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Criminal Background Check For Employment – Verify the Employee Records With a Criminal Search Online

Are you a business owner and looking to verify the authenticity of the data provided by your newly appointed assistant? Are you a recruiter from a well known company and have the responsibility to check the information provided by a new applicant for a job in your company? There are several official reasons why companies and small business owners need to perform criminal background checks for employment purpose. This is where the advanced online criminal background search providers comes into the picture. Read further to identify which are the best records services on the Internet to verify the details of your employees.

There are basically 2 types of services you can use to verify your employee background.

1) Free services: There are literally thousands of free information services available on the Internet. If you are curious then you can try different sample searches through these services. You don’t have to pay a single penny to access them. But the biggest downside of using these services is they are unable to update their database on a regular basis due to lack of required technology investment.

The criminal records changes on a daily basis across the state and all over the country. The services needs to incorporate these changes regularly in their databases. The inability to update their database gives us totally unreliable and unpredictable results in many cases. There is always a big question of reliable and accurate information when searching through these free services.

2) Premium criminal background records services: There are few professional services available on the Internet which invest a considerable amount of money on continuously maintaining and updating their criminal records databases. This is the reason why the quality of the search results of these premium services is usually higher as compared to free services. We are almost guaranteed to get reliable and accurate information about any person we want to search for.

Plus they provide all the relevant additional information related to any person like his/her date of birth, full residential address, marriage/divorce records, birth/death records, legal records, all the criminal records and many more. For small fee, we get unlimited access to these services where we get the opportunity to perform our search with full confidence of getting accurate results. I strongly suggest to take help of these premium fee based services online if you are really serious about performing accurate employment background search. Don’t waste your time with free services.

Want to perform reliable criminal background checks for employment? Then click the following link to get access to the most accurate criminal records service online.


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Bill Maher calls Cheney a Liar, but millions of people would add - International War Criminal.

Bill Maher sounds off on Dick Cheney, his contention that Democrats are “weak” and much more. Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee Carl Levin also calls Cheney a Liar. He lambasted former Vice President Dick Cheney’s speeches for dishonestly claiming that the interrogation techniques he approved were not torture, and were not connected to Abu Ghraib — saying that Cheney “bore false witness”: “I do so as Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, which recently completed an 18-month investigation into the abuse of detainees in US custody, and produced a 200-page bipartisan report, which gives the lie to Mr. Cheney’s claims,” said Levin. “I do so because if the abusive interrogation techniques that he champions, the face of which were the pictures of abuse at Abu Ghraib, if they are once more seen as representative of America, our security will be severely set back.” Meanwhile Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzon continues investigation into Cheney admin torture. The investigation is being defined within the universal jurisdiction and whether a judge in Spain has the authority to investigate foreign leaders. Before this notion cements it is key to note that the United States policy abroad clearly demonstrates that the policy has been for universal jurisdiction so long as it is in the interest of the United States. When justice calls for toppling, trying, or even executing foreign leaders, the United States has been involved in all aspects. There seems little room
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Question by : Can minor with a criminal history join the armed services?
i have heard that minors are not actually convicted of felonies but am not sure. i have some stupid things i did as a kid but i have turned my life completely around and want to become a sheriff after the military but am unsure if they will take me?

Best answer:

Answer by Thankyoumam
You good to go with no felonies.

Add your own answer in the comments!
No criminal charges for troops in Koran burning
Discovery of the video led to a criminal investigation by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service as well as a Marine investigation of the unit involved — the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marines — which fought in the southern Afghan province of Helmand for …
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Google Penalty Recovery Method
The Ultimate Course In Managing Your Drop In Google Rankings, How To Diagnose, Recover And Make Your Site An Authority.
Google Penalty Recovery Method

THE LAST TIME I SAW AMAZING 100 YEAR OLD PEGGY ALIVE!!~Part 2~Ever since I found out that Mary Carr-the head of the AMA American Medical Association in Ventura California, was supposed to be her “caretaker-power of attorney” but yet, unconscionably allowed Peggy to be infested by cockroaches, rats and even rat feces in her food! Mary Carr even took Peggy’s only comfy chair. She was wallowing in her own filth until a group of concerned citizens got involved to improve her horrible living conditions. When Mary Carr discovered that I was documenting the tragic and willful elder abuse of Peggy Ellen Pallant. Including one time I found her on the floor of her trailer, trapped, freezing and starving to death despite having millions of dollars in the bank that Mary could have used to better her situation. Peggy Ellen Pallant had the funds to live properly but gave away her power of attorney. By signing power of attorney to Mary Carr-which was like signing her death warrant because Mary did nothing to better Peggy’s life-actually taking away her comfy chair as well, despite repeated pleas by us to have it returned. Mary Carr basically forced Peggy to live in horrible rat–cockroach infested conditions with NO healthy food! Sadly, her nephew, Gordon Gainor, ignored her as well! In fact, he lied to her that the government was going to take care of her so she wouldn’t spend her own money. But Peggy had enough money to live well off! They should have got her a new trailer. Seems they

Employment Screening – Getting It Done Right

Employment screening means, essentially, checking out a job candidate’s background. Is the person who he or she claims to be, with the qualifications stated in the resume or job application? Does the candidate have any criminal convictions or other disqualifying qualities or issues?

It’s easy to get employment screening done nowadays – a few mouse clicks will get you an online report on just about anybody via one of the hundreds of Web-based employment screening companies out there. But, frankly, many of the screening services being offered online are cursory and, well, unreliable at best. Are you sure you’re really getting a valid, reliable screening report? Will it stand up to scrutiny if a legal issue (e.g., God forbid, a lawsuit) ever happens to your company? To judge this, you need to know a little about employment-related background checking, which is what this brief article is about.

First, you should be aware that pre-employment screening in the U.S. is closely regulated by the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act and various state employment laws. The law does of course permit employers to conduct background checks on potential employees, but employers are required to disclose in writing to the job applicant that they intend to do so, and if an “adverse action” is taken due to information found in the background check (i.e., the person is not hired), then the employer has to inform the applicant of this and disclose the specific unfavorable information uncovered.

Oftentimes, such unfavorable information consists of a criminal records finding. A thorough pre-employment check should always include a comprehensive criminal records search. If your job candidate has been convicted of fraud or other serious crimes in the past, this is obviously relevant to your employment decision (although the law requires you to consider each case of a criminal record finding on an individual basis in terms of its seriousness and job relevancy.)

It’s also important to be aware that many “third-party” pre-employment screening services (especially Web-based companies) do a less-than-adequate job of searching criminal records. They simply don’t cast a wide enough net in their searches. Most conduct criminal records searches only in the state-of-residence or even just the county-of-residence of the job applicant. So your applicant may have a fraud conviction, or even a lengthy rap sheet, in another state, but come up clean on the pre-employment check.

Many people with criminal records are quite aware of this shortcoming, and simply move out-of-state when job hunting.

That’s why your screening company should run a national database criminal records search as part of the screening process. Unfortunately, the best national criminal records databases currently available to the public are incomplete. They omit data from numerous counties across the country and sometimes contain out-of-date data. So it’s important to supplement the national database criminal records search with onsite searches at county courthouses in your job applicant’s counties-of-residence. All reputable pre-employment screening agencies have this capability.

Accepting your screening agency’s “standard” pre-employment screening report, if it checks for criminal records only in your applicant’s state-of-residence, is clearly inadequate. Your otherwise-impressive applicant may have a history of serious fraud convictions or other crimes in another state.

But even the criminal records searches described above are not enough. To be really thorough, your screening agency must also check:

— Aliases. Has your job candidate been convicted of a crime under another name?
— Warrants. Is your candidate wanted somewhere in the U.S.? Although you can’t legally deny an applicant a job for this reason, you can suggest that he/she reapply once the criminal warrant is cleared up. The same is true if the applicant is out on bail pending prosecution. You can ask the candidate to reapply after appearing in court and clearing the matter. (Note that you can’t legally inquire whether your candidate is in a drug rehabilitation program, however, as this may fall under the Americans With Disabilities Act, and compromise your position should litigation ever occur.)
— Federal convictions, such an income tax evasion, mail fraud, drug trafficking, and immigration law offenses.
— International “wanted” lists, such as Interpol’s.
— And yes, even terrorist watch lists. Why not? — it’s easy to do.

Unfortunately, very few pre-employment screening companies are this thorough. To most, pre-employment screening is a “volume” business and each applicant you submit gets a quick and cursory (not to say “quick and dirty”) once-over. However, if you specifically request the above additional searches, most will comply.

After An Employment Offer Has Been Made

Past workers’ comp claims are the most obvious type of public record to research at this stage. You can’t legally check to determine if your job applicant has a history of making workers’ compensation claims prior to making an offer of employment. Workers’ compensation history searches must always be conducted post-offer. However, this type of information can obviously be a valuable tool in your fraud-fighting arsenal. Not only can it identify habitual claim filers, it can also help your company avoid placing new employees in positions that may pose risk of re-injury.

Note, however, that employers may not rescind an offer due to finding claims and must make a reasonable effort to accommodate a previously-injured worker. Even so, a workers’ comp history search can be useful at the time a new employee is brought aboard in verifying his/her employment record supplied on the job application. If an applicant has failed to list a previous employer against which he/she filed a claim, this says something about the employee’s integrity and likelihood to file future claims.

Currently, workers compensation history data is available in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, and Wyoming. California requires prior written approval by the California Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Workers Compensation Electronic Data Exchange (EDEX). Your pre-employment screening agency should be able to provide the needed forms.

Workers compensation searches are not available in: Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin.

So criminal records (if thoroughly researched) and workers’ compensation histories can be extremely helpful — what other types of public information might be useful in the investigation of a suspicious claim? There are innumerable categories of records and searches that could be mentioned. Here are a few to consider:

— Civil Suits. You can research civil suits online through most counties’ websites. A good listing of county websites and phone numbers is available on Background Check Gateway.
— Facebook, MySpace, and other social networking sites. Did your candidate post pictures of himself/herself surfboarding off Malibu while collecting disability? Interesting.
— Newsgroups. Did you know that at Google Groups you can search someone’s postings to newsgroups (of which there are thousands and thousands nowadays) going back years? Yet many people have no idea their postings are public information which can easily be tracked by their name or email address. What’s your candidate talking about these days in the NASCAR Enthusiast newsgroup?
— Blogs. Same principle. If your candidate, like millions of us, keeps a chatty public diary online (i.e., blog), you can listen in via IceRocket.com.
— Career sites. Is your candidate applying for other jobs by posting a resume on Monster.com or other career sites? It might be revealing to find out what qualifications he/she is claiming in those applications.

— Real Estate. Has your candidate recently taken out a mortgage on a new house or condo? This can be an indicator of financial stability, an important qualification for many types of positions. You can research this at SearchSystems.net, among many other sites.

Accessing public records used to be an incredibly difficult chore. Your main tool in the “old days” was shoe leather as you plodded from courthouse to courthouse digging out dusty records. Now, with the Internet, it’s easy. You can access public records on your job applicant or employee which are scattered nationwide in minutes. Give it a try and you’ll soon wonder why you never made full use of public records as an employment-screening tool before!

Joseph Ryan is director of Washington Research Associates, Inc., which provides employment screening services for small business clients at http://www.E-EmploymentScreening.net.

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A top official of the Miss South Carolina pageant has been charged with “sexual battery” involving a young girl in an Easley hotel three years ago, according to warrants. Joseph Pettigrew Sanders, 44, of 237 Sanders Road in Liberty, was charged with two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor under the age of 11 in connection with a 12-year-old girl’s complaint this summer that she was molested in an Easley Comfort Inn sometime during 2005, according to arrest warrants. Also charged is Anita Jordan Gearhart, 52, who faces two counts of unlawful conduct with a child, according to warrants, which list her address as the same as Sanders’. On Friday, Easley Police Maj. Tim Tollison said Sanders is associated with the pageant but that the alleged misconduct didn’t occur as part of pageant activities. Joe P. Sanders III, the pageant’s president and CEO, on Friday referred questions from The Greenville News regarding his son to his son’s attorney, William Coates. Coates couldn’t be reached Friday for comment. The Associated Press reported that Coates said in a statement that his client denies the charges and expects to be exonerated. When asked by The Greenville News if his son was still affiliated with the organization, the elder Sanders asked: “Is he still on the Web site?” A Google search snapshot of the Miss South Carolina Organization Web site on July 11 showed a page reflecting “Joseph P. (Joey) Sanders IV” as vice president and executive director
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Question by crazytrain_23_78: Why aren’t libs cheering Obama’s successes nearly 3 years in instead of?
being hypocritical in each and every question they ask? I mean he was the great saviour right? Tearing down corporate control of Government…. Bringing America back together….Transparancy in government… No political lobby in the white house….etc..etc…blah… blah….blah.

Lib: you know republicans are corporate puppets and slaves to the bankers dont you? Realists: Umm Obama’s 2nd largest contributor has been Goldman Sachs…..Yes….that goldman Sachs. Also close to the top..J P Morgan Chase…Citigroup….UBS… and Morgan Stanley. Again yes…. that Morgan Stanley.

Lib: All republicans are for keeping guns legal and arming criminals! Realist: Obama and Holder has overseen thousands of assault weapons being given directly to the Mexican Cartels and criminals. Not in a round about way… nooo….DIRECTLY to the Mexican Cartels. One of which has killed an American Border agent and countless other unreported civilain deaths.

Lib: Republicans are the party of NO! Realist: Oh please. Liberals held super majorties in Congress from 2008 to 2010 and couldn’t even PASS A BUDGET! They only succeeded in putting this country in debt faster than not only one single president… but all other presidents combined. this included funding the War of 1812, Civil War, WW 1, New Deal, WW 2, Korea, Putting a man on the moon, Vietnam, Cold War buildup, Space Shuttle Program, Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Liberals: Bush sunk this country! Realist: The country was fine up until what party completely took over Congress? What party did the people that gave a vote of confidence in Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac belong to? What party said that banks should lend money to people that didn’t qualify for loans to buy homes they couldn’t pay for? And Obama is trying to blame republicans in the house when his own jobs plan will not currenly pass the democratically controlled Senate as it stands?

Libs: People should pay their fair share! Tax the rich! Realist: Most of the people screaming this DONT EVEN PAY TAXES. How much taxes are the “occupy Wall Street” crowd paying? Hard to pay it when selfishly demanding their debts be forgiven while holding signs and sipping corporate scum coffie and using their corporate scum phone, tablet, and I Pod. Truth..Nearly half of the people in this country don’t pay a dime of income tax…..Yet…..It is “fair” for successful people to pay more? How about this liberals…put down the signs…take a shower….search for a job instead of wasting time and killing business where people have shops needing … and take a piece of advice from JFK. When you don’t contribute… shut your trap about someone not giving enough.

Libs: The big bad corporations take jobs overseas and Obama will stop that. Realist: Obama’s…ahem…Jobs czar has sent GE jobs overseas while he has served as the jobs czar for the adminstration. At the very same time, Obama is in full favor of keeping people in South Carolina unemployed while his adminstration blocks the opening of a Boeing plant in South Carolina. No laws are being broken by Boeing as the union plants are still operating a full capacity. Oh yea… and GE paid very little or no tax last year…again…as Emmelt is serving as jobs Czar. Hilarious. Sounds like a sweet deal for GE doesn’t it libbies?

Libs: Obama cares for the environment! realist: BP and it’s employees has donated more money to Obama than ANY other canidate..ever…ever ever. BP also spent nearly 16 million on lobbying in 09. Remember about the statement about lobbying and the white house? And again what company’s well pumped millions of gallons of oil in the gulf? And how fast did Obama respond??

Libs: The Stimulus saved the world! Realist: One of the great lies of the administraton. His so called trained economists told him the stimulus would no let the unemployment rate go above 8%. Oh but it did, quickly, on his and the full liberal watch, and has remained as the money has ran out. But somehow, Obama has his sheep believing that it was just a small miscalculation that the unemployment rate went so high, but it did what it was supposed to do nonetheless. that’s hysterical.

So what happened to the Hope and Change Motto? It was driven into the ground in 08 wasn’t it? If this presidency has been successful, why not stick to it? If this presidency has been so successful, then why not tout his accomplishments instead of asking trolling questions about republicans??
Dead on Kev my man…dead on.
I dunno IChee… I seem to remember about terrorist needing due process remember? Remember how horrific it was to hold terrorists in Cuba denying them due process and Obama was going to try them in the US? Mark down another Lib lie and failure.
Boy..the silence sure is telling guys. You have answered my question by not saying a word. Oh feel free to keep up your hypocritical trolling questions.

Best answer:

Answer by Kevin
since when have you ever seen or heard of liberals taking responsibility for their failures?

it’s much easier to blame others…

Give your answer to this question below!
Federal report tracks N.Y. crime guns to many states
ALBANY, N.Y. — Most guns recovered from New York crimes last year originated in states with fewer legal restrictions, though the largest single source remains New York itself, where 1595 were first purchased, federal data show. The Bureau of Alcohol …
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Robert Dodson Law Personal Injury Columbia Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer in Columbia South Carolina robertdodsonlaw.com Welcome to the law offices of Robert Dodson A personal injury law firm Which represents the hardworking individual, with a laser-like focus, with a solid dedication, and extensive experience with insurance companies, You can rest assured, that our personalized service, will aggressively pursue, what you deserve. Follow, like, connect and search for more information, and contact us today to get a free initial consultation.
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3 Things to Know For Employment Criminal Background Checks

When it comes to the hiring process of employees for your business, few things are as important as employment criminal background checks. Whether you’re running a background check on your employees to fall in line with the hiring laws of your state, or you just want to make sure you’re hiring someone safe, and honest…it’s important that you understand 3 important concepts before you go about the process.

I’m handing down the experience that I had to learn the hard with some of my recent employees. Please read closely and thoroughly so that you can make sure you don’t make the same mistakes I made during the hiring process that cost me a little over $ 400,000 within 2 months!

3 tips that will keep you from making the same mistakes I made:

Tip # 1 – When going about the hiring process for employees, MAKE SURE that you get a criminal background check on the employee (s) that you wish to hire, or wish to move on further in the hiring process. This might seen like a “duh” to most business owners and operators, however there are some very important catches here that you need to understand, or you might end up paying through your teeth for years to come.

First of all, most states require a criminal background check on all your employees for certain types of work that they will be doing. However, the similarities between a lot of states most of the time stop right there. This was thing that I very quickly realized as soon as I had attorneys coming to my door.

Most state business practice laws are rather different, and while one state might require one certain type of background check, another state might require a whole different set of information and different kinds of checks. For example, for some particular jobs that usually include lots of financial transactions, a credit check along with license checks are required.

The point here is to make sure that when you conduct a criminal background check, that you conduct the search with a service that’s specific with your state, so if your using an online service (which are much cheaper, and just as effective as 3rd parties) to check your new hires criminal record, make sure that the service isn’t just some nationwide records service, but SPECIFIC TO THE STATE your operating in.

Note: There is an added benefit by using an online service that is specific to the laws of your state. When you use a more relevant service that is based around your states records, then you will almost always receive more in depth and highly relevant information.

Tip # 2 – Use an online records service, not a 3rd party, and do NOT just go down to the court house. This one mistake cost me a lot of money in the long run. You see, all criminal records are free and public information, however that does not mean that you as an individual will get quick and easy access to the information, and that you will be able to compile all the information yourself in a legal manner. This is the route I took, and by trying to save $ 20 bucks, I ended up losing almost half a million. I highly recommend that you DO NOT try to compile criminal background records on an individual by yourself by simply driving to the court house.

You’re a business owner, not a business legal attorney, don’t try and make business and criminal law one of your expertise, trust me on this one…spend the $ 20 or $ 30 for an online service that’s specific to your state, it will save you tons over time and protect your assets!

Then there are the whole 3rd party services that are meant for big corporations like Wal-Mart, Macy’s & Microsoft, not a much smaller business or contractor. These huge 3rd party services carry huge overhead costs for any business, but are simply not needed for smaller operations, these services are meant for huge corporations with many employees and constant hiring that is taking place…why bite deep into your profits for something that your business doesn’t need?

An online criminal records search service is not only much simpler to use, but is far more cost effective for your business. Most of these online records services usually have two options, a one time use option, or for just something like $ 10 more you can get 5 or so years of ongoing searches and records. This is a VERY cost effective, legal, and safe way to get your criminal background checks done properly.

Tip # 3 – This is of course the most important advice that I can possibly give you…GET AN EMPLOYMENT CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK DONE for all current and new hire employees for your business. I can not stress this strongly enough! I made the mistake on all three of these points, and I paid for it dearly (almost leading my business to bankruptcy).

First, I didn’t run proper background checks on my first couple of employees and tried to cut costs by doing it all myself in the court house, of course because I went about it this way, I missed very important information and lacked proper documentation for the future. Then as I had to go through more new hires, I decided to cut more corners; for some I just ran a quick search not specific to my state, and for others I just avoided running a criminal background check on entirely.

So when I was presented with a lawsuit that could have been completely avoided if I had just run every criminal background check properly for every one of my employees, it became extremely clear to me that I could have avoided this problem all together. Please, please, please…get your employee criminal background checks done the proper way!

Today, I have my business back on track and those hard times are nothing more then bad memories, but I make darn sure that I never forget about the mistakes I made, and I pass this information along to as many other new and experienced business owners I come across. I only hope that it’s not too late for you, and you can still do things right before you run into any real legal snags.

** If you have already hired employees without a proper background check, it is still not too late to cover your tracks properly. Get a background check done immediately (following these rules) and then if need be, seek advice from an attorney. Actually getting a proper and state specific check done ASAP should be the first thing you do.

Knowing more information and knowing where you can get online employment criminal background checks [http://hubpages.com/hub/Employment-Criminal-Background-Checks] done properly from a real business owner is priceless. Don’t mess with stuff!

Go to [http://hubpages.com/hub/Employment-Criminal-Background-Checks] to find everything that you need…

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Question by MS GUCCI: What can you do with a Criminal Justice, Psychology, or Human Services major?
I just wanted to know because lets say you wanted to become a counselor or Probation officer or anything in the Justice/Public sector which would you choose and why?

Best answer:

Answer by mzkatherine
Well Criminal Justice is more in the Laws and Policies … It is a good field but can be high stressful …

Psychology: Great field but just remember it takes YEARS OF COLLEGE … they say four but if you want to make big bucks its more like 6 to 10. Plus ALOT OF STUDYING … VERY STRESSFUL

Human Services is what I consider in my opinion as a minor in the medical field. You be better off becoming a nurse or any the above. Thats where the money will be worth it and also the benefits will be excellent along with more DOORS TO OPEN …

Add your own answer in the comments!
Crime looming heavily in minds of Hyson Green residents
CRIME is a major issue in Hyson Green in spite of a fall of six per cent in a year, a Post survey has revealed.There were 172 offences committed between March and May this year, … 3. UPDATED: Trams service back up and running · Thumbnail image …
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Criminal Justice Today: An Introductory Text for the 21st Century (10th Edition)

Criminal Justice Today: An Introductory Text for the 21st Century (10th Edition)

The best-selling introduction to criminal justice book of all time, Criminal Justice Today 10/e, continues to set the standard with its hallmark features of theme, technology, and time.  The strengths of the book rest in the application of theoretical perspectives to current real world activities related to criminal justice issues.  New technology and cases are also incorporated, bringing the book and reader together in current issues.  Broken up into five sections, this comprehensive book

List Price: $ 139.20

Price: [wpramaprice asin=”0135130301″]

[wpramareviews asin=”0135130301″]

From Probation Association www.probationassociation.co.uk Community sentences supervised by probation staff are more effective than short prison sentences. Find out why and find how to book a presentation by a magistrate and probation officer.
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Is Your Criminal History Thwarting Your Job Search? How To Improve Your Employment Prospects

connecticut pardon
by tizzie

A few months ago I had a discussion with a resident physician who had executed a contract with a hospital in Pennsylvania to start a one year fellowship in the fall. However, less than 90 days before she was set to commence the fellowship, the hospital “revoked” the contract citing her ten year old misdemeanor theft conviction. The hospital took this action despite the fact (1) the resident had truthfully completed her employment application by, inter alia, accurately answering she did not have any felony convictions; and (2) the misdemeanor conviction does not have any bearing on her fellowship duties as a physician.

Last month I spoke with a banker who used to work for a national bank in California and took a promotion with the same bank in Alaska. She had worked for the bank for years in California, had passed its earlier criminal background check and had been bonded. However, within weeks of her start at her new job in Alaska, the bank “discovered” she had an eighteen year old, dismissed misdemeanor marijuana charge from Delaware. The bank proceeded to terminate her because of this dismissed charge.

Beyond the travails of a random physician and banker, these anecdotal accounts reflect a persistent, widespread societal problem: How can ex-offenders overcome their criminal histories in an effort to secure and keep employment? Approximately 600,000 men and women are released from incarceration annually. Additionally, every year millions of individuals charged with criminal offenses have their cases disposed of without the imposition of jail time (e.g., dismissed charges; acquittals; probation). In order for these adults to care for themselves and their families, to contribute positively to American society and not to reoffend, they need to find and keep gainful employment. Unfortunately, their criminal histories can constitute a major obstacle to their efforts to go to work.

For the most part, these individuals have to depend on the enlightenment of their prospective employers. The majority of workers in the United States (with the notable exception of the great State of Montana) are hired on an “employment at-will” basis. Under the employment at-will doctrine, a company can decide not to hire a potential at-will employee for any reason as long as said reason does not violate an applicable law (e.g., anti-discrimination statute) or contract (e.g., collective bargaining agreement).

As a consequence, if a company declines to hire an applicant or decides to fire a worker because of his or her criminal history, the employer likely has the legal right to do so. In most jurisdictions, it does not matter whether the underlying criminal offense was minor, did not result in a conviction and/or has no objective relevance to the underlying job duties. The employer retains the right to exercise this employment at-will prerogative in this regard.

Fortunately, a significant minority of the states have taken legislative action to ameliorate this harsh reality for workers with criminal histories. Fourteen states prohibit discrimination against some form of ex-offender discrimination in the workplace. Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, New Mexico and Washington ban ex-offender discrimination in public employment. Five other states, Hawaii, Kansas, New York, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, prohibit this form of job discrimination in both private and public employment. (Additionally, a number of municipalities, e.g., San Francisco, CA, have restricted employers’ ability to rely on criminal record information in making hiring decisions.)

For individuals with criminal histories covered by one of these anti-discrimination laws, their prospective employers cannot lawfully deny them employment based on said histories absent the existence of a “reasonable” or “direct” relationship between said history and the proposed employment. For example, a resident physician in Pennsylvania may have a legally cognizable means of challenging the denial of a hospital fellowship based on an unrelated, ten year old misdemeanor theft conviction. Similarly, pursuant to the state’s anti-discrimination law a banker in New York could successfully challenge a discharge based on an eighteen year old marijuana charge.

In contrast, though, a prospective banker in any of the aforementioned five states would likely not have a remedy if he or she had a felony embezzlement conviction in light of the putative causal relationship between the nature of the conviction and the duties of the sought after position. It is also worth re-emphasizing that this “relationship test” matters only in the aforementioned states which have prohibited or restricted discrimination against ex-offenders in private and/or public employment. As a consequence, irrespective of the nature of his or her criminal history, a similarly situated job applicant seeking work in the majority of the states would not have any potential means of direct legal redress because these of states do not prohibit this form of discrimination in the private or public sector.

If you find yourself with a criminal record and seeking work in one of these states without a discrimination ban, you may nonetheless have other options available to ameliorate the potentially adverse impact of your record on your job search. For instance, individuals charged with less serious misdemeanors (e.g., disorderly conduct; fare jumping) and possessing relatively clean criminal records may convince the judge to agree to a “probation before judgment” or “PBJ” disposition as opposed to a conviction without jail time. In essence, a PBJ or a “stet” disposition places the underlying criminal matter in abeyance for a year. If during that one year period the defendant does not commit another offense, then the underlying charge is dismissed. (If, however, the defendant commits another offense during this probation period, the prosecutor can charge them with this second offense and seek a conviction for the first offense.) The principal advantage with a PBJ is the defendant avoids having a conviction appear on his or her record. In conducting employment background inquiries, many companies only focus on convictions. The absence of a conviction can only enhance an individual’s prospects of gaining prospective employment.

If (1) an individual can resolve a criminal charge with a dismissal, a nolle prosequi or “nol pros” motion (i.e., a motion by the state attorney declining to prosecute the charge), a PBJ or stet, or similar non-conviction disposition, or (2) an individual is found guilty only of a specified nuisance crime (e.g., disturbing the peace) or a single non-violent criminal act, then he or she may subsequently petition the court to have the criminal record “expunged.” If a worker with this type of criminal record can successfully have his record expunged, then the state will remove reference of this criminal activity from court, police and motor vehicle records and files. Moreover, the effect of the expungement order allows the affected individual to “truthfully” deny the existence of the above-described charges or convictions when seeking prospective employment.

If you have a more substantial criminal record (e.g., a “serious” felony conviction), then you may explore other alternatives in an effort to erase or minimize the effect of your record on your job search. Generally, if a former felon has completed his sentence, has remained out of trouble for the requisite period of time and has led a productive life in the interim, then he or she can petition the state clemency board or an analogous state agency for a pardon. With a pardon, the ex-offender can then seek to have his or her record expunged. (In some jurisdictions, the underlying records are automatically expunged with the issuance of the pardon.)

In addition, similar to the process of obtaining pardons, some states allow ex-offenders to petition the sentencing court to have their convictions “set aside” based on their completion of the sentence and their years as a law-abiding and productive citizen. Once the conviction is set-aside, the ex-offender can move to have his or her record expunged.

If an individual with a felony record cannot successfully petition for a pardon or a conviction set aside, he may want to explore whether he can obtain a “certificate of relief from disabilities” or a “certificate of good conduct.” Essentially, executive branch agencies in certain states (e.g., New York, Illinois) issue such certificates to qualified ex-offenders in order to “create a presumption of rehabilitation in regard to the offense or offenses specified therein.” See N.Y. Correct. Law § 753. An employer or a licensing agency in the issuing state then has an obligation under law to “take into account” an applicant’s certificate in making a hiring or licensing decision. See N.Y. Correct. Law § 753(2). Accordingly, such a certificate may significantly bolster an objectively rehabilitated ex-offender’s chances of gaining employment and/or securing a professional license (e.g., a barbering license).

In summary, if you have a criminal record of any type, then you will want to explore any and all avenues to eliminate the existence of your record or to minimize the record’s impact on your employment options. Those with minor, “youthful indiscretion” misdemeanor charges or convictions on their record should find the process of scrubbing your record relatively straightforward, if not easy. For those of you with more serious criminal records, this road may prove more arduous, but potentially doable. Considering that many employers can and do engage in unvarnished discrimination against ex-offenders irrespective of the underlying the disposition of the offense and their manifested rehabilitation, these post-judgment steps can only help improve your employment prospects.

Similarly, if you have encountered other workplace difficulties, you too can effectively seek your remedy. You do not have to endure mistreatment in silence. You have rights!

Eric Steele has consulted with and helped hundreds of individuals concerning their rights in the workplace. He has authored an invaluable ebook, Unfair Termination: Know Your Rights and Obtain Financial Justice, that is chock full of information on how you can protect your rights when faced with workplace difficulties. For more information on how you can know your workplace rights, protect your rights, and avoid being a victim, click on http://www.unfairterminationrelief.com.

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Incubus - Pardon Me - September 7th, 2011 - Mohegan Sun Arena CT

First song of the encore last night at the Mohegan Sun Arena.

Question by Billy: Can someone explain to me why some people are so attached the the Confederate flag?
It just seems like a big “f*** you” to me, but what do I know…I’m just a dumb bloke from Connecticut.

I guess it seems like some of what it might stand for is: ugliness and hatred.

Does it just mean, “I love the South?” Does it mean, “I hate black people”? Does it mean, “I have no identity, so I will latch on to an antiquated symbal that bothers many people”? Does it mean, “I’m in love with the transvestite that lives down the steet, but I can’t let my NASCAR buddies know, so I fly the flag as a ‘secret’ symbol of my love”? Does it mean, “I love biscuits and gravy with grits on the side, even though I know it will eventually cause vascular complications and probably kill me via massive heart failure”? What is the attachment to a stupid flag?

Again, pardon my ignorance, I have just never understood…

Best answer:

Answer by smcin728
It represents a way of life that is a part of our nation’s history. Why does it upset you so much? It doesn’t represent slavery or racism or hatred, except to the people who label it such out of fear and (you said it) ignorance. For the same reasons Americans proudly claim their European or Asian or Hispanic ancestry. Get over it. It’s people like you who promote hate and ugliness. Not a flag.

Give your answer to this question below!
CT-based Call Center Monitoring Software Firm Celebrates 40 Years of Innovation
CT-based Call Center Monitoring Software Firm Celebrates 40 Years of Innovation. Pardon this disruption: Coordinated Systems, Inc. (CSI), a veteran-owned technology company, was started in 1972 and continues to thrive, innovate and disrupt the contact …
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Track #1 Incubus – Pardon Me

How Obtaining a Criminal Pardon Improves Employment Prospects

criminal pardon
by SS&SS

Article by Dewey Nguyen

Anyone that has ever been arrested or convicted of a crime in Canada and the United States is at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to gaining and keeping a job. A person’s criminal record is readily available to the general public and can be easily accessed by anyone that wishes to check it, including current and potential employers. In today’s computer age, all it takes is the click of a computer mouse to access a wide variety of information on any individual, including details of their criminal record history.

It is standard procedure for many employers to conduct criminal record checks on all job applicants before hiring. It stands to reason that a prospective employee with a criminal record has less chance of being hired than a comparable candidate without a criminal past. Many employers would be hesitant to hire a candidate when it was revealed that he had a criminal record. Even if the charges on record are viewed as minor, they may cause employers to question the prospective employee’s character, as well as their honesty and judgement. In many professions, possessing a criminal record would all but eliminate any chance of being hired. Some jobs require that employees be bonded; however, bonding companies are cautious when insuring a person with a criminal record and typically charge employers more-often more than the employer is willing to spend.

Fortunately, it is possible, in most cases, to have a Canadian criminal record removed with a pardon. A criminal pardon will ensure that all of a person’s criminal records and charges are separated from other personal records and rendered inaccessible to individuals and organizations such as employers, educational institutions, volunteer organizations, and bonding companies; in essence, it is sealing the criminal record. In addition, anyone who has been convicted under Canadian law can apply to the Canadian government for a pardon once their sentence is completed and a certain period of time has passed.

There are many advantages in obtaining a criminal record pardon, especially for those seeking employment or career advancement. The Canadian Human Rights Act protects individuals who have received pardons from discrimination, particularly from employers and landlords. The Criminal Record Act eliminates the need for employees to reveal pardoned convictions on government employment forms. By using the professional services of a firm that specializes in obtaining pardons, the complicated pardon process can be completed in as little as 8 months.

Competition in today’s job market is tough, and employers are more meticulous and discriminating in the selection process than ever before. They have ready access to all types of data when researching the backgrounds of potential employees. Having a criminal record puts a prospective employee at a crippling disadvantage. For individual’s seeking employment, obtaining a criminal pardon can do more to improve their employability and career prospects than anything else they might do. For employees who live with the constant fear that at anytime their undisclosed criminal record could be revealed to their employer, causing embarrassment and wreaking havoc on their careers, obtaining a criminal pardon could offer peace of mind. A Canadian criminal pardon levels the playing field for those with criminal pasts, enabling them to find success and security.

About the Author

Canadian Pardon Services works both sides of the Canadian/U.S. border to provide legal services for those with past criminal records. For more information about obtaining a Canadian pardon, please visit Canadian Pardon Services or call Dewey Nguyen at 1-800-298-5520.

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