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Having a Conviction Expunged


The court-ordered process whereby a legal record is sealed from the public is known as expungement or expunction. The criteria and process for expungement varies by state. The conviction or arrest will be erased in the public arena meaning the offender does not have to report that the event occurred. This is extremely beneficial when filling out applications for jobs and housing. Through expunction, the individual is able to live normally in society. Even if an employer, landlord, or educational institution conducts a background investigation, the expunged conviction and arrest should not show.

However, the conviction is not completely gone. Certain government agencies such as law enforcement and criminal courts will be able to access the records. This type of limited accessibility is commonly referred to as under seal. The expunged offense will still be used in determining sentences for offenses that have occurred after the fact. This is especially true in immigration and deportation proceedings.

If a lengthy amount of time has elapse since the arrest, the event was not severe, and the criminal record is clean with the exception of the one offense, an applicant has the greatest chance of qualifying for expungement. Each state has their own set of rules to determine eligibility, and in general, sex offenses are not allowed to be expunged.

In the state of Texas, expungement is allowed of arrests in which the suspect was found innocent. In addition, class C misdemeanors may be expunged if they obtained deferred adjudication and community supervision has been completed. The defendant is permitted to deny an expunged offense in any situation except under oath. Expungement is not possible for an offense in which the defendant, pled no contest to, pled guilty, or was found guilty. However, if the defendant was granted deferred adjudication, there is a possibility of non-disclosure.

Expungement is not an automatic process. A petition or application must be filed to the appropriate criminal court given the jurisdiction. A judge will review the case and issue a ruling. In the majority of states, a fee will be charged as well.

The process can be confusing as it differs by jurisdiction. An applicant may need to deliver papers to the district attorney. However, other courts may require the applicant to prepare an Order of Expungement which is a document to be signed by the judge. Occasionally, a hearing is obligatory to determine whether expungement is to be granted.

If you feel your record qualifies for expunction, visit for more information.

Joseph Devine

Article Source: Learn if you are eligible to seal or expunge your Florida criminal record. Remember, if you’ve ever been arrested in Florida, regardless of the outcome of your case – you have a criminal record.
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Question by Sweetie: What are the requirements for expungement in NJ?
I was convicted of fraudulent use of credit cards in NJ 5 years ago. I never had any convictions before that and haven’t had any since. I was ordered to pay restitution and I have done so.I also served 18 months probation. Can I have my record expunged? How do I do it?

Best answer:

Answer by WATCH DOG
When looking at this law you should note that any time limits do not start to run until you have completed your sentence, IE: Probation in your case.}{

How does New Jersey law define expungement?

According to New Jersey law, expungement “shall mean the extraction and isolation of all records on file within any court, detention or correctional facility, law enforcement or criminal justice agency concerning a person’s detention, apprehension, arrest, detention, trial or disposition of an offense within the criminal justice system.”
What are the waiting limits involved?

(These times do not necessarily begin to run as of the date of conviction, but rather as of the last date in the case, i.e., probation end date, date fines paid, release from incarceration, release from Parole, etc.)

For Indictable Convictions – (Superior Court matters) – Generally 10 years, but only 5 years if the requirements of the 2010 changes to the Expungement law are met.

For Disorderly Persons/Disordelry Persons Convictions – 5 years.

For Municipal Ordinance Convictions – 2 years.

For PTI/Conditional Discharge – 6 months from completion/dismissal.

For Dismissals – no waiting period. Eligible when dismissed.
How long does the expungement process usually take?

N.J.S.A. 2C:52-9 states that the Court must hear your matter within 35 to 60 days of the date it is filed. Generally, however, the process usually takes a few months and scheduling depends largely on the Court and its caseload. Various things such as incomplete records that need to be investigated, court scheduling, and/or opposition to your petition from a law enforcement agency may cause the process to be delayed. }{

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Will Cooley: Committee sees progress in reform
After hosting community meetings, the committee proposed four main reforms for the justice system: End the punitive war on drugs, reform and strengthen the probation system, expand the range of past offenses that are eligible for expungement of …
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Did you know that in the State of Florida if a criminal charge is dismissed, you can have it expunged? If there is a withhold of adjudication you can have it sealed. You can only do this if you have no prior felony convictions and no prior sealing or expunging. Once your record is sealed or expunged, you can deny the existence of the charge, even while under oath. visit us at
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Having Your Record Expunged

Criminal charges have a far reaching impact on a person’s life. Everything from employment to housing can be affected because of a criminal record. Though the emotional and financial cost of these proceedings may never be compensated for, there is a legal outlet for removing the effects of this situation. Many states have regulations concerning the expungement of criminal records in light of a period of good behavior. Depending on the state, a person can have their criminal record sealed and retained so that it cannot be a harmful consideration in most situations.

Having your record expunged can be an important step for leaving behind past decisions and learning from your experiences. In many states, expungement does not indicate complete dismissal of a person’s criminal record, but it does withhold that information from many people. If a person has their record expunged they can legally claim to never have committed a misdemeanor or felony in most cases. Also, an inquiry into their past record will not reveal a record of their charge. This can be crucial for an employment application, as well as a lease or insurance policy application.

In some states, a person can file for expungement of their record if the criminal charge was their first and they have met certain time restrictions. After a substantial waiting period without any further charges and a record of good behavior, a person may be expunged of their crime. This time period typically varies depending on the severity of the crime and certain crimes may disqualify a person from having their record sealed and retained.

For more information about the expungement of a criminal record, please visit the website of the Rhode Island DUI defense lawyers at the Powderly Law Office.

James Witherspoon

Article Source: Don’t let your past ruin your future – find out if you are eligible to seal or expunge your criminal record in Florida today.

Question by : Is there any place in the U.S. where someone with an old felony record can get a license to sell beer and wine?
His most recent conviction was over 30 years ago, and he’s lived a clean, productive life since then; he’s almost 30 years sober; he’s an active member of his church; he serves on the board of community organizations; and he does lots and lots of other volunteer work.

During his fairly brief criminal career he racked up far too many felony convictions to go the expungement route, but he would like to buy or open a small restaurant where he could also serve beer and wine.

Is there any state where he can do this?

Best answer:

Answer by Don sack
I would guess any one of them. I know you can in Alaska if he is no longer under supervision like parole or probation. It depends on the crimes though. If they were for alcohol related crimes he might have stipulations that he can’t be around alcohol, but that usually ends with the end of supervision.

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New Jersey Supreme Court to Help Criminals Get a Fresh Start
Expungement refers to the process whereby criminal records such as complaints, warrants, arrests, and convictions are withdrawn from public access. Although the records are not permanently destroyed and remain available to the courts, prosecutors and …
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I get a lot of people who call me to ask how I can repair their criminal record. Here in Georgia, to get your arrest taken off your criminal record, it’s called expungement. I can help get an expungement, but first, I try to get the charges dismissed in your case to be eligible. Here in Georgia, expungements are not easy to get. Here’s why. If you plea guilty or get convicted, you are not eligible. So it’s very important here in Georgia that you try to get your case dismissed. Either through diversion or some other legal means. When the case is dismissed, you may become eligible for expungement. I would be happy to talk to you about expungement, so call my office at 770.919.9525.
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Peak Oil and Global Warming Are Having You Over a Barrel – Now How to Get Off It?

Peak oil has us in an oil crisis, heralded by fuel price protests stretching from Europe to Asia. But you’ve known that for some time already, as you cringe every time you are forced to pour more of your hard-earned cash into your fuel tank. Always more expensive than last week’s. What else could you not spend that money on?

The same reasons that have gas prices in a perpetual upward curve mean you are paying more for food , and anything else that needs to be manufactured and transported, using fossil fuels. Your home energy bills are going up too. Everything!

If the effects of global warming do not get you then this oil peak will. But there are practical things you can do, with immediate effect. Just look at some facts first, in case you don’t quite believe yet that you are in a real bind.

Some peak oil facts

The International Energy Agency in Paris is the world’s most important energy monitor. For the first time it is now assessing the condition of the planet’s 400 top oil fields. It will only release its findings in November 2008 but one crucial things is already clear from its work.

It is this: Future oil supplies are likely much smaller than previously believed. When that news is officially released the $ 200 per barrel ceiling will likely be broken. Current gas prices will look like bargain prices then.

Combine this with an ever-growing demand for oil, steeply rising oil exploration and extraction costs, carbon offset costs imposed on fossil fuels, and oil-investor feeding frenzies and we have a true oil crisis on our doorstep. Global economic depression is not out of the question.

Feel with your back against the wall?

What you can do to live through peak oil

Yes, there are some interesting ‘low-tech’ options that can turn back the clock to extremely cheap car fuel bills. Like driving on water! Pardon, you say? Well, more on that later.Conserving your own energy use is the first strategy. Some you can implement now, like accellerating and driving more slowly, keeping up your tyre pressures, maintain your car regularly, avoid unnecessary trips and cycle or walk.

There are a number of things you can do in your home too, to reduce your energy use and your bills. Insulation, passive solar design and solar and wind energy are options, even in your existing home.

You can switch to alternative fuels like liquid petroleum gas or biofuel, or buy a hybrid car or electric car.

And you can try various gadgets that maximise your fuel economy. One very interesting cheap fuel source that is in reach of just about everybody is to use water. You can now buy a water fuel guide and kit that allow you to drive your car for pennies. The technology is not new, not complex or expensive to install and it works.The key here is Brown’s gas, something you probably covered in your physics classes. It can be produced under your bonnet using distilled water with a little baking soda and deliver Brown’s gas (HHO) to your engine.

Half-baked idea? Not if it works… and many people are now using this system. It saves you money and greatly reduces your car’s greenhouse gas emissions.

However, even if you do go for such easy technological fixes, never forget that it is only a part of the answer. Learning to live a low-energy life is a must. Doing so opens exciting prospects for living well with global warming.

Remember, “Peak Oil” is just a big hump. What each one of us does today determines what will lie on the other side of it tomorrow.

Dr Erik Leipoldt has long been concerned about the effects of global warming and the associated fossil fuel depletion. He believes that our thinking, our behavior and technology – in that order – are keys to living well with these realities. Read more here

Article Source:

The full “Teen Titans” theme song with clips from the show. A complete tribute to another shining jewel in the animated DC series that gave us BTAS, Justice League, and more. Pardon details.

Question by TITA: How many felonies can you have and get a pardon?

Best answer:

Answer by raichasays
Depends on the charges, the state law, your history since then and your lawyer.

Go get one.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
'Teen Mom' Star Gary Shirley Asks President Obama to Pardon Amber Portwood
… clear she deserves to be there. Instead of begging for ridiculous pardons from the president, maybe Gary should be making sure Amber sits in prison and thinks long and hard about what got her there. What do you think of this plea for a presidential …
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4,000 Days: My Life and Survival in a Bangkok Prison

4,000 Days: My Life and Survival in a Bangkok Prison

In the late 1970s, author Warren Fellows and two of his friends had the perfect scheme: they would traffic heroin between Australia and Thailand, concealing it flawlessly in high-tech, invisible compartments in suitcases. The money was there, and the process seemed foolproof–especially because they hadn’t gotten caught in all their prior attempts at smuggling. But in 1978, all that would change, and Fellows would spend the next twelve years of his life enduring violations of his human rights of

List Price: $ 15.99

Price: [wpramaprice asin=”0312253648″]

[wpramareviews asin=”0312253648″]

JAY Z Dirt Off Your Shoulder

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Negatives of Having a DUI on Your Record

Having a DUI on your record can cost you big time, not only in terms of an arrest and fines. The impact of a DUI goes beyond the court room, negatively affecting other aspects of an offender’s life. These negative impacts of a DUI on your record include:

• The Cost of Insurance – A DUI conviction will likely increment the cost of insurance premiums. It can also impact a driver’s ability to secure a policy in the first place. Major insurance carriers will usually check for traffic violations and dui convictions for up to three years on a policy holder’s motor vehicle record.

• The Cost Of A Defense Attorney – Chances are, offenders will want to reduce their fines and penalties to the lowest amounts possible. This will usually involve using the services of an attorney that specializes in DUI cases.

• Restrictions in Employment – Some companies are hesitant to hire prospects with a criminal record, regardless of the type of criminal offense. A DUI conviction especially, raises a red flag that a job candidate has a drinking problem.

• Driver’s License Suspension – One of the most common penalties for DUI convictions is the suspension of licenses. While the length of time will vary from state to state, this is one of the most popular orders by both the court and the DMV. This suspension means restrictions in moving from point A to B – independently.

DUI as the name suggests, is defined as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The United States Drunk Driving Accident Statistics (2010), revealed that 32 % of all accidents in the United States were caused by drunk driving alone. When an accident results in the death of someone else, an additional negative that offenders will have to face on their record is criminal charges for vehicular manslaughter.

A judge will consider whether a drunk driving offender has previous run-ins with DUI offenses, the level of alcohol at the time of driving, the offender’s age, the speed, and whether there were any casualties involved, before determining the fines and penalties for driving under the influence. Each State will have its own codes for different convictions, but their penalties and fines can be obtained at the dedicated site for Drunk Driving Laws.

Over time, a DUI conviction will fade into the background of a criminal record. This is because insurance companies or employers will only check within three to five years of an individual’s record.

Author: Randy Collins Traffic Lawyer

Article Source:

Protecting Taxpayer Dollars: Federal Agency Use Of Suspension and Debarment Sanctions (Part 2 of 3) – House Oversight – 2011-10-06 – House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Subcommittee on Technology, Information Policy, Intergovernmental Relations and Procurement Reform. Witnesses: Panel I: Mr. Bill Woods, Director, Government Accountability Office, Acquisition and Sourcing Management. Panel II: Ms. Nancy Gunderson, Suspension and Debarment Official, Department of Health and Human Services; Dr. Nick Nayak, Chief Procurement Official, Department of Homeland Security; Mr. Steven A. Shaw, Deputy General Counsel, US Air Force; Mr. Richard Pelletier, Suspension and Debarment Official, US Environmental Protection Agency. Video provided by US House of Representatives.
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Question by Certified Storm Spotter SKYWARN: Are school suspensions on permanent records?
When you commit a crime under 18, it gets erased from your record when you’re 18. Is that the same for high school suspensions. When you apply for a job and they ask if you’ve been suspended, do they want you to include high school or are they just asking about if you’ve been suspended in college? Sources?
Would places that you apply know you got suspended?

Best answer:

Answer by Lucy H
I dont think there put onto a record that is kept like a police record :S. I think its used just for education purpose’s. I hope there not kept anyway the amount of times I was suspended in schoool!

Give your answer to this question below!
EPA denies petition for suspension of clothianidin
The EPA is denying a petition requesting emergency suspension of clothianidin (Poncho, Belay) based on imminent hazard. The petition … Steve Dixon 2012 Tennessee Farmer of the Year · O.A. Cleveland: Record cotton carryover hampering upturn in prices …
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Vidéo d’illustration montrant la procédure pour donner une idée du travail à faire. Le seul outil spécial nécessaire ici est un compresseur de ressort. Ce travail doit être fait avec les mains et le cerveau. Il ya une tension très grande sur le ressort une fois celui ci comprimé. La compression doit être également répartie sur les deux compresseurs et ils doivent être positionnés de manière symétrique sur le ressort.

Find More Record Suspensions Articles

The Importance Of Having A Clean Criminal Record

Having a criminal record can be a burden that can limit your choices in life. If you have a criminal record, there are many reasons why you would want to clear your record. Clearing your record will not only benefit you, but also your family. It will even affect your future personal and employment endeavors.

A criminal record contains all of the information of a criminal conviction which includes the charge, court dates, and the conviction details. The information will stay on your criminal record for the rest of your life if you do not make an attempt to have the conviction removed. When you have a criminal record, you will be treated differently than a person with a clean criminal record. For instance, a criminal record will affect your employment opportunities, travel endeavors, potential volunteer activities, and your child custody rights.

It can even affect your ability to get bonded. If you have not been affected by your criminal record, it is just a matter of time before your record prevents you from doing something that is really important to you and your family.

Having a criminal record will affect such aspects of your life as: child custody rights, job promotion opportunities, employment options, education, Immigration and Canadian citizenship status, travel and vacation choices, volunteer opportunities, ability to be bonded, and eligibility to adopt a child. A pardon is extremely helpful in child custody cases. A criminal record is often looked upon unfavorably by a judge. Having a pardon makes a positive impression and shows you are making important and productive changes in your life. Also, depending on your criminal conviction, you may be not be permitted to enter the United States.

A criminal record greatly harms your work life, travel life, family life, reputation, and your self confidence.

If you have a criminal record, you should take immediate action to get it cleared such as using the services of a company specializing in obtaining Canadian Pardons and U.S. Entry Waivers for people with Canadian criminal records. Getting your criminal record cleared should be a top priority. The RCMP holds criminal records until you reach 80, and sometimes 100 years old.

It is is important to move forward in life and make the important changes to live a more productive and happy life. Getting your pardon or U.S. entry waiver is one important step to take so that you will not live the rest of your being haunted by your criminal record. A pardons tells people that you have been held accountable and you want to leave your criminal past behind you and move forward in life. A pardon will enable you to do this because once you receive your pardon your criminal record will be by removed from all federal databases. To move beyond your criminal past apply for your pardon today because completing the pardon application takes time. You will have peace of mind knowing that you truly have the freedom to live a happy and quality life.

Looking to obtain Canadian Pardon? This firm specializes in obtaining Pardons and U.S entry waivers for people with Criminal records. Apply Today!

This lesson covers Legal information about erasing an arrest or conviction. California allows you to have your conviction expunged after you complete your probation. Some states permit individuals who are arrested, but not convicted, to expunge their arrest records. The Law Library is open 9:30a.m.- 4:00 pm, Monday-Friday; closed weekends and holidays. The Law Librarian is available 9:30 am- 2:00 pm, Monday-Friday. The telephone/fax number is (530) 265-2918. E-mail:

Question by : if marijuana is legalized will they clear criminal records?
This November there will be a vote in California to legalize weed or for it to remain against the law.

So if it does pass and it is legal, will they clear the criminal records of past marijuana offenders?

Or will they free inmates who are currently serving hard time in our already over packed penitentiaries?

Best answer:

Answer by red top

What do you think? Answer below!
Criminal Case Played A Role In AMA Motorcycle Hall Of Fame Decision To
AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame road racing nomination committee member Dean Adams told that he brought up Clark's criminal record to other committee members during nomination discussions, and that Clark's nomination was never voted on …

Defender 21032 480TVL Hi-Resolution Security and Surveillance System

Defender 21032 480TVL Hi-Resolution Security and Surveillance System

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Add Your Own Hard Drive: This DVR allows you to customize your system with the hard drive size of your choice! Add up to 1TB HDD for maximum recording capability on your own terms. View your camera footage from anywhere in the world: Whether monitoring your business or home, view your footage live online, anytime and anywhere with PC or Mac. You can also view footage on almost any smartphone, including iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, or Symbian, as well as on your iPad and most majo

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Price: [wpramaprice asin=”B0088X7JGO”]

[wpramareviews asin=”B0088X7JGO”] Millions of Canadians have been involved in a police incident, arrested, or appeared in court, but not convicted. When this happens a record is kept at the local level. This record can appear in a variety of common background checks and limit your ability to find work, adopt, find housing, or live your life. It doesn’t have to be that way, but you have to take action! Thousands of Canadians trust Express Pardons to give them the second chance they deserve. A Record Purge or File Destruction is a complex administrative process that petitions the RCMP, Police and Courts to destroy the non-conviction records in their respective databases. This is the only way to clear a non-conviction record! As an RCMP accredited agency, and advocates of your rights, the Express Pardon’s team of dedicated professionals, work tirelessly to leverage their reputation to complete this complex process faster. No one successfully processes more Record Purges! Don’t let your past, get in the way of your future! Click here to find out more.

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