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Shave Your Head for Charity? – Making No Mean Yes

Article by Alan Harris a/k/a The Schwa!

So in a fictional town named Middletown, there sits a small community college. The local Red Cross is desperately short on needed blood supplies and starts a

blood drive. Well, the economy is down, and folks just don’t have time to go bake sales and car washes anymore. So the drive falls well short of its goals.

Then a student at the college starts asking fellow students walking by the dining hall if they’d be willing to shave their head to raise money for the Red

Cross. Now, no one in their right mind agrees to such a request at the drop of a hat, if you’ll pardon the pun. After they make some sheepish excuse, he

quickly follows up his request by asking if they could spare a few minutes to donate blood before they have dinner.

What do you think happened?

They did it! After refusing the first, unreasonable request for help, people were far less inclined to refuse a second, reasonable request for assistance. There are few good excuses that could get someone out of complying with this request. Some will just walk away, attempting to hide their shame (if they feel any).

You see, people want to help, but they don’t want to risk too much to do it. Asking someone to shave their head without any prior discussion is completely unreasonable. There is no reason to expect anyone to comply. But for most people, this will evoke a hint of self-doubt that weakens their will to refuse a second request. If this follow-up is a reasonable request, like signing a petition, or donating blood, most people will want to do the right thing and help out.

OK… but how does that apply to getting sales?

It’s used everyday on sales pages. You’ve read through the pitch, and you’re kinda feeling it. But you haven’t been convinced enough to break out your credit card and pay the to see more. That’s when you get the chance to enter your email for some FREE stuff… no credit card involved. Well… that’s not so unreasonable compared to , is it?

Bear in mind that for this to work, you must have already ASKED FOR THE SALE! This is a no-brainer, but is sometimes lost in the shuffle. Try to get the buy first. Sometimes two refusals works better than one, but your mileage may vary. Split tests work great for finding information about what sells and what doesn’t.

Once you have a refusal in hand for what this buyer saw as an unreasonable request, you then make a reasonable request. In this case, all you are asking for is a first name and a valid email address. That’s it. No commitment, no pressure. But now they’re on your prospect list.

The more unreasonable the first request, the better. How about selling a ,997 program up front, and then follow that up with a eBook? Your first request is for your coaching course or video course or whatever. At three grand, it’s a great sell. But it is only for the few. The vast majority of your web viewers is going to see this as an unreasonable request.

That’s when you offer a reasonable request. The sale of a eBook covering your “Top 20 Tips” for instance. How many sales per month do you think you could tack on with that strategy?

    Email me and let me know!

If you would like more psycho-sales tips, visit Science of the Sale

About the Author

Alan Harris a/k/a The Schwa! has a degree in Psychology with a focus on persuasion and propaganda. He is also an Internet Socialist who wishes to help the little guy compete in the changing marketplace.

Visit Science of the Sale for more free information.

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Pardon? See to You Mean Bangle Bracelets?

Article by Sergio Pal

The big name bangle bracelet originated from the detail that these Bracelets look like bangle with circular influence and are worn on the wrist emphatically so the routine bangles.

Pardon? see to you mean by Bangle Bracelets?

Bangles are a form of Bracelets which can survive worn either so a single jewelry or here the form of bunches. Bangles think very of great magnitude spot here the life of the women who are married. at the present time with the substitute here the trend, bangle Bracelets possess be converted into a trend and a symbol of style everyplace you can get the drift even babyish girls wearing it. With wonderful design and uneven color, bracelet has be converted into the finish accessories that can drive with a few kit out. Bangle Bracelets are made by traditional craftsmen who possess inherited these techniques from their ancestors and possess been here this profession intended for years. These Bracelets suit all the occasions and women of all ages and all classes. The artistic carving of these Bracelets using metal has made them current even here the international, marketplace. Such accessories impart outdash look to the personality of the women who is wearing it. The elegant sort and the designs of such bracelet is a symbol of both simplicity and elegance and are here imposing demand between the youth who are conscious on the subject of style. Nothing strength of character light up your wrist so the bangle Bracelets can.

Value of bangle Bracelets

Bracelets are the most versatile form of jewelry which can survive worn by men so well so women to add beautify and charm to their outfits. here has been several changes made unconscious here the Bracelets since the era it was paramount revealed and promptly it has acquired wholly a extra facet. Bangle Bracelets strength of character bring uplift here the beauty and beautify of the kit out you are wearing. You can plus opt to gift them and intended for this you essential survive well aware of the taste of the recipient and his dressing sort. The size of the bracelet essential survive taken problem of, it essential not survive too lose or too awkward otherwise the person can not survive able to wear it. Silver bangle Bracelets are other here demand, so opt intended for it. It is constant that value of such Bracelets are not reasonable since they are costly accessories but are affordable so compared to other jewelries.

Deduce to first-class this company

This company designs Bracelets here various shapes and sizes all with distinct color and put out of misery. a little of the general shapes are: circular and a little can survive a posse like. The advantage event on the subject of this company is that it neither boast on the subject of itself and its winner is due to the indiscriminate rhinestone bangle Bracelets with silver plated settings. The customer service of this company is superb such that if you are not satisfied with a few products purchased from them, afterward you can complain them and they strength of character look unconscious intended for reasons which are making you uncomfortable. incomparable silver bangle Bracelets think of great magnitude positions here the company so they are the products which are heart single to undergo giant sale.

About the Author

Banglebracelets411.Info is one of the best resources for jewelry shopping providing Bangle Bracelets Visit today to find all useful information, resources and products related to Bangle Bracelets

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What Does It Really Mean To Be A Real U.S. Citizen?

Article by David Maillie

Copyright 2006 David Maillie

It means we have rights. Rights that many have fought for and given their lives for. Unfortunately in current America there is, for the most part, two separate classes of citizenship, a bipartisanship if you will. You have the poor and then you have the wealthy. Yes, there is a middle class, but the republicans and George Bush are slowly getting rid of this class. Their reason for this is simple. The middle class doesn’t like a government that only favors the rich and it has a voice. The middle class also provides a door for many to become rich. The rich and wealthy don’t like the poor and don’t like to fraternize outside of their class. So, needless to say, if the republicans (the rich and wealthy) have their way there will only be two classes left, the poor and the wealthy.

Basically, this is how it works. In America you have a right to great health care if you are rich or have a great employer sponsored plan. Due to the rising cost of healthcare many employers are limiting or ending these plans for employees. Of course, at the same time, executives are actually getting more benefits than ever. So basically, the reality is you have a right to marginal health care. The great health care George Bush says we have is reserved for the rich.

You also have the right to vote. What you don’t know and the government doesn’t want you to know is that your votes don’t count or matter. Just look at the close election between George Bush and Al Gore. Al Gore really won, but Jeb Bush, George Bush’s brother and Governor of Florida played around with Florida’s votes and voila George won. This is even though he had fewer votes. If you watched Michael Moore’s documentary Farenheit 9/11 you will see that many voters were outraged that their votes were not included. This was especially so with lower class and primarily black or African Americans. None were allowed to have a voice or make a formal complaint because they needed a senator to back them and of course none would speak out against Jeb or George Bush. What happened here is simple, George and Jeb Bush have conspired to great political power. What they did was dig up dirt and such on every political official that might become a problem and let them know what they have so they would just let this happen. This is not a true democracy. It is becoming more like socialist Russia 20 years ago. How can we liberate Iraq when we are not liberated ourselves?

You have the right or responsibility to pay taxes. Yes, only in America do the rich on average pay only 1% or less of their income in taxes while the middle class and lower class pay on average 35% of their income. Only the rich can afford powerful tax attorneys and fancy tax havens. It was recently made known that many of the rich have even set up trusts in childrens names that they don’t have. Don’t worry, your rich, the government probably won’t catch it and if they do you’ll get off easy. Its amazing what you can get away with in America if you have money. Look at O.J. Simpson. You can literally kill someone and then hide your assets so no one can touch your money. O.J. claimed he was broke and had no funds. Right. Just look at each presidents outgoing list of pardons when they leave office. All rich and wealthy people looking to escape felonies and similar that would put most Americans behind bars for many years. If you are rich and are facing something awful, just make a donation or two of 0,000 to a presidents library fund or similar and you’ll be amazed at what you can get away with.

As citizens we are not guilty until proven innocent. Actually, the poor are basically guilty, and the rich will get out of it, regardless. Actually, the rich don’t even get arrested sometimes. Just look at Senator Kennedy. You can drive drunk, hit a concrete barrier, be observed as being drunk by several sworn officers and be driven home. The rest of us would be given the breathalizer and thrown in the drunk tank to await a court date for either DUI or DWUI (as senator Kennedy claimed it was a medication problem). He was drunk or under the influence and could have killed someone.

There are many more rights that we have or don’t really have and are actually reserved for the rich and wealthy, but I’ll get into those in a later article. I’m busy now reading an article from the Associated Press on how George Bush’s wife ran a stop sign when she was 17 and killed someone but she was never charged with any crime. Yes America is a truly great democracy – if you are rich and wealthy

About the Author

For more great controversial and eye opening information please visit You will be glad you did. Again, its Go there now and be enlightened to what really goes on in America and elsewhere. You will love this website. “A registered nurse, who was pardoned of a felony drug conviction, has filed a lawsuit against Tennessee’s governor and attorney general in an effort to win back his gun rights. The suit filed Thursday against Gov. Phil Bredesen and Attorney General Bob Cooper says the state of Tennessee is ignoring the Second Amendment rights of anyone who’s given a pardon that also restores gun rights. It is asking a judge to stop the state from denying the gun rights of people given these special types of pardons.”

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