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How to Apply Make-up

Every woman wants to look beautiful. But of course, none of us have perfect features. This is where make up comes into play.

Make up, if applied properly, can hide flaws and enhance your best features. All you need to have are the right make up tools and some skills which can be acquired with the right guidance and practice.

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Beauty Tips in Urdu

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As a first step, you should always apply a base for your make up.

Start by applying concealer on dark spots, circles and scars. Cream concealers work best since they blend into the skin.

The concealer should be a shade lighter than your original skin tone. After this apply a thin layer of foundation with a make-up sponge. The foundation should be a shade darker than your original skin tone. To ensure even application, it would be best to moisten the sponge with water.

Remember that the aim of make-up is to further beautify your appearance and it is certainly not to make you look made up. Hence, do not get overzealous with the application of foundation and concealer. You should keep it as natural looking as possible.

After this apply eye shadow to your eyelids.

Apply another lighter color to the crease of your eyes and then the lightest color to the portion below your eye brows. After this, apply a thin line of eyeliner and then gently smudge it with a smudging brush to make it look as soft as possible. Thereafter, curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler and apply 2-3 coats of mascara.

Now, take some cream blush and apply it on the apples of your cheeks. To see the apples of your cheeks clearly, smile to yourself in a mirror. Apply the blush only to the upper part starting from the corners of the nose. Also, apply a dab of blush to the tip of your chin and the middle of your forehead. It is very important to blend it well.

Coming to the lips, start by highlighting the corners with a lip liner. The lip liner should be close to the natural color of your lips but a little darker than it. After this apply a light coat of a lipstick. Press a tissue against your lips to bring out the excess color and then as a final step apply a coat of your favorite lip gloss.

Step out gorgeous!!

Cherry Cola- brown and maroon makeup tutorial

follow me: @LuckyCharmed7 on twitter! 🙂 For some reason it won’t let me annotate so pardon the bags under my eyes! I obviously need some sleep! We will work on that this weekend LOL.
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Question by derk_39339: How do I apply For a pardon in Mississippi?

Best answer:

Answer by Katherine Richey
Call the courthouse and ask or look it up on the State prisoners rights site.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
Burundi president pardons 'several thousand' prisoners
The pardon does not however apply to prisoners serving time for armed robbery, illegal possession of firearms, threatening state security, war crimes, crimes against humanity or rape. Nyamitwe said the pardon would take effect immediately and it would …
Read more on AFP



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subscribe if you like my videos! follow me on twitter : visit my blog which is updated regularly : Buy my favorite make up brushes here = http Buy circle lenses here = Use coupon code stellalee92 to receive free animal lens case and mystery gift I’m still learning make up, if you think that my make up is not the best, then pardon me.. I will be better in the future for sure! the sounds and the explanation of my tutorial are removed by youtube!!!!! )x it even takes 4 hours to upload it and 6hours to make it… so fugly laaa… ); ive got an audio swap, i forget what’s the song of it that im using o_o does anybody know it? feel free to message me! your faithfully, Stella Lee

How To Apply Make-up

applying for a pardon
by lisby1

Always start your make-up with your foundation. This will even out your complexion and a good foundation to start giving. Now for the trick. Use a sponge to apply your foundation. This way your foundation will not change color because of the oil on your fingers, and you will not contaminate your foundation.

Another trick is to a great complexion brush to use to smooth out your foundation around the hairline and jaw line. This way you will not be a demarcation line around the edge of your foundation. Next apply your brow color. Follow up with an eyebrow gel to your brows looking nice all day or night.

Apply your highlighter next. The trick here is to use a highlighter like our Beige Eye-lite that is creamy instead of a waxy cover-up. When you try to hide lines on the face, using a waxy substance can not move your face, making the folds and other wrinkles in the product. Using a creamy highlighter will get into the lines to lighten them and make them less visible. Again use your complexion brush to highlight your mix after you’ve applied.

Now it’s time to focus on your eyes. Applying makeup is like a magician or sorcerer. It’s not like an artist who paints, because we work with three dimensions. This is why it is important to use three different eye shadows. From the top lashes choose a color from a medium tone. Apply to the lashes to the crease in the eye.

The following shadow should be two shades darker than the first. Apply this shadow from the top of the first to the eyebrows. The following shadow a shade lighter than the first to highlight the eyebrows, because the eyebrows are what give your expressions.

Apply this shadow from the top half of the shadow at the bottom of the eyebrows. This is how your eyes dimension, by going light, dark, with your lightest shade.

Now apply your eye liner. The trick here is to use a stiff brush and shadow. This gives a more natural look. Always start from the outside going toward the center on the top and bottom. Another trick is to make sure you are not the top and bottom at the corners both inside and outside. By doing this you will your eyes look bigger.

Another thing you can do to your eyes if you would have them appear whiter, is to use a white pencil on the inside of the lower eyelid. In this way light will reflect off the white of your eyes. This is especially useful for people who tend to have a lot of redness in their eyes. Now it’s time to mingle with your big brush complexion.

We’re almost done. Your next step will be your blush. The blush is applied to the cheekbone, and if you stare at yourself in the mirror to find the place where your cheek goes flat and begins to curve back. This is where you should start your blush, follow back the cheekbone.

Now let your lips. Make sure your blush and lipstick colors are complementary if you keep them together. If they are not separate good side they will not look good on your face. This is also important for the next trick. Use your blush as a base for your lipstick. This will help your lipstick last longer and prevent bleeding.

The next trick for your lips is to use a soft brush such as our Gold Lip Brush to apply your lipstick. You will have more control in this way, and your lipstick stay on better. Like your eye-liner start from the outside and work toward the center on the upper and lower lips. If you have small lips and want to expand it to apply your liner just outside your lips. Conversely, if you have big lips you just inside line to appear smaller.

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The Mother of all International MBA FAQs: 9 tips for writing MBA
Know the personality and the requirements of the school you are applying to, think … Admission officers might pardon you for a few minor typos if you've done …

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How To Apply Mineral Makeup

People might wonder, “Why mineral makeup? Why should I choose it over regular makeup and how do I apply it?” There are numerous reasons why mineral makeup is better than regular makeup. Mineral makeup has loads of minerals and can be like a vitamin cocktail for your face and skin. It contains hypoallergenic power that is made up of magnesium, zinc, gold and titanium.

Women can now get the refreshed look they would have after a makeover at the spa and they can even sleep in the makeup as it is healthy for the skin. It minimizes crows feet and wrinkles, whereas, regular foundations can enhance the wrinkles. Mineral makeup is being marketed just like organic food has been marketed. There is a massive demand for natural based personal products and using natural ingredients from the earth.

Foundation, blush, and finishing powder can be used on the face and underneath the jaw line, whereas bronzers can be used anywhere. Apply bronzer to forehead, cheeks, nose and chin for a sun kissed look. You can even apply to dcollet, shoulders or arms for a subtle healthy glow!

For eye shadow, patting minerals gently on to your brush will get you the best effect. A variety of small brushes in different styles can be used to achieve the specific look that you would like. To apply, sweep, blend, or pat the minerals onto your eyelids and/or over creases to create the desired effect. If you want to make your eyes look bigger, then keep the darker eye shadow colors closer to your lashes, while lightening the color as you reach closer to your eyebrows.

To apply these mineral beauty products to the skin, use small amounts of mineral makeup and apply with gentle strokes made with special brushes. Every woman can have a fresh and flawless look that lasts for hours in just 5 minutes time. The minerals used in these cosmetic tools are very simple to use, mainly because it is an all-natural product. People love this style of beauty tool because it leaves the face looking perfect, and with no lines or wrinkles. The natural properties found in mineral compositions such as this will not clog pores or cause any blemishes.

Begin applying the eye liner shadow at the outer corner of the eye, just outside of the lash line. Work from the outer eye towards the bridge of your nose, stopping where your lashes end. To keep the eye liner looking subtle and natural, gradually make the line finer as you inward.

Using a fluffy face brush is the other popular way to apply mineral makeup. Better quality makeup is more pigmented, so using a kabuki is out of the question for most women. But a nice fluffy brush is just the ticket since a little makeup goes a long way. Whether you choose synthetic or animal hair brushes is up to you. Both can be equally good, depending on the quality. The same basic rules apply as with the kabuki- swirl your brush in the makeup, tap off the excess and the brush in a downward motion over your face. No need to buff. If you’d like more coverage, just repeat the steps again.

It is was well great to apply if you have acne, eczema or any other skin condition because it doesn’t contain the identical amount of ingredients found in traditional composition. These need soothing properties to heal such conditions and protect your face and your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

So what are you awaiting? Get some mineral makeup products and experience the change just like others have already done. You will not regret ever buying it and if a few of these present you with an itch, experiment with another one that will not give you the identical side effect.

What changes to the parole system unofficially known as Bill C-10? Q: What changes to the parole system were introduced in the Criminal Records Act under the Safe Streets and Communities Act, unofficially known as Bill C-10? A: Besides replacing the term “pardon” with “record suspension”, Bill C-10 introduced longer waiting periods between the end of sentence and becoming eligible for application for the record suspension. The Bill also declared that sexual offenses against minors, as well as repeating offenses, can make a person ineligible to apply for a record suspension. “If you notice this video contains information that is out of date or incorrect, please post a comment below or please email us at so we can correct the information. We appreciate your feedback.”
Video Rating: 0 / 5

Question by : What does it mean when a serial killr apply’s for a “pardon”?
It says canadian Karla Homolka is eligable to apply for a pardon i dont understand? Alot of people are against it, why?!

Best answer:

Answer by Casey/Kelle
Everyone is allowed to apply for parole at their scheduled parole hearings.

A serial killer is never allowed out.

Clifford Olson decided this week to forgo all future parole hearings as he knows he isn’t going anywhere.

Homolka is a very unusual case. Hard for the public to understand but, the Police had to make a deal with her in order to get Bernardo. They hate to do it too but sometimes they have no alternative.

She was not pardoned. She was released on time served. She served the whole 12 years – no parole. She is eligible to apply for a pardon. that does not mean she will get it.

This week she had a baby. ???????!!!!!!!!!!

What do you think? Answer below!
Uganda may pardon Joseph Kony associate, official says
"I am encouraged by the capture of one of the worst perpetrators of child rights violations, and hope that the Ugandan authorities would not apply amnesty but instead bring him to justice," Coomaraswamy said in the statement. "The arrest and subsequent …
Read more on Fox News

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This video will help you understand the process of petitioning for executive clemency, the process one must undertake to receive a Governors pardon. Whenever a person has been convicted of any criminal offense, they are unable to expunge any of their criminal record. Sealing may be a possibility for minor, non-violent misdemeanor convictions and very few felony convictions. To find out if you are eligible for a sealing of your criminal conviction, please consult Illinois Legal Aid Online for information regarding the sealing process. For a person that cannot seal their criminal conviction, the only way that record can be cleared is by receiving a Governors pardon. For more information, please visit:

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