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Al Mansur and Literature Legend: Ibn Al Mukaffa

In the same tradition as the “One Man Army” videos for GTA4. I put this together to show how I got the Friends In High Places achievement (which is basically Red Dead Redemption’s answer to One Man Army). So over the next couple of videos I’ll show a good way on how to get it. Bring plenty of health and ammo, also obviously access to the full map is helpful too. You should have at least one Pardon Letter by this point in the game (you get a few throughout the game).
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pardon letter
by lisby1

Hasan A. Yahya, a writer from Palestine

Involvement in politics from literary legends in the Arabic history of literature, is an interesting one. In this article, a story of a legend paid his life for a message he wrote. Ibn Al Mukaffa, the translator of the book “Kalilah and Dimnah” from Pehlevi into Arabic, was one of the most learned men during the reign of Al Mansur, but suspected of Zendikism, or free-thinking. Al Mansur is reported to have said: “I never found a book on Zendikism which did not owe its origin to Ibn Al Mukaffa.” The latter used to be a thorn in the side of Sofyan, the governor of Basra. As Sofyan had a large nose, Ibn Al Mukaffa used to say to him when he visited him: “How are you both?” meaning him and his nose. Sofyan once said: “I had never reason to repent keeping silence.” And Ibn Al Mukaffa replied: “Dumbness becomes you; why should you repent of it?” These gibes rankled in Sofyan’s mind, and ere long he had an opportunity of glutting his vengeance on Ibn Al Mukaffa.

Abdallah, the uncle of Al Mansur, had revolted against his nephew, and aspired to the Caliphate; but being defeated by Abu Muslim, who had been sent against him at the head of an army, he took to flight, and dreading the vengeance of Al Mansur, lay concealed at the house of his brothers, Sulaiman and Isa. These two then interceded for him with the Caliph, who consented to forgive what had passed; and it was decided that a letter of pardon should be granted by Al Mansur.

On coming to Basra the two brothers told Ibn Al Mukaffa, who was secretary to Isa, to draw up the letter of pardon, and to word it in the strongest terms, so as to leave no pretext to Al Mansur for making an attempt against Abdallah’s life. Ibn Al Mukaffa obeyed their directions, and drew up the letter in the most binding terms, inserting in it, among others, the following clause: “And if at any time the Commander of the Faithful act perfidiously toward his uncle, Abdallah Ibn ali, his wives shall be divorced from him, his horses shall be confiscated for the service of God in war, his slaves shall become free, and the Moslems loosed from their allegiance to him.” The other conditions of the deed were expressed in a manner equally strict. Al Mansur, having read the paper, was highly displeased, and asked who wrote it. On being informed that it was Ibn Al Mukaffa, his brother’s secretary, he sent a letter to Sofyan, the governor of Basra, ordering him to put Ibn Al Mukaffa to death. Sofyan was already filled with rancor against Ibn Al Mukaffa, for the reasons mentioned above. He summoned him, and, when he appeared, reminded him of his gibes. “Emir!” exclaimed Ibn Al Mukaffa, “I implore you in the name of God to spare my life.” “May my mother be disgraced,” replied Sofyan, “if I do not kill thee in a manner such as none was ever killed in before.” On this he ordered an oven to be heated, and the limbs of Ibn Al Mukaffa to be cut off, joint by joint; these he cast into the oven before his eyes, and he then threw him in bodily, and closed the oven on him, saying; “It is not a crime in me to punish you thus, for you are a Zindik (free-thinker) who corrupted the people.”

Salaiman and Isa, having made inquiries about their secretary, were informed that he had

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