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Simple Facts and Benefits of Obtaining Criminal Records

The question always comes down to this, why do people need to obtain criminal records? Criminal records search service is used by a lot of people to obtain personal records about individuals they are suspicious about and for others, as mandatory requirement for employment. This is made to establish the background of the person in question whether he or she had a criminal history or their records are as clean as they claim it to be. By being able to know about their particular backgrounds, people are more inclined to trust another person and they also feel a lot safer and secure knowing that the person they are dealing with have no prior convictions or arrests in his or her name.

What we have to understand about obtaining personal records from a criminal records search service either online or any other methods available is that it has a lot of advantages which we can benefit from in making our homes and workplaces a lot more safer. You can always expect people to be very suspicious especially with the increasing number in crime related activities happening around us. By obtaining these records, this suspicions are doused off especially if they found out the person they are checking on is clean but for others who may have some criminal involvements in the past, these records help other people to be wary about who they are dealing with. Obtaining personal records can help you prevent crimes from happening especially if you were able to find out that your next door neighbor who just moved in has an outstanding warrant of arrest for a crime he has committed in his previous area of residence.

Criminal records can be obtained from criminal records search service providers on the internet who can provide free preliminary search on any types of criminal records from different states. This allows the public to be informed of the various criminal activities committed by a particular individual thus enabling them to protect themselves from that said person. These records can also help people to be aware of the fact that a lot of possible crimes can be perpetrated by an individual for his personal gains and these information are available in the internet from various criminal records search service providers offering services either for free or for a nominal amount of subscription fee.

To make your search for crime records a lot easier, most criminal records search service websites have come with an ingenious solution of creating a user friendly comprehensive database which can help a lot of people to conduct a more convenient and less time consuming search for any types of records available for public access. This has led to innovation and development of such services in terms of providing accurate and reliable source of information and by centralizing their online records repositories just to keep up with the demand of their clients who opted to use their type of services for a number of reasons including the need to perform a comprehensive background check to help them establish and confirm the background of an individual.

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This article is about the benefits one can get when obtaining criminal records. This also provides facts about the recent development in internet services in providing a more convenient way of looking up criminal records online.

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For all of those out there in need and that have been studying with us for a long time this is for you. Studies can get so boring… until a talking frog is yammering law at you that is. This can be used for everything from a Traffic Ticket to a Criminal Case. This technique is tried an true. Although it does not guarantee a win it does establish the rules of the game. If they want to continue after this you have to be ready as well. In conjunction with this video we recommend the study information available at www.SovereignIntellService.com and of course our services at http
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Question by Q&A: Do social services records affect federal jobs?
I’m a kid, and Social Services came to my house and completely ruined my life. My dream job is to become and NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) agent, and I want to go to a good college, and my social services records are bad. I didnt do anything wrong, and they just criticized me. Will the records in social services affect my ability to apply for federal jobs, and applying for college? Please help, my dream may be over. Can i seal the record?

Best answer:

Answer by Vidapapida
If ur talking about CPS then no. It only effects the listed perp.

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Ciudad Juarez Launches Aggressive Campaign For Female Crime Victims
The new prosecutor's office, which opened in March, deals exclusively with crimes against women but is not limited to legal matters. The modern three-story building houses a one-stop service center that includes special prosecutors and investigators …
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Phone Records Lookups
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Phone Records Lookups

This video contains information about a career with the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency.

Bc Battery Recycling Facts

Deceased batteries from your TV remote, smoke detector and many household appliances no longer need to go to the landfill where they can leach toxic chemicals into the ground. The BC Ministry of Environment has mandated a battery-recycling program. In partnership with Call2Recycle, all household batteries under 5kg (11lbs) “” including rechargeable, alkaline, cell phones and household appliances can be dropped off at nearly 1,500 collection locations across the province.

Call2Recycle, the only free battery and cell phone collection program in North America, has collected more than 143,000kgs (315,260lbs) of rechargeable batteries in British Columbia since 1997. Once collected, the batteries are taken to sorting facilities where they are separated by type and shipped to processors where they are melted down “to harvest the most valuable metals or by-products the batteries have to offer,” explains Carl Smith, CEO of Call2Recycle.

Lead goes to Quebec, lithium to Ontario, nickel to Pennsylvania and alkaline primary batteries that contain nickel-cadmium may find their way to France.

“France is more aggressive with compliance on environmental laws than the US,” says Smith. “They”ve been recycling all batteries in the EU and French processors can handle huge volumes. Nothing goes into landfills “” every ounce of what we get is recycled and 60-90% of battery weight is used in a secondary product depending on its chemistry.”

The waste nickel and iron is sold to steel industries to create stainless steel, cadmium goes to make new Ni-Cad batteries and zinc, a by-product of alkaline, is used as a fertilizer nutrient in the agricultural industry.

All industries that produce batteries must collect and ensure that the batteries will be recycled and the Ministry of Environment will track a battery manufacturer”s compliance with the recycling program by requiring the manufacturer to submit an annual performance report.

Besides BC, Ontario has also begun to collect all battery types for recycling. Discussions are underway in Manitoba and Quebec for regulatory proposals for an all consumer battery collection and recycling program. In all other provinces and territories, Call2Recycle only focuses on the collection of rechargeable batteries (less than 5kg in weight) and cell phones.

Yet before you gleefully use up batteries, keep in mind that there are no environmentally friendly batteries. Using rechargeable ones, or solar power, is still your best bet.

Batteryonline.org.uk – We are Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Distributor of power tools battery.

Music Sheets available at my blog: stantough.blogspot.com Video and audio is slightly off due to poor syncing, sorry. Right hand notes 1st stanza: C# EEEEEEEC# C# C# C# BBC# C# BBBBBC# C# BBG# BC# C# EEEEEEEC# C# C# C# BBC# D# F# D# F# D# C# BC# BBBC# F# E G# EC# EEEEF# EED# BG# BC# G# EC# G# F# BG# F# BF# EF# EF# G# EG# F# F# EAG# EEC# Chorus: C# D# EF# EC# F# F# EG# F# F# EF# G# D# F# EF# EF# ED# B C# D# EF# EF# F# EG# F# F# F# F# BC# EF# ED# C# 2nd stanza: EEEEEEC# BBG# BBG# C# BBBG# BG# BC# BBG# BC# EEEEF# F# C# BBG# BG# BC# D# F# D# F# D# C# BG# BG# BF# G# G# EC# EEEEF# EED# BG# BC# G# EC# G# F# BG# F# BF# EF# EF# G# EG# F# F# EG# BC# C#

Question by Morgannn!!: what the hell was she thinking?
k so my best friend is letting her x use her and treat her like shit…pardon my french but seriously…thay hang afta skool and then come to my work and then he ignores her and makes out with this chik that looks like a man rite infront of us!! she cant seem to get over it bc he asked her to marry him (the summer between freshman and sophmore year) i no GAY!! then on top of that he TOOK IT BACK and an hour later went to a party, got drunk, and screwed about 5 girls…i wanna hit her in the freaking face…i cant just sit here and let her feel like this…its gonna kill her…

Best answer:

Answer by J.
wow. thats intense. tell her parents, I’m sure they’ll handle it. Because lets face it, no matter how much you care about her, she’s not gonna listen to you. She’ll hate you for it at first, but will come to realize why you really did.

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Early-morning fire damages pawn shop on Porter Avenue
July 28, 2012. Governor commutes lobster's sentence. STONINGTON, Conn. ( A 15-pound lobster facing a sentence of lunch has received a pardon from Connecticut's governor…. July 28, 2012. More Headlines Headlines. The Business Marquee. Facebook …
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Brigid’s Cross performing Family Tree at the Weston Irish Festival 2008 on Sunday. As always, please pardon the shaky picture and stupid background conversations. www.brigidscross.com www.westonirish.com
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More Pardon Bc Articles

Facts About The American Civil War

I wanted to settle some myth’s about the American Civil War. The first myth is concerning the Confederate Flags used during the Civil War. One flag was used as a battle flag nicknamed “The Southern Cross”. Many consider this flag a form of racism, but it was not fashioned out of such. This flag has been adapted by many hate groups, but the origins of this flag represented solidity and courage. The Southern Cross was not used to display the South’s desire for racism.

This Southern Cross displays the cross of St. Andrew who was crucified. The largest influence for the fashion of the “cross” on the flag was the Scottish/Irish ancestry in the South during that time. The stars represented the eleven states in the Confederacy, plus Missouri and Kentucky. General P.G.T Beauregard proposed using the flag for the “battle flag” to represent the Confederacy. The flag “Stars and Stripes” was also used as a battle flag for the Confederacy. There was no uniformed flag used by the Confederate South. The South did not contain the industrial strength of the Northern United States and flags were always designed and created differently because of the scarce resources.

Another myth about the Civil War is that it began because of slavery. This myth could not be further from the truth. The Civil War was fought because of recession of the states. I want to add that the South was not the only part of the United States owning slaves. There were slave plantations found within the North, and slaves rebelling against their Northern masters. In 1641, Massachusetts became the first settlement to accept slavery by statute. There was a ship that sailed out of Boston four years later embarking on a slave journey to Africa with stopping in England. By the late 1700s, tens of thousands of Africans were living as slaves in the North. Slavery began in the Northern United States with slaves being labeled “cotton spinners”, and in the South, they were labeled “cotton pickers”.

A great book for your reading pleasure is called “Complicity: How the North Promoted and Prolonged and Profited from Slavery.” Ann Farrow, Joel Lang and Jennifer Frank Ballantine wrote this book after exhausting research into slavery and Northerners. The book reports the discovery of five-thousand slaves in Connecticut the year before the Revolutionary War began. The book also reports that Rhode Island shipped nearly five-thousand slaves in less than twenty years. During that era, the Narragansett Plantation matched the plantations of Virginia in acreage and slaves.

According to the book, Deep River Connecticut was the receiving agency for elephant tusks shipped in from Ivoryton. Enslaved Africans were forced to carry the tusks hundreds of miles to the coast for shipment. Two abolitionists were rumored in running the elephant tusk mill which proves that they did not mix business with their politics. Most of the abolitionists from the Civil War Era were hypocrites. Most of them owned slaves while standing on soapboxes denouncing slavery. Benjamin Franklin who was once an indentured servant was discovered to be a slave owner.

Another great book on this topic is a book titled “New York Burning”, by Jill Lepore. The book uncovers the truth about the fires of New York City back in 1741. The fires were alleged to have been a slave rebellion with thirty slaves meeting their deaths after being executed.

Some people have stated that slaves were forced to fight in the Civil War. This is not true, for Southern and Northern Blacks contained patriotism, even though they were not recognized citizens of the United States. Some Southern Blacks did run away and join the North as they marched through Southern towns. The North considered these runaway slaves “fugitives” and “contraband”.

The North did not know what to do with the newly arrived slaves. They did not know if they should give those weapons or return them to the fields. The Northerners eventually utilized the Southern Black fugitives as messengers and spies. Southern Black fugitives were not trusted initially by the Union. They were labeled traitors.

The Civil War was not about slavery, it was a struggle for democracy. No white person “freed” the slaves, for they freed themselves with rebelling against masters in the South and the North. They fashioned themselves as assets to the military while pushing for emancipation. Abraham Lincoln signed the “Emancipation Proclamation”, but it proved a futile document. Southerners and Northerners simply ignored it.

There were Black Confederate military units. Free men and slaves formed these units. They were willing to shed blood for the defense of what they called home. One black soldier was quoted “Pardon me General, but the only cowardly blood we have got in our veins is the white blood”.
General Forest had slaves and free men serving in his military units. He stated of these men that they stayed with him, and better Confederates did not live. Stonewall Jackson had three-thousand equipped black troops who fought with him at Antietam. There were 60,000-93,000 blacks who did served the Confederacy, hoping for a better future.

Why do people see Abraham Lincoln as an advocate for slaves? Abraham Lincoln was quoted “I will say, then, that I am not, not have I ever been in favor of bringing about in any ways the social and political equality of the white and black races….I am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the white race”.

Slavery is a matter of the past in our nation’s history. America is now a melting pot with equality afforded to all its citizens. There are numerous myths about the Civil War, but one fact remains true. The Civil War was a trying time for both sides that fought one another during one of the bloodiest battles in our nation’s history.

Anne Farrow; John Lang; Jennifer Frank; “Complicity: How the North Promoted, Prolonged, and Profited from Slavery.” Chapter 1. Ballantine Books, The Hartford Courant Company: Hartford, Connecticut. 2005.

Jill Lepore; “New York Burning: Liberty, Slavery, and Conspiracy in Eighteenth-Century Manhattan.” Powell Books, Alfred A. Knopf: 2005.

Article Source:

Kick Buttowski appeared on Sportscenter for the second time this season. This time the guys from my favorite show, PTI, were the guest stars as the town cops. Nice plug from co-anchors Jay Harris (aka Brick Bristol) and John Anderson. Awesome, awesome, awesome \m/
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Question by MotherBear1975: Clinton Pardon gems, now who’s “the worst ever”?
MORISON, Samuel Loring Crofton, Maryland…..

Willful transmission of defense information, unauthorized possession and retention of defense information, theft of government property

ROSS, Anna Louise Lubbock, Texas… Distribution of cocaine

SCHWIMMER, Adolph… Conspiracy to commit an offense against the United States, conspiracy to export arms and ammunition to a foreign country and related charges

SHAW, Patricia Campbell Hearst Wilton, Connecticut… Armed bank robbery and using a firearm during a felony

SMITH, Gerald Owen Florence, Mississippi Armed bank robbery

BORDERS, William Arthur, Jr. Washington, D.C. Conspiracy to corruptly solicit and accept money in return for influencing the official acts of a federal district court judge (Alcee L. Hastings), and to defraud the United States in connection with the performance of lawful government functions; corruptly influencing, obstructing, impeding and endeavoring to influence, obstruct and impede the due admi
and many, many, more!

Actually, there are plenty of liars on his list if you follow the link.
Margie… Clinton lied under oath, too… *AND* apparantly (unconfirmed here, still waiting for the link) was a convicted felon who was pardoned by Kennedy back in the 70’s. I’ll post the link here when (If?) it surfaces… the last comment is repeating form another question.
OOPS! it was Carter… not Kennedy.

Best answer:

Answer by PNAC~Penelope
Who cares if Libby outed the CIA Desk Jockey. She was already known around town as a big time LIB. Everyone knew where she worked.

Give your answer to this question below!
July 13 Rockdale Police Blotter
The following charges and arrests were reported by the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office, Conyers Police Department, Georgia State Patrol and Georgia Pardon and Parole between July 3 and Monday. — Tamiko Lynette Johnson, 44, 431 Kirkland Road …
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Part 8, Chapter 37: An Awful Predicament. Classic Literature VideoBook with synchronized text, interactive transcript, and closed captions in multiple languages. Audio courtesy of Librivox. Read by John Greenman. Playlist for A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court by Mark Twain: www.youtube.com A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court free audiobook at Librivox: librivox.org A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court free eBook at Project Gutenberg: www.gutenberg.org A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court at Wikipedia: en.wikipedia.org View a list of all our videobooks: www.ccprose.com
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Facts and Figures About Debt Settlement Affiliate

If you’re presently providing debt settlement processing to your customers or want to begin your personal debt settlement firm then looking for a debt settlement affiliate course could be a smart decision for you. Such applications are supplied by many debt settlement affiliate firms, which specialize in offering useful tips. As the owner, outsourcing debt settlement processing (like customer support, creditor relations and negotiations to those associates) leaves you with extra time to be dedicated to the core areas like advertising and enterprise promotions. You additionally save a considerable amount of cash, which you’d have spent in using the personnel, sustaining a separate division for these staff and on the expertise etc.

As we know that, a debt-set-affiliate might be actually anyone; there’s no such obstacle to getting into this industry. When debtors are left with no alternative but to file for bankruptcy, then the debt settling processing firm helps in making them take appropriate decision. Let’s retrace your steps for a second and take into consideration the way of thinking of a person whose debt consumes their on a regular basis life. They’re in a really anxious frame of mind and are tremendously distressed. They are worried about what has occurred, in addition to what must occur subsequent, does not essentially transform to smart resolution-making. Hence such people look for debt set net branch processes

It is a well-known and undeniable fact that whenever one misses an installment, creditors can sue them up. It is always better to look out for safer option than filing bankruptcy. Go for debt setting helping companies. In order to help out, initial fees can be taken, generally between 20-75 per cent of what the debtor might be obligated to pay and the creditor pardons the oddment of one’s monetary debt and can begin accounting it to the Credit-Score Bureaus as resolved. For the time being, one must put cash apart in direction of the settlement and halt making installment funds to the creditors. In your credit score experiences, the balance of accomplished money owed will be $ 0. Nonetheless, any previous historical past of delinquent funds or cost-offs will stay in the report. Not surprisingly, collectors do not like to advertise debt settling. In addition they turn it an especially troublesome reply to pursue. As a rule of thumb, collectors won’t deal with clients who’re present on their bills. They often decline to debate settlements until you are no less than 3-6 months previous due. A Debts Set net branch is probably the most powerful way to amass big residual earnings inside the debt business.

It is a simple straightforward procedure and not like other programs sold on web as hot cake that are full of gimmicks. Nevertheless, while getting into debt settlement process, one must know alpha and omega of debt settling process.

Try on Debt Alternative Center for online debt settlement company training. Once being thoroughly taught, you would be able to open your own Debt Settlement Company and can generate good revenue.

Article Source:

For more videos of Adv. Faiz Syed visit www.youtube.com To subscribe Adv. Faiz Syed on facebook www.facebook.com For details of Islamic Research Centre — IRC visit www.irc-india.com For activities of Islamic Research Centre — IRC visit http To subscribe Islamic Research Centre — IRC on facebook www.facebook.com For ordering authentic books within India contact www.facebook.com About the Speaker: Name: Adv. Faiz Syed Adv. stands for Advocate (Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) * Founder & President, Islamic Research Centre, Aurangabad. * Managing Director, Al-Huda Educational Foundation Pvt. Ltd. * President, Ilm Foundation, Aurangabad. * President, Zakat Foundation, Aurangabad. Educated At: * Burhani National English High School, Aurangabad. * Maulana Azad College of Arts Science & Commerce, Aurangabad. * Tom Patrick Institute of Computer & Information Technology, Aurangabad. * Dr. Ambedkar College of Law. Aurangabad. University Degree: * B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science in Computers) * MCA (Master of Computer Application) * BGL (Bachelor of General Laws) * LL.B (Bachelor of Laws) Madarsa (Religious School) Degree: Fazil-e-Deoband from Jamia Diniyat Deoband, Uttar Pradesh, India Public Lectures: Hundreds of Public Lectures usually followed by Question and Answer Sessions given nationally of which more than 45 are available on DVDs Dawah Training Programme (DTP): Conducted several Dawah Training Programmes (DTP) including National Dawah Training Programme for Scholars (Ulema) & common
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Question by ♥♪♥♪Mandy♥♪♥♪: i need help with the criminal record part of an application?
im 16 right now and when i was 15 i was “convicted” of terroristic threatening. they said that when i turn 18 it will be off of my record but right now im filling out an application for kroger and they wanna know but im not sure what to say?

Have you been convicted of a crime?
Do not answer “Yes” if your conviction record has been annulled, expunged, sealed, pardoned, erased or impounded. *Note – The existence of a criminal history will not automatically disqualify you from the job you are applying for.

should i click yes or no?

Best answer:

Answer by mycoldfeet
Put no, it is sealed as a minor and not subject to public access.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
Home ministry's opinion vital in presidential pardon
Is the presidential pardon unique to India? Recorded history shows that in nearly all civilizations the leader had the power to punish or remit. Even in the modern world the highest authority — the president, the monarch or the religious leader (Iran …
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1867 voting registration, loyalty oaths, individual pardon applications, Winston County, Alabama

1867 voting registration, loyalty oaths, individual pardon applications, Winston County, Alabama

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[wpramareviews asin=”B0006QQ11A”]

Google I/O 2009 – Effective GWT: Developing a complex, high-performance app with Google Web Toolkit Alex Moffat, Damon Lundin In this session we’ll show how you can get the most out of GWT in development, testing and deployment. It’s based on our two and half years of experience building Lombardi Blueprint, a SaaS application for collaborative business process documentation. We’ll cover how you can effectively integrate GWT into your development process and how to structure your code and application to take advantage of GWT’s unique features in order to provide the best possible user experience. Focus: Achieving high performance, sharing code between client and server, building and testing your application, multi-page application architecture, tips and tricks. For presentation slides and all I/O sessions, please go to: code.google.com/events/io/sessions.html

How Do You Deal With Your Criminal Records? Some Must Know Facts

Life does turn out to be heavy and hard for those who’ve got criminal records. And it’s all very easy to happen… even a religious sober guy can accidentally get convicted for past criminal offences. As for an instance, he might face lots of difficulties in getting employed because employers are unwilling to hire individuals with any kind of criminal records.

But there’s still hope. There are some legal options you can use to expunge your records. Nevertheless, you will need some support from criminal attorneys regarding this. The procedure will tend to vary largely among states, though. So it’s extremely important that you know the whole process and hire the right professional lawyer who knows these things thoroughly.

Leading a Cleaner Life Following the Conviction

To qualify for an expungement, you need to lead a cleaner life following the conviction. Expungement is for dismissing your case and it involves setting aside some sort of no contest and guilty plea. When the expungement is done in the right way by thoroughly following the underlying process, your record will appear as if nothing ever happened.

Once this happens, you can answer “none” when asked whether you were ever convicted or have any criminal records. That’s because even thorough background checks can’t find any marks on your past records since the legal expunging was successful. Thus, the significance of services offered by the criminal attorneys is not to be underestimated.

Which are the Cases that Can’t be Expunged?

Generally, a case resulting in conviction can’t be expunged. But exceptions are the cases where the case belongs to narrow probation group or any similar kind of provision in your state.

There’re social as well as political movements in several US states to make law for expunging felony convictions which are under special circumstances like the committer’s age being less than 18. That’s because crime convictions on people’s record could have utterly devastating effects onto their attempts to get quality housing or employment.

Who Can You Contact for Further More Information?

You might like to discuss more on this with a criminal lawyer. The best bet for you will be to locate an attorney who’s got years of experience on criminal defense or expungement work. They’ll be knowledgeable enough regarding the underlying laws which are applicable in your jurisdiction. They have the aptitude to direct you towards the perfect direction for clearing up your criminal records.

www.shouselaw.com (702)-DEFENSE A Las Vegas lawyer discusses the process to seal & destroy arrest or criminal records in Nevada. During these troubled economic times, possessing a criminal record can sabotage your efforts to get work or be approved for a loan. Even if the incident was as minor as petty theft and it occurred years ago, a criminal record will still prevent you from being considered for certain jobs, credit lines and public benefits. Now more than ever it’s critical that you have your criminal record wiped clean so that you won’t be at a disadvantage if and when you find yourself looking for employment or seeking financial aid. Criminal records can’t be erased completely, but if your conviction was from a court in Clark County (Las Vegas area), Nevada, it may be possible for you to have your records “sealed.” This means to clear and remove your Nevada criminal record from public view. On this page, you will find information about sealing criminal records in Clark County, Nevada.
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Question by : I was caught with 2 grams of marijuana, i am 18 and this is my first offense-Will i be given a criminal record?
I recently was caught with two grams of marijuana in my possesion. I am a Canadian citizen and this happened in Canada, i am also 18 years old. I am wondering whether or not i am going to get a criminal record, Can you really get a criminal record in Canada for possessing two grams? If i cannot recieve a criminal record, should i even use a lawyer?

Best answer:

Answer by Ingrid
I am not familiar with the laws in Canada. Check on the Internet.
I hope that you get a chance and get no criminal record this time. . I am convinced that this was not your first time of use and beg you to quit doing such stupid things.

Enjoy every minute of your Youth, it passes so quickly.

Add your own answer in the comments!
Indiana Passes New Legislation Restricting Criminal History Information
The latest of these laws is Indiana House Bill 1033, which, starting July 1, 2012, will, in part: (1) prohibit certain pre-employment inquiries; (2) restrict the types of criminal history information that employers and background report providers …
Read more on JD Supra (press release)

Havent Filed All Your Tax Returns? Help Is Here…
The IRS Estimates 10 Million Americans Fail To File Their Tax Returns Every Year Resulting In Wage Garnishment, Bank Levies- Even Prosecution And Jail Time! Step-by-step Guide Reveals How To Solve Unfiled Taxes And Avoid High Legal And Accounting Fees.
Havent Filed All Your Tax Returns? Help Is Here…

www.shouselaw.com (702)-DEFENSE A Las Vegas lawyer explains the waiting period for sealing / destroying Nevada criminal records. During these troubled economic times, possessing a criminal record can sabotage your efforts to get work or be approved for a loan. Even if the incident was as minor as petty theft and it occurred years ago, a criminal record will still prevent you from being considered for certain jobs, credit lines and public benefits. Now more than ever it’s critical that you have your criminal record wiped clean so that you won’t be at a disadvantage if and when you find yourself looking for employment or seeking financial aid. Criminal records can’t be erased completely, but if your conviction was from a court in Clark County (Las Vegas area), Nevada, it may be possible for you to have your records “sealed.” This means to clear and remove your Nevada criminal record from public view. On this page, you will find information about sealing criminal records in Clark County, Nevada.

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