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Criminal Justice – Making Our World a Safer Place

The field of criminal justice is full of the stewards of our safety–police and corrections officers, employees of the court system, and many others. If you are considering a career in criminal justice, getting a degree can dramatically increase your chances for success.

But what is Criminal Justice? It is the system used by government to maintain social control, prevent crime, enforce laws, and administer justice. Law enforcement (police) courts and corrections are the primary agencies charged with these responsibilities. The fast-paced expansion of all areas of the criminal justice system is creating a demand for skilled workers as never before in local, state, and federal systems. Today’s criminal justice system workforce must be knowledgeable and skilled in every component of the system to address the public’s demand for protection and services–and having a degree will ensure that you have that knowledge and skill. Job growth is expected to exceed 25% in all of these fields over the next ten years:

o Correctional officers and jailers

o Police and sheriff’s patrol officers

o Private detectives and investigators

o Security guards

What Criminal Justice Degrees are available?

Associate’s Degree

By far the most common Criminal Justice degree is an Associates–or a two year–degree. An Associate in Criminal Justice program graduate can successfully work in a variety of settings:

o Criminal Justice (local, state or federal)

o Intelligence Agencies

o Juvenile Justice

o Homeland Security

o Corrections (local, state or federal; probation and parole)

o Forensic Science

o Courts (court services/administration)

o Private Investigations

Also falling in the field of criminal justice, with Associate Degree programs available, are two other fascinating careers: being an Addictions Counselor or a Paralegal.

If you are interested in working in the social sciences and helping people change their lives for the better, you might be interested in becoming an Addictions Counselor. Most programs utilize a clinical focus to provide students with the knowledge base needed to immediately apply therapeutic skills. You’ll also find that many courses are taught by practitioners currently working in the addiction field.

Paralegals, also called Law Assistants, are a vital part of the court system. While attorneys assume the ultimate responsibility for the legal services they provide their clients, paralegals assist them in almost every aspect of their work. As one of the fastest growing careers in the US, you’ll find plenty of paralegal jobs in every part of the country.

Criminal Justice Degree Search

Bachelors Degree

A Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration will provides you with an interdisciplinary study of crime and justice in American society. Most programs include the study of interpersonal skills and managerial and administrative subject matter, which helps prepare students for positions of responsibility and leadership within the criminal justice community and related professions. If you are already working in the Criminal Justice field and want to advance your career, a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice may be right for you.

Masters Degree

A Masters Degree in the field of Criminal Justice will be tailored to your specific area of study, but you’ll find that in a good program an individual curriculum is structured to meet the following four objectives:

o Provide students with the conceptual and research skills needed to undertake advanced analyses of the criminal justice system.

o Furnish law enforcement, corrections and court practitioners with knowledge of justice administration, social science perspectives of human behavior, policy analysis and criminal justice theory.

o Train those who will become leaders in the criminal justice system by providing the skills needed to upgrade levels of professional practice, improve supervisory standards, initiate fresh perspectives and act as agents of social change.

o Prepare social scientists to pursue careers in university and research settings.

If you are interested in pursuing a leadership role in the field of Criminal Justice, a Masters degree will be the tool that will help you reach your goal.

Criminal Justice Degree Search

Doctoral Degree

If you are interested in pursuing research or teaching, a Doctoral Degree in Criminal Justice will launch you into that career. A doctoral program is designed to help develop social scientists that have the ability to consume, transmit, and independently produce research knowledge on crime and criminal justice. Demand is strong for graduates with a doctoral degree in criminal justice.

A juvenile criminal justice operates according to the principle that adolescence is fundamentally different than grown-ups in terms of responsibility and possibility of rehabilitation. The primary goal of the juvenile justice system is the successful restoration of youth into the society. Juvenile legal systems focus more on rehabilitation rather than on a normal sentence to an adult convict or criminal. This philosophy maintains that youths have a greater chance of being reformed or changed because they are young rather than a developmentally advanced adult. There are age limits that are set by laws for juvenile delinquencies. Most cases in the juvenile court system involve children between ages 10-18. Although many states extend their cut-offs through the age of twenty. Other youthful offenders may be considered or tried as adults depending on the severity of the crime. A child’s criminal history and previous arrests are taken into accounts in determining the youthful offender’s punishment. Some of these punishments depend on the nature of the crime. In some cases youthful offenders are sentenced to stay at a youth prison center, do community services, and attend a boot camp program. These types of punishments are ways for the offenders to realize their wrong doings or be restored in the society. Since the juvenile criminal justice have the goal of restoration of the youth into society, privacy is implemented in the system proceedings. Juvenile records can be sealed and
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Question by Claire: How do you get into Naval Criminal Investigative Service?
What do you have t do in order to become a NCIS?

Best answer:

Answer by HOOAH! MP Veteran
You obtain a Bachelor’s Degree and apply. You will have a background check performed on you, and if you pass, and NCIS accepts your application, you will attend FLETC in Georgia. Once you satisfactorily pass that, you will be a probationary agent, subject to evaluations. Once you complete the probationary period satisfactorily, you will be a full agent.

Keep in mind, because of the popularity of the TV show, NCIS is not currently accepting applications.

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Veteran officers promoted to major
Lt. Darren Grimshaw, who was a finalist for Burlington police chief, has been promoted to major of administrative services. He will retain his … Lt. Dennis Kramer, commander of the Criminal Investigations Division, also has been promoted to major. He …
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The World At One with William Hardcastle on the BBC Home Service……. In June 1966 Radio Caroline embarked on a joint venture with rival pirate Radio City, which broadcast from a Second World War marine fort off the Kent coast, seven miles from Margate. One of the directors of Caroline, Major Oliver Smedley, agreed to pay for a new transmitter to relay Caroline’s programmes from the fort, while Calvert, the owner of Radio City, would continue to run the operation but this time on behalf of Radio Caroline. However, Radio Caroline then withdrew from the deal when it was heard that the government intended to prosecute those occupying the forts, which were still Crown property. Smedley, however, had received no payment from Calvert for the transmitter. A raid on the Radio City fort was subsequently launched by Smedley on June 20 and the station’s transmitter was put out of action.On June 21, Calvert visited Smedley’s home to demand the departure of the raiders and the return of vital transmitter crystals. A violent struggle developed during which Smedley shot Calvert dead. During the subsequent trial, Smedley was acquitted on grounds of self-defence. After the sensational death of Reg Calvert and lurid tales of real swashbuckling piracy, the British government brought in the Marine Broadcasting Offences Act (Marine & Etc. Broadcasting Offences Act) of August 15, 1967 to make offshore broadcasting a part of British criminal law in the United Kingdom. Radio City stopped
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Making Culture Your Ally in Clinical Information System Implementation

An organizations culture can make or break any Clinical Information System (CIS) implementation. Ask Joy Keeler, Chief Architect of Nicholas E. Davies Award-winning CIS initiative for University of Illinois Medical Center.

We knew from the beginning one of our greatest challenges was overcoming a prevalent attitude of doubt within the organization as we moved to a paperless clinical information system. Once we showed quick wins and provided proof that we could make things better, we built a following among all the stakeholders at UIMC. By creating a passion for our mission, we transformed the way we deliver care, improving patient outcomes, reducing waste and variances, even improving our retention rate among physicians and nurses. And while everyone has embraced the new system, the principal beneficiaries are our patients, said UIMC’s current Associate Vice Chancellor of Heath Affairs.

The case history described by Joy provides instructive insights into achieving success with CIS and tackling arguably the most challenging barrier of all, organizational culture. Instead of something to be feared, a renewed and revitalized culture can be your most important ally, as Joy discovered. Of all the approaches we have practiced and observed over the last 25 years as consultants to the health care industry, we believe the following ten are the most powerful and most likely to lead to making organizational culture your ally vs. your worst nightmare.

1. Create Passion for the Vision, Mission, Values and Strategies
Whatever reason your organization has for embarking on a CIS initiative, make sure that all key stakeholders know, understand, and embrace the objectives and can articulate what we are doing and why we are doing it. Success for this huge undertaking will require a ubiquitous commitment to quality care, and many specific goals such as eliminating medical errors, waste, delays, unnecessary variance as well as improving patient satisfaction and your strategic positioning.

2. Measure Readiness Early and Conduct Periodic Check-ups
A formal assessment of readiness for CIS will help you understand the major barriers you have to overcome. Assessing readiness and undertaking a readiness improvement effort is as vital for this type of initiative as physical training is for a marathon runner. Readiness can be measured in many ways, including: Technical Readiness, Workflow Readiness, Culture Readiness, Financial Readiness, and Project Management Readiness. We know this is a lot of readiness, but it’s a critical part of successful implementation.

3. Deal with Cultural Challenges Proactively
Two very common cultural challenges (courtesy Dr. Jeffrey Rose, CMO, Cerner Corporation) include Infobia, or the fear of appearing incompetent using technology, and Archetypal Medical Tradition, which drives resistance to standards, guidelines, and outside scrutiny. Simply hoping that these challenges will go away by themselves is naïve. Intervention in the form of education and skill-based training is required, which will only be possible if all key stakeholders are on board.

4. Establish Value as the Foundation for CIS
Our belief is that it is important to quantify and clearly articulate the Financial ROI and the Strategic ROI of the initiative. Value-based initiatives are the most successful because there is a clear understanding of all of the costs (financial and otherwise) and all of the benefits of the initiative. Continuous quality improvement is a fundamental value of any CIS implementation, and the return on the investment in quality should be well understood throughout the organization

5. Communicate and Train Early and Often
We believe it is important for all stakeholders to understand (and articulate!) what they are doing, why they are doing it, and what are the costs and benefits of the undertaking. We also understand that most stakeholders will require new skills and capabilities to succeed in a new CIS environment, so it is important to provide substantial training so people can learn the new mechanics of CIS. Best results are achieved if the CIS initiative is treated like a major construction program; all the way down to the Pardon Our Dust posters that beg patience for current problems while providing hope for a much better future.

6. Identify and Satisfy the Needs of Individual Stakeholders
You must identify the key stakeholder groups and the opinion leaders within each. Once you understand what their major needs are, work with them to ensure that the CIS project can meet those needs as much as possible. It is our experience that adoption happens more quickly and thoroughly if everyone gets as much of what they want as possible.

7. Pick Champions Carefully at all Levels
Every major cause needs a legion of champions. We believe these champions can be identified, encouraged, and given roles that create leverage throughout the organization. You don’t need Superman or Superwoman, just opinion leaders who are respected by their peers, have the ability to perform, a positive attitude, thick skins and have high endurance. After all, this type of initiative is a marathon, not a sprint!

8. Excitement Overcomes Fear of Change
We have learned many fundamental truths over the years, one of which is: A clear vision of the destination creates enthusiasm for the journey. It’s also very important to be truthful about how long and arduous the journey will be. Champions will be able to lead the organization through The Valley of Despair if everyone believes that the end result will be better. We also know that there will be people who try mightily but are unable to complete the journey; carry them, and give them new and more appropriate roles.

9. Use Speed to Your Advantage
As evidenced by the UIMC example above, the faster you get to benefits, the faster the organization will embrace the initiative, and the quicker you can make organizational culture your ally. We encourage using three different and powerful mechanisms: Speed to High Performing Teams, Speed to Implementation, and Speed to Value.

10. Engage Professional Management and Chose the Right Guide
Recognize that the selection and implementation of a CIS is a major undertaking, and most likely the one and only time most people in your organization will experience this in their entire careers. The cost of mistakes is very high and the probability of success is increased substantially with full-time professional program management. There is no reason to undertake this transformation alone, and the right professional guide can make all the difference in the world. Pick a consultant or expert who has a proven track record, understands your unique circumstances, acts like a guide and not a dictator, and will work with your organization.

Most health care executives state that their most vivid nightmare about a CIS implementation is the fear of CIS-rejection by the organizations culture. Newton asserts that a body at rest will tend to stay at rest, and a body in motion will tend to stay in motion. We assert that if you apply the key points in this article, you will avoid the nightmare, avoid being stuck at rest, and be able to keep your organizational body in motion as you confidently charge ahead along your positive journey of progress.

Scott Hodson is a principal in Maverick Healthcare Consulting.

To learn more, visit his healthcare quality consulting website at

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Question by bloodyice68: How do i apply for a pardon?
How do i apply in the state of nc?

Best answer:

Answer by alberto g
For what??

Add your own answer in the comments!
ICANN to Reveal New gTLDs on Wednesday
ICANN tomorrow will reveal the contents of nearly 2000 applications for new generic top-level domains. … By Rhett Pardon, Tue, Jun 12 2012 …
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Beat Making Software – Choosing Software to Get Just the Right Sound

Article by Amitosh Kumar

Beat making software is simply the finest way to pick up all folks sponsorship tracks and other song to you exhibit for eternity wanted.

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The finest software has been designed designed for real ancestors like me and you to manipulate. Early PC software kind of assumed to you had already been skilled in a song studio. Which destined to it was fully featured but to approaching an adequate amount all the skin were hidden behind incomprehensible controls and certain labels to might as well exhibit been printed in space invader designed for all the manipulate they were to ancestors.

Let’s play it, but for you’re an uber-geek, you really desire to pick up on with making song somewhat than learning the minutiae of the beat making software train you were talked into by to super smooth salesman or to you talked by hand into on Amazon, carefully ignoring the reviews to mentioned it would take a time or two to study how to manipulate the beast you’ve honorable bought.

Fortunately, roughly software makers exhibit learned to greater than all also you desire to essentially turn out song to sounds sound in the shortest probable calculate.

Choosing this kind of software is individual of folks period at what time a lesser amount of is almost certainly more. You don’t desire a control panel to would turn out NASA green. You desire something to allows you to drag a sample instrument to the key control panel, maybe have fun with the pitch or add a drum beat or whatever, press have fun to check it doesn’t sound like a fingernail being threadbare down a blackboard and so therefore press Save.

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