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License Suspension, Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program, Ignition Interlock and More!

Welcome to the Aftermath of DWI/DUI in Virginia!

One of the first things that hits you, after the alcohol in the blood has subsided, is that your driver’s license may be suspended for one year if you are convicted under the strict DUI/DWI laws of Virginia.

However, you are free to petition the court for a restricted license, but the granting of such is at the discretion of the presiding Judge.

So what is a restricted driver’s license?

This type of license allows you to move around in a limited manner, rather than completely stopping you from driving your car.

For instance, with a restricted license, you can commute to and from work, as well as drive around during working hours (if the trip is related to work and you have a note from your boss or some other confirmation of purpose (exactly what you want to ask your boss for, right?)).

With a restricted Virginia driver’s license, you are also able to drive to/from the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program and other court ordered probation activities.

A restricted license will permit you to drive to and from school, medical care and to transport your children to/from the same kinds of things.

If you are convicted of DWI/DUI with blood alcohol concentration of .15 or greater, then your restricted license will be contingent upon an ignition interlock system being installed in your car.

This system automatically records the driver’s BAC through a breath analyzer every time the car is started. The driver also has to blow into the breath analyzer every 5 to 20 minutes (more fun, right?)

As the Holidays approach, more and more police and law enforcement will be on the roads looking to bust drunk drivers in Prince William County, Manassas, Warrenton, Culpeper and Fauquier County, Virginia.

In fact, roadblocks are already being planned, as well as other tactics to find and apprehend folks drinking and driving. (Statistics show that DWI/DUI arrests are at their highest rates of the year in Virginia during the Holiday party season-no surprise, right?)

Remember-all of these penalties, costs and inconveniences (by the way, I haven’t even mentioned the costs of a good Virginia DWI/DUI lawyer or the exorbitant insurance rates you will be paying) can be avoided by simply calling a cab or car service, using the designated driver system or crashing on your friend’s couch for the night.

James Parrish is a DWI/DUI attorney in Manassas, Warrenton, and Woodbridge, Virginia. Mr. Parrish formerly represented law enforcement agencies and instructs law enforcement officers. His law firm offers free consumer’s guides on various aspects of the law including DWI/DUI, reckless driving, dog bites/attacks and automobile accidents.

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Question by Yahoo Answers Staff: Do I have the suspension record?
9 in 10 months. Is anyone even close to pissing off Yahoo! that much? I mean, not counting the trolls.
Not in 10 months you haven’t.

Best answer:

Answer by Faith loves black butterflies★゜
your mom must be proud.

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Ontario beef industry assesses fallout from processor's suspension
Liberal Interim Leader Bob Rae is quoted in Hansard, the official written record for the House, asking the government to explain about the CFIA being informed by American border services on Sept. 4 that products from XL Foods were contaminated with E …

Neo Body Modification ~One Hook Chest 3~ Neo Body Modification ~One Hook Chest 1~ Neo Body Modification ~One Hook Chest 3preview~ On October 2nd, 2011. Nero Daikokudo challenged Neo Body Modification ~One Hook Chest Version 2~at the party at Witasexutopia. This time, he aimed for 10 minutes to be ready for the real challenge. Please enjoy the video. 2011年10月2日(ウィタセクストピア)に開催したパーティー内でNeo Body Modification ~One Hook Chest 第2弾~へ大黒堂ネロが挑戦しました。 今回は、より完全な状態で本番に挑む為の調整として10分耐久を目標とし挑戦しました。 どうぞ最後までお楽しみください。 新身体改造/身体改造/刺青/和彫/ピアス/サスペンション/デパートメントH/生理食塩水/世界一/世界を目指す男/ARTE/大黒堂ネロ/rutv/Conch/Pierced/guinness /world/records/GuinnessWorldRecords/tattoo/tattoos/Piercing/SUSPENSION/mods/japan/ONEHOOK/SINGLE/ Bodymod/Body/Modification/Modifications/Mods/Stretched/Ears/Ear/Stretching/Gauges/Plugs/Tunnels/implants/ bodmods/massive/big/huge/crazy/insane/coolLucky Diamond Rich/Rick Genest/o-kee-pa/Brian Decker/1point/Vampire Mother/Pauly Unstoppable
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LG Optimus 2X – No More Suspense

LG Optimus 2X breaks all parameters for mobile browsing speed with its super-advanced dual-core technology that is the first of its kind in the international market. 2011 sees the release of LG Optimus 2X that is a brand new genre of super-speed smart phones. It is undoubtedly one of the biggest technological leaps that LG has undertaken and left behind all its contemporaries by introducing the world’s very first dual-core processor chip integrated hi-tech smart phone. This mobile phone pioneers in the South Korean market and then would be introduced to Europe and other Asian countries. It would probably release this March in the USA by T-Mobile.

LG Optimus 2X is powered by a heavy-duty 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core chipset that leaves behind the regular smart phone multitasking speeds and has thence redefined mobile browsing speeds. Gone are the days of experiencing lag in smart phone browsing tasks and here are days to expect a computer-like browsability in this super-smart mobile phone. A 4-inch WVGA display enables easy touch screen navigation experience and high-definition video recording and playback. With the 8 megapixel rear-facing camera and the front-facing 1.3 megapixel camera, 1080p video recording and video calling/conferencing, respectively has never been of such high caliber.

The super smart phone comes with a plethora of integrated multimedia features and advanced graphics. It hones the HDMI mirroring technology and HDMI and DLNA connectivity. LG Optimus 2X has an inbred media player to watch and listen to HD videos. With a 15mAh battery all these features are well organized in this sleek and voguish apparent king of smart phones. The company has announced an exclusive array of music and ringtones that come built-in in the phone. Some of them consist of the movie soundtrack written by maestro Ennio Morricone.

The LG Optimus 2X has integrated hard disk space of 8GB and an expandable memory of 32GB. According to sources from Sweden the phone may be priced around $ 730 but nothing is fixed as yet. This phone is sure to give rise to another revolution in smart phone technology and the mono-core processor phones might have to give up on their existing market. Mobile phones are known be speedily replaced in this technologically driven world so all the mobile tech-savvy individuals out there watch out for the LG Optimus 2X. This phone sports the Google OS version Android 2.2 (FroYo) which soon is due to undergo a Gingerbread update and t he Android 2.3 would barge in to partake in the super-speed mobile browsing tasks. Check out for more specifications and reviews to come after the release of the phone. It sure is one worthy attention grabber.

Mobile phone world h as constantly faced technological evolution but this time it is huge. The LG Optimus 2X is the first smart phone of the globe to have a dual-core processor chip. The author is renowned in mobile phone technology and has written many articles on the LG Optimus 2X.

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Question by Flopez: how long does a 5 day suspension at school last on your permanent record?
for a minor does it go away once your 18

location California if that matters

Best answer:

Answer by Matt650
It’s says permanent.

Add your own answer in the comments!
Browns' Haden appealing suspension; odds good he'll play opener
Browns president Mike Holmgren revealed Tuesday that Haden had appealed a four-game suspension based on testing positive for the banned substance, Adderall. If appeals are … His track record has been to take off frequently early in seasons. In his …
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Andre Miller no likey Blake Griffin (HD)

HD version of my other video ( ) . This makes it so you can see the fine detail better. Andre Miller gets very very made at Blake Griffin. RIP Blake Griffin. For the record, this was a hard and dirty play by Andre Miller (and suspension is a good call). Bad Dre
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Post-9-11 Anxiety Increases Distrust: More American Waivers Needed

On 11 September 2001, when the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were subjected to the attack of terrorists who flew hijacked commercial aircraft kamikaze-style into them, Canada quickly showed solidarity with the United States. This ranged from diverting aircraft to Canadian airports such as Toronto International and Gander, Newfoundland to outpourings of condolences. But today, almost ten years after the attacks, Canada and the US would seem to be more distant from each other in some respects. It is as if “9-11” has caused the rift between the two neighbouring countries to increase beyond their traditional rivalry into a more substantial estrangement. Let us look at the ways in which this has been manifested.

Opposing political viewpoints

When “9-11” sparked the American invasion of Afghanistan, Canada and many other countries showed solidarity by contributing troops to the war. But when US president George W. Bush wanted to extend the “war on terror” to Iraq, Canada initially refused to participate in this new theatre of war unless supported by the United Nations. This not only angered Bush, whose slogan was “you’re either for us or against us”; it re-kindled wounds from the time of the Vietnam War, when many Americans fled to Canada in order to avoid conscription and service in Vietnam, while Canada was accused by some Americans of cowardice for not participating in the conflict as actively as the United States.

In fact, some American soldiers, dismayed by what they see as a brutal and unjust war in Iraq, have deserted and tried to receive asylum in Canada. So far, however, the Canadian government, probably afraid of diplomatic difficulties, has held off formally permitting the deserters to stay, as opposed to the draft dodgers that were welcomed with open arms in the Vietnam era.

Tighter border security

The US-Canada boundary is known as the world’s longest undefended border. Undefended, perhaps, but not unguarded. It used to be one of the easiest borders in the world to cross, particularly in the case of American border guards admitting Canadians and vice versa. The terrorist attacks have long put an end to this relaxed climate; travellers’ documents are now much more likely to be meticulously checked. Moreover, both American and Canadian border officials subject travellers’ documents to criminal background checks against electronic information from police files. It is illegal for a foreigner who has ever been convicted of a criminal offence to travel to the US without an American waiver. An American criminal waiver (officially, a waiver of inadmissibility) is a visa-like document issued to foreigners by the Department of Homeland Security and allows a convicted foreigner to travel to the US for a period of one to five years. If a convicted Canadian attempts to cross the border without an American waiver, they will be deported and may be prosecuted. On its side, Canada also screens travellers, deporting those with a criminal past, unless they acquire “rehabilitation”, either by means of an official document that is the Canadian equivalent of an American waiver or by allowing a certain period of time to pass since the crime was committed or the sentence served, depending on the offence.

Nor is crossing the border across open spaces safe; although there are not many border guards patrolling the Canada-US border (unlike the US-Mexico border), there are motion detectors along the border that can spot a person crossing at points other than an official point of entry, alerting officials.

Where the enemy comes from

Nonetheless, Canadians and Americans continue to visit each others’ countries, to fraternize, and even find work on the other side of the border. One of the reasons for the heightened alert does not pertain so much to home-grown Canadians and Americans as to the risk of terrorist infiltration. For there is the risk that some foreigners with the wrong mindset will spend some time in one country (as some of the 9-11 hijackers were claimed to have done, allegedly learning to fly in Canada and then perpetrating their attacks in the US) and then move to the other to commit their crimes. Both countries wish to prevent this, but doing so comes at a price – heightened cross-border vigilance and, to some extent, a reduced sense of trust.

Ned Lecic lives and works in Toronto. He is a writer for a Canadian pardons agency.

Article Source:

Immigration Attorney Heather L. Poole discusses the 3 and 10 year immigration bars to re-entering the US that are triggered by certain amount of time spent in the US without a visa or legal status (called unlawful presence), including waivers available, who can qualify for a waiver, the legal requirements if you’ve triggered one of the bars, and how to avoid them. For free consultation with Attorney Heather, call 877.486.2678 or visit
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Question by : 19 yr/old Canadian Barred from Us!? HELP PLEASE!!!!?

In 2007 I was 14 years old and I came to The US, legally, with my father. I believe I entered on my fathers L2 (business) Visa. While in the states I lived with my fathers wife, who was also Canadian. He moved back to Canada In 2009. I lived there for 5 years until I was 19, 2011. The L2 Visa expired some time during the summer of 2010, when I was 18. Keep In Mind when you are a 14 year old you don’t think to ask questions pertaining to immigration status and all that stuff. So as the years went on I assumed all was well and had no reason worry. I did not know anything about my visa or about unlawful presence and being barred…etc. All I knew is that my father brought me to Georgia to live. The rest was never explained to me. It Was not until I began to inquire about obtaining a social security number to apply for scholarships for college that I began to understand the unlawful presence consequences and what type of visa I entered the county with. By then I was to late had already overstayed my visa by a year. I am a Canadian.

My questions are:

how do I find out if I have been barred officially?

are there any actions I can take to gain re entry/ a waiver if I have been barred? since I was underage when I came and did not know of or about anything pertaining to visa’s ( children typically trust their parents with that stuff.) It seems unreasonable to assume I would know.

Canadians be banned at all?

does anyone know anything about children entering with L2 visa and overstaying? I know its pretty specific.

Please help? Im not sure

Best answer:

Answer by NICK
Do you imagine you will get an answer from the 13 year olds here? Contact US immigration

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
Bengals' Hawkins proving doubters wrong
He then signed with Montreal of the Canadian Football League, where he played two seasons. He longed to make it in the NFL, though, and he sent … Hawkins was placed on the waiver wire, and 24 hours later he was claimed by the Bengals. He got cut …
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Accepted For Value Winston Shrout … All these Winston Shrout videos relate to the same matter .. Claiming back Your right, and personal control of Your Bond, & Life. Accepted for Value … Accepted for Value 2 … You Own A Bond Accessing You Bond Waiver Benefit Privilege Waiver Benefit Privilege 2 Declaratory Judgement 1 Declaratory Judgement 2 Declaratory Judgement 3 “What I can say to you about Accepted For Value is, it is 100% applicable to the UK, and it is 100% correct for use in the UK in its current bankrupt state, I say current it was Bankrupt in 1869, evidenced by the Bankruptcy Act of 1869 now located and understood, we are in fact in the equivalent to a (Chapter 11) Bankruptcy which is Debtors in Possession. Not only do we show this piece of damming legislation as evidence of the bankruptcy but we also have the Amendment to the Gold Standards Act 1925 better known as Bill 227 or 277 if Hansards have it correct which dissolved the connection to Gold in our currency as the bill was finally passed on the 21 of September 1931, hence why we now operate Fiat Currency which is backed by the tax or labour of the citizens, furthermore to back up the Bankruptcy claim is double entry bookkeeping which is just a claim and counter claim balancing exercise. Whatever you chose to research we ARE in full bankruptcy, and so in

Skyjacker Suspension Lift Adds More Value To Offroad Products

Offroad products such as skyjacker suspension lifts, for example, sell like hotcakes in the market. Majority of its consumers are those who want to achieve superior performance and functionality while adding a mixture of style and appeal to their vehicles.

Vehicle add-ons designed to increase the automobile’s height and leverage. Oftentimes, these are mistaken as body lifts. Their main difference, however, stems from the fact that body lifts are purely concerned on the car’s frame. It does not provide the expected leverage offered by suspension lifts.


Generally, suspension lifts have different categories. Each type delivers a different range of leverage based on the consumer’s needs and expectations. First in the list are the small suspension lifts. On an average, one can expect a 1.5 height increase in their vehicles. Small works best for those who want to achieve a certain degree of leverage but does not want to maneuver they way out of adjusting their driving habits. Yes, these modifications can alter the individual’s driving behavior.

Medium-size suspension lifts comprise the next category. Here, one must be prepared to encounter a 2-inch increase in their trucks or jeeps, upon installation. Lastly, for large suspension lifts, one should get use to driving automobiles that are 4 inch higher than the ordinary ones.

More often than not, offroad jeep and truck owners install suspension lifts. Apparently, these vehicles are frequently used for outdoor activities where an encounter with rugged terrains and steep slopes is commonly experience. In normal conditions, ordinary automobiles may have a hard time coping with these types of environment. Jeeps and trucks are likewise not spared from such scenario. But with these paraphernalia, they prolong the vehicle’s durability and makes driving a lot safer.

Adding Power Boards

Another offroad product is powerboards. Since the vehicle’s height has been increased, passengers may find it hard to mount their automobiles. Powerboards provide a non-slip platform that assists passengers to mount their trucks or jeeps.

The Skyjacker Advantage

Skyjacker suspension lift echoes a strong brand in the world of vehicle paraphernalia and modifications. Skyjacker products are sound investments. Through the years, it has gained credibility via delivering high-quality materials. Secondly, it is known to provide installation ease. Its products can be easily attached or assembled by its consumers, thus making it more cost-effective. Likewise, it has a proven track record for superior performance and versatility.

Practicality and efficiency are two important factors that must be considered in choosing suspension lifts. For those that have limited budgets, there are other products that offer the same quality at more affordable rates. However, one must never disregard the issue of durability. Suspension lifts that need to be constantly replaced are far more expensive. Aside from that, one should always remember that these gears must be maintained regularly. Otherwise, no matter how good the product is, it may not be able to withstand prolonged exposure to elements that may cause damages.

The Author is a blogger. He is also work as an article writer. He loves to write an article about car parts like roof racks, skyjackers, offroad tires, offroad parts and offroad equipment. You can check his blog Car shock absorber dot blogspot dot com.

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Consideration of the following suspensions: 1) H. Con. Res. 67–Authorizing the use of the Capitol Grounds for the District of Columbia Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run; 2) HR 2061–Civilian Service Recognition Act of 2011; and 3) HR 2832–To extend the Generalized System of Preferences, and for other purposes.

NFL players have bounty suspensions overturned on appeal
New Orleans. The suspensions of Jonathan Vilma and three other players in the NFL's bounty investigation were lifted Friday by a three-member appeals panel and the league reinstated those players a few minutes later. Skip to next paragraph. Related …
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HON Company Products – 2 Drawer Lateral File W/Lock, 42″x19-1/4″x28-3/8″, Black – Sold as 1 EA – Lateral file accommodates letter-size or legal-size folders from side-to-side. Front-to-back filing requires optional hangrails. Deep files provide storage of large volume records. Mechanical interlock allows only one drawer to open at a time. Three-part, telescoping, slide suspension operates on steel ball-bearings. Lateral file has four adjustable leveling guides, aluminum recessed drawer pulls and

HON Company Products - 2 Drawer Lateral File W/Lock, 42

  • Sold as 1 EA
  • Manufacturer: HON Company
  • Total percentage of recycled content: 0
  • Post Consumer Waste: 0
  • Country of origin: US

HON Company Products – 2 Drawer Lateral File W/Lock, 42″x19-1/4″x28-3/8″, Black – Sold as 1 EA

Lateral file accommodates letter-size or legal-size folders from side-to-side. Front-to-back filing requires optional hangrails. Deep files provide storage of large volume records. Mechanical interlock allows only one drawer to open at a time. Three-part, telescoping, slide suspension operates on steel ball-bearings. Lateral file has four adjustable leveling guides, aluminum recessed drawer pu

List Price: $ 754.00

Price: [wpramaprice asin=”B004E3K9W8″]

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Fletcher's Suspension

Round 13 vs Hawthorn. The incident was assessed as intentional conduct (three points), low impact (one point) and body contact (one point). This is a total of five activation points, resulting in a classification of a Level Two offence, drawing 225 demerit points and a two-match sanction. He has an existing bad record of two matches suspended within the last three years, increasing the penalty by 20 per cent to 270 demerit points. He also has 37.50 points carried over from within the last 12 months, increasing the penalty to 307.50 points and a three-match sanction. An early plea reduces the penalty by 25 per cent to 230.63 points and a two-match sanction.
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Digital Signage Scoop: There’s A Lot More Going On At School Than The Three Rs

As the summer rapidly comes to a close, young children, adolescents and young adults prepare to return to school to resume their education.

While that annual ritual continues much in same way it has my entire life, many other aspects of the school experience are different. For instance, why should a student learn the Dewey Decimal System when there’s Google and the Internet? Remember that distinct smell and soggy feel of newly mimeographed tests? A relic of a bygone era. How about recesses filled with competitive games of soccer, kickball or basketball? Is it even OK to have winners and losers anymore?

Here’s another you’re sure to remember: The disembodied voice of the principal emanating from a small speaker on the wall filling the classroom with various announcements. That, pardon the pun, is old school. It’s gone -or at least augmented by technologies like student-run TV production and digital signage.

While it’s not surprising that digital signage is replacing outmoded methods of communications around schools, what some might find shocking is the scope of digital signage deployments on campuses. According to an article published in in July, some 1,500 campuses added digital signage last year, and an additional 2,200 campuses are forecasted to do the same in 2011.

Digital signs at elementary schools, high schools and on the campuses of colleges and universities are used for a variety of applications, including -but not limited to:

* Informational: Where bulletin boards, lockers and even telephone poles on campus were once covered with fliers recruiting students for activities, advertising a new band on tour or conveying some other piece of important news, digital signs are offering a more attractive way to get the message out more quickly and easily.

* Wayfinding: Frequently visitors to a college campus or even a massive high school don’t know how to get where they want to go. Digital signs not only can greet visitors, but also make it easy to find a gymnasium, theater or even an auditorium where voting in a local or national election is being conducted.

* Menu boards: With digital signage, controlling the display of what’s for lunch at the school cafeteria becomes consistent and less labor intensive, if deployed across an entire school district. Think of the manual steps that must be taken to use the old plastic lettering -repeated over and over again across the district. Then there is simplifying the steps to coordinate this huge dance.

* Create ambience: Some school districts and universities use digital signage to create a desired environment. For example, one Midwestern high school honors program focused on business education relies on a digital sign outside each classroom to showcase the work of students and to give them a place to make special presentations. The digital signs, thus, are both functional and instrumental in creating the desired look and feel the school district desires.

* Emergency alerts: Displays on a digital signage network makes informing faculty, staff and students of potential severe weather and other emergency situations quick and easy.

So, here’s the scoop: These digital signage applications are transforming how many different communications tasks are being fulfilled in educational settings. Digital signs are replacing outmoded approaches while at the same time making it easier to communicate an effective message. It’s no wonder thousands of campuses and school districts nationwide are turning to digital signage.

David Little is a charter member of the Digital Screenmedia Association with 20 years of experience helping professionals use technology to effectively communicate. For further digital signage insight from Keywest Technology, visit our website for many helpful tips and examples. For more in-depth research from Keywest Technology, download our free digital signage white papers and case studies.

Article Source:

Question by One Guy: How do I get a pardon from a Congressman or Governor?
I am wanting to enlist in the military however with a felony (when I was 13 years old) makes that very difficult in the first place.
I am interested in enlisting in the Navy, and a goal is to eventually become a Navy SEAL.
Can anyone give me information or help?
I live in WA.

Best answer:

Answer by Tom R
If your not a multi millionaire you can’t get a pardon.

Add your own answer in the comments!
Madonna calls for Pussy Riot pardon
Madonna joins Pulp singer Jarvis Cocker, Scottish band Franz Ferdinand, Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sting, and Pete Townshend of The Who who have already called for the imprisoned women to be released. Two weeks before Russia's …

Scooter Libby gets 2 1/2 years; President Bush won’t pardon former aide.(World Wire): An article from: Winnipeg Free Press

Scooter Libby gets 2 1/2 years; President Bush won't pardon former aide.(World Wire): An article from: Winnipeg Free Press

This digital document is an article from Winnipeg Free Press, published by Thomson Gale on June 6, 2007. The length of the article is 579 words. The page length shown above is based on a typical 300-word page. The article is delivered in HTML format and is available in your Digital Locker immediately after purchase. You can view it with any web browser.

Citation Details
Title: Scooter Libby gets 2 1/2 years; President Bush won’t pardon former aide.(World Wire)
Author: Gal

List Price: $ 9.95

Price: [wpramaprice asin=”B000RNKLGS”]

[wpramareviews asin=”B000RNKLGS”]

Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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