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Masculine Enhancement Merchandise Added A Large Amount of Beneficial Times to Rachel

get a pardon
by skampy

Article by Jeff Jaccobs

A universal question in today’s society is whether a bigger penis really matters to women. Not unexpectedly, you’ll get a big mix of answers if you ask a group of women of all ages, typically some will say no, some will say yes, and some will say it depends on who the bigger penis belongs to.

In order to offer you you with a decent point of reference, we ran a online survey of over 2,187 girls about manhood size preferences. You can see one of our respondants answers below:

Does having a bigger penis really matter?

It makes a tremendous difference (pardon the pun). Aside from the distinct physical distinction, individuals with a bigger penis have more confidence in bed, but they also have way more stamina. I love being able to have sex for an hour or two non-stop, but most guys don’t have the stamina for it.

What is your choice penis size?

If it’s bigger than a hot dog then I’m happy with it.

Should men with a smaller penis use a male enhancement product?

Absolutely! My man started using the male enhancement pill called Male Extra and I noticed an immediate difference in his size and performance in bed. I can safely say that the little pill is the explanation we’ve stayed together for the past year. That little pill brought a lot of good times to both of us.

Is there anything else you would like to state about penis sizes?

You shouldn’t be afraid to try out a male enhancement product. Yeah there’s a lot of crap products to be found, but there’s also a few really good ones that work like Male Extra.

This information just shows that wives are turned on and satisfied by a large, thick, and powerful penis, not to mention they are visually exciting as well. Women of all ages know how to welcome well-endowed men, or even those just wonder they are, since they are usually much more sexually confident about their sexuality and bedroom performance skills.

About the Author

Rachel is one of over 2,000 women who were all asked about penis size. You can read her survey response here:Rachel Says Male Enhancement Products Work. You can also find more information on male enhancement.

A lot of you have emailed me telling me how much you enjoy hearing these old Prime Movers tapes. I feel the same way. I have not heard these since this set was recorded, some 41 years ago. We just found the tape! And you all ask about Iggy and how was he as a drummer. Let me make it clear that Iggy was a GREAT drummer. He worked hard at his drumming and practiced until he got it right, like learning to do the ‘double shuffle’, something he learned from the great Sam Lay. It took him weeks, but he got it down cold. And you wonder if he was as wild in the Prime Movers as he is as Iggy Pop? I don’t want to disappoint anyone, but in truth, my memory of Iggy was as someone who was always polite and respectful, at least to me. I can’t remember ever having an argument with him, but then I can’t remember all that well anyway. We all loved Iggy. Wish he would get back in touch. It would be great to have a reunion of the original Prime Movers Blues Band in Ann Arbor. I have included some of the photos we have of Iggy and one of his two best friends at that time, Panther and Famous. Panther White was our honorary manager and perhaps the funniest human being I have ever met. Famous is Lynn Goldsmith, who became (pardon the pun) ‘famous’ as a rock photographer. Iggy, Famous, and Panther were great friends. Well, here are some shots. – Michael Erlewine The Prime Movers Blues Band was founded in the summer of 1965 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. If lasted about seven years. Most of the band
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