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5 Steps for a Successful and Meaningful Eulogy

Article by Jeff D McQueen

It’s hard to lose someone you love, much more if that loved one is gone forever. Writing and delivering a eulogy maybe hard for those who are still bereaving at a loss of someone special. So, how are you going to write a touching account that will cover the life of the departed? The following are steps to make your tribute suitable for a life well-lived:

1. Gather all pertinent information – Sometimes, it’s not only the immediate family who makes a eulogy for the deceased. There are instances when a co-worker, a colleague, or a friend pays a tribute to the dead. If you’re one of them, make it a point that you gather all detailed information about the person. This includes age, date of birth, number of children if any, years of service if working, and other personal accounts about the deceased.

2. Make the decease’s character come to life once more – Aside from getting personal information which will only serve as your background, the next thing that you need to take into account is to share wonderful and unforgettable encounters you had with the departed. By recounting those memories, you also bring forth a chance for everybody hearing your acclamation to get to know more about the person when he was still alive. If you can bring to life a person’s character by narrating treasured and memorable stories, you also allow others to experience the decease’s life even for just few fleeting moments.

3. Make it brief and concise – Sure, there are a lot of things you want to write and say in your eulogy, but you must keep in mind that you only have a limited time. Therefore, you have to make the most out of that given time by combining all common elements in one brief and concise acclamation.

4. The tribute shouldn’t be a somber mourning – The entire ambience is already gloomy and people are in grief – that’s a given and fairly acceptable fact. But you can make sorrow turn into a slight celebration by writing down lighthearted accounts and stories, and at the same time instilling in the minds of those who hear your funeral speech that this sad event can also be a celebration of a life well-lived.

5. Get your note cards handy – In this particular happening, making mistakes such as forgetting the flow of your speech is tolerable. But to avoid such circumstance from happening, it is best to take some notes with you as you deliver your eulogy speech. People in attendance pardon one or two mistakes, but frequent slip-ups and blunders can be distracting as well. Thus, always come in prepared, so no matter what happens, you’re still in full control of things.

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