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In Praise Of Mistakes. Robert Lynd Essay. Reintroduced By P.S.Remesh Chandran.


Robert Lynd is famous for his essays of wit, wisdom and humour. Here he is writing ‘in praise of mistakes’, how they are useful and how they are enjoyable to the world. It is his opinion that it is difficult to write something without slipping somewhere. Mistakes do not interfere with our enjoyment of a writer and the only unpardonable sin in an author is writing uninterestingly. This Irish genius who made us laugh shared the world with us during 1879-1949.

What I wonder is why I did not snatch away as much wealth as I could from the Indian Coffers.

People often write to newspapers about the frequent mistakes writers make in their articles and books. Geographical, historical or religious errors may occur in their works but those mistakes seldom make their works unreadable or unenjoyable. Instead, most often, they make the world merry for they give enough material for the world to laugh. One will wonder why writers do not make as many mistakes as they can so that the world can at least laugh heartily. In this aspect, the case framed by fault-finders against writers is a weak one. If it is presented in any court the writer, Lord Clive, may tell the jury that he wondered why he did not make as many mistakes as he could. Lord Clive was tried in the British Parliament for corruption during his India Service when he told senators, what he wondered was why he did not dare to snatch away more wealth from the vast treasure houses of the Indian Kings!

It is difficult to write about something without slipping somewhere.

Personally Lynd is a lover of accuracy but he finds it difficult to write about something without slipping somewhere. He consults an encyclopedia to avoid errors in writing. He has on many occasions risen and sweated in the very early mornings in fear of mistakes he may have made in articles which have already gone to press. A modern day writer who is born in the time of spell checker, auto correct and Internet would be totally unfamiliar with such dreadful experiences.

Mistakes do not interfere with our enjoyment of an author’s work.

Mistakes do not interfere with our enjoying an author’s work. It is not the word and its meaning that count; it is the sound of the word that is important and is appealing to human senses. It is the sound of the words that makes a poem pleasing to our senses and ears and imparts beauty to the poem. Poets, Lynd permits them, may use the names of any precious stones or anything else for that matter in their poems even without knowing their meaning, if those sounds are pleasing to ears. A jeweller’s assistant needn’t immediately go to him and correct him. According to Lynd the unpardonable sin in a writer is to write uninterestingly. If a work is interesting, it would be read and enjoyed by all. Mistakes do not matter there. Shakespeare made his multitude of mistakes in chronology and Walter Scott made the Sun rise on the wrong side of the world in the wrong time. Even then Shakespeare’s dramas and Walter Scott’s novels and poems are read by millions of people with interest.

A writer’s mistakes deserve praise, and fantastic errors are great stimulants.

Mistakes made in literature are useful to man in many ways. For example, they make the reader temporarily feel that he is an inch taller than the writer. Mistakes made by the writer are a source of delight to many readers. There is more joy over a single error discovered in a good writer than over a hundred pages of perfect writing. Error-hunters search for errors as meticulously and systematically as gold-hunters search for gold. His Eurekas are uttered not over immortal phrases but over some tiny mistake in geography, history or grammar. The famous English weekly ‘Punch’ once used to print the names of authors along with the mistakes they made. The writers protested. Lynd is of the opinion that writers needn’t protest over such dissections by print media and they needn’t consider it as an attempt to rob them of the credit for making the world happy and laughing. Since they are such useful to mankind, the writers’ mistakes deserve praise; even their fantastic mistakes, which are in many, are also thus pardonable. Lynd’s closing observation is that ‘we shall never have a novelist or writer of the magnitude of Shakespeare till one can make as many mistakes as Shakespeare made’.


Writers’ mistakes have always given the world interesting material to laugh about. They do not disparage the writer but do prove to the world that they indeed are human beings, after us going through the unearthly materials they have written. Writers’ mistakes are indeed a solace to readers who are taken off with the momentum of the flow of ideas and emotions in the writing and cannot land. Seeing the mistake and reading the mistake lands them safely on the terra firma.

039. In Praise Of Mistakes. Robert Lynd Essay. Reintroduced By P.S. Remesh Chandran. Editor, Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books, Trivandrum.

P.S.Remesh Chandran.

Editor of Sahyadri Books & Bloom Books, Trivandrum. Author of several books in English and in Malayalam. And also author of Swan: The Intelligent Picture Book. Born and brought up in the beautiful hamlet of Nanniyode in the Sahya Mountain Valley in Kerala. Father British Council trained English teacher and mother University educated. Matriculation with distinction and University Studies in Science with National Merit Scholarship. Discontinued Diploma studies in Electronics and entered politics. Unmarried and single.[Here you can read the article in full with pictures]Link :

Ways To Increase Your Penis Size Naturaly Without Pills Couples Making Love – The Greatest Mistakes People Make In Bed

Article by hansprimavera

‘Does size matter?’ You might have probably heard that question if you are used into watching late night infomercials. Well does size really matter? To some women it does but to some it doesn’t matter much. However for most men size matters.

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When men go searching for some way to get a bigger penis they always come face to face with products. These products that don’t ever work by the way are designed to extract as much money out of you as possible. The only thing that works to make the male erection bigger for life is a method.

Is my penis size sufficiently large to satisfy her each and every time? This is a very common question I keep getting from my male readers and definitely an issue that deserves BIGGER (pardon the pun!) attention especially since over than 80% of all men think they can’t measure up where it matters most. Let’s read on!

As someone who fell for a lot of scams and gimmicky devices when I was trying to get bigger it interests me to stay involved in the penis male enlargement community… And in doing that I get kind of upset sometimes. Actually this example is quite laughable when I think back on it. I saw some penis male enlargement before and after pictures on a website for penis male enlargement pills that was absolutely ridiculous.

About the Author

Huge Dick Causes For Impotence With Diabetes The Media Coverup of Organized Crime
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Most Common Dating Mistakes

pardon service
by SS&SS

Article by Alana Beyer

Everyone has made a mistake on a date.  We have all walked away from a first date thinking “Why did I say that,” or “Why did I do that?” It is really common for a single to get so caught up in the thought of the date, that they lose perspective. Remember it is just a date. It is just an opportunity to get to know another person. And that is exactly what you should be doing—getting to know the other person better. Then after you get to know a little about the person, decide whether or not you want to see them a second time.

By knowing what the most common dating mistakes are and avoiding committing them, you’ll be on your way to a successful first date getting to know another single.

Most Common Dating Mistakes:

Judging Your Date

Picture this. You’re sitting at the table waiting for your date to arrive. He or she comes in, walks up to the table and says, “Hi.” Do you respond by saying, a) “Pardon, you must have the wrong person,” then grab your coat and leave or, b) “Take a seat, I’ve been looking forward to meeting you?” Tell the truth! Many people make the mistake of immediately judging their dates negatively and don’t even give them a chance.

If you catch yourself stacking up hurdles in front of your potential love matches, chances are none of them will make it to the finish line.

Unrealistic Expectations

This one happens a lot. We get so excited about the fantasy of our date that we start imagining all sorts of unrealistic ideals. By the time we get there we’re expecting to have lunch with George Clooney or Angelina Jolie. No wonder it’s a letdown!

Get rid of all your expectations on a first date. This is not the time to decide whether or not he or she meets your

criteria for everlasting love. It’s just a date!

Not Paying Attention

So by now we know that the most important part of a first date is to get to know the other person a little better, right? Well, you’d think so. But what often happens is that we spend too much time in our own head preoccupied with our own thoughts about what our date thinks about us. If you’re wondering whether or not you are doing the

right thing, if you look good in that light, or if she can see your bald spot, you’re going to miss out on the actual date.

If your mind isn’t focused on your date, how can your date get a sense of who you really are? And how will you know anything about him or her when you’ve spent most of the date worrying about yourself? It’s impossible to know for sure if your date likes you or not (unless they tell you), so give it up!

Not Listening and Talking Too Much

These two usually go hand in hand. It’s really important to be able to listen to the other person, and that doesn’t just

mean letting them speak, but also not trying to figure out what you’re going to say while they’re speaking. There’s

no way you can listen and think of a smart response at the same time.

Rambling on or talking “at” someone kills the experience of communication and alienates people. It’s a big turnoff. Your aim is to learn about your date; so ask questions, listen and let them do roughly 50 percent of the talking.

In a recent survey by dating service It’s Just Lunch, the company found the most common dating mistakes according to singles:

* 35% Judging your date…”don’t judge a bookby its cover.”

* 27% Having too high expectations for the date

* 25% Spilling your “history” and being too honest

* 13% Talking too much

For more information about It’s Just Lunch or to purchase the It’s Just Lunch Guide to Dating in Minneapolis.

About the Author

Alana is a VP of Its just Lunch based in San Diego.

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The Three Biggest Mistakes That Prevent us from Living A Powerful Life

Article by Dr. Isabella Santorini

Living a powerful life is wonderful. We all have a sense of what that feels like. But of course, we want it all of the time.

The good news is that each of us has the talent and the drive to live a powerful life. But there are some common mistakes that prevent us from consistently living the lives of our dreams.

Living a Powerful Life Mistake #1: Emergency Mode – Very occasionally, working at the emergency level is needed. But this is rare. In our society, it is easy to think that emergency mode is the correct way to live our lives. We’re willing to work ourselves ragged, but we expect quick results. Unfortunately, when we don’t see those results, we continue to work at emergency level, hoping that we’ll eventually succeed. This leads us to burn-out, depression, and cynicism.

The way to combat this mistake is to make slow but steady progress on the important things in life. Become incredibly efficient and make your work really count. If you need to re-vamp things in your life so that efficiency is possible, take the time to do it. It takes more energy at first, but it saves countless hours in the long-term. Plan for success and follow your plan. Countless perfect plans are tossed to the side because no one followed through with them. Daily, make progress on your plan, even if that entails taking only one step.

Living a Powerful Life Mistake #2: Mentally Checking Out – It is healthy to check out during the day. We all need rest and relaxation. However, we don’t want to check out when we are working throughout the day, whether it is at a place of business, at school, or with our children. When we check out, hours can go by when we don’t direct our lives and we don’t particularly enjoy them, either.

The way out of checking out is to practice being present to what you’re doing. This is simple enough to practice. Set a timer when doing mundane projects. See how long you can actually pay attention to what you’re doing when you’re doing it. Work with this for several days and you’ll find that you can begin to practice this in whatever activity you are engaged.

Living a Powerful Life Mistake #3: Getting “Frozen” – This pertains to getting to a certain level in a project, hitting a snag, and stopping. When we get frozen, we are unconsciously stopping our progress. This is particularly harmful if we have momentum in a project. If we’ve been working along at a good pace, and we’re seeing results, getting frozen can create a backup of energy. That energy has to go into something else if it is not being used for our project. Unfortunately, it usually takes the form of worry, or anxious confusion.

The best way to get un-frozen (pardon the grammatical awkwardness of that word), is to simply ask yourself, “Where did I stop?” The answer will usually be obvious. Depending upon why you stopped, you may still prefer to stay in confusion rather than go on. When this is the case, it is helpful to speak with someone who is supportive to you. You can often talk it through without them even giving you any advice at all. All you need is someone to listen and you’ll say out loud the thing you most need to hear. When you’ve figured it out, take immediate action to get yourself back on track.

The overall key to living a powerful life is to stay focused and conscious. Do a picture collage, or tape your goals to your bathroom mirror. Let every day be a day where you focus on living a powerful life – the life of your dreams.

Good luck!

About the Author

Dr. Isabella Santorini used to be a stressed-out doctor until she committed herself to learning the secrets of living a powerful life. Having learned from the masters of our time, she now lives the life of her dreams. To gain invaluable instruction, visit the site of one of her favorite teachers:

Black_Eyed_Peas black eyed peas – labor day (it’s a holiday) – Elephunk

Here’s How To shun The 3 as a rule universal partner Mistakes

pardon service
by lisby1

Article by Dean W Martin

Partner marketing is lone of the as a rule real and powerful ways of earning more or less money

online. This train gives everybody a attempt to tell somebody to a profit through the Internet.

Since these partner marketing programs are tranquil to join, employ and pays a commission on a

regular basis, additional an additional group are right away willing in the field of this small


However, like all businesses, nearby are lots of pitfalls in the field of the partner marketing

small business. Committing more or less of the as a rule universal mistakes spirit cost the

marketers a tubby portion taken from the profit they are making everyday. So as to is why it is

better to shun them than befall ashamed in the field of the come to an end.

Blooper figure 1: Choosing the wicked partner.

Many group lack to earn from partner marketing at the same time as fast at the same time as

viable. In the field of their get your skates on to befall part of lone, they be likely to

decide a bandwagon item for consumption. This is the kind of products so as to the train thinks

is “hot”. They decide the item for consumption so as to is in the field of demand devoid of

truly making an allowance for if the item for consumption appeals to them. This is not a very

judicious move clearly.

As a replacement for of jumping on the bandwagon, try top decide a item for consumption in the

field of which you are faithfully interested in the field of. In lieu of one endeavor to

succeed, you be supposed to take more or less moment in time to set up and build given away your


Pick a item for consumption so as to appeals to you. At that time prepare more or less study

almost so as to item for consumption to envisage if they are in the field of demand. Promoting a

item for consumption you are additional passionate almost is easier than promoting lone in lieu

of the sake of the gain barely.

Blooper figure 2: Union too many partner programs.

Since partner programs are very tranquil to join, you might befall tempted to join multiples of

partner programs to try and boost the gain you spirit befall getting. Likewise you can think so

as to nearby is nothing wicked and nothing to lose by being part of many partner programs.

Correct, so as to is a horrible way to be inflicted with multiple sources of proceeds. However,

union multiple programs and attempting to promote them all by the same moment in time spirit

prevent you from concentrating on all lone of them.

The consequence? The utmost budding of your partner train is not realized and the proceeds

generated spirit not exactly befall at the same time as enormous at the same time as you were

thinking at the start it would. The preeminent way to persuade superb consequence is by union

immediately lone train so as to pays a 40% commission by smallest amount. At that time commit it

your preeminent effort by promoting your products warmly. At the same time as soon at the same

time as you envisage so as to it is already making a reasonable profit, at that time maybe you

can right away join a different partner train.

The modus operandi is to prepare it bit by bit but surely. Nearby is really nix need to get your

skates on into things, especially with partner marketing. With the way things are up for grabs,

the yet to come is looking real smart and it seems partner marketing spirit befall staying in

lieu of a elongated moment in time too.

Blooper figure 3: Not export the item for consumption before using the service.

At the same time as an partner, you major tenacity is to effectively and convincingly promote a

item for consumption before service and to uncover customers. In lieu of you to realize this

tenacity, you necessity befall able to relay to the customers so as to convinced item for

consumption and service. It is therefore not easy in lieu of you to prepare this as you manually

be inflicted with not tried these things given away. Like this, you spirit fail to promote and

urge them convincingly. You spirit too fail to create a beg in the field of your customers to

avail one of I beg your pardon? You are offering.

Try the item for consumption before service personally essential previously you sign up at the

same time as an partner to envisage if it is really delivering I beg your pardon? It promises.

If you be inflicted with made so, at that time you are lone of the credible and living

testaments aware of its advantages and disadvantages. Your customers spirit at that time feel

the sincerity and truthfulness in the field of you and this spirit trigger them to try them

given away in lieu of themselves.

Many partner marketers makes these mistakes and are paying very much in lieu of their

procedures. To not fall into the same spot they be inflicted with been in the field of, try to

prepare everything to shun making the same mistakes.

Moment in time is the tone. Take the moment in time to study your marketing strategy and check

if youa with reference to in the field of the rectify track. If made by the book, you spirit

befall able to boost your partner marketing train and earn advanced profits.

About the Author

Cool info on making cash online without selling

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