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She Became a Legend in the 20Th Century

Agnes Gondzha Boyadjiev, the future Mother Teresa was born August 27, 1910 in Skopje, the former Ottoman Empire, and modern Macedonia. She was the youngest of three children of Nicola Boyadjiev, a wealthy merchant. Her mother, nee Dranafile Bernay, has always been a true Catholic. Remembering his childhood, Mother Teresa told “When I was five years old, my mother and I were walking through the fields to the village, which was located quite far from our village; I was holding my mother’s hand and was happy. At some point, my mother stopped and said: “You took my hand and feel safe, because I know the road. That’s how you should keep the arm and the mother of God, and it throughout your life will lead you on the right path. Never let go of her hand! “. These words sank deep into my heart and memory: all my life I was holding her by the arm. And today did not regret it! “. Little Agnes was so cute that relatives and neighbors called her an angel. Always obedient and cheerful, happy little girl grew up in my own little world: going to school, sang in the church choir, wrote a note in the local newspaper, dreaming about the future. In the choice of profession was influenced by contacts with the Brotherhood of the Blessed Virgin Mary – an organization that helps the poor in different countries. Once he heard the priest of the parish read a letter from missionaries from India, Agnes became interested in the activities of Bengal mission. Subsequently, the life of Mother Teresa loved to be in tableaux viands nun to her order. The scene where seventeen Agnes asks the blessing of the mother to become a nun and go to Calcutta, they succeeded best. My mother survived the shock. Agnes so quiet, so reasonable, so home, good-natured! Where does this stink? Oh, and where that of Calcutta, on what side of the world? Giving his daughter to God, and even more so in Calcutta, meant especially for those times, separation forever. Her brother, Lazarus, who had studied while in the Military Academy, felt the decision of her younger sister’s girlish whim, as she wrote in the letter. An Agnes endlessly quoted her numerous biographers: “Do you consider yourself important, because you’ll become an officer and serve the King with two millions of subjects?” I will serve the king of the world. “

September 26, 1928 Agnes entered the train from Skopje to Zagreb. Mom Drann was right: the more she your favorite Agnes never saw. It takes many years and already world famous, Mother Teresa, founder of the Order of Mercy, with tears implored the Albanian Embassy for permission to enter the country and say goodbye to his dying mother. Officials took pity and gave permission to enter. And forget about the departure. Mother Teresa understood that the iron curtain that separates Albania from the rest of the world, immediately lowered, and it will remain trapped. It will be years before Mother Teresa will visit the grave of his mother.

And yet there was a way Skopje – Zagreb and further across Europe in Dublin, in the nuns of the Order of Loreto, where for two months she had to learn English. Then she goes on to the dream of childhood, on a steamer through the Suez Canal into the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean. She swam towards his destiny, swam longer cute little angel – Agnes and Sister Teresa of the Order of Loreto and correspondent Zagreb newspaper “Catholic mission.” Sixteen years Sister Teresa taught to girls in schools of the Order of Loreto history and natural science, enjoyed the love of teachers and students. In 1946, his sister Theresa started tuberculoses process, and raw Calcutta, she went to a mountain Darjeeling. The train slowly trudged across India, stopping at each station. In the wagon train came and visited people: mothers with children, the elderly, crippled, tired, sunburns man. People were exhausted and depressed, the mother tried to comfort hungry children, in the faces of many bore the stamp of disease, suffering and despair. In this train, there was a revolution in the soul humble nun. “I rode the train from Calcutta to Darjeeling… – writes Mother Teresa September 10, 1946 – and quietly prayed, when suddenly, clearly felt a different calling inside of which I followed. This news was absolutely unambiguous. I had to leave the monastery and devote him fully to help the poor and lives among them. It was a commandment. It was clear and precise instructions: I was supposed to leave the walls of the convent to live among the poor. He told me cares about most needy in Calcutta – those who did not have anyone or anything, those who can not even go begging because they are naked, they do not even rags to cover the body. Those who fall in exhaustion on the streets, knowing that they die. Those who did not cry, because they have no more tears…. “. For two years she corresponded with Rome to get permission to become a nun freestyle. In August 1948, Mother Teresa, thirty-eight years old, dressed in the market bought a cheap sari, left the nursing convent, where she was well, which was her second home, where she was loved and appreciated. In my pocket it was five rupees and the intention to serve the poor and the sick. “Mr. Gomez! I have nothing to eat. Please give me something to eat. «Such notes so far kept by Alfred Gomez, who on the recommendation of the local priest sheltered nun Teresa. Staying with Mr. Gomez, Mother Teresa did not know what she should do next, how to serve the poorest of the poor. No further instructions “from above” has been received. Two years my sister Teresa was starving, sleeping just anywhere, asked for alms. But every minute she had tried to fulfill its duty of charity: encouraged prayer of the dying, washed the wounds of lepers, shared the last piece to hungry children. “In the most wretched people of Calcutta, I loved Jesus, but when you love, you feel no pain or difficulty. Moreover, from the very beginning I did not have time to be bored. “

For days she wandered about the streets, time, time made attempts to beg. Organized the “school” among the garbage heaps. She taught unwanted children wash their hands and write on the asphalt. She then did not know that his work marked the beginning of a system of orphanages in the Order of Mercy for the unwanted and unnecessary children – babies from garbage cans, small disabled, and orphans. She was pulling under any roof dying homeless and tried to ease their suffering. She did not know that it will take time, and the rumor of the blessed nun comes to the city authorities, who could not deny the millions of homeless people die on the street, and they were criticized by the newspaper. It will local officials and offered to demolish the dying in a huge semi-dark room, adjacent to the temple of the goddess Kali, which once contained the sacrificial animals. Thus was “Home for the dying” in Calcutta. By that time, is an interesting diary entry of Mother Teresa: “God! What kind of flour alone today “- in this case did not count on miracles. A miracle happened; she began to help Subhasisni Dash, Bengal, and pupil of Mother Teresa. Future Sister Agnes, the first novice, the first sister. It was followed by the same in 1949 to Mother Teresa were joined by 11 followers, mostly of its former pupils. You would not believe, but there have been, as it should for good beginnings, 12. The following year, 1950, the Order of Mercy was recognized by Rome.

Sisters of Mercy, who in addition to the traditional monastic vows of poverty, chastity, obedience, a vow to give more service to the poorest of the poor live in the same way as their clients: they have either refrigerators or washing machines; they are more than unpretentious in food, wash simple soap and water, travel only on public transport. Their property: a sari, sandals, umbrella in case of rain, a thin mattress. They are distinguished from the poorest of the poor, not just a small crucifix in his left shoulder. The life of these volunteers is difficult and monotonous. This endless love training with breaks for work. Work – means for them to clean, wash, washing, bandaging, exercise miracles of patience, endurance and lack of squeamishness, loathsome wounds of lepers Sisters of concern without gloves. Sometimes it must be under fire, as in Belfast or in Ethiopia. All this, of course, you can make, not yet a committed, the question is how to get yourself in this and other charge transfer joyful cheerfulness and love to man? Here it was important to be ready to work. This willingness to Mother Teresa are unmistakable – the smile of quiet joy, reflecting the mental composure and tranquility. Uncollected, restless and nervous you can not go to work. They were invited to pray for as long as the epiphany did not occur until he could see the wounds of the suffering Christ in all manifestations of human weakness and ugliness. “We are not social workers, we are not ambulance, and we are of the order of Christ’s love.” Training of love began at four in the morning with a prayer to St. Francis of Assisi.

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace;

Where there is hatred, let me sow love;

Where there is injury, pardon:

Where there is doubt, faith;

Where there is despair, hope

Where there is darkness, light

Where there is sadness, joy

O divine Master,

Grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console;

To be understood, as to understand;

To be loved, as to love;

For it is in giving that we receive,

It is in pardoning that we are pardoned,

And it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life.


This prayer begins a day, consisting again of many prayers. Mother Teresa knew only one effective remedy against adversity, doubt, disease – an appeal to God. She prescribed prayer times and from all diseases. Hand in hand with her sister’s mother worked in the mud and misery, 16 hours a day. One journalist, observing the work of Mother Teresa, said:

– How are you doing? I would for a million do not agree.

– And I would not have agreed. I do this not for money but for the sake of love.

The news of Mother Teresa has spread throughout India, and then throughout the world. In 1965, the mission of the Order of Mercy was opened in Venezuela, then in Ceylon. More and more nurses wear white sari with blue border and went to the slums. Strengths of this world began to seek the company of Mother Teresa. When she found the time, received visitors in his tiny room, where there was a simple wooden bench. On one side sat visitor – Yasser Arafat, George Bush, Fidel Castro, Princess Diana, Ronald Reagan – Ronald and Nancy, Deng Xiaoping, King of Norway Harold V, Prince Charles, Pope Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul II… – but on the other – Mother Teresa. The words that she uttered a deep sank into the souls of people

“Do not be afraid to love. Open heart and try to awaken in him a love. “

“This is the secret of goodness: first, it is weak, but omnipotent in the end. Evil, by contrast, is omnipotent at first, but diminishes with time.

“Love must lead to action. Result in the ministry.”

“As we express our love for God is the action?

Be loyal to your family, right, to do what God has entrusted to us. Whatever we were not – healthy or disabled, rich or poor, it is important not how much we have done, but how much love put into their business. We are doomed for life, sharing love with others. “

In Calcutta, millions of people are born, live and die on heaps of debris. And leave the life is literally under the feet of passers-by. Sisters of Charity, which Mother Teresa founded, was taken to the living remains of a “Home for the dying”, washed, fed, treated. And they once again before her death felt like human beings! In the house took all, even the most hopeless, from which the hospital refused. And then they kissed on the forehead Mother Teresa. Contrary to all notions of normal human disgust. This woman radiates light. To it from all sides stretched hands. Everyone wanted to touch her. She radiated love, great love, and love to everyone.

“I see Christ in every person. And because Christ is always one, for me at this particular moment is the one who stands in front of me”. So she said. And only the strong, happy, calm, they were ready for the daily battles for love. The enemy is putting on different masks. In India it was called “leprosy”. In U.S. it was called “AIDS”. In South Africa – “apartheid”. But for Mother Teresa it was a lack of love, lack of charity, unwillingness to work sincerely, selfishness, stupidity – the eternal human wickedness, which sent Jesus to Golgotha.

In India, it has proven that leprosy – this is not the curse of the Lord, but simply a disease and it can be cured if a timely tackles. She was persistently and consistently throws stones people and relatives, delete patients from memory. Instead leprosarium was built village, where the lepers lived families to complete recovery or death, and even allowed themselves to give birth to healthy children.

Its ability to produce a sensation would be the envy image makers politicians and movie stars. She arrived in New York in the 1985th, in the midst of hysteria in relation to the AIDS epidemic.

Visited the prison, where three died of infected offenders. She went to the reception to the mayor of New York. And the mayor, after a meeting with her, in twenty-four hours freed the dying. Christmas in the U.S. opened the first shelter for AIDS patients. She loved to present Christ to the birthday, expensive gifts. And while the townsfolk shaking with fear, and the priests were puzzled, what have the Christian charity towards those who committed the sin of Sodom! For that, and penalty!, «Gift of Love» – the so-called shelter for AIDS patients in New York received its first patients. And Mother Teresa told the people on TV that AIDS – a warning of the Lord, this is a sign. About what? On the upcoming end of the world? No, of course. It is a sign that we should, in the end, we open the heart and to love each other. And «Gift of Love», Mother Teresa, quietly turned into a gift from the townspeople their unfortunate brethren.

In 1979 Mother Teresa received the Nobel Peace Prize for what she “claims the world in the most important area, protecting the inviolability of human dignity”. Norwegian King begged his mother to buy socks for the occasion, as the climate Scandinavia does not have to wear shoes on their feet. In a white sari, the legends in the same, in which she left the convent, Mother Teresa was the honorable podium in the world and says that love and respect for every human life is a condition of universal peace. From the celebratory banquet Mother Teresa refused and thus saved $ 6000. The money she invested in the implementation of its mission.

Her detractors, of which the Mother Teresa was a lot, did not understand what she was given the prestigious award. “What has this exalted old for such a great cause of peace throughout the world? – Written in many newspapers. – It is simply a self-promoter and religious business. Mother Teresa replied to the charges, a small miracle: she managed to stop at the time of hostilities in Beirut and withdraw from the bombardment of 37 orphans, of which there was none, greater care.

She could have: to cook dinner for 7,000 people; not sleep many nights in a row, always smiling, go to the Iranian embassy and leave a note there Ayatollah to urgently call her to discuss the issue of hostages; forget medal winner of the Nobel Peace Prize somewhere wardrobe of the Royal Palace.

She claimed that nothing strengthens the spirit and opens the soul of refugees, as polished cesspool, of course, she was cleaning her repeatedly.

She talked with kings and paupers. And do not write speeches. She had to just pray, to know what to say.

She graced her life statue of the Virgin Mary and postcards with a bleeding heart of Christ, being treated for exhaustion and illnesses through prayer and fasting, she could call at night – every hour – and worthy of conversation, at Christmas, she sang the Christ “Happy birthday to you”.

Manifest Goodness of Mother Teresa

“By blood I am Albanian, by citizenship – an Indian, by religion – Catholic. But my vocation belongs to the whole world, but my heart belongs entirely to Christ”. By being an amazing tolerance and charity, Mother Teresa was trying to get where most needed her help. In the late 80’s she arrived in the earthquake devastated Armenia in the late 90’s – at war in Bosnia. His work she called “a drop in the sea”, but never detracts from the value of the good grain goodness. “We can not do great things, only “little” is done with great love. I believe in “little” business, it is in them our strength. “

The heart is not kept pace with his mistress: his mother suffered several heart attacks, but before the end of life every day got up at half past three and worked on a par with his sisters. The story of a touching miracle: the window cell, where they die Teresa, was a small dried tree. And after her death, the whole tree was covered with white as snow, and flowers. Funeral, Mother Teresa, showed all the major TV channels. The Government of India has it the same honors as his time to his father of the nation Gandhi. Millions of people around the world mourned the departure from the life of this holy woman. But Mother Teresa was not afraid of death; she hoped that the work of the Order will continue after her departure. And despite forecasts of skeptics and detractors, her hopes were justified. At present, the Order of Mother Teresa’s missionary is 600 points in 127 countries worldwide. They employ more than three hundred thousand followers, and the nuns of the Order, and every year it comes more and more novice.

Commandments of Mother Teresa.

1. People are unreasonable, illogical and selfish – still forgive them.

2. If you have shown kindness, and people accuse you of secret personal motive – will still be kindness.

3. If you’ve had great success, then you may see a lot of false friend’s Real enemy – still succeed.

4. If you are honest and frank, people will deceive you – still be honest and frank.

5. The fact that you have built over the years, can be destroyed overnight – still continue to build.

6. If you have found the serene happiness, then you will be jealous – Be happy anyway.

7. Now you’ve done good work, people will have forgotten tomorrow – do well anyway.

8. Share with people the best of what you have, and they will never be enough – they continue to share with them the best. In the end you will see that it was all between God and you, and it never was between you and them.

9. It does not matter who said what about you – take it all with a smile and continue to do their job.

Storyline A shy girl likes a boy, but she doesn’t know how to tell him. She practices what she will say, and even trie writing him a letter. Nothing seems to work. In the end it turns out she didn’t have to do anything to win him over. This took a couple hours to film, and about 2 hours to edit. I loved making this video.(: I am verrry happy with the way it turned out. I know this song isn’t the most popular, but as soon as I heard it I came up with a great idea and storyline.

Letters: Jindal denies La. poor health coverage
warreni , exactly , either way we will be paying for it . pardon my lack of compassion , but if a person at my advanced age can continue to be a wage earner , be a positive contributor to society why am I required to support individuals one half , one …
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Gerrit Smith to President Grant: Peterboro, November 4th, 1868. President Grant Honored and Dear Sir, Pardon the letter … [text

Gerrit Smith to President Grant: Peterboro, November 4th, 1868. President Grant Honored and Dear Sir, Pardon the letter ... [text

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I was bored, and I love this song! Here are the lyrics if you want to sing along: No is no No is always no If they say no, it means a thousand times no No plus no equals no All nos lead to no no no Finger pointing, eyebrows low Mouth in the shape of the letter O Pardon me — No! Excuse me — No! May I stay? Can I go? No, no, no Do this — No! Don’t do that — No! Sit, stay, roll over No, no, no Finger pointing, eyebrows low Mouth in the shape of the letter O Red means stop. Do not go. No, no, no Enjoy!!! (This is my first video ever, so I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t be rude in the comments)
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An American Legend Dies ~ Winchester’s Demise

Article by bob williams

On March 31, 2006, with little or no notice, an American Legend died and a giant piece of Americana quietly light into the dustbin of history. On that day, U.S. Repeating Arms Co., maker of Winchester Rifles closed their New Haven, Connecticut plant for good, ending the lifetime of a product so closely intertwined within the progress and historical past of our country that the two are almost inseparable. This involvement started in 1857 when Oliver Winchester acquired and restructured the failing Volcanic Repeating Firearms Co., subsequently altering the title to Winchester. During a large a part of their 149 12 months existence, the identify Winchester was synonymous with rifles, especially the lever action rifle, which started with the Henry Rifle, a lever action rifle that fired a metallic cased cartridge and held sixteen rounds. It began appearing within the hands of Union Soldiers in 1862 and was quickly cursed by Confederate Troops as “that rattling Yankee rifle they load on Sunday and shoot all week.”

Subsequent got here the 1866 model, dubbed “Yellow Boy” by the Indians due to its vibrant brass body, protected the pioneers on their trek during the Westward Migration after the Civil War. The Yellow Boy was followed by the Mannequin 1873 often known as “The Gun That Received The West” and was discovered over the fireplaces of settlers cabins and in the teepees of some Indians. It rode within the saddle scabbards of cowboys and armed lawmen and outlaws alike.

The fruits of all of this was the introduction of the model 1894, destined to be one of many few firearms to be in steady production for over one hundred years and the very best selling heart hearth rifle Winchester ever made. More deer have been taken with the Winchester 1894 Rifle than some other rifle made.

As well as, Winchester made the Model 70 bolt-motion rifle that became referred to as “the Rifleman’s Rifle”. Present in searching camps the world over, it has taken each species of game animal on the planet. Winchester additionally worked 24/7 producing rifles for our Doughboys in World Struggle I and for his or her sons, the GI’s of World War II.

Please pardon my nostalgia, nevertheless it saddens me to assume my grandsons and other boys won’t ever know the fun of opening a long slender box and discovering their first rifle therein with Winchester stamped on the barrel, as this writer did on his fifteenth birthday.

Thanks Winchester, not only for the reminiscences, but also for enjoying such an necessary and integral half on this Nation’s history. You will be sadly missed.

If you would like additional information concerning 9mm silencer, visit Jefferey F. Mcgaughey’s web page directly.

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Hollywood legend and political

Article by john capility

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stagger declaration that he was seeking the California Governorship brought to mind the many period Hollywood facts have been involved in politics. Here are various associated anecdotes:

Once actors first came to Hollywood there were signs put up in front of hotels and apartments that thought no dogs or actors permitted, with the performers repentantly complaining all but not getting top billing. The anxiety of the profession has approach through in opinionated campaigns. When Ronald Reagan successfully ran for ruler of California in 1966 one of the unrewarding tactics used by his opposition was a television mercantile featuring Gene Kelley stating,” In films I played a gambler, a baseball player and I may possibly play a Governor but you wouldn’t really like an actor to really be a ruler would you?”

Ronald Reagan at one period was such a Liberal Democrat he drove friends to disruption with his views. One day in the thirties he was driving a buddy home from work, yammering on about President Roosevelt’s New Deal policies. Reagan who was near sighted and an erratic driver at most excellent, seemed unaware to road conditions. “Ronnie, watch out for that truck!” the buddy yelled. Missing an accident by a hair, Reagan continued,” Truck drivers, that’s who the New Deal will help!”

Like former President Reagan, Walt Disney claimed to be a Roosevelt New Dealer until a nasty worker’s run into at his studio made him take a fine turn. Although he campaigned broadly for Republican candidates the cartoon maker kept friendly relations with the other piece. Walt loved giving private tours of Disneyland, and enjoyed having former president Harry Truman as his guest, even when his fellow Missourian turned down a ride on Dumbo: Too much Republican symbolism.

Another mogul, Louis B. Mayer the founder of MGM was a staunch Republican his entire life. Mayer never quite got over Franklin Roosevelt beating his good friend Herbert Hoover but accepted an invitation to meet the Democratic President at the White building in 1933. Immediately upon arriving in the Oval Office Mayer surprised Roosevelt by pulling a clock from underneath his coat and placing it on the President’s desk. “What’s that for, Mr. Mayer?” “Pardon me Mr. President. I heard you have the ability to have a man in your hip pocket after 18 minutes.” Brandishing his long cigarette holder Roosevelt threw his head back and laughed, then began chatting with the film executive. He was startled when after seventeen minutes the mogul got up, grabbed the clock and left the room.

Another difficult encounter for the Roosevelt administration was with Shirley Temple. Hoping to get people’s mind off the Great Depression the President was nonstop in praise of the moppet’s movies saying that Americans should forget about their problems by paying fifteen cents to see “the smile of a little girl”. Both Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt were so enamored they invited little Shirley and her parents to visit them at their private estate in Hyde Park, New York. In the limo Shirley received mixed messages from her Conservative parents. On the one hand they were thrilled to meet the President and his wife, but they also hated their Big Government policies. Upon their arrival Mrs. Roosevelt graciously asked Shirley if she would like something fixed on the barbecue. “Oh that would be wonderful,” replied the child star. As Eleanor walked out back, the mischievous Shirley took out a slingshot, checked to make sure nobody was looking at what she was doing, and nailed the First Lady in the rear. The Secret Service came running at the sound of her shout, looked around the property for possible intruders but never thought about searching the angelic little movie star, who had skillfully hidden her weapon. Dinner passed pleasantly and the Temples returned to their hotel. Only then did Gertrude Temple tell her daughter that she had seen her naughtiness, and Shirley got walloped.

Many Hollywood facts wish to have others talk for them. When Marlon Brando won the conservatory Award for The Godfather (1972) he shocked the homeland by sending a Native American named Sacheen Littlefeather in his place, She used the international platform of winning the Oscar to blast the USA’s conduct of her people( it turned out she was actually an imposter, she was actually a professional actress named Maria Cruz). There were many calls from the media for Brando to come out and state his views himself, but the reclusive star refused. One rumor had Brando sitting alone in his hilltop house watching John Wayne movies backwards so the Indians would win.

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Al Mansur and Literature Legend: Ibn Al Mukaffa

In the same tradition as the “One Man Army” videos for GTA4. I put this together to show how I got the Friends In High Places achievement (which is basically Red Dead Redemption’s answer to One Man Army). So over the next couple of videos I’ll show a good way on how to get it. Bring plenty of health and ammo, also obviously access to the full map is helpful too. You should have at least one Pardon Letter by this point in the game (you get a few throughout the game).
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pardon letter
by lisby1

Hasan A. Yahya, a writer from Palestine

Involvement in politics from literary legends in the Arabic history of literature, is an interesting one. In this article, a story of a legend paid his life for a message he wrote. Ibn Al Mukaffa, the translator of the book “Kalilah and Dimnah” from Pehlevi into Arabic, was one of the most learned men during the reign of Al Mansur, but suspected of Zendikism, or free-thinking. Al Mansur is reported to have said: “I never found a book on Zendikism which did not owe its origin to Ibn Al Mukaffa.” The latter used to be a thorn in the side of Sofyan, the governor of Basra. As Sofyan had a large nose, Ibn Al Mukaffa used to say to him when he visited him: “How are you both?” meaning him and his nose. Sofyan once said: “I had never reason to repent keeping silence.” And Ibn Al Mukaffa replied: “Dumbness becomes you; why should you repent of it?” These gibes rankled in Sofyan’s mind, and ere long he had an opportunity of glutting his vengeance on Ibn Al Mukaffa.

Abdallah, the uncle of Al Mansur, had revolted against his nephew, and aspired to the Caliphate; but being defeated by Abu Muslim, who had been sent against him at the head of an army, he took to flight, and dreading the vengeance of Al Mansur, lay concealed at the house of his brothers, Sulaiman and Isa. These two then interceded for him with the Caliph, who consented to forgive what had passed; and it was decided that a letter of pardon should be granted by Al Mansur.

On coming to Basra the two brothers told Ibn Al Mukaffa, who was secretary to Isa, to draw up the letter of pardon, and to word it in the strongest terms, so as to leave no pretext to Al Mansur for making an attempt against Abdallah’s life. Ibn Al Mukaffa obeyed their directions, and drew up the letter in the most binding terms, inserting in it, among others, the following clause: “And if at any time the Commander of the Faithful act perfidiously toward his uncle, Abdallah Ibn ali, his wives shall be divorced from him, his horses shall be confiscated for the service of God in war, his slaves shall become free, and the Moslems loosed from their allegiance to him.” The other conditions of the deed were expressed in a manner equally strict. Al Mansur, having read the paper, was highly displeased, and asked who wrote it. On being informed that it was Ibn Al Mukaffa, his brother’s secretary, he sent a letter to Sofyan, the governor of Basra, ordering him to put Ibn Al Mukaffa to death. Sofyan was already filled with rancor against Ibn Al Mukaffa, for the reasons mentioned above. He summoned him, and, when he appeared, reminded him of his gibes. “Emir!” exclaimed Ibn Al Mukaffa, “I implore you in the name of God to spare my life.” “May my mother be disgraced,” replied Sofyan, “if I do not kill thee in a manner such as none was ever killed in before.” On this he ordered an oven to be heated, and the limbs of Ibn Al Mukaffa to be cut off, joint by joint; these he cast into the oven before his eyes, and he then threw him in bodily, and closed the oven on him, saying; “It is not a crime in me to punish you thus, for you are a Zindik (free-thinker) who corrupted the people.”

Salaiman and Isa, having made inquiries about their secretary, were informed that he had

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