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Entering Mexico with a Misdemeanor Criminal Record!

If you have a misdemeanor criminal record, such as a DUI conviction, you may be wondering if youre technically allowed into Mexico. When you drive into Mexico, you need to have Mexican auto insurance; will it go to waste if you have a DUI or other misdemeanor on your record, though? In a word, no. The authorities at the border arent going to be concerned about a minor offense on your record. They normally wont check for Mexican insurance, either, but you need to have that.

Will Your Record Cause Problems Getting into Mexico?

Having a minor criminal record can be embarrassing. You may be reluctant to splurge on Mexican insurance if youre afraid that you wont be allowed into Mexico.

Although Canada has regulations stating that they can deny entry to U.S. citizens with convictions for DUI and other offenses, Mexico has no such laws. If you have an active warrant or are on parole or probation, however, you probably shouldnt cross the border. Otherwise, feel free to buy your Mexican car insurance and be on your way. Even if the authorities somehow discover that you have a misdemeanor conviction on your record, they are not going to bar you from entering the country.

Enjoy Your Mexican Vacation

Its relieving to know that a minor criminal record wont prevent you from visiting Mexico. However, you still need to take care not to get into any trouble while you’re in Mexico. If you end up in legal trouble while you’re south of the border, it could make it difficult for you to visit again in the future.

Never drink and drive while you are in Mexico; if you’re going to enjoy alcohol, do so within walking distance or make sure that you have a designated driver. It’s generally best to avoid getting too intoxicated altogether, since drunk in public charges are common. Most importantly, make sure that you’ve purchased topnotch Mexican auto insurance before you’ve arrived in the country. It will keep you safe and, with any luck, out of jail.

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Question by : Sealed non violent misdemeanor conviction and the right to bear arms?
With a sealed non violent misdemeanor conviction with no prior arrests or criminal history, it’s true that it wouldn’t serve as a disqualification to bear arms. This was adjudicated under the youthful offender statute in new York which legally is not a criminal conviction. Any help would be appreciated thank you. It’s been 10 years since this happened. The end result was 1.5 years probation and the case is sealed.

Best answer:

Answer by B.
Felony convictions are what cause restrictions against owning a firearm. With a misdemeanor and sealed at that, you should be able to own a gun.

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This video describes the advantage of obtaining a sentence of court supervision and how it allows someone arrested for a misdemeanor criminal offense to avoid a criminal conviction.

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