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How to Look Up Criminal Records on Any Person and Get Results Back Immediately and Accurately

Every US resident has the right to view any person’s public records. This is thanks to the Freedom of Information Act, passed by the US congress. This act made available any and all public information, including arrest records. This article will briefly cover how to look up criminal records.

Passed in the 1960s, the Freedom of Information Act made available public data to be viewed by the general public. Among these records were the records of every US citizen. The act was made into law as a way to keep the public safe. Obtaining your desired information from the government source can be a hard process, though, as it takes an exact proper request and distended waits. However in recent years private business firms have collected individuals’ public records into easily-searched electronic databases which are available online. For a small fee, access to these databases online provide instant, accurate records.

Looking up criminal records on the internet can be a God send. A good buddy of mine began dating a woman he had met online, and we both had a nasty feeling about her. I think some folks know the feeling, I regret to say. So we threw some cash together and did a background search on her online, and when the results immediately flashed on the screen, we were a bit surprised – turned out my friend was seeing a con artist! My buddy was probably going to be her next helpless victim!

Take advantage of your right to keep yourself safe by reviewing the background of any person you have any doubts about.

If you’re hoping to lookup criminal records [] on someone, then please click here right now []!

Thank you for reading!

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Question by Jawn Doe: How much of a problem would having a criminal record for graffiti be when it comes to getting a job?
I need to figure out how much of a problem a criminal record for graffiti would be in getting a job, specifically in Philadelphia, PA (anywhere really.) Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by producer_vortex
Not much.

Add your own answer in the comments!
Lawmaker wants path to clear record for those not convicted
Law enforcement agencies, he said, do have a use for complete criminal records that include the disposition of each case. Police can use that information to establish patterns of behavior, he said. But they know the difference between an arrest and a …
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A Look on How to Obtain Criminal Records Online

When looking for criminal records online, there are a lot of reasons and purposes behind this particular activity and this can be helpful in many ways depending on the results obtained during the search. There are several ways which an individual can opt to choose when looking for these records and these include going online with the help of criminal records search service providers or physically search records through a multitude of possible records repositories from different jurisdictions.

As we enter into the era of technological advancement, almost all information can be obtained with the help of the internet and this includes criminal records compiled by different law enforcement agencies and third party entities. There are plenty of websites offering services on records search and most of them are private third party websites with the purpose of providing the public with a source where they can obtain up to date and accurate information with regards to the records they are looking for. Although it has to be understood that most of these websites are subscription based and those that offer free services are seldom guaranteed to come up with correct information and most of the time, what they offer to the public are obsolete records meaning that it was never updated ever since it was uploaded in their online databanks.

When conducting a criminal records search online, you have to understand that there two major providers of these particular records. The first are criminal records search service providers offering free record lookups in their online database. While this could be helpful sometimes since you are not required to pay anything when searching for a particular record, what you have to understand is that most often, these records are seldom updated and there are chances that once they have uploaded records obtained from other sources, it is never cross checked to other existing sources to find out whether there are some missing information that must be included in that record. There are also some states that do not have centralized online records repositories so chances are, criminal records from these particular jurisdictions will never be included in their database unless they perform a physical search on that particular state which seldom happens in the first place because of their dependence to what they can conveniently obtain from online sources.

Another way of conducting a records lookup is through subscription from criminal records search service providers which offers a more physical and productive approach when it comes to looking for criminal records. They have their own methods of compiling and researching for any existing records from different counties and states which can result to more comprehensive and detailed database for criminal records and other records that are publicly accessible. This offers a more convenient way of performing a personal records lookup where you know you can actually obtain positive results with more accurate and reliable information. For an initial amount of nominal subscription fee, you will be able to have access on thousands of criminal records from different jurisdictions without leaving the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Meta Description

This article defines the difference between free and subscription based online criminal records search service providers. It also allows the readers to understand why it is more practical to use the services offered by websites requiring membership before being given access to different types of records.

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Question by 2tired2rgue: When doing a criminal background check, is it state specific or national?
There are a lot of on-line services that do criminal background checks – what I am not certain of is do they check all states at once or just the one that the individual lives in?

Best answer:

Answer by Anne C
I’m a therapist with children, I have to get one every year. Mine is only good in the state I live in. I’m not sure how well states communicate.

What do you think? Answer below!
Attorney general files criminal charges in police overtime case
The police force, called the Office of Protective Services, patrols and investigates criminal activity at five board-and-care institutions that house about 1,800 patients with cerebral palsy and profound intellectual disabilities in Los Angeles, Orange …
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Look Up Criminal Records – The Truth About Background Checks

A background check is a simple process whereby you request details of someone’s past, in particular whether they have a criminal record. This process used to be erroneous and time consuming, however, with the advent of the internet, checking criminal records has become a much easier and faster process. In fact, looking up criminal records has become pretty much instantaneous.

A criminal background check will obtain results by searching multiple databases which attempts to locate any potential local, state and federal criminal records, including nationwide arrest records.

Performing a criminal background check is essential for those who need to have a full profile of the people they are dealing with, especially in the following circumstances:

Charitable donations – it is advisable to perform a criminal background check prior to donating money, in particular to less well known organisations or persons. This should ensure you’re not dealing with a con artist or someone with a lengthy arrest record, and should increase the chance that your donation goes to the intended cause.
Online dating – when meeting someone for the first time after chatting online, it is advisable to ensure they have no arrest record. Such a check should ensure your safety. Equally, when being set up with someone (in the offline world), ensure you obtain some basic details on them, look up their criminal records to ensure they have no criminal history.
Hiring a babysitter or nanny – it is absolutely essential that a criminal background check is performed when hiring someone that will be in charge of your child’s safety. You would normally expect the agency to have performed such a background check, but it is recommended that you perform an online criminal background check yourself in addition to any other assurances you receive.
New neighbours – when someone new moves into the apartment or house next door, it is always good to know as much as possible about them, especially if you have small children. While some may see this as overly cautious, don’t get caught by saying “what if”.
New business partner – when working with someone, it is always good to have a full history of that person, unless you can obtain some great references. There are too many con man out there, so don’t get caught out!
New employee – if you’re a small business owner, it is essential that you search that persons records to ensure you’re not dealing with a violent criminal. This will reduce the risk of being involved in drawn out lawsuits if something goes wrong.

However, deciding on performing a criminal background check on those around you is only the beginning. It is important that you choose the right service. There are many competing websites claiming they are the best. Therefore some homework is required to ensure you’re using a good service.

Background checks can vary in respect of how far they go back in time. The further back it goes, the better, as you’re more likely to find a criminal record if there is one. Moreover, it is important that the service you choose has a proven and effective system to accurately check someone’s history. A good value service should provide you with a printable document at the end of the search containing all the information you require.

Moreover, when deciding on a background check service, it may be worth looking at how long they have been established. Also, reading a few testimonials should give you a flavour of whether customers are satisfied with the service – most reputable services will have testimonials on their website which you can read.

For my recommendation on which service to use, go to

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Question by : If I want to work for the USCIS(US Customs and Immigration Services),What should i major in? Criminal Justice?
Would earning a Criminal Justice Degree be a good choice? i need help thanks! 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by Uncle

Give your answer to this question below!
Pot operation busted in Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest
In addition to the Division of Criminal Investigation, the DNR and the Forest Service, the investigation involved the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission, Wisconsin National Guard, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Border …
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  • Ages 8 and up
  • Playing time 20-60 minutes
  • 2 to 6 players

This comical crime game is perfect for showing off your memory skills. Travel the game board and stop at each of six crime scenes to take a five-second eyewitness look at the suspect. Study the picture, because when you head back to the police station for a lineup, you’ll face a challenging string of look-alike suspects. Kids who can analyze, differentiate and remember the smallest details will come out ahead. But there’s a glitch in the system a Lucky Break could trip up even the most solid ID.

List Price: $ 24.99

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Alexander Valterovich Litvinenko (Russian: Алекса́ндр Ва́льтерович Литвине́нко) (30 August 1962 23 November 2006) was a former officer of the Russian State security service (FSB), and later a Russian dissident and writer. Litvinenko worked in the Military Counter Intelligence. He was promoted to the Central Staff, and specialised in counter-terrorism and infiltration of organised crime. Six years later, he was promoted to senior operational officer and deputy head of the Seventh Section of the FSB. In November 1998, Litvinenko publicly accused his superiors of ordering the assassination of Russian tycoon and oligarch, Boris Berezovsky. Litvinenko was arrested the following March on charges of exceeding his authority at work. He was acquitted in November 1999 but re-arrested before the charges were again dismissed in 2000. A third criminal case began but he fled the country to the United Kingdom with his wife, where he was granted political asylum. During his time in London Litvinenko authored two books, “Blowing up Russia: Terror from within” and “Lubyanka Criminal Group,” where he accused Russian secret services of staging Russian apartment bombings and other terrorism acts to bring Vladimir Putin to power. He also accused Vladimir Putin of ordering the murder of Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya. On 1 November 2006, Litvinenko suddenly fell ill and was hospitalized. He died three weeks later from lethal poisoning by radioactive polonium-210, an incident that is
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Pardon? A Look At Terminology for Buying Paper

assured pardons
by lisby1

Following on from my pencil adventures (don’t know how I stand the excitement) I’ve been searching for the perfect paper to use them on. I must admit, up until this point I’d largely just picked up whatever appealed and played with it, but now I’ve got to produce a series of images for a single client it suddenly became a serious issue.

As these images will be reproduced for printing, I needed paper that would provide a clean, crisp image. That shouldn’t be too difficult, surely- paper is generally white and flat. Isn’t it?

I narrowed it down to hot press paper (I always use watercolor paper, even for drawing ) – that has a smoother surface, which I need to get in the detail. Further reviews ruled out papers that were too creamy and would look dark when photographed. I was feeling quite smug and organized until I tried to narrow it down further to find one that wasn’t sized with gelatin (I’m vegetarian). Sizing incidentally affects how much water the paper absorbs, in case you’d not got that far yet.

After about four hours I found one site that offered thorough reviews and product info on a whole pile of watercolor paper – this will make things simple thinks I…

“The Rattle has a slight warble”. Eh? “It as a soft tooth from the blanket”. Sorry, what???

Now, I know all these things have got to be called something, but what’s wrong with words like ‘texture’ all of a sudden? Not only was I starting to wonder if I should also use a secret knock next time I went to get paper, poor Rich was developing a twitch just listening.

Before any prospective painters run screaming from the room, help is at hand. I’ve had to include the link here as this glossary of terms is several pages long, but it is in alphabetical order.

It’s no wonder so many people buy a box of paints and a pad to try this out, then never get any further. So many of the products in art stores don’t come with any kind of explanation or instruction- something I will endeavor to clear up in a later post. In the meantime, rest assured that you’re not the only one starting to feel like they’re in a Bill Bailey routine, when all you wanted was something white and flat to draw on…

Karen (the one without the beard)

Karen Ruffles is a valued member of Total Art Soul and we love her humorous views on life. You can view more of her work here

Cathy Savels works as a full-time artist and is the co-creator of an arts and crafts website which is free to join.

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Osaka Papa's Japan Vlog #2A: Reflecting on everything after 1 week in Japan

I was really busy during my initial time here, so it took me a while to really sit down and collect my thoughts and talk about everything that has happened. But rest assured, I had a lot to talk about, since this baby is a three parter :3 Please pardon my appearance, it was late and I was tired :p
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Question by Wooderson: Bush pardon of Libby? Justified?
Article II of the Constitution gives the president broad and unreviewable power to grant “Reprieves and Pardons” for all offenses against the United States. The Supreme Court has ruled that the pardon power is granted “[t]o the [president] . . ., and it is granted without limit” (United States v. Klein). Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes declared that “[a] pardon . . . is . . . the determination of the ultimate authority that the public welfare will be better served by [the pardon] . . .” (Biddle v. Perovich). A president may conclude a pardon or commutation is warranted for several reasons: the desire to restore full citizenship rights, including voting, to people who have served their sentences and lived within the law since; a belief that a sentence was excessive or unjust; personal circumstances that warrant compassion; or other unique circumstances.

The exercise of executive clemency is inherently controversial. The reason the framers of our Constitution vested this broad power in the Executive Branch was to assure that the president would have the freedom to do what he deemed to be the right thing, regardless of how unpopular a decision might be. Some of the uses of the power have been extremely controversial, such as President Washington’s pardons of leaders of the Whiskey Rebellion, President Harding’s commutation of the sentence of Eugene Debs, President Nixon’s commutation of the sentence of James Hoffa, President Ford’s pardon of former President Nixon, President Carter’s pardon of Vietnam War draft resisters, and President Bush’s 1992 pardon of six Iran-contra defendants, including former Defense Secretary Weinberger, which assured the end of that investigation.
It seems to me that if the President thinks the sentence was excessive, then so be it. His power is unlimited in this regard. Yes? No? Maybe?
Jared G — Funny… my “reasoning” was from an article written by Bill Clinton.

That’s the “reasoning” from the 6 year old mentality you mentioned……. lol.


Best answer:

Answer by K D
You also forgot Bill Clintons pardon of
On August 11, 1999, Clinton commuted the sentences of 16 members of FALN, a violent Puerto Rican nationalist group that set off 120 bombs in the United States mostly in New York City and Chicago, convicted for conspiracies to commit robbery, bomb-making, and sedition, as well as for firearms and explosives violations.[3] None of the 16 were convicted of bombings or any crime which injured another person, though they were sentenced with terms ranging from 35 to 105 years in prison for the conviction of conspiracy and sedition. Congress, however, recognizes that the FALN is responsible for “6 deaths and the permanent maiming of dozens of others, including law enforcement officials.” The U.S. House Committee on Government Reform held an investigation on the matter, but the Justice Department prevented FBI officials from testifying.[8] President Clinton cited executive privilege for his refusal to turn over some documents to Congress related to his decision to offer clemency to members of the FALN terrorist group.

In March 2000, Bill Clinton pardoned Edgar and Vonna Jo Gregory, owners of the carnival company United Shows International, for charges of bank fraud from a 1982 conviction (the couple were already out of jail, but the prior conviction prevented them from doing business transactions in certain states). First Lady Hillary Clinton’s youngest brother, Tony Rodham, was an acquaintance of the Gregorys, and had lobbied Clinton on their behalf.[9] In October 2006, the group Judicial Watch filed a request with the U.S. Justice Department for an investigation, alleging that Rodham had received $ 107,000 from the Gregorys for the pardons, in the form of loans that were never repaid, as part of a quid pro quo scheme.[10]

Plus 140 other pardons, including:

Carlos A. Vignali had his sentence for cocaine trafficking commuted, after serving 6 of 15 years in federal prison.
Almon Glenn Braswell was pardoned of his mail fraud and perjury convictions, even while a federal investigation was underway regarding additional money laundering and tax evasion charges.[12] Braswell and Carlos Vignali each paid approximately $ 200,000 to Hillary Clinton’s brother, Hugh Rodham, to represent their respective cases for clemency. Hugh Rodham returned the payments after they were disclosed to the public. Braswell would later invoke the Fifth Amendment at a Senate Committee hearing in 2001, when questioned about allegations of his having systematically defrauded senior citizens of millions of dollars.[13]
Marc Rich, a fugitive, was pardoned of tax evasion, after clemency pleas from Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak, among many other international luminaries. Denise Rich, Marc’s former wife, was a close friend of the Clintons and had made substantial donations to both Clinton’s library and Hillary’s Senate campaign. Clinton agreed to a pardon that required Marc Rich to pay a $ 100,000,000 fine before he could return to the United States. According to Paul Volcker’s independent investigation of Iraqi Oil-for-Food kickback schemes, Marc Rich was a middleman for several suspect Iraqi oil deals involving over 4 million barrels of oil.[14]
Susan McDougal, who had already completed her sentence, was pardoned for her role in the Whitewater scandal; McDougal had served 18 months on contempt charges for refusing to testify about Clinton’s role.
Dan Rostenkowski, a former Democratic Congressman convicted in the Congressional Post Office Scandal. Rostenkowski had served his entire sentence.
Melvin J. Reynolds, a Democratic Congressman from Illinois, who was convicted of bank fraud, 12 counts of sexual assault, obstruction of justice, and solicitation of child pornography had his sentence commuted on the bank fraud charged and was allowed to serve the final months under the auspices of a half way house. He had served his entire sentence on child sex abuse charges before the commutation of the later convictions.
Roger Clinton, the president’s half-brother, on drug charges after having served the entire sentence more than a decade before. Roger Clinton would be charged with drunk driving and disorderly conduct in an unrelated incident within a year of the pardon.[15] He was also briefly alleged to have been utilized in lobbying for the Braswell pardon, among others.

Add your own answer in the comments!
Akhilesh Yadav assures Muslims of implementing Rangnath, Sachar reports
LUCKNOW: With 2014 Lok Sabha in mind, Uttar Pradesh chief minister Akhilesh Yadav on Saturday announced sops for Muslims and assured that the Samajwadi Party government will fulfill all its promise made in the election manifesto to implement the …
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♬ (HD) Christian Contemporary ~ We Fall Down ~ Sung by Chris Tomlin ~ No copy infraction intended on my videos. (The lyrics are incorporated into the video) Please join me, so many are experiencing hard times, I pray this brings you comfort. May He support us all the day long, till the shades lengthen as the evening comes and the busy world is hushed. † Pray with me: Heavenly Father, I pray for my friends, for my family, for all who are in need. May Your strength shine down upon us, may it help to see us through. When life seems to throw us a curve, when we are troubled, upset and unnerved I pray for Your wisdom to carry us through. There is never a good time for sorrow or the pain of uncertainty that comes with tomorrow. But we are assured that You will not forsake us, this You promised in Your Holy Word. I pray for our Savior to carry us through, when times are simple and when times are hardest. I thank You for hearing my prayer; I thank You for Jesus who showed us He cared. Make us an instrument of Your will. Where there is hatred let us sow love; where there is injury, help us to pardon; where there is doubt, let us spread Your faith; where there is despair, help us to show Your Light; where there is sadness, help us to bring joy. We ask all this in Your Name, Amen.
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Look Up Felony Arrest Records and Find Out If Someone is a Convicted Felon

There may be a possibility that you have recently shifted to a new locality; or someone has recently come to your neighborhood. A natural question will rise in your mind “how to find out if someone is a felon or even a sex offender” in your locality. In some states and their counties, usually a database of convicted felons and sex offenders is maintained so as to help the public know about such criminal offenders.

To help you solve your problem of “how to find out if someone has a felony arrest record”, you can search the federal bureau of prisons (, if you don’t find any information online. Here you will be able to get the list of convicted felons in your locality. Since such list of convicted felons is normally of confidential nature, you need to have permission or authority to obtain it, and there should be a valid reason to obtain this list. In fact, the state protects the convicted felons from being discriminated in the society once they are out of prison.

On your search to find out if someone has a felony arrest record you just need to provide the name of the individual and some personal details; thereafter, you may be able to determine if he or she is a convicted felon. You can do this search either online or office-based. The other method is to check the local sex offender databases that are usually found on the local television station’s website or newspaper.

Felony Arrest Records Search
Find Sex Offenders – You can easily do a search to find all local felons in your area and lookup sex offenders in your town too. You can find criminal offenders and locate where they live within a click of a mouse.

Article Source:

Question by : Who can see my records if I get a felony DUI conviction reduced to a misdemeanor and then have it expunged?
Where I work is being re-licensed by the state and they are fingerprinting the employees and running background checks. If I am successful in court, will they see the misdemeanor or the felony when the background check is run or because it is expunged, just see the arrest?? I am ont exactly clear on any of this.

Best answer:

Answer by lestermount
It is impossible to have a DUI expunged.
Even if it was a misdemeanor.
When your record is expunged it is not visible to anyone other than a government inquiry.
If the request is by a private company the record should not show up.

Add your own answer in the comments!
Ethnic Koreans with criminal records sneak back into Korea
Ethnic Koreans with criminal records sneak back into Korea … with 800 Chinese criminals who deported from Korea for felony and murder from 2003 to last year.
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Inteligator – Online Investigations
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Inteligator – Online Investigations

Expunging Records The question is can a record be expunged once convicted? Attorney Holly Hogue said it can both misdemeanors and felonies if you are actually convicted for the crime there are very limited circumstances under which you can get it expunged. If it was dismissed, if you entered into some kind of pretrial diversion program or even a conditional discharge type of arrangement where expungement was discussed as part of the disposition (ie: once you complete whatever then you are eligible for expungement) . If you don’t do that and you are convicted either by pleading guilty or by being convicted by a jury or a judge then it is on your record and it does stay on there for life. Macon Georgia Crime and Punishment Crime and Punishment, Expunging Records Reynolds, Horne & Survant 6320 Peake Road Macon, GA 31210-6610 1-800- 537-3238 *This video and the content contained are for informational purposes only.*

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