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Police: Car bomb in Mexican border town kills 4

Article by Defense Lawyer

A car bomb killed at least four people in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, authorities said.

It was the first time a car bomb has been used to attack federal police, said the city’s mayor, Jose Reyes Ferriz.The incident happened about 8 p.m. Thursday in the city’s most violent zone.

Juarez municipal police spokesman Jacinto Seguro said Friday that federal police were responding to a call that a police officer had been killed.

“When they went to check the car, there was a dead body in there, dressed up like a police officer, but it wasn’t one of ours,” Seguro said. “They put him in a civilian car but dressed him up in a municipal police uniform. That’s when the bomb went off. It’s like an act of terrorism.”

Two police officers, a paramedic and a civilian were killed, federal police spokesman Ramon Salinas said.

Six people, including a local news cameraman, were injured in the blast, authorities said. Four people — three paramedics and a civilian — were still being treated for injuries, police said. It was unclear how severe the injuries are.

Canal 5 video footage from moments after the blast captures seconds of confusion, followed by fires and debris scattered across the street. At one point, the cameraman shooting the video reaches for an injured civilian, and a police officer says, “Grab onto my arm. Grab onto my arm.”

Although Mexican authorities say the attack was the result of a car bomb, a counterterrorism expert said there is “some confusion” about exactly what caused the car to explode.

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