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Free Criminal Background Checks – Important Information You Must Know

free criminal
by AdamKR

Today there are a variety of reasons that you may be considering free criminal background checks. You may want to check out a boyfriend, a potential client, or a next door neighbor. These types of checks may sound like they are appealing and helpful; however, there are some things that you should know before you use this option yourself. Sometimes these free criminal background checks are not your best option. Here’s a closer look at some important information you should know about them and a look at an idea that is better for your needs.

Free Sites – Potential Problems

When you start getting involved with free criminal background checks, you’ll find that going to free sites that offer these services have quite a few potential problems that you’ll need to watch out for. Many times you’ll find that when you look for a name you’ll find a variety of different matches and it can be difficult to find the right person, especially since most don’t have social security number information. You also don’t know how reliable this information is when you go with the free criminal background checks either. Free sites really don’t guarantee the information that you get, so you may not have any idea whether or not the information you get is reliable. If you need to know about someone’s criminal background, you definitely want to make sure you get information that is accurate.

Doing it Yourself – Not an Easy Option

Some people go with free criminal background checks by doing the check themselves. While it is possible to find some information on your own, essentially doing your own background check, you’ll find that this is definitely not an easy option. It is possible to get access to records, but in many cases you’ll have to show up in person to courthouses to try to get this information. To do an entire criminal background check, it can take a lot of time and hard work, and you may not have the extra time to do this yourself.

Benefits of Paid Sites

Instead of going with free criminal background checks, you can definitely benefit from checking out paid sites. There are a variety of paid services that will do criminal checks for you. The benefit is that you are more likely to get the information you want and information that is reliable. You can quickly get this information as well, saving you a whole lot of time. While you will pay, it’s worth the fee you’ll pay for all of these benefits.

What to Look for in a Paid Site for Criminal Checks

If you decide to go with a paid site instead of going with free criminal background checks, there are some things you’ll want to look for in a good site before you pull out your credit card and pay to have the background check done. First of all, make sure that t total criminal check is going to be done when you pay, which should include sexual offenders as well. You’ll want to make sure you get a history for the last 20 years, court warrants and arrest records across the nations, DUI records, and more. Go for a site that charges reasonable fees as well to make sure you don’t overpay. As long as you find these features, you’ll definitely be better off than going with free criminal background checks.

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Question by hyperactiveblonde1344: Where can i find free criminal public records?
A few years back a friend of mine showed me this website that is meant for employers I think to look at basic criminal background checks.

Anyways my Dad is just now being charged with Domestic battery and its his second offense. Only the stupid county where he’s being charged doesn’t look up records if it wasn’t in this county. And so they want proof or whatever but I can’t find that website.

Every public records website wants me to pay but I know there’s a free one out there.

Best answer:

Answer by HOOK
See this one :

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
Career criminal back on streets in wake of drug lab scandal
David Huffman, 55, has been tagged with a GPS bracelet, but otherwise is a free man just days after a Superior Court judge suspended his sentences on drug trafficking and weapons charges over the objections of Suffolk County prosecutors. Huffman, who …
Read more on Boston Herald

AND JUSTICE FOR SOME: An Expose of the Lawyers and Judges Who Let Dangerous Criminals Go Free

AND JUSTICE FOR SOME:  An Expose of the Lawyers and Judges Who Let Dangerous Criminals Go Free

A scathing exposé of the judges and lawyers who put criminals’ rights ahead of victims’ rights

When Wendy Murphy was a young prosecutor, she learned that the deck is stacked in favor of criminal defendants. Between their arrest and (potential) conviction, murderers, rapists, and drug dealers get more than a fair shake—they get an unfair advantage, often at the expense of their victims.

In many states, for instance, defendants can subpoena a victim’s private medic

List Price: $ 25.95

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Smooth Criminal By Michael Jackson & Lyrics. Enjoy 😉

USA Business Information | Small Business Information in USA | Business Information Guide | USA

Starting up a SMALL BUSINESS is really a tough schedule in place of some industrialist; single has to undergo a fate of stress rotund with so much to resolve in so a smaller amount a schedule. The opening part by preliminary up a organization is besides characterized by toiling under pressure to unearth barred pardon? Is appropriate and pardon? Is abuse.

The major circulation of relate to by preliminary up some small organization is the availability of appropriate wealth. Do you maintain the appropriate kind of guidance? Do you maintain an adequate amount small organization in turn? What is the source of your in turn?

Internet is single of the superlative wealth in place of searching in place of small organization in turn.

You can besides contract selected applied in turn on ‘how to start your mother country business’ and can besides search in place of selected small organization opportunities with the aim of suit your taste and plan.

However, the superlative gadget would be to visit a SMALL BUSINESS in turn core. You can besides unearth barred not far off from the addresses of selected government based small organization in turn centers and administrations.

There are many confined Business Information Centers which provide the small organization owners and the prospective entrepreneurs with of great consequence in turn. The small organization centers besides provide contacts in place of state regulatory necessities in place of citizens inadequate to start up small businesses.

The primary objective of some small organization in turn core is to facilitate sustainable small organization development. You besides unearth in turn not far off from licenses and permits you need to achieve and retain in order to run your organization smoothly.

Miniature organization in turn you need by preliminary up a organization:

O Information in place of obtaining the basic licenses and permits

O Availability of diverse financing options in place of your small designate or long designate goals

O Information on selected copyright and mark issues.

O Information on how you can contract selected guidance from exterior sources.

Some of the organizations with the aim of can help you to collection up small businesses are the following:

Miniature Business Administration (SBA)

The U.S. Miniature Business Administration (SBA) is an separate agency of the federal government to aid, counsel, assist and guard the interests of small organization owners. The SBA helps Americans start, build and grow businesses. Through an extensive net of grassland offices and partnerships with shared and exclusive organizations, SBA delivers its services to citizens all through the United States, Puerto Rico, the U. S. Virgin Islands and Guam.

There are many SBA programs and services which support your small organization. You can besides contract SBA-backed loans and unearth government contracting opportunities. SBA besides provides mess assistance and training programs to help your organization succeed.

There are around 25 million strong small businesses only if strength to America’s scaling-down. Despite their immense contribution to the scaling-down, small businesses are thickly fraught by the overheads of government decree and undue paperwork.

Office of Advocacy inside the U.S miniature Business Administration helps to reduce the burdens with the aim of federal policies impose on small firms and exploit the remuneration small businesses receive from the government. It encourages policies with the aim of support the development and growth of American small organization.

Miniature Business Development Centers

The Offices of miniature Business Development Centers (SBDC) provide variety of services to prospective and existing small organization owners. You can contract one-stop assistance, guidance and in turn by the side of its simply welcoming branch locations. While a helpful effort of the exclusive sector, the instructive commune and federal, state and confined governments the highest aspiration of this core to strengthen the net of training and psychoanalysis services.

Women’s Business Center

Women’s Business Centers (WBCs) be a symbol of a nationwide net of more than 100 instructive resource centersdesigned to assist women start and grow small businesses. WBCs work with the mission to level the in performance fieldfor women entrepreneurs, who still look unique obstacles in the humankind of organization.

Online Women’s Business Center

The Office of Women’s Business Ownership (OWBO) assists women in setting up small businesses. The assistance is provided irrespective of their social or economic disadvantage, tribe, civilization or organization background. OWBO and the Online Women’s Business Center are integral components of Entrepreneurial Development’s net of training and psychoanalysis services.

Whenever you decide to setup a SMALL BUSINESS visit the sites described beyond to contract last of selected authentic in turn. You can besides unearth addresses of selected confined organization in turn and development centers someplace you can function and discuss various issues interrelated to your organization.

We by the side of Mysuccessgateway.Com besides help you to provide nearly everyone applied in turn in place of setting up of your small organization. Send us an e-mail if you need more in turn on a small organization of your consequence.

I am a fun loving guy that loves life and truly believes in sharing everything that i learn in this exciting industry known as INTERNET MARKETING, home based BUSINESS INDUSTRY.

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Spliced up footage of US MNT with some Jim Rome and PTI anti-soccer rants. Music: “They All Get Mad At You” – Atmosphere
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Question by : If a Canadian has a pardoned criminal conviction, can he travel to the USA legally?

Best answer:

Answer by The Enchanting Wizard of Rythm
Canadians and Americans can pretty much travel back and forth over the border as they please.

Give your answer to this question below!
Myanmar frees death-row prisoner with liver cancer
The wife of Phyo Wai Aung said he was released Friday by presidential pardon and transferred to a hospital. His lower body is paralyzed. Phyo Wai Aung … Afghan Soldiers Kill Two More U.S. Troops: Is Trust Lost? Play · Army Suicides Reach New High …
Read more on Huffington Post

Halos & Horns

Halos & Horns

Track Listings:

1. Halos and Horns
2. Sugar Hill
3. Not For Me
4. Hello God
5. If
6. Shattered Image
7. These Old Bones
8. What A Heartache
9. I’m Gone
10. Raven Dove
11. Dagger Through The Heart
12. If Only
13. John Daniel
14. Stairway to HeavenLike many musicians profoundly moved by the events of September 11, Dolly Parton reacted to the tragedy by going inward and forging a spiritual journey through songwriting. As usual, the subjects from which she draws the greatest strength are the ones t

List Price: $ 17.98

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A good song. Brother Don Singing

Individual Background Information Checking by Instant Criminal Check Online

A background check generally is a way to look up for someone personal information based on that person past actions and records. It ranges from dating agencies background check, FBI back ground check, instant criminal check, employment screening, credit check, tenant check etc. A background check will provide information about an individual professional, criminal convictions, public and credit history and can be so detail that information ranging from driving records, DUI convictions record to bad credit and bankruptcy could be traced out.

FBI back ground check probably is the most comprehensive criminal check that one can trust. The National Crime Information Center (NCIC), which is a national database of criminal justice information is maintained by The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). This database is keeping all criminal history information throughout the United States, as well as a listing of wanted fugitives and missing persons in US. This is considered top confidential information but you can request detail check information from FBI in some cases. In most cases, employer or government office, schools will require to perform an easy instant criminal check. Under FBI back ground check, information like date of arrest and criminal charges are listed out if the subject undergoing FBI back ground check has a criminal record before.

Your prospective employer will likely to perform a back ground check on your previous professional history and criminal record. An employer perform background checks on shortlisted candidates to find out whether you are a job hopper that hop from one job to another within a year, and to find out whether you have convicted any criminal or not. Recently some US states have enforced that criminal record is important and is necessary for some jobs that work with children, due to increase cases of child abuse and abductions.

Dating check is a way used by dating agencies to find out a persons marital status, criminal history, debts and assets records.

As for Landlords, they may use background checks to investigate a potential tenant past record to avoid getting problems in future.

There are so many companies online that provide back ground check services, including comprehensive instant criminal check. The price of the background check can range from few cents to few dollars, depends on the comprehensiveness of the back ground check that you perform. An instant background check will provide immediate basic information about a subject on search and cost less. However a comprehensive and thorough check might take longer to compile and may cost few dollars.

If you want to know your partner, your potential date’s marital status, financial history or credit records, you can perform a background check here.

Article Source:

Question by hi: What is the best website to run a criminal check on a person?
My sister has recently got engaged with a guy and he seems like a very nice person. But before they get married, I would like to run a criminal check on him just in case. What is the best website to do so?

Best answer:

Answer by PhilthaPain
I suggest you get a life of your own, and stop snooping around in other people’s business. You heard about winnie the pooh and the honey pot, didn’t you.

You’re not a detective, and you’re not intelligent. If your sister found this guy, let her do the background check.

You’re a pathetic waste of human time and space. Get some help.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
Crimes Nearby: Arrests Made at DWI Check Points
August Rose Thilberg, 19, of Hampton Bays, was arrested July 18 at police headquarters in Hampton Bays and charged with criminal mischief in the second degree, a felony. Police said Thilberg turned herself in to answer of charge of causing $ 3100 in …

Cold Case Homicide: Practical Check List and Field Guide (Practical Aspects of Criminal & Forensic Investigations)

Cold Case Homicide: Practical Check List and Field Guide (Practical Aspects of Criminal & Forensic Investigations)

Written by a former DA investigator, this handy field guide follows the successful format of Vernon Geberth’s Practical Homicide Investigation: Checklist and Field Guide. Using techniques perfected during the author’s many years as an investigator, this guide features simple, step-by-step instructions for investigating cold homicides. The book is designed for use by cold case squads in any precinct, no matter how large or small the department. The book features a specific investigation matri

List Price: $ 49.95

Price: [wpramaprice asin=”1439857016″]

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Some inept crooks, caught on CCTV. Wanna hear a funny story? Check

Online Criminal Lawyer Information

criminal pardon
by lisby1

People are doing heartbreaking mistakes like money laundering, mortgage fraud, bank fraud and tax crimes it includes in criminal faults. Law administration arrest more and more people, including loan officers, real estate assistant in case of fraud. Online Criminal attorney handle accident law and criminal law. People suffered from Criminal Faults Online Criminal Attorney helps you. The profit is due to the team of attorney is confirm by the vigorous defense help you.

The online criminal Lawyers immediate contact with the clients and also highlights the commitment offered by corresponding firm. This is fact that anyone who is accomplishes with crime and cannot be robbed helps you to find the best lawyer and solve crime.

If you are capture into the custody you can get bailed when you pay security money. Otherwise you will remain in jail till the case is resolved. To avoid the ambiguity situation defense attorney helps you and make a decision in the minimum possible time. If bailed is not a ultimate solution you appeal the court you are not capable of paying the bond amount then court provides attorney within 3 days and bear expenses then barrister hire public protector or private lawyer. If the arrested people do not belong to U.S the rules are more complex and strict.

State jail Felony, Third degree Felony and second degree Felony law firm handle arguments according to the level of severity. The processing of the Felony cases start with the issue of true charge bill by the Grand jury. The court responsibility area organizes the settings for announcement, application, trial and final announcement after this the court maintains the disinterest cases and related entity. When immigrants are hearing a court case then court appoint a translator. When immigrants represent himself then he understand only the legal complication of his case but not to receive a clean hearing. The main cause of crime is drunken drivers. In many countries like Russia and Canada alcohol is not allowed in the blood. The discipline is mandatory for a license period a heavy fine and possible jail time will be charged. It is very complicated to attempt fraud appeals with proper representation from knowledgeable attorney. The post trial appeals must know in order to file an appeal. These trials include proof you did not receive a fair just provisional. It includes mistakes made by judge during breakdown the proper instructions.

Online Criminal attorney provides legal assistance to individuals in serious cases related to accident law and criminal law.

416-962-2623 / 1-866-760-2623 Q: What is a Canadian Pardon? A: A Canadian Pardon — or a Canadian Record Suspension as it’s been renamed – suspends previous criminal records. That means the suspended criminal record will be kept apart from any other criminal records, and can only be made available by the order of the Minster of Public Safety Canada. “If you notice this video contains information that is out of date or incorrect, please post a comment below or please email us at so we can correct the information. We appreciate your feedback.”

Question by Hand puppet pet: Governors and presidents pardon hardened criminal murderous evil people, but why do they go the distance to?
severely punish the men that are fighting a religious fanatical scum of the Earth, that when they capture our fighting men, often skin them alive and proceed to desecrate their remains. Do not ask for a link, they are smart enough not to have it caught on record. Talk candidly to some of the returned warriors and they will reluctantly tell you even worse than I mentioned. If Obama goes behind and through with a war criminal thing at these Marines, he will lose all of the military vote!

Best answer:

Answer by Patrick4024
You seem to be trying to apply a broad statement to everyone. Basically the law and the leaders must look at things individually. Something that might apply to one person does not necessarily apply to someone else. And its still an imperfect system.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

Breaking into the pardon power: Congress and the office of the pardon attorney.: An article from: American Criminal Law Review

Breaking into the pardon power: Congress and the office of the pardon attorney.: An article from: American Criminal Law Review

This digital document is an article from American Criminal Law Review, published by Georgetown University Law Center on September 22, 2009. The length of the article is 15966 words. The page length shown above is based on a typical 300-word page. The article is delivered in HTML format and is available immediately after purchase. You can view it with any web browser.

Citation Details
Title: Breaking into the pardon power: Congress and the office of the pardon attorney.
Author: Laure

List Price: $ 9.95

Price: [wpramaprice asin=”B0033UXYM0″]

[wpramareviews asin=”B0033UXYM0″] Billy Sinclair is an award-winning prison journalist who co-edited The Angolite for six of the nine years he was on the staff of the inmate magazine as it rose to national prominence in the 1980s. Today he is a senior paralegal for Houston criminal defense attorney, John T. Floyd. Sinclair was arrested in December 1965 for shooting a Baton Rouge store clerk after a botched robbery. He first met Wilbert Rideau in the East Baton Rouge Parish jail that year where both were being held prior to their trials. They also spent time together on death row at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola. Sinclair joined Rideau on the staff of The Angolite in August 1977 as a staff-writer. Sinclair became Associate Editor of the publication in 1979 and its Co-Editor in 1980. Their professional and personal relationship ended in November 1986 after Sinclair was taken into protective custody for helping the FBI expose a pardon-for-sale operation at Angola and Rideau began attacking him in the national press and usurping credit for Sinclairs literary work and awards.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Making Culture Your Ally in Clinical Information System Implementation

An organizations culture can make or break any Clinical Information System (CIS) implementation. Ask Joy Keeler, Chief Architect of Nicholas E. Davies Award-winning CIS initiative for University of Illinois Medical Center.

We knew from the beginning one of our greatest challenges was overcoming a prevalent attitude of doubt within the organization as we moved to a paperless clinical information system. Once we showed quick wins and provided proof that we could make things better, we built a following among all the stakeholders at UIMC. By creating a passion for our mission, we transformed the way we deliver care, improving patient outcomes, reducing waste and variances, even improving our retention rate among physicians and nurses. And while everyone has embraced the new system, the principal beneficiaries are our patients, said UIMC’s current Associate Vice Chancellor of Heath Affairs.

The case history described by Joy provides instructive insights into achieving success with CIS and tackling arguably the most challenging barrier of all, organizational culture. Instead of something to be feared, a renewed and revitalized culture can be your most important ally, as Joy discovered. Of all the approaches we have practiced and observed over the last 25 years as consultants to the health care industry, we believe the following ten are the most powerful and most likely to lead to making organizational culture your ally vs. your worst nightmare.

1. Create Passion for the Vision, Mission, Values and Strategies
Whatever reason your organization has for embarking on a CIS initiative, make sure that all key stakeholders know, understand, and embrace the objectives and can articulate what we are doing and why we are doing it. Success for this huge undertaking will require a ubiquitous commitment to quality care, and many specific goals such as eliminating medical errors, waste, delays, unnecessary variance as well as improving patient satisfaction and your strategic positioning.

2. Measure Readiness Early and Conduct Periodic Check-ups
A formal assessment of readiness for CIS will help you understand the major barriers you have to overcome. Assessing readiness and undertaking a readiness improvement effort is as vital for this type of initiative as physical training is for a marathon runner. Readiness can be measured in many ways, including: Technical Readiness, Workflow Readiness, Culture Readiness, Financial Readiness, and Project Management Readiness. We know this is a lot of readiness, but it’s a critical part of successful implementation.

3. Deal with Cultural Challenges Proactively
Two very common cultural challenges (courtesy Dr. Jeffrey Rose, CMO, Cerner Corporation) include Infobia, or the fear of appearing incompetent using technology, and Archetypal Medical Tradition, which drives resistance to standards, guidelines, and outside scrutiny. Simply hoping that these challenges will go away by themselves is naïve. Intervention in the form of education and skill-based training is required, which will only be possible if all key stakeholders are on board.

4. Establish Value as the Foundation for CIS
Our belief is that it is important to quantify and clearly articulate the Financial ROI and the Strategic ROI of the initiative. Value-based initiatives are the most successful because there is a clear understanding of all of the costs (financial and otherwise) and all of the benefits of the initiative. Continuous quality improvement is a fundamental value of any CIS implementation, and the return on the investment in quality should be well understood throughout the organization

5. Communicate and Train Early and Often
We believe it is important for all stakeholders to understand (and articulate!) what they are doing, why they are doing it, and what are the costs and benefits of the undertaking. We also understand that most stakeholders will require new skills and capabilities to succeed in a new CIS environment, so it is important to provide substantial training so people can learn the new mechanics of CIS. Best results are achieved if the CIS initiative is treated like a major construction program; all the way down to the Pardon Our Dust posters that beg patience for current problems while providing hope for a much better future.

6. Identify and Satisfy the Needs of Individual Stakeholders
You must identify the key stakeholder groups and the opinion leaders within each. Once you understand what their major needs are, work with them to ensure that the CIS project can meet those needs as much as possible. It is our experience that adoption happens more quickly and thoroughly if everyone gets as much of what they want as possible.

7. Pick Champions Carefully at all Levels
Every major cause needs a legion of champions. We believe these champions can be identified, encouraged, and given roles that create leverage throughout the organization. You don’t need Superman or Superwoman, just opinion leaders who are respected by their peers, have the ability to perform, a positive attitude, thick skins and have high endurance. After all, this type of initiative is a marathon, not a sprint!

8. Excitement Overcomes Fear of Change
We have learned many fundamental truths over the years, one of which is: A clear vision of the destination creates enthusiasm for the journey. It’s also very important to be truthful about how long and arduous the journey will be. Champions will be able to lead the organization through The Valley of Despair if everyone believes that the end result will be better. We also know that there will be people who try mightily but are unable to complete the journey; carry them, and give them new and more appropriate roles.

9. Use Speed to Your Advantage
As evidenced by the UIMC example above, the faster you get to benefits, the faster the organization will embrace the initiative, and the quicker you can make organizational culture your ally. We encourage using three different and powerful mechanisms: Speed to High Performing Teams, Speed to Implementation, and Speed to Value.

10. Engage Professional Management and Chose the Right Guide
Recognize that the selection and implementation of a CIS is a major undertaking, and most likely the one and only time most people in your organization will experience this in their entire careers. The cost of mistakes is very high and the probability of success is increased substantially with full-time professional program management. There is no reason to undertake this transformation alone, and the right professional guide can make all the difference in the world. Pick a consultant or expert who has a proven track record, understands your unique circumstances, acts like a guide and not a dictator, and will work with your organization.

Most health care executives state that their most vivid nightmare about a CIS implementation is the fear of CIS-rejection by the organizations culture. Newton asserts that a body at rest will tend to stay at rest, and a body in motion will tend to stay in motion. We assert that if you apply the key points in this article, you will avoid the nightmare, avoid being stuck at rest, and be able to keep your organizational body in motion as you confidently charge ahead along your positive journey of progress.

Scott Hodson is a principal in Maverick Healthcare Consulting.

To learn more, visit his healthcare quality consulting website at

Article Source:

Question by bloodyice68: How do i apply for a pardon?
How do i apply in the state of nc?

Best answer:

Answer by alberto g
For what??

Add your own answer in the comments!
ICANN to Reveal New gTLDs on Wednesday
ICANN tomorrow will reveal the contents of nearly 2000 applications for new generic top-level domains. … By Rhett Pardon, Tue, Jun 12 2012 …
Read more on XBIZ

Skinit Pardon My French Vinyl Skin for Pandigital Super Nova

Skinit Pardon My French Vinyl Skin for Pandigital Super Nova

  • IMPORTANT: This product is NOT A CASE. This product is NOT rubber, silicone, gel, plastic, leather, or a hard case or cover. This product is a form-fitting VINYL skin, sticker, decal crafted to perfectly fit every corner, cutout and curve of the Pandigital Super Nova.
  • Skinit skins, stickers, decals are engineered to fit perfectly and not interfere with other accessories.
  • Easy to apply and remove with no residue left on or damage done to your device. Simply peel your skin from its backing and stick it on your device.
  • OFFICIAL MANUFACTURER: Manufactured in the USA and offered directly from Skinit.
  • Skinit Pardon My French skin, sticker, decal for Pandigital Super Nova

IMPORTANT: Skinit skins, stickers, decals are NOT A CASE. Our skins are VINYL SKINS that allow you to personalize and protect your device with form-fitting skins. Our adhesive backing can be applied and removed with no residue, no mess and no fuss. Skinit skins are engineered specific to each device to take into account buttons, indicator lights, speakers, unique curvature and will not interfere with other accessories. Our skins present a vivid photo-quality, glossy finish that shows off your st

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Welcome to St. PigeoNation’s Institute, “the most splendid and greatest academy of the pigeon, by the pigeon and for the pigeon.” Download Link; Pardon the Engrish, but translating Japanese does that! xD This is mostly for demonstration purposes, simply to show off this amazing game~ Due to the extreme amounts of effort needed to make annotations, there most likely won’t be another video… The exceptions to this would be if; I get a magic energy boost, the game was translated, or if I were to record my translator alongside the game making it look less than beautiful, but much more hilarious!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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