionals were DUTCHING.For those of you who may be brand new to soccer, what makes soccer tough to beat is that there are 3 possible outcomes, not just 2. In an Amerian Football game or Baseball game you pick a team that wins or loses. Or maybe you pick the under or the over. Soccer is different and more difficult because you have 3 possible outcomes. HOME TEAM WIN, ROAD TEAM WIN, and DRAW (TIE). So back to dutching. Dutching is where you take two of those three outcomes and bet them in a manner where no matter who wins, you profit the same amount. For example if you take the home team to win at +150 and the Draw at +225….you’d have to bet about 60% of your money for that match on the Home team and then 40% on the Draw in order to make a profit no matter what.Ok, so now I understand that most professionals dutch so I started researching more “PROFESSIONALS” or “HANDICAPPERS” that did dutching and I have to tell you:IT WAS AS BIG A DISAPPOINTMENT AS FINDING HONEST HANDICAPPERS IN GENERAL.Most of the services again have you DUTCHING the MINUS MONEY FAVORITE and the DRAW. Here is the problem:Lets suppose you’re a $ 100 bettor. You would divide your $ 100 appropriately between the favorite and draw but when you win you might only profit $ 18-$ 30. What that means is that you need a hit rate of 75% just to keep your head above water and it’s really not much different than betting -300 favorites in terms of what you need to pay out vs what you collect…..

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Doctor of science and marketing.

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Craps System – A Simple Betting Strategy

Article by Frank Smalley

This article assumes that you already have a decent knowledge of the game. If not, at the end of this article I have a resource that should be of great help. For now, I’m going to share with you a simple craps betting strategy that should help keep you ahead of the house and out of the crap house…pardon the pun. I hope you find this helpful.Okay, let’s explain the theory behind the strategy. Craps, assuming that you know how to play the game properly, is about an even game of chance with the house having a slight edge. In other words, mathematically, out of two come out rolls, on average, you will win one and lose one. If this holds true, then the only way to beat the house is for them to take less money from you when you lose and give you more money when you win. There is a simple strategy that will do just that.Let’s assume we’re playing at a minimum craps table. In that case, what we want to do is bet on our first come out roll. You’ll see why in a second. Let’s assume that we win that first come out roll. It is actually a statistical fact that 70% of the people are up on the casinos at one time or another but the reason they lose is because they keep betting. So, given we have now won , what we want to do, on our come out roll, is drop our bet down to the table minimum, or .Take a look at what happens if we lose that bet. We won the first bet at , lost the second bet at . We’ve played the house even, having won one and lost one, and YET…we are up on them. Okay, get it? Do you see how powerful this system is? In a choppy table of win-lose-win-lose, you can really clean up. This will work for either pass or don’t pass betting.The rest of the progression goes like this…, , , , …and so on until you lose. Then you start all over again at dropping down to after a win. If you lose three straight, you walk away from the table.In my signature is a review of a great resource that will have you playing craps like a pro. In the meantime, give this little betting system a spin. I think you will find it quite rewarding.Check the Review. Click on:

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