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Pardons and Bureaucracy – Necessary Inefficiencies?

pardon forms
by lisby1

Bureaucracy, especially public-sector bureaucracy, has inefficiencies. Almost any layperson will reflexively associate the very word with overlong wait times, unreasonable employees and pointless and often redundant detail. If asked to characterize the private market, however, most would use some combination of the terms, “efficient, quick, professional, etc.” Clearly no one wants to deal with these inefficiencies, so why then do they persist so blatantly?

Many treatments of this issue find the driving force to be profit-seeking competition. Firms compete for market share, advertising space, suppliers, retailers, etc. and given similar products, the firm that charges the lowest price will win. Being able to undercut your competitors’ prices is intrinsically related to efficiency, as firms must spend time and money on misallocations and thus cannot charge as low a price as an efficient competitor.

Naturally, this would seem to imply that the lack of profit-seeking competition is the cause of inefficiency in public-sector bureaucracies. If this is the case, then privatization is the only remedy. But can we be certain that this is the only cause? We shall see that bureaucratic inefficiencies arise for other reasons as well, and that in those instances there are other solutions.

Let’s use the Canadian pardons/U.S. entry waiver process as an example. Those wishing to apply for a pardon/waiver must obtain their criminal conviction form, conditional and absolute discharges form, and proof of conviction from Ottawa; their court information form (including proof of restitution) from each individual court they were convicted in; their local police record check; their immigration/citizenship forms; and so on. Each of these separate public bureaucracies have differing workloads, processing times, client demands, etc. and do not coordinate with one another. As well, many of the above forms expire after a set time limit. The applicant must obtain, fill out, submit and have processed all forms completely and exactly, in addition to meeting all residual requirements, before any of them expire. If any of these exact conditions are not precisely met, then the applicant must wait and attempt to organize the entire process again before trying to clear their criminal record.

Here we see a characterization of bureaucratic inefficiency not due to the lack of profit-seeking competition, but due to coordination failure. In this case, privatization of each individual governmental arm does nothing to alleviate the problem. However, the private market does offer a solution. A central coordinating firm that deals constantly with each relevant government agency and knows their wait-times and processes will develop algorithms for expediting the process and removing barriers to efficiency for the end consumer. This is akin to the effect of labour unions on employee rights. Union representatives deal with management constantly and are thus better equipped to handle them.

In summation, inefficiencies that arise not due to the lack of profit-seeking competition seem necessary, because privatization cannot remove them. This is not the case though, as we see once again efficient firms provide the requisite assistance to the consumer (in the above case, the pardon/waiver applicant).

Andrew Olim is interested in discovering new opinions and sharing his knowledge. He is an author specializing in the Canadian pardons process and helping people restructure their lives.

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Question by Anton A: What are the different types of pardon that a preseident can give?
please enumerate it in a bulleted form.

Best answer:

Answer by Ben
Pardon – forgiveness of the crime and the penalty associated with it.

Clemency – lessening of the penalty without forgiving the crime itself.

What do you think? Answer below!
Oh, That's Rich
Denise Rich, separated amicably from Marc, is also extremely wealthy and was a Friend of Bill. She convinced Bill Clinton's people to pardon her ex husband who, I believe, stayed in Switzerland anyway because, to heck with us. At least nobody's trying …
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A form of prayer, to be used in all churches and chapels throughout England, Wales, and the town of Berwick upon Tweed, upon Wednesday the seventh of March next,  for obtaining pardon of our sins,

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It is necessary to learn Spanish phrases befor vacation

Article by Brandonqq10

Barcelona, Buenos Aries, Cozumel, Cabo, Argentina and a great number of other spots make a destination and these are considered as some of the most beautiful vacation sports in the earth which Spanish is their mother tongue in. But if you want to learn some Spanish phrases before you set off. then your vacation will be relaxed as well as more enjoyable. when you are on vacation in your own country, to be polite with ” please” or “thank you” is quite easy. Actually, learning Spanish phrases is very easy. children were taught how to be polite by their mothers, including mothers in other countries. Even if you pronounce it wrong, everyone will enjoy that you tried to speak their language at least. Remember, you need to be polite to your hosts as a guest. Likewise, if you learn Spanish phrases for “pardon me” and other small apologies, then people will be more inclined to help you. for example, to yell “waiter” in English would be rude. instead of learning a simple phrase for” excuse me sir”. No one would like to be summoned in a rude way in a foreign language, doesn’t he or she?

Experiencing the Country

Many tourists visit places but never leave their little tourist bubble: they stay on the bus, the designated hotel, the tour. it is also a bit uninteresting even though it’s a stress-free way to travel. Why travel to another country just to enjoy it like a TV show? Helping to turn a TV experience into an interactive special experience is learning a few Spanish phrases. For instance, many taking public transportation in their vacation city is what many people like to do. That’s an example of how the locals live after all. A tour in itself is a fifty-cent bus ride. But if you don’t learn Spanish phrases for direction, destination, distance, and fares, then it could be very difficult to navigate even a simple bus ride. Also, often the best restaurant is not the one on the tourist boardwalk with a photographic menu. It is out-of-the-way one locals frequent anyway. if you learn Spanish food phrases, then it could mean a culinary treat on vacation. you can try anything else on the menu so far as you know the words for what you do not like or are allergic to. Pointing and smiling helps even though you don’t know everything that the service man says.

Specific Country

There are many nuance and dialects as there are Spanish-speaking countries since Spanish is a very different language. Picking up local words and phrases is something that is very important. taking a guidebook specific to your destination district that comes with language notes and glossary of phrases about these dialects is what you can do.

if you want to learn some Spanish phrases before you set off. then your vacation will be relaxed as well as more enjoyable. when you are on vacation in your own country, to be polite with ” please” or “thank you” is quite easy. Actually, learning Spanish phrases is very easy.

Who else wants to learn to speak Spanish confidently and naturally? It’s very easy to achieve your target you want with Rocket Spanish Courses.

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Job satisfaction : The necessary spice

Article by Aleena Shah

Humans have a very uncanny trait of seeking fulfillment in the things they pursue. These could be their very basic needs like feeding their hunger, quenching their thirst or being a social animal, each of these tasks has its own levels of takeaways in the terms of the contentment an individual seeks from them. And when taken in the perspective of a job these come in the form of fine pay and yes, job satisfaction.But why job satisfaction from employment is so important and more importantly, why is it so hard to get it right? Well firstly, humans as a species are hard to please. Secondly, the never ending hunger for a bit more fresh and innovative also leads them to strive for the kind of satisfaction that we are talking about.The ways to achieve the satisfaction can be very different. Some of them could be:

Evolving with the trends: We all know things, and so do people, change. So changing your definition of what you consider as satisfaction over time. This will help an employee adapt to his job better.

Different people, different tastes: For a daily wage laborer with many hungry mouths to feed, job satisfaction from your employment holds different meaning than say a top notch executive that has a five or six figure salary to boast. He might have some goals that need to be satisfied on a more subtle level. An employee needs to understand the difference before you actually start comparing.

Stop blaming yourself: Go easy on yourself. Stop cursing yourself in case anything awry happens. Realizing your shortcomings is as important is as important as knowing your strengths. It is still more important not to feel bad about yourself. It all goes a long way in gaining the best from your job.

Forgive and Forget: Learn to pardon others who might have seemed to interrupt or impair your chances of career progress. Holding something against someone might satisfy you, but will be negative to you in the long run. You need to understand that you cannot be in everybody’s good books.Positivity is the way forward: There is always a silver side to things and to get the best from your job, you need to see this side. Barring the negative thoughts will also augment your efficiency and help focus on your job better.

These above tips can only help you if you go ahead with them keeping yourself and your strengths and weakness in mind.

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4 Necessary Items to Learn About Debts Once the Borrower Dies

Article by Patricia Strasser

It could be uncomfortable, but one of the things which should be considered when anyone passes away is what would happen to that person’s outstanding Estate Loans as well as other delinquent financial obligations. Often times unpaid debts follow the debtor to his burial plot, or, in other words, the credit is pardoned. If a loan is pardoned, the funds from the debtor’s house will never be utilized to pay off the outstanding loan. However there are also instances in which the person’s successors experience paying back the outstanding amount of any financial debt the debtor left behind. Below are some of the items you should learn about what happens to outstanding debts if perhaps the consumer dies:

The government forgives unsettled student education loans

The federal government typically forgives any unresolved financial loans when the debtor passes away. Student loans include sponsored and unsubsidized financial loans along with other financial loans that the student’s mother and father might have obtained on the student’s account. There are a variety personal student loans that are also forgiven upon death, but this is not usually the case. The precise conditions and terms of the personal financial loans will apply and see if the loan will be forgiven or not.

Shared financial obligations may have to be settled by the individual who shares the obligation of the debt or the partner of the dead

One of the financial obligations which could continue even if the person in debt has died is the shared debts. It is because somebody else shares the responsibility of the financial debt, leaving that person to settle the outstanding sum. In some instances, the partner of the deceased may need to assume full responsibility for the financial debt if they shared common banking accounts and property or home.

The executor of the real estate is liable for handling possessions and negotiating outstanding debts

Upon a debtor’s departure, the executor of her or his property will take an inventory of the debtor’s property and then settles any kind of outstanding financial obligations. The assets are utilized to settle the outstanding debts, and state regulations stipulate which debts need to be repaid first. The term probate is used to relate to the system of repaying financial obligations and identifying how the remaining possessions will be dispersed among the heirs. The probate time period typically lasts about 1 year, and all debts stay active during this time period. Creditors are banned from calling any person about a deceased’s financial obligations, and they’re not permitted to ask for repayments against the estate except if they are granted due authority to take action. The deceased’s loved ones are not responsible for paying back financial debts nor should loan providers collect payments from them.

Some financial debts will be left delinquent if the debtor’s real estate is financially troubled

Properties will be regarded as insolvent if they are determined to have more financial obligations than assets. In this case, some financial debta will not be paid back in full or will not be paid at all. After the probate procedure, the remaining financial obligationss would be ignored and the banker will simply have to think about the personal debt a loss.

Unpleasant as the thought may be, it’s important to understand and be prepared for the financial responsibilities that can be expected when a person dies.

Written by Patricia Strasser. Much more information on Estate Loans could be found at

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Re-Homing Your Dog: Is it Really Necessary and Can it Be Avoided?

Article by Ron Ayalon

This may be a difficult article to read, as it addresses a subject people dislike discussing. It is this very reason why it is necessary to read this article before you considering re-homing your dog.

Every day dogs are listed on websites like Craigslist needing to be re-homed. A person can decide to re-home his or her dog for a variety of reasons, which will be explained below. But in the eyes of most people, re-homing is never really “okay,” unless you have tried all your available options. The idea is to look at your reason for adopting out the dog, to make sure it’s a real reason and not just an excuse.

If you have ever talked with someone adopting out there canine companion you have likely heard one or more of these reasons for surrendering him/her:* I can’t care for him anymore* I can’t handle her behavioral problems* I can’t give him the attention he needs* I’m moving to a place that doesn’t allow dogs.* I am having a baby.* He/she needs a yard.* I/a member of my family has allergies.

Because these reasons have become commonplace, most people believe that these are valid reasons to give their pets up for adoption. While this may be true in some rare instances, and pardon this, as it may sound extremely harsh, the truth is that most often the reasons listed above are nothing more than excuses. Justifications made by owners who find themselves overwhelmed by their animal, and not willing to put in the time and effort to resolve the situations. As you will see below, there are things you can do to resolve most of these issues. Deciding to adopt out your pug, Otis, is a decision not to be taken lightly. Placing him in a new home must be a last resort option, not a quick fix.

Solutions:* If you can’t care for your dog anymore, examine the problem more closely. If it’s a financial reason, then you may be justified in surrendering him. Although job situations can change without warning, it is also your responsibility as the dog’s parent to fully understand the implications of dog ownership. This is especially the case with the financial commitment. If you purchased or adopted the dog without considering the cost of providing his needs, then you are responsible for finding an acceptable solution to the problem. Perhaps this means that you get more work, or spend more wisely.

* If you are giving away your dog because of behavioral problems, then you will need to take responsibility for them. Difficult though this may be to hear, ultimately, you are responsible for your dog’s poor behavior, either because you have not put in the effort to train him properly, or because anything goes in your house. If you’re adopting Otis out because he barks too much, chances are someone else won’t want him either. So instead of relinquishing him because of the barking, get some help. There are a variety of obedience classes and professional trainers to help you.

* I can’t give him the attention he needs. While this may be true in a society where people’s schedules have gotten busier and busier, do you give up your children just because you can’t spend time with them? That was of course rhetorical. You make an effort to re-organize your schedule. The same applies to your dog. You may not have time for an hour-long activity every night, but your dog just wants to be with you, so even if you just spend 15 minutes playing ball with him every day, will do wonders for Otis.

* I’m moving to a place that doesn’t accept dogs. This is only an acceptable reason after you have made an exhaustive search for places that are pet friendly. If you put in a little more time and effort toward your housing search, there are places out there that happily accept pets. It may be a little more expensive, and it may be a little longer commute to and from work, but if you get to keep Otis, isn’t it worth it?

* I’m having a baby. Unless your dog is aggressive, and you have done all that you can to correct this behavior, most dogs can acclimate easily to the presence of a baby. All it takes is early introduction to the infant, and an intention to facilitate harmony.

* He needs a yard. While it’s true that all dogs need exercise, and a yard appears to provide for this opportunity, it’s not a necessity. Most dogs with yards end up sleeping in them, and not using them to exercise themselves. Any dog can adjust to any living situation, as long as they are exercised adequately, and given numerous opportunities to get up and move.

* I/a family member has allergies. There are a variety of allergy medications, as well as alternative medicines to help you address allergies. Also, before you ever introduce a dog to the home environment, you should be sure that all family members are able to tolerate his hair and dander. But sometimes even these precautions are no help. In the case that you or your family member is suffering from severe allergies, you may have no other choice than to adopt Otis into another family.

In the end, you must make your own decision about what is best for the dog. But before you place them up for adoption, take advantage of all resources, put in some effort where your commitment is needed, and please take responsibility. Otis needs to be treated like what he is: a living, breathing, feeling, entity that deserves your respect and love.

About the Author

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