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Lower Body Makeovers: Why Pay For a Better-Looking Lower Body With Your Life?

Article by Adrienne Collier

According to CNN and the San Francisco Chronicle, a 38-year-old mother of 7-year-old twins died after undergoing enhancement surgery on her lower body. Absolutely terrible — shocking, even. But what gives the death a particularly chilling effect is that the woman, Solange Magnano, was crowned Miss Argentina in 1994 and went on to found a modeling agency!

This isn’t going to be a knock against plastic surgery, nor speculation about the prospect of a malpractice suit. The “beauty clinic” — not a formal hosptial — involved stated that the procedure, a gluteoplasty, has been done for 20 years resulting in only about a dozen other fatalities. And for now, Magnano’s family defines the death as no more than a tragedy. No — there’s something much more important to be concerned about.

Clad in large dark sunglasses, the woman who accompanied Magnano to her fateful appointment told the media, “She would tell me, ‘I want a big behind.’ She was very tall, really beautiful, and she’d say, ‘I need more behind.’ But of course, we never thought it would end like this.”

The idea of someone with Magnano’s track record seeing herself as less than perfect is downright bizarre: such insecurities are supposed to be the domain of us non-hourglass-figured types. As girls, we’re handed Barbie dolls that would have 20-inch waists if human-sized. As teenagers, we put anorexia, obesity and other eating disorders on the map. As young adults, we prefer gulping down diet pills to exercising regularly. And when we get to be Magnano’s age, men start trading us in for younger models — if you’ll pardon the expression.

Maybe this wouldn’t have happened if Magnano had worked at something other than working with fashion models. It had been seven years since she’d given birth, and she was preparing to appear in a runway show, so how bad COULD she have looked? Maybe her increasingly youthful client list was making her feel old–did she feel a need to show that she could still “compete” with them? Most likely, though, she was probably just in too much of a hurry.

Think of the time and money Magnano could have saved by investing in a personal trainer who could have helped tone up her lower body. Which brings us to something another friend of hers said: “A woman who had everything lost her life to have a slightly firmer behind.” When all that is really required is a little time each day, a little motivation and a lower body makeover program — WHY?

About the Author

You don’t have to pay for a better-looking lower body with your life — for instance, there’s a home-based leg, butt, hip and thigh makeover program that costs just forty dollars. You can find out more about it http://www.rocktivity.com/lower-body-makeover.

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