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The Effects of Society on Business – A Canadian Pardons Example

Anyone can see that Canadian society has evolved quite a bit over the last 100 years. In fact, some would say that our society has changed a lot even over the last ten to twenty years. There are a lot of things one could list to show these changes, but we will focus on how our modern culture has influenced and changed the business world.

The public has always leaned towards listening to what society says and does. We pay attention to what it says is socially acceptable, and because of this, society has slowly changed the public’s mindset of what is normal and abnormal. The Canadian pardons businesses are a good example of this. For instance, in the past centuries, right on up to the middle of the 20th century, giving someone with a criminal record a pardon was not only unheard of, but also would have been highly frowned upon. Many criminals were actually branded like cows throughout history so people would know what they had done for the rest of their lives. To forgive their crimes would not have been considered socially acceptable.

However, if we fast forward a few years, almost anyone who has a criminal record can apply for a pardon in Canada and hundreds of thousands of these people have been granted pardons since 1970, when the government came out with the pardons process. Somehow, this country went from branding with a hot iron to granting pardons to criminals. How did this happen? Our society slowly but surely led us to this point.

Forty years ago, pardons companies in Canada were unheard of, and may still have been frowned upon by many people in Canada. Today however, there is a lot of competition in this area of business because it has become socially acceptable for criminals to rehabilitate back into society, and the only way for them to do this successfully is to get a pardon.

Society’s changes never happen overnight. It just couldn’t work that way, because as people, we usually find certain changes hard to take. We get used to the way things are, and many people do not want things to ever change. In fact, some people fight hard against change of any kind, regardless of whether it is a good or bad change. This is not good, as there has to be a healthy balance in our society, but too much change would not be good either.

There is an old story about boiling a frog. If the frog is thrown into a pot of boiling water, he will naturally jump out. However, if the frog is placed in a pot of cold water that is heated up slowly, he will be boiled alive without realizing it! This is a good example of how people can react to change. Our society slowly heats up the water, and before we know it, things are different – we experienced a change without even realizing what was going on.

Some things that society tells us are acceptable are actually good; others are not. Granting pardons to people who made mistakes in their past is a good thing. Giving pardons to sex offenders is not a good thing. The question is, will we continue to let our society decide what is right and wrong for us, or will we finally start to notice when the water is heating up? The sad thing is that the people who do notice and try to “get out of the pot” are the ones who we generally look at as abnormal. Why? Because our society tells us they are!

Nancy Collins is a freelance writer who is currently studying the pardons process in Canada.

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416-962-2623 / 1-866-760-2623 Q: How to submit a Canadian Pardon application? A: The only option for submitting your Pardon application is to send it by mail to the Clemency and Pardon Division of the Parole Board of Canada in Ottawa. “If you notice this video contains information that is out of date or incorrect, please post a comment below or please email us at so we can correct the information. We appreciate your feedback.”
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Question by stuart g: CANADIAN PARDON HELP PLease?
HI i have 2 impaired driving convictions and to get back on the road, “it’s been 8 years” i need to have these removed. Wondering of cost and time frame thank you so much i will award the points for sure to a good answer.

I don’t drink anymore for any of you who want to rag on me.

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Answer by stephimm
Hire a good attorney, but you probably won’t have any luck.

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416-962-2623 / 1-866-760-2623 Q: What are the documents that have to be included in a Canadian Pardon application? A: The original documents every Pardon application has to contain are the applicant’s Criminal Record or a Certification of No Criminal Record, proof of citizenship or immigration status, military conduct sheet if applicable, the Court Information Form, the Local Police Records Check and the Pardon Application and Measurable Benefit/Sustained Rehabilitation forms. A photocopy of your Identification Document is also necessary to include, as well as the application processing fee. “If you notice this video contains information that is out of date or incorrect, please post a comment below or please email us at so we can correct the information. We appreciate your feedback.”

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In all markets, whenever there is some successful product or service, there will inevitably be others with an extremely similar if not duplicate offering. Because of this, a very central consumer problem arises: How do they know which version of the product/service to buy? Certainly we speak of things like product differentiation according to price, presentation, and location, but those are all easily controlled by the seller to give an enhanced view of their offering. Some of those categories might offer some insight, but they rarely tell which version of a product is the ‘best’ on their own. This is easy enough to see; take a subpar product, put the price up or down, wrap it in something different and sell it at a classier establishment – it’s still the same product. People need to have some way of determining which form does what it purports to do the best.

In most cases, there are two established ways of doing this: repeated interaction with the group of products/services and word-of-mouth from previous consumers. Continually buying the same product brings increased experience with it and its sector, implying a better knowledge of the product’s own quality and a better knowledge of what makes a related product ‘high-quality’. Word-of-mouth informs potential buyers of the strengths and weaknesses of a product and its competitors from relatively unbiased parties. However, there are markets where neither of these things is possible, either due to it only being possible to consume a product once, or because no one else will admit to having used it. Criminal pardons are just such a market, and we will analyze the aspects of them that lead to this particular problem as well as providing a possible solution.

Canadian criminal pardons are a one-time-use only good. A pardon can only be granted for all convictions on an individual’s record, so once one is received, there is no need to ever get one again. Additionally, those who have received a pardon are unlikely to want to talk about it to anyone, given that the entire point of one is to remove stigma and restrictions from their life as a result of being identified as a convict. The key to this analysis is that the goods (pardons) are identical to one another, but the services resulting in the good (applying for a pardon through a 3rd party) are merely extremely similar. Thus, it appears we are left with a situation where many companies offer the same good through a slightly different process, and no potential consumer has any way of knowing the quality of the service before engaging in it.

This is not strictly true. Simply because successful consumers of the good will forswear any knowledge of it doesn’t mean unsuccessful consumers won’t report their negative experiences widely. In fact, we find that this is one of the best indicators of quality when the other, more prominent signals are absent. Naturally, though, this leads to a related problem: those firms that do not have negative word-of-mouth have no word-of-mouth at all, and thus only the relatively bad firms get any publicity.

Drew Williams is a student of the pardons process and features of clemency worldwide. He craves engaging in meaningful debate with those with well thought-out opinions.

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Bill C-23 The proposed suspension of criminal record Place of Pardons NCICBackground (JackSmyth)

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