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Haunted Skies: Ghosts Of The Eastern 401 Disaster

A TripAdvisor™ TripWow slideshow of a travel blog to Hong Kong, Hong Kong by TravelPod blogger Freezystar titled “Day 3 (10 Dec 08) Disneyland”. TravelPod is a company of TripAdvisor™. Freezystar’s travel blog entry: “After yesterday’s dilly dally & ending up only half day at Ocean Park, we learnt our lesson & decided to sacrifice our sleep a bit. Today, we go to wifey’s dream world, Disneyland (but after e trip, we concluded that Ocean Park is better). e morning streets of hong kong is rather quiet & ppl dun seem to get to work so early, u only see a small handful of ppl & some taxis on e street. we headed back to our favourite breakfast outlet & tried some new stuff. see e fried doughsticks? (in chinese/cantonese it’s called oil fried ghost, there’s a story behind this but this not being a history blog, I’ll skip this part) it’s fried nicely, crunchy outside & fluffy inside unlike e ones I tried back home which will turn hard when it cools. fish porridge, with big slices of it, e cantonese usually have porridge for breakfast, when in hk, do wat e hong kong ppl do. follow me, here’s central MTR station where u’ll have to change trains to Tsing Yi station then e special train to Sunny Bay station. more festive spirit inside, check out e long walking travellator scene. those are real swakovski crystals hanging up there ok?! not like back home where they just hang cheap looking light bulbs… yucks! see how everybody is sticking their neck out like turkeys? cause e disney

My experience with the story of Eastern Flight 401 began early in 1973. I flew from Tampa, Florida, to New York City and back several times that year. Most of my close relatives lived in the New York City area. During school breaks, I took the opportunity to combine visits with them with opportunities to attend various paranormal seminars scheduled for that year.

At sixteen, I was an experienced traveler and made most of my own airline reservations and arrangements. I hated crowds and loved red eye flights. Traveling at odd hours was no big deal for me. During the middle of Summer Break 1973, I was aboard a Sunday afternoon EAL flight that seemed almost empty. In those days there were always more flight attendants than needed on the off peak hours flights. The younger, less experienced crew members tended to hob knob with passengers. That’s how I met Susan. (I am being polite: Flight Attendants were called Stewardesses if they were women and Stewards if they were men in those days)

Her attention was drawn to a book I was reading about Flying Saucers. Like most of the flight attendants that I met during the 1970s, Susan was from the South. She seemed about twenty years old and had a pleasant personality. We talked on and off as her free time allowed. I had enough time in the air to know that there were several topics that you never brought up on a plane. These included UFOs and Airline Crashes, but both subjects came up anyway.

Susan was obviously well read on the UFO subject. Like me, she had relatives in the Air Force. She also knew people that had personally seen UFOs while on commercial flights. Most were not spectacular sightings, but strange enough to cause concern. What really got her started were some of the ghost stories I told. It turned out that hers was much better than mine.

I didn’t know much about the Flight 401 Air Disaster except that it involved an Eastern Airlines Passenger Jet which went down in the Florida Everglades about six months before. Personally, I was more concerned about airline hijackers in those days than crashes. Susan asked if I had heard any of the stories about ghosts from that flight appearing to people. I hadn’t. Before she could utter another word, a male flight attendant walking by grabbed her by the arm. Both vanished into the First Class section.

After a few minutes the male flight attendant reappeared. Although he worked in First Class, he came up to my seat and asked how I was doing? I said I was fine and didn’t need anything. He introduced himself as Bobby and asked if I wanted to move up to First Class. I accepted the invitation. While walking through the curtain that separated the sections, Susan whizzed by me with just a quick smile and stuffed some folded mimeographed papers into my hand. I shoved them into my pocket.

The five folded pages that Susan stuffed into my hand looked like some kind of insider’s newsletter. Something a Flight Attendant had put together for other Flight Attendants. It made reference to the 401 crash and how that some flight crews were seeing ghosts from the 401 crash. The pages were badly worn and had obviously been passed around and handled a lot. Although names and specifics were

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