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Free Criminal Background Checks Vs Paid – A Clear Winner Emerges

Safety and security are synonymous with peace of mind and you can get peace of mind with free criminal background checks. Criminal background records are public documents and they are part of background checks.

When you conduct the background check of a person, it is better to know the person’s criminal records also. Such a criminal record check can be done manually or online.

If you decide to conduct such a check manually, you should be prepared for facing certain hassles. The foremost hassle is that the steps will be unnervingly arduous. You should submit your application to the department and wait for your turn. You may not immediately get your turn. The second thing is even if you want to do your checking surreptitiously, you can not do so because it involves a whole department and hence may not remain confidential.

But if you do your free criminal background checks online, you need not worry about the hassle of confidentiality. On top of it, you can have your details very quickly. Not only that, when you do your check online, in addition to having the criminal records of the person, you can also get other vital information like the personal details. You can know if the person is married or single, what is the social security number of the person, credit worthiness of the person, the place of employment and a host of other details.

When manual check is attempted, it takes a lot of time because tons and tons of data are available and you are vulnerable to commit mistakes. Another concern is that the governmental department may pose several questions before it agrees to provide you with the relevant information. It is the government policy to allow only authorized people to have such details.

Companies that render such services for a fee are a different clan altogether. They update their websites with the latest details and can provide you with the complete information about the individual about whom you are making the check. Since the details are updated meticulously, you will know even the current employment, address, phone number and other details about the person.

Even if the details are not readily available, you may pay the appropriate fees and ask for the details. The company will do the search and provide you with the details very quickly.

From the foregoing, it is quite evident that such checks are fool-proof and accurate if you do them with the help of paid sites. You get quick results as well as the price is also very competitive, thanks to cut-throat competition that prevails in the industry. Above all, the convenience with which you get your details makes it a clear winner above the sites that offer free criminal background checks.

Go with your gut feeling and do a Criminal Background Check, often you will find that your first impression is the correct one. Use an online database of Public Records by CLICKING HERE.

Article Source: Select a state you want to search, then choose criminal records and then you will be displayed a list of official criminal records that you can search for free. You can easily check your criminal record by accessing this website and following the simple steps. You can lookup criminal convictions, check felony charges, view details of arrests, check for arrest warrants and more. It’s really simple to look up your criminal history and background online.
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Question by hunnie_child: What are employers looking for in a criminal background check?
I wanted to know what type of information do employers look for on a criminal background check? If there is a felon on the criminal background check does it display the charge or what the felon was for?

Best answer:

Answer by boysaremeanandugly
Felonies, any theft charges, any drug charges, any ID theft or bad check charges.

Yes, it says what it was for, when it happened, and the punishment.

What do you think? Answer below!
Police checks routinely violate privacy, report says
"Employers who receive negative record checks may not fully understand the distinctions between different types of police information, creating significant risk that non-conviction records will be misconstrued as a clear indication of criminal conduct …

Find Out Who’s Normal and Who’s Not

Find Out Who's Normal and Who's Not

Do You Have to Worry About Your Co-worker, Nanny, Neighbor, or Date?

If you’re concerned about a new relationship, or even an old one, you will no longer need to rely on instincts, hunches, or horoscopes.

Even when interaction is limited to mere observation or a brief exchange– whether you’re at a bar, restaurant, park, or even in an elevator–you can discover how to assess the general emotional stability of a person in just minutes.

The legendary leader in h

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You just met someone and they seem like the nicest person you’ve ever met. Or perhaps you’ve known someone for quite awhile now and he or she seems to have all the characteristics of someone that people are attracted to but something just doesn’t feel right. Maybe a friend or loved one is spending time with someone who you just don’t know enough about, will help you find the information you need! You want to know more about this person but either you are uncomfortable asking direct, intruding questions or you don’t know if you will get all the facts. Besides, if someone is hiding something, direct questions can result in direct lies.

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Clear Criminal Record or Face Inadmissibility to Canada

how to pardon a criminal record
by SS&SS

It is not just the United States that takes border security seriously. If a foreigner who has a criminal record attempts to enter Canada and Canada has information on their conviction, they may be denied entry, as is the case with the United States. How could Canada find out about a person’s conviction in another country? Some ex-convicts may have a name and face that is known to the general public or at least the police; in addition, some countries share their criminal databases with Canada. If at the border, a person’s name turns up in a criminal record database during a background check, the lack of a clear criminal record may well result in the person being refused entry. However, Canada allows ex-convicts to eventually circumvent this prohibition through a process called “rehabilitation,” which will vary from case to case.

The procedure and requirements for obtaining rehabilitation vary with the kind of offence one has been convicted of. Crimes committed in other countries will be judged against equivalent Canadian offences; in Canada, all criminal offences are either “indictable”, “summary” or “hybrid”. An indictable offence is a more serious crime, the equivalent of a felony; a summary offence is a less serious crime, equivalent to a misdemeanour. In the case of a hybrid offence, such as impaired driving, the prosecutor can choose whether to have it tried as a summary or an indictable offence. How serious an offence is will directly affect how rehabilitation will be obtainable.

In Canada, there are two ways of obtaining rehabilitation: “granted rehabilitation” and “deemed” rehabilitation. A person may apply for granted rehabilitation to a Canadian consulate, or even directly at some border crossing points. The rehabilitation will be granted depending on factors such as how much time has passed since the person was charged or convicted. Also depending on the offence, an administrative fee of either $ 200 or $ 1000 will be imposed, but once the rehabilitation is granted, a person in possession of the relevant document that will be issued has a right to travel to Canada at any time, unlike the equivalent American waiver of inadmissibility, which allows a person with a conviction to travel to the United States only for a period of one to five years.

Without applying to have rehabilitation granted, a person may be deemed rehabilitated if they have committed:

• One or more summary offences (or equivalent) and five years have passed, crime-free, after the person finished serving their sentence.

• A single indictable offence and ten years have passed since a person finished their sentence.

Deemed rehabilitation can be determined by the border agent directly at the border. The procedure is free; however, unlike granted rehabilitation, it may not be permanent and a person may have to request to be deemed rehabilitated again on a subsequent visit to Canada, or risk being denied entry.

If a border agent does not a person admissible to Canada due to not being eligible for rehabilitation, they may, at their discretion, issue the traveler a temporary resident permit. This will cost $ 200 and will usually be issued only for one entry to Canada. Alternately, if a person committed their crime in Canada, they may apply to the Parole Board of Canada for a pardon 3 to 10 years (again, depending on how serious a conviction they have) after having served their sentence. If granted, a pardon will serve to clear criminal record information in Canadian databases, and should allow a person to travel to Canada again.

Ned Lecic knows a lot about how to clear criminal record information in Canada.

Article Source:

416-962-2623 / 1-866-760-2623 Q: Under which law is Canadian Pardon regulated? A: The Canadian Pardon is regulated under the Criminal Records Act. “If you notice this video contains information that is out of date or incorrect, please post a comment below or please email us at so we can correct the information. We appreciate your feedback.”

Question by moses a: Increasing my employment oppurtunities if have criminal record in a state that doesn’t expunge if found guilty
3 years ago I was wrongly convicted for crime that I did not commit. I was lied on and framed. It was my first offense. It is in a state (VA). And to my knowledge does not allow for expungments ever if found guilty . I might be eligible for a pardon, but I’d have to wait five years total. I wonder if anyone knew how to increase my chances of employment. I have a bachelors degree and over 15 years of management experience going to waste . The charges were misdeamnors. I read where there were a few professors that taught criminolgy at top universities that had been in prision for nine to ten years. I’m not in that catorgory. I know there’s a way but I’m so stressed, I’m fresh out of ideas. If anyone knows of a better way. Or if anyone knows how I can get these charges expunged or set aside, in state of VA please help.
Lastly, I wonder how far back does the average employer look on your background check?Thank you for your time.

Best answer:

Answer by ladyhawkb52
You didn’t say what the crime was, and to be honest it will stay with you the rest of your life. And be honest when filling out the resume’s and applications for jobs. I’m sorry you got caught up in this type of mess, and for me…if I didn’t do something and I was being framed, I would do anything in my power to gather evidence that proves my innocense. Don’t wait for cops, or lawyers to do it. Go do it yourself. Help them out because I tell you, if you’re found guilty, this will haunt you the rest of your life. Who did you get involved with that would do this to you? I hope you make better choices in aquaintances and friends in the future. Ask the judge, or tell your lawyer to ask the judge for an extension on your court date so that you can try to prove your innocense. Not sure if they’ll go for it, but I would give it a try if I were in your shoes. Best of luck to ya. Take care.

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Patil defends record death row pardons
Patil defends record death row pardons … The media has generally been critical of her record on the issue, questioning why clemency was deemed appropriate in some cases involving murder, rape and child abduction. “President Pratibha Patil … On the …
Read more on Gulf Times

416-962-2623 / 1-866-760-2623 Q: What is the difference between a Canadian Record Suspension and a Canadian Pardon? A: Canadian Pardon has been renamed to Record Suspension under Bill C-10, beginning March 13, 2012. The Bill changed a number of things in the Criminal Records Act, the act that regulates Record Suspension. “If you notice this video contains information that is out of date or incorrect, please post a comment below or please email us at so we can correct the information. We appreciate your feedback.”
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DUI Expungement Process – Steps to Clear Your DUI Record

If you are convicted of DUI, you may want to expunge your DUI record in order to get a job, loan, house, etc. Expungement refers to the process of removing or erasing your DUI records. You are required to petition the court in order to get your records expunged. This article discusses steps to clear your DUI record by covering the whole process from petitioning to obtaining expungement. Each state’s expungement laws vary; therefore, this article gives you a basic idea on the process.

DUI expungement process:

1. Where to file a petition for expungement?

You need to file a petition for expungement in the superior court in the county where your DUI arrest occurred. 

2. What are the grounds for denial of expungement?

You can be denied for expungement:

– if you haven’t completed probation.

– if you didn’t show a good reason to expunge your DUI record.

– if you are convicted of severe felony.

– if a great deal of time has passed since your arrest or conviction.

3. What are the grounds for acceptance of expungement?

You are allowed to expunge:

– if this is the only conviction on your record.

– if you didn’t spend any time in state prison.

– if you have rehabilitated yourself.

4. How to file for an expungement?

– Do you need a lawyer?

You don’t necessarily need a lawyer for expunging your records. It’s just that this process involves a lot of paperwork and if you have a lawyer by your side, he can give you advice regarding that. If you don’t wish to hire a lawyer, you should learn all the procedures that are required to get this process done.

– How long does it take?

The entire expungement process could take anywhere from 4 to 6 months.

– What is the filing fee? 

The filing fee may vary from $ 50 to $ 400 depending on your case and your state.

– What forms do you need to fill and where to get them?

You need to go to your county courthouse and ask the clerk for the expungement forms. As mentioned above the forms may cost around $ 50 to $ 400. The clerk may give you the following forms: 1. Expungement petition, 2. Affidavit or proof of service form.

5. What happens after you file the petition for expungement?

After you file the petition for expungement, a copy will be sent to all agencies that have your records like arresting agency, the county attorney, the city police department etc. They may accept or refuse your request. If they accept, the court will grant your petition without hearing. If they refuse, a hearing will be held and you are required to attend. (This law can vary from state to state). You will be notified of hearing date through the mail. In some states, though, the court sets the hearing date, while in others you have to pick the date. You must ask your clerk beforehand regarding how your state’s county court hearing date is set. 

6. The Court hearing and decision:

Your petition for expungement may or may not be granted. If you won the expungement hearing, you must check after 60 days to see for yourself whether your records show up during a criminal record check. The 60 days period is when the court orders all the agencies to seal your record. However, if you lose your hearing, you may need to ask for an expungement once again. 

Expunge your DUI record “completely” with the help of DUI Process Manual. It offers little-known strategies to clear your DUI record completely and pass employment background checks in a step-by-step approach. Especially, this strategy is helpful if your state (US) does not allow formal expungement. Visit my site for free DUI strategies report and DUI Process Manual review and take action to clear DUI record [].

Article Source:

Question by Katie Marie: Filed for expungement in the state of Ohio. How long until it is off my record?
On Sept. 29 I payed the $ 50 fee at the court house and did my expungement paper work. My question is how long do you think it will take until my record is cleared? It my first and only conviction (unauthorized use of property) and I am a straight A student in college. This happened in Franklin county. Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks.
It is a year and 5 months old. and it was a 4th degree misdemeanor.

Best answer:

Answer by corp_752000
How old is your conviction? was it a felony or misdemeanor? My attorney told me its a 5 yr waiting period. I was convicted of disorderly conduct and ask about that also. I too live in Ohio. Lemme know how it goes for u.

Good Luck

Give your answer to this question below!
Fitial vetoes bill to expunge some criminal records
Benigno R. Fitial vetoed yesterday a bill that would have allowed the expungement of certain criminal records and restore certain rights, but the bill's author, Rep. Stanley Torres (Ind-Saipan), said he still believes his legislation will give those …
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Expungements: Freedom From the Disability of a Legal Record (Third Edition)

Expungements: Freedom From the Disability of a Legal Record (Third Edition)

A must have for writing on legal matters both for the professional and the lay reader. This book covers both state and federal subject matter for criminal and civil expungement, correction of inaccurate records and amendment of such legal records.

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Information on California DUI Expungement explained by California DUI attorney Nina Hodjat, Esq. of
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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How to Clear Your Criminal Records – The Facts Most People Miss Out

We’re about to discuss some facts regarding expunging and sealing of criminal records or arrest records in different parts of the US. A lot of people out there have got little/no knowledge regarding criminal law, and neither do they have any lawyer. Similarly, they hardly know who they should ask when it’s essential to clean up those small mistakes, which happened months or years ago.

It might be about getting caught while smoking joints in the college or getting arrested for some misstep but there weren’t any charges brought against them or getting charged with some sort of felony, misdemeanor and/or local law violation. But the point is, the case got dismissed or the guys were declared “not guilty” following the trial.

Whatever their case might be, each and every one of the fifty US states have certain procedures to wipe off such arrest or criminal records. This is meant to provide the wrong-doer the opportunity to start things over with his or her clean record (for charges which didn’t end up in convictions – at least).

Expunging Criminal Records – What does that supposed to mean?

When a criminal record has been expunged, it’s physically destroyed by law enforcement agencies (or by the police department). In many cases, the records with the local or state agencies are also destroyed. It’s like that record had never existed.

Record Sealing – What’s that?

When records get sealed, they aren’t any longer accessible by the common public. Nevertheless, it could still be accessed by various law enforcement departments or agencies. That means, when someone applies for any job or tries to rent any apartment, there’s no need for him or her to mention that records, and neither can the concerned landlords of license providers access your records. In many of the states, these record CAN be absolutely viewed by the public (and the media) when a judge issues specific orders that legalize this.

Dismissed Cases – Do They Have Records Too?

A lot of people who are arrested or charged with crimes are under the assumption that those who’re found to “not guilty” in a trial (and those who’s cases have been dismissed prior to the trial), all the associated records of their case’s dismissal is mechanically removed as well as destroyed. Unluckily, that isn’t the case. This is the era of computerized indexing and record retention has become incredibly easy as well as efficient.

Checking out Public Criminal Records? Find out all about Criminal Records and other related Public Records at Criminal Records search online.

Article Source:

Question by : How long does it take for a person to clear a criminal record in South Africa?
I was once arrested for assault so I just want to know if theres a chance for me to get a job because the charges were dropped by the state. How long will it take for me to clear my criminal record.

Best answer:

Answer by Quizzard
If the charges were dismissed, you don’t HAVE a criminal record.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
With no criminal record checks being made by the lottery, the money
With no criminal record checks being made by the lottery, the money is … It's time a clear message is sent out to the scumbags and violent villains that what goes …

Check Him Out!
Top-selling Investigative Guide Shows Women How To Check Out Their Significant Others, Using Free Internet Resources.
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How to Clear Your Criminal Record: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Clear Your Criminal Record: A Step-By-Step Guide

List Price: $ 12.00

Price: [wpramaprice asin=”0918751411″]

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Portable Wifi – Learn how to Steer clear of Expenses Shock And stop ISP’s Ripping A person Off

getting a pardon
by McBeth

Article by Samantha Gorukr

Selecting the best portable wifi plan can be difficult if you’re not a tech savvy individual; in fact, it can also be a little difficult for individuals who work within I. T. There are actually so numerous broadband choices available that you could be pardoned for being unsure of which 1 best suits your needs and additionally fits into your financial allowance.

Internet access could possibly get expensive and many people possess fallen target to expenses shock. How are you able to avoid such broadband pitfalls while enjoying all the benefits that portable internet access offers users?

It’s easy! Become an informed and informed consumer. What exactly does that mean? It’s a process of evaluating the product on offer before signing up and spending your hard earned money on an impulse buy.

Let’s take a look at few ways you can evaluate whether or not the product you have in mind would make a perfect fit with your utilization habits along with your budget.

1) Speak with friends & family. You can’t beat evaluations from your friends and family because you realize they’ll end up being brutally honest. They stand to gain nothing and will give you their honest opinion about the company you are thinking about signing up with. Sometimes these reviews are great; so great that they’re going to tell a person without prompting!

That’s a clear sign the organization is a great one! Other occasions, they may bemoan the fact you’re considering choosing a specific company and attempt to convince you to register with a different one instead. Regardless of a positive or even negative evaluation, feedback from friends and family is the very best type associated with review you can get about Web products.

2) Evaluate plans. When you choose to sit lower and evaluate portable wifi plans available, it’s important that you not focus on price on it’s own. While broadband pricing can be an important factor in your purchasing decision, some plans aren’t always just like they very first appear. Some providers attempt to tempt you with offers of half price offers and minimal monthly entry fees while obfiscating their own excess utilization fees as well as costly leave expenditures with regard to breaking your own contract.

But just because an ISP offers a cheap strategy doesn’t instantly mean it’s a scam possibly. Read over the fine print to see via their website in the event that their plans are assigned or possess exorbitant extra usage costs.

3) Search on the internet. Reading consumer mobile broadband reviews and articles from other portable wifi users is a terrific way to find away what the service is like before taking the dive. These individuals have often signed a contract, so when the service is not living up to the hype, you’re surely hear about this from all of them.

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