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Conduct Criminal Record Checks For Your Own Safety

Crime in the US accounts for more death, injury and loss of property than all natural disasters combined. Yes, it can be partly attributed to the liberal nature of our system but on the other hand, we do have a solid mechanism in place to accommodate our style. The easy accessibility of criminal records is a good example. Anyone can take precautionary measures on their own through them. The low hanging fruits are ex-criminals who are notorious for their propensity to relapse. People can easily conduct criminal background check and they should do so for their own good and that of their loved ones.

We can find a great deal of tell-tale signs from people’s criminal records. Their availability to the general public is mandated by law and criminal records check has become a common practice these days as a result. It is conveniently available as a public service at appointed governmental agencies. There are also other sources for them such as public-interest groups, commercial information providers and free-content private websites on the net.

People use criminal records check in a great variety of ways. Some are done out of their own initiative while others are compulsory. For instance, a clean bill of criminal records is a prerequisite to work involving contact with children, elderly or handicapped. It may also be a required endorsement of good conduct for the purpose of education, immigration or adoption abroad. At home, they are a standard feature in recruitment, investigation and court trials. Most of all, they are handy for checking out dubious neighbors, workmates, friends and even relatives.

Over the years, there has been much debate over criminal records as public information. Although there’re some valid grounds for their contention by privacy groups, it’s rather sticky as court trials in the US are essentially public domain and with the Information Age in full swing especially over the internet, the odds are surely stacked against them. Nevertheless, laws are in place to regulate the access and application of information from these records which can and do have variations from state to state.

Criminal offenses are classified into traffic, misdemeanor and felony with their respective severity levels in that order. They come under state jurisdiction and are usually tasked to the police departments. The FBI, NCF (National Crime File) and NCIC (National Crime Information Center) also provide criminal records at the federal level but those from county offices serve their purpose best as they are the original source. However, the particular county to search must be known first given that there are three thousand over counties and combing through them all would be neither feasible nor practical.

Commercial record providers offer another option these days and are getting increasingly popular. For a very reasonable fee, they not only deliver professionally packaged information but also insulate the layman users from any possible violation of laws and regulations in their utilization. Operating primarily online, they are conveniently available 24/7 and results are normally out in a matter of minutes as opposed to the lengthy waiting time at governmental agencies. Over and above public resources, they also tap into private networks and bring extras.

It’s easy to check out anyone’s Criminal Records. We show you how easy it is to conduct a Criminal Records Check here.

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Question by Letka96: I shoplifted a year ago and need to pass a criminal record check now, im only 15?
I got caught shoplifting a year ago. They took all my information down, told me id have to do community service and then my parents had to come pick me up from the stations.

Thing is I’m pretty sure it is on my criminal record. I got a job working with children all summer so they need to do a criminal record check on me. Will I pass because I’m only 15 so they can’t see it?

Best answer:

Answer by moey
No make sure they do not find out u will be put back Into jail

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About juvenile arrest histories and records
The same way people check with credit bureaus to see what financial information is reported about them, it may be wise to check their criminal records. Transposed digits in a Social Security number or misspelled names could mean there are infractions …

Redemption in the face of stale criminal records used in background checks.

Redemption in the face of stale criminal records used in background checks.

As information technology has increased the accessibility of criminal-history records, and concern for negligent-hiring lawsuits has grown, criminal background checking has become an important part of the hiring process for most employers. As a result, there is a growing concern that a large number of individuals are handicapped in finding employment because of a stale criminal-history record.

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GGN- Gun Owners Buy 14 Million Plus Guns In 2009 More Than 21 of the Worlds Standing Armies Washington, DC –( Data released by the FBIs National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) for the year reported 14033824 NICS Checks for the year of 2009, a 10 percent increase in gun purchases from the 12709023 reported in 2008. So far that is roughly 14000000+ guns bought last year! The total is probably more as many NICS background checks cover the purchase of more than one gun at a time by individuals. To put it in perspective that is more guns than the combined active armies of the top 21 countries in the world. countries by number of troops Of the NICS background checks preformed less than and average .005% were denied, showing, overwhelmingly, that law abiding American citizens are the ones buying guns and that criminals are getting their guns elsewhere. 14033824000 billions rounds of Ammo Assuming each gun buyer bought 1000 rounds of ammo for each purchase, and you and I know that it is way, way more than that, that would be easily 14033824000+ billions rounds of ammo fired by USA gun owners. What percent of people were killed or injured by this ammoit is just to infinitesimally small for me to calculate? Crime At Record Lows This record year in firearms background checks show that Americans are solidly in-favor of exercising their civil right to Keep and Bear Arms. In a year were crime has reached an all time record low what is plainly clear is that more guns equal LESS CRIME!
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The Need For Criminal History Background Checks

The ability to obtain access to criminal history records has become increasingly important for a variety of reasons. Employers in the private sector have a responsibility to ascertain whether a job candidate has a background which could jeopardize the company’s clients, employees, or business dealings. Failure to exercise due diligence in researching a potential employee’s background as it pertains to the position being sought can result in serious liability.

Public employers face the same situation, particularly in instances where public safety or government security clearance is an issue. In recent years, especially, the counter-terrorism efforts of the government has lead to an increase in criminal history screening.

Those who work in the health care sector dealing with disabled, vulnerable, or elderly persons are invariably subject to criminal screening, as are applicants for teaching positions. Volunteers, as well, are more often than not investigated for a criminal background, especially those dealing with children or the elderly or disabled.

Privacy/Fairness in Reporting

With greater need for criminal history checks also comes greater concern for privacy of individuals and fairness in reporting. When obtaining criminal background information for a potential employee or volunteer, great care must be exercised that the information is accurate and current. If there is a criminal background, the individual concerned should have the right to be made aware of the contents of the report to ensure that they are being represented fairly.

In addition, consideration should be given for those who have served time and undergone rehabilitation. If the nature of the criminal history has no relevance to the position being sought, employers need to exercise care in discrimination. If an applicant is otherwise qualified for a job, he or she may not be turned down based on a criminal background that has no bearing on job duties or responsibilities. Former convicts who are re-entering society merit the opportunity to become productive members of their communities, provided their criminal background does not affect the responsibilities of their job.

Sources for Obtaining Criminal History Information

The most common sources for criminal background checks are private sector criminal history databases and screening services. For a fee, registered users may conduct a database search based on public records which provides everything from driver’s license history to criminal convictions. Background screening services are also available; these services utilize databases and in-person records checks to provide information to their clients. Private individuals may also conduct direct searches of public court records, although not all information is available to the general public.

The FBI and local law enforcement agencies also maintain their own records, although in some cases law enforcement may subscribe to a private-sector database.

With improvements in technology and global information resources, criminal histories are increasingly available to a growing number of entities, and background checks are becoming widespread and routine.

To get a list of the best free criminal background check sites and to learn about the most reliable and cheapest paid criminal background check services online visit my lens at Free Criminal Background Check

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“Parole and Probation officers” provides an overview of a “day in the life” of a Community Supervision Officer at the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA) in Washington, DC
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Question by helen: Any idea how much it costs annually for social services to remove/relocate families from the home?
Including law enforcement intervening, child protective services, criminal justice costs, incarceration costs, shelter costs, relocating costs, job training etc.

Best answer:

Answer by awaken_now
Figure $ 100,000.00 per item mentioned above would be $ .7mil.

However is it cost per child?
………..which county?
……which year?

.So yes I have an idea how much …

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Calif. Attorney General Files Criminal Charges in Police Overtime Case
The police force, called the Office of Protective Services, patrols and investigates criminal activity at five board-and-care institutions that house about 1,800 patients with cerebral palsy and profound intellectual disabilities in Los Angeles, Orange …
Read more on NBC Bay Area

A team of British journalists analyzed over 400.000 logs made by the US military in Iraq. These logs were provided by Wikileaks and they describe horrific cases of murder, torture and violent aggression against innocent civilians in Iraq perpetrated by the US army. Dispatches exposes the full and unreported horror of the Iraqi conflict and its aftermath. The programme reveals the true scale of civilian casualties, and allegations that after the scandal of Abu Ghraib, American soldiers continued to abuse prisoners; and that US forces did not systematically intervene in the torture and murder of detainees by the Iraqi security services. The programme also features previously unreported material of insurgents being killed while trying to surrender. Channel 4 is the only UK broadcaster to have been given access to nearly 400000 secret military significant activities reports (SIGACTS) logged by the US military in Iraq between 2004 and 2009. These reports tell the story of the war and occupation which the US military did not want the world to know.

Free Criminal Background Checks – Important Information You Must Know

free criminal
by AdamKR

Today there are a variety of reasons that you may be considering free criminal background checks. You may want to check out a boyfriend, a potential client, or a next door neighbor. These types of checks may sound like they are appealing and helpful; however, there are some things that you should know before you use this option yourself. Sometimes these free criminal background checks are not your best option. Here’s a closer look at some important information you should know about them and a look at an idea that is better for your needs.

Free Sites – Potential Problems

When you start getting involved with free criminal background checks, you’ll find that going to free sites that offer these services have quite a few potential problems that you’ll need to watch out for. Many times you’ll find that when you look for a name you’ll find a variety of different matches and it can be difficult to find the right person, especially since most don’t have social security number information. You also don’t know how reliable this information is when you go with the free criminal background checks either. Free sites really don’t guarantee the information that you get, so you may not have any idea whether or not the information you get is reliable. If you need to know about someone’s criminal background, you definitely want to make sure you get information that is accurate.

Doing it Yourself – Not an Easy Option

Some people go with free criminal background checks by doing the check themselves. While it is possible to find some information on your own, essentially doing your own background check, you’ll find that this is definitely not an easy option. It is possible to get access to records, but in many cases you’ll have to show up in person to courthouses to try to get this information. To do an entire criminal background check, it can take a lot of time and hard work, and you may not have the extra time to do this yourself.

Benefits of Paid Sites

Instead of going with free criminal background checks, you can definitely benefit from checking out paid sites. There are a variety of paid services that will do criminal checks for you. The benefit is that you are more likely to get the information you want and information that is reliable. You can quickly get this information as well, saving you a whole lot of time. While you will pay, it’s worth the fee you’ll pay for all of these benefits.

What to Look for in a Paid Site for Criminal Checks

If you decide to go with a paid site instead of going with free criminal background checks, there are some things you’ll want to look for in a good site before you pull out your credit card and pay to have the background check done. First of all, make sure that t total criminal check is going to be done when you pay, which should include sexual offenders as well. You’ll want to make sure you get a history for the last 20 years, court warrants and arrest records across the nations, DUI records, and more. Go for a site that charges reasonable fees as well to make sure you don’t overpay. As long as you find these features, you’ll definitely be better off than going with free criminal background checks.

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Question by hyperactiveblonde1344: Where can i find free criminal public records?
A few years back a friend of mine showed me this website that is meant for employers I think to look at basic criminal background checks.

Anyways my Dad is just now being charged with Domestic battery and its his second offense. Only the stupid county where he’s being charged doesn’t look up records if it wasn’t in this county. And so they want proof or whatever but I can’t find that website.

Every public records website wants me to pay but I know there’s a free one out there.

Best answer:

Answer by HOOK
See this one :

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
Career criminal back on streets in wake of drug lab scandal
David Huffman, 55, has been tagged with a GPS bracelet, but otherwise is a free man just days after a Superior Court judge suspended his sentences on drug trafficking and weapons charges over the objections of Suffolk County prosecutors. Huffman, who …
Read more on Boston Herald

AND JUSTICE FOR SOME: An Expose of the Lawyers and Judges Who Let Dangerous Criminals Go Free

AND JUSTICE FOR SOME:  An Expose of the Lawyers and Judges Who Let Dangerous Criminals Go Free

A scathing exposé of the judges and lawyers who put criminals’ rights ahead of victims’ rights

When Wendy Murphy was a young prosecutor, she learned that the deck is stacked in favor of criminal defendants. Between their arrest and (potential) conviction, murderers, rapists, and drug dealers get more than a fair shake—they get an unfair advantage, often at the expense of their victims.

In many states, for instance, defendants can subpoena a victim’s private medic

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Smooth Criminal By Michael Jackson & Lyrics. Enjoy 😉

Background and Criminal Checks – Why You Need It?

With the crime rate going up and there are people who deceive other people, it is scary to trust someone you do not know personally. But we cannot do everything alone and there are situations that you need to trust someone you do not know. The only thing you can do is conduct a background and criminal checks for your safety and to ensure you trust a good person.

There are numerous reasons why you need to conduct background and criminal checks on someone. One reason is when you need someone to take care of your children when you are at work. This concerns the safety of your children and of course you cannot afford just to get someone without the proper checking and put your children’s safety at risk.

If you meet someone over the internet and things get really intimate and you want to meet him or her for a date, it is sensible to conduct a background and criminal checks on potential dates for your safety. People online could deceive you and pretend to be someone they are not. Who knows if he or she is already married? Are you sure he or she doesn’t have any sexual offense or criminal records? It is better to be safe than sorry, so it will help you know the person and get comfortable if you will conduct a background and criminal checks.

If you are going to do business with people you do not know, it is a good option to conduct background and criminal checks for your safety. Sometimes it is inevitable to do business with total strangers like buying or selling big properties, investing money, etc. For your protection and to know more about these people, checking on their personal and public records is a big help.

There are a lot of reasons why you need to conduct background and criminal checks on someone but you have to remember you can only use the information for your safety and to help you decide about the people you are going to trust and not to harm others.

Did you know that you do not have to hire people to conduct background and criminal checks on someone? You can do it on your own at the comfort of your own home and you will get immediate results. Get an instant access to check the background and public records of practically anyone visit People Search

To know more about detective tools visit Government-Records

Gerry Restrivera writes informative articles on various subjects including Reasons to Conduct a Background and Criminal Checks. You are allowed to publish this article in its entirety provided that author’s name, bio and website links must remain intact and included with every reproduction.

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Question by hastlyalert: How can I find out if I would pass a criminal background check?
When I was 17, I was charged as an adult for larceny over $ 250 and identity fraud. ……. Yes I was an idiot and I hung out with the wrong crowd …… I’m now 24 and haven’t been into trouble since (it’s been 7 years).

I’ve never been convicted, though. The judge was very good to me and gave me a CWOF (continuance without a finding) which resulted in a dismissal after 1 year probation and restitution. Needless to say, I complied with the terms of my 1 year probation and the aforementioned charges were dismissed.

I’ve never been convicted of those felonies. For employment purposes, would I pass a criminal background check? Where can I go to run my background to see if I would pass a criminal check?

I think it’s important to note that I’m from Massachusetts.

To Shannon: Would that clearly tell me whether or not the criminal check “Passed” or “Failed”?

Best answer:

Answer by Shannon W
You can do a search online at places similar to PeopleSearch. If you have the SSN, birthdate, and full name (which you would) you can get your own background check online for a fee…typically starting at about $ 40.

In answer to your other question, it would show you what you have on your criminal background check. Whether or not it would cause you to “pass” or “fail” if someone looked it up is entirely up to that person and what they require. But if there IS something in your criminal history, it would show you what it is and when it occurred.

What do you think? Answer below!
Warrantless Text Message Search Threatens to Scuttle Murder Case
Cell phones allow us not only to communicate with one another, but also to take and store pictures, “check in” from a location, balance our checking account, and even update our blogs. When the content of a cell phone may help the police to solve a …
Read more on Citizen Media Law Project (blog)

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Are There Free Reliable Criminal Background Checks Services Online?

The majority of the population, when checking backgrounds on a particular person, wants to look into their criminal records to find out if there are any unwanted records. It is only natural and understandable that people first try to find the free criminal background checks services online. When we see something is available for free, of course, it makes sense to take advantage of that. I mean, who does not like free stuff? But, are there free reliable criminal background checks services online?

There are many free criminal background check services online but they are not what they seem. Most of them, in spite of claiming they are free, automatically take you to their payment page as soon as you fill out all the information they are requesting from you. This can be very disheartening and a complete waste of your time. Of course, then you might decide to close that criminal background checks website and then open another one up only to realize it is definitely all a waste of your time.

There are free criminal background checks services as well as free criminal background checks websites on the internet but, of course, they are not reliable. It is just not possible to provide such a service for free.

The reliable criminal background checks services have the capability to provide you with all the public vital records, including the criminal records and only charging you a very small one time fee. These companies spend a lot of time, effort and money to procure billions of records and then store them in their huge online databases. These paid criminal background check websites update their databases frequently, so you can rest assured that you are going to receive only the very latest up-to-date information, unlike the free criminal background checks websites.

Also, a few of the criminal background check websites allow you to view sample reports before you order which is very nice. You can actually download instantly just about the whole life history of anyone you are researching.

Quite often, people enjoy reading the top criminal background checks reviews before making a final decision on which service to go since all the work has been done for them. It will definitely save you time and money in the long run.

Take a minute to read the top criminal background checks reviews.

Get a list of the most reliable criminal background check services online now.

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Stop being cheapskates and perform background checks in EMS
Editor's note: In N.J., EMTs and people applying to become emergency responders are not required to undergo criminal background checks — the only emergency health professional that escapes this kind of scrutiny. …. Surrendering to moral panic is not …

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