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Marion jones – Marion jones steroid

Article by Sergey Piterson

Former Olympic champion Marion Jones has been sentenced to a sixth month jail term for lying about steroid use, and involvement in a drugs fraud case. It would seem that justice has been done and the punishment fits the crime.Where does all this leave the sport of athletics? Well, to be truthful. It’s in a mess. How are members of the public expected to believe that any champion is entirely drug free? That, of course, is incredibly harsh on many fine hard working athletes who I’m sure reach the heights through hard work and determination and nothing else.

The concern is that the sport is riddled with shady characters and people looking to make money. The financial rewards for top athletes have grown, and it is now worth more than just pride to be the number one. When money is at stake there will always be unscrupulous characters looking to make a fast buck.It is difficult to see what more the Athletics authorities can do. The drug testing systems are quite thorough, and the testing itself is well advanced. The problems lie in the legal systems which make it so difficult to prove any offence. Evert athlete found guilty has a right of appeal and legal representation. The defence will always find an ‘expert’ who is prepared to give evidence that casts sufficient doubt on any conviction. Again, I’m afraid, money talks.The authorities need to have the courage of their convictions and take on the legal system. If an athlete tests positive a lifetime ban should ensue. Fight all the appeals and human rights arguments and send a message to all athletes. The sport needs to be cleansed and this is the only way to achieve it.Recently, British athlete Christine Ohuruogu was pardoned for ‘forgetting’ three drug tests. Christina may be entirely innocent, but this type of ruling must never happen again.Crowds at Athletics events are falling, and they will continue to do so until the sport rids itself of the cloud of drug cheating.

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The US congress recommends that a posthumous pardon be granted to Jack Johnson, the first black heavyweight boxing champion, who died 60 years ago. John McCain, the US Senator, says the fighter was “wronged with a racially motivated conviction” when prosecuted under the Mann Act that prohibited taking women across state lines for “immoral purposes”. Al Jazeera’s Cath Turner reports.
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