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The Need For Criminal History Background Checks

The ability to obtain access to criminal history records has become increasingly important for a variety of reasons. Employers in the private sector have a responsibility to ascertain whether a job candidate has a background which could jeopardize the company’s clients, employees, or business dealings. Failure to exercise due diligence in researching a potential employee’s background as it pertains to the position being sought can result in serious liability.

Public employers face the same situation, particularly in instances where public safety or government security clearance is an issue. In recent years, especially, the counter-terrorism efforts of the government has lead to an increase in criminal history screening.

Those who work in the health care sector dealing with disabled, vulnerable, or elderly persons are invariably subject to criminal screening, as are applicants for teaching positions. Volunteers, as well, are more often than not investigated for a criminal background, especially those dealing with children or the elderly or disabled.

Privacy/Fairness in Reporting

With greater need for criminal history checks also comes greater concern for privacy of individuals and fairness in reporting. When obtaining criminal background information for a potential employee or volunteer, great care must be exercised that the information is accurate and current. If there is a criminal background, the individual concerned should have the right to be made aware of the contents of the report to ensure that they are being represented fairly.

In addition, consideration should be given for those who have served time and undergone rehabilitation. If the nature of the criminal history has no relevance to the position being sought, employers need to exercise care in discrimination. If an applicant is otherwise qualified for a job, he or she may not be turned down based on a criminal background that has no bearing on job duties or responsibilities. Former convicts who are re-entering society merit the opportunity to become productive members of their communities, provided their criminal background does not affect the responsibilities of their job.

Sources for Obtaining Criminal History Information

The most common sources for criminal background checks are private sector criminal history databases and screening services. For a fee, registered users may conduct a database search based on public records which provides everything from driver’s license history to criminal convictions. Background screening services are also available; these services utilize databases and in-person records checks to provide information to their clients. Private individuals may also conduct direct searches of public court records, although not all information is available to the general public.

The FBI and local law enforcement agencies also maintain their own records, although in some cases law enforcement may subscribe to a private-sector database.

With improvements in technology and global information resources, criminal histories are increasingly available to a growing number of entities, and background checks are becoming widespread and routine.

To get a list of the best free criminal background check sites and to learn about the most reliable and cheapest paid criminal background check services online visit my lens at Free Criminal Background Check

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“Parole and Probation officers” provides an overview of a “day in the life” of a Community Supervision Officer at the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency (CSOSA) in Washington, DC
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Question by helen: Any idea how much it costs annually for social services to remove/relocate families from the home?
Including law enforcement intervening, child protective services, criminal justice costs, incarceration costs, shelter costs, relocating costs, job training etc.

Best answer:

Answer by awaken_now
Figure $ 100,000.00 per item mentioned above would be $ .7mil.

However is it cost per child?
………..which county?
……which year?

.So yes I have an idea how much …

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Calif. Attorney General Files Criminal Charges in Police Overtime Case
The police force, called the Office of Protective Services, patrols and investigates criminal activity at five board-and-care institutions that house about 1,800 patients with cerebral palsy and profound intellectual disabilities in Los Angeles, Orange …
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A team of British journalists analyzed over 400.000 logs made by the US military in Iraq. These logs were provided by Wikileaks and they describe horrific cases of murder, torture and violent aggression against innocent civilians in Iraq perpetrated by the US army. Dispatches exposes the full and unreported horror of the Iraqi conflict and its aftermath. The programme reveals the true scale of civilian casualties, and allegations that after the scandal of Abu Ghraib, American soldiers continued to abuse prisoners; and that US forces did not systematically intervene in the torture and murder of detainees by the Iraqi security services. The programme also features previously unreported material of insurgents being killed while trying to surrender. Channel 4 is the only UK broadcaster to have been given access to nearly 400000 secret military significant activities reports (SIGACTS) logged by the US military in Iraq between 2004 and 2009. These reports tell the story of the war and occupation which the US military did not want the world to know.

Background and Criminal Checks – Why You Need It?

With the crime rate going up and there are people who deceive other people, it is scary to trust someone you do not know personally. But we cannot do everything alone and there are situations that you need to trust someone you do not know. The only thing you can do is conduct a background and criminal checks for your safety and to ensure you trust a good person.

There are numerous reasons why you need to conduct background and criminal checks on someone. One reason is when you need someone to take care of your children when you are at work. This concerns the safety of your children and of course you cannot afford just to get someone without the proper checking and put your children’s safety at risk.

If you meet someone over the internet and things get really intimate and you want to meet him or her for a date, it is sensible to conduct a background and criminal checks on potential dates for your safety. People online could deceive you and pretend to be someone they are not. Who knows if he or she is already married? Are you sure he or she doesn’t have any sexual offense or criminal records? It is better to be safe than sorry, so it will help you know the person and get comfortable if you will conduct a background and criminal checks.

If you are going to do business with people you do not know, it is a good option to conduct background and criminal checks for your safety. Sometimes it is inevitable to do business with total strangers like buying or selling big properties, investing money, etc. For your protection and to know more about these people, checking on their personal and public records is a big help.

There are a lot of reasons why you need to conduct background and criminal checks on someone but you have to remember you can only use the information for your safety and to help you decide about the people you are going to trust and not to harm others.

Did you know that you do not have to hire people to conduct background and criminal checks on someone? You can do it on your own at the comfort of your own home and you will get immediate results. Get an instant access to check the background and public records of practically anyone visit People Search

To know more about detective tools visit Government-Records

Gerry Restrivera writes informative articles on various subjects including Reasons to Conduct a Background and Criminal Checks. You are allowed to publish this article in its entirety provided that author’s name, bio and website links must remain intact and included with every reproduction.

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Question by hastlyalert: How can I find out if I would pass a criminal background check?
When I was 17, I was charged as an adult for larceny over $ 250 and identity fraud. ……. Yes I was an idiot and I hung out with the wrong crowd …… I’m now 24 and haven’t been into trouble since (it’s been 7 years).

I’ve never been convicted, though. The judge was very good to me and gave me a CWOF (continuance without a finding) which resulted in a dismissal after 1 year probation and restitution. Needless to say, I complied with the terms of my 1 year probation and the aforementioned charges were dismissed.

I’ve never been convicted of those felonies. For employment purposes, would I pass a criminal background check? Where can I go to run my background to see if I would pass a criminal check?

I think it’s important to note that I’m from Massachusetts.

To Shannon: Would that clearly tell me whether or not the criminal check “Passed” or “Failed”?

Best answer:

Answer by Shannon W
You can do a search online at places similar to PeopleSearch. If you have the SSN, birthdate, and full name (which you would) you can get your own background check online for a fee…typically starting at about $ 40.

In answer to your other question, it would show you what you have on your criminal background check. Whether or not it would cause you to “pass” or “fail” if someone looked it up is entirely up to that person and what they require. But if there IS something in your criminal history, it would show you what it is and when it occurred.

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Warrantless Text Message Search Threatens to Scuttle Murder Case
Cell phones allow us not only to communicate with one another, but also to take and store pictures, “check in” from a location, balance our checking account, and even update our blogs. When the content of a cell phone may help the police to solve a …
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Why Do We Need to Conduct a Criminal Records Search?

With all the crime related activities we witness on TV and newspapers, we are wondering about our safety and the trust that we can give especially to people whose backgrounds we barely know about. There are a lot of reasons why people need to look for criminal records about an individual they feel suspicious about and most of the time; this helps them reassure their safety and the safety of their families by being able to know the criminal background of an individual, if they ever have one.

Every time a person feels like looking for a particular crime record, their first move is to look for any online records repositories with the initial hope that they can certainly find what they are looking for. Although it is true for a fact that the internet holds millions of information on different types of subjects, this is seldom factual when it comes to a personal records search because looking for a particular record such as this does not mean that you can easily type in the name of the subject and hit the search button. What you have to understand is that if you want to have a more productive search, you need to employ the services of online criminal records search service providers for you to able to locate the records you are looking for. This is because a lot of novice individuals looking for these records do not often realize that a simple Google or Yahoo search is not enough to produce the results they want. That is why it is never advisable to conduct a personal records search on your own without the help of criminal records search service providers who, in the first place, have a comprehensive database to offer when it comes to online records repositories.

Online criminal records search service is a convenient and helpful tool when someone is performing a background check while on the lookout for existing crime records about an individual. This records search service providers have plenty of accurate and reliable sources to offer which can extremely simplify your hunt for these records. Subscription based criminal records search services most of the time, are able to provide accurate information which can be a reliable source you can use on your background checking for whatever reasons you have in mind. These websites regularly up date and cross referenced their databases in order to come up with the most comprehensive online databanks.

To sum it up, looking for criminal records is not an easy task to perform on your own that it is why a lot of online criminal records search service offers their services to the public to enable them to conduct a more convenient and simple personal records lookup. What you can obtain from this particular service can help you a lot to understand the characteristics and personality of your subject and this can also help you establish the background of that individual based on his crime records which can help you in reassuring the safety of your family.

Meta Description

This article talks about the importance of obtaining criminal records. This also shows why online criminal records search services are important in performing a more convenient criminal records lookup.

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Question by Liaison Officer: United States Criminal Investigative services (Government)?
So far I have:

Are there more?
Okay my bad, I meant stuff in that department. Like… CIA-Like, with anti-terrorism stuff going on and all that jazz.

Best answer:

Answer by aeriol7
the CIA is not a criminal investigative service it is part of the intelligence community !

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Amherst crime lab passes muster, no ties to Jamaica Plain scandal found
As the state's probe widens to include the work of other DPH chemists, the Massachusetts State Police said its forensic services section is reviewing the policies and procedures of the Amherst lab as it standardizes its operations with those of the …
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Criminal Behavior: A Psychosocial Approach

Criminal Behavior: A Psychosocial Approach

This book approaches the understanding of delinquent and criminal behavior from a developmental, coginitive-behavioral, and psychological perspective.  Viewing the juvenile and adult offender as being embedded and continually influenced by multiple systems, the book examines the risk and protective factors that are believed to influence the developmental pathways on the road to delinquency and crime.  The 8th edition continues to be heavily researched in a style that allows the reader to

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[wpramareviews asin=”0131931865″] http (800) 215-9996 – Toll Free:(800) 215-9996 Phone:(949) 833-0505 Fax:(949) 833-0511 -CA PI Lic. #16757 – Call us for confidential consultation today. Former NYPD Sargent offers investigative services in California, across the Nation and International. Venezia Investigative Services is a professional private investigations firm based in Orange County, California. Venezia Investigative Services is licensed by the State of California through the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. Venezia Investigative Services has been providing investigative and intelligence services to the legal and business community since 1995, offering a complete portfolio of investigations and litigation support to law firms, individuals, municipalities, corporations and insurance companies. Our work has been noted on television, radio, magazines, trade journals and newspapers. Our investigative staff is comprised of top-level investigation professionals with diverse backgrounds and unequaled investigative skills from the law enforcement community to the business industry. With more resources than most investigation agencies our superior databases and investigative retrieval of information can accommodate any request. Through our proprietary network of highly skilled associates we have the ability to perform investigations anywhere in the state of California, nationwide and internationally. Each investigator brings
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Criminal Record – How Much Do We Really Need It?

Every second a crime is being committed somewhere in the world and every second too somebody gets convicted for one form of crime or the other. The rate or frequency with which this occurs varies from country to country. Some countries are relatively calm and quiet while some others are volatile and prone to crimes.

Criminal record therefore, is the record of a person’s criminal history. This record may be of crimes committed recently or in the distant past. It does not matter whether the records are old or new, what is important is that there is a record kept in the database or archive of the state or country which can be referred to should there be any need. Meaning that the criminal history of an individual can easily be researched at any time it is needed by individuals, institutions, state or the nation.

Why keep criminal records?

Keeping a record enables the state to understand or keep a track record of past criminal behaviours of individuals, whether they have at any time in the past be convicted of any crime, and also to be able to predict their tendency to commit more crimes in the future. This also enables the state or judiciary to determine or differentiate a habitual criminal from one who has just committed a crime for the first time, and know how to plead on their behalf when arraigned before the court of law.

Furthermore, keeping a proper record ensures that criminals are not appointed into sensitive public positions such as the office of the finance minister, Accountant General, minister of defence, or other positions that require trust and probity. Employers also use this record to recruit men of proven character for their companies; they are saved the pain of employing people with questionable character and those that cannot be trusted with confidential records/files or public funds.

Criminal record also helps to prevent ex-convicts from contesting elections and be voted into public offices. In several countries ex-convicts are not allowed to contest in an election; so having criminal records will enable the state or political parties to filter out those who have dented records.
It also helps reduce the rate of crime. When people know that whatever crime they commit would dent their image and prevent them from enjoying certain privileges they will do everything humanly possible to abstain from crimes. This invariably brings to the barest minimum the rate at which crimes are being committed.

Sources of criminal records

Criminal records can be gotten from the following sources: The Criminal Records Bureau (CRB), the federal bureau of prisons, family watch, court records, police records, Nationwide Criminal Records website, Public record Finder, Integra scan, Criminal Records search engines, Neighbourhood Watch (criminal searches), free public information, etc.

Though some states’ laws require you inform the person involved before carrying out a background check on him, some others make it easier by passing laws that allow access to sources of information concerning individuals’ criminal records. The laws of the state or country must be respected when you want to run a criminal record check on an individual.

It should be noted that not all crimes committed by an individual and entered into records are capable of preventing such persons from seeking public positions or being employed by reputable companies (e.g. misdemeanour). However, the following crimes can make it very difficult or impossible to seek positions of public trust – Sex offenses (e.g. Rape), theft, burglary, murder, fraud/embezzlement, serious traffic crimes, armed robbery, impersonation, forgery, tax evasion/tax dodge, assassination, arson, drug trafficking, gun running, hijack, kidnapping, carjacking, treason, assault and battery, etc

When next you are tempted to commit a crime remember there’s criminal record and that yielding to such temptation may dent your reputation for life. Run away from crimes and enjoy life and freedom to the fullest.

Joseph Ezie Efoghor is a professional nurse with years of practical experience. He writes on variety of topics which you may find beneficial to you. For more on his write-ups visit

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When the others tell Simran that Shankar is very trustworthy, Simran retorts that she had trusted everyone. Shankar begs of Simran to believe him, and even swears by Shaguna and his child. When Shaguna meets him in jail, he says that he is innocent. When Shaguna says that many people who have wronged have reformed, including Abhimanyu, Simran gets fuirous with her. Urmila warns Sakshi not to unreasonably point fingers at Shankar. Yash then informs Sakshi that Urmila too has a criminal record. The cop informs Simran that the scars on Shankar s hand seemed to be caused by a branch, not nails. Shanti sees the scratches on a hospital guard s hand and gets agitated. She tells Simran that he is the man who had attacked her.
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Ask the Attorney: Expunging My Criminal Record
All criminal cases remain a matter of public record until a motion for expungement has been filed in the Department of Court Records, Criminal Division, and is granted by an order of court from the Court of Common Pleas. Prior to Act 134 of 2008, only …

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Framed Print of Criminal Record Office from Mary Evans

Framed Print of Criminal Record Office from Mary Evans

  • FRAMED PRINT This 14 x11 Framed Print features an image of Criminal Record Office chosen by Mary Evans. Estimated image size 354x280mm.
  • Black Satin Frame White Digital Mat 14 x11 wooden frame with digital mat and RA4 print. Finished back including brown backing paper, hanging bracket and corner bumpers
  • Image Description: Criminal Record Office. Fingerprints branch of the Criminal Record Office of New Scotland Yard. Metropolitan Police
  • For any queries regarding this image of Criminal Record Office please contact Mary Evans c/o Media Storehouse quoting Media Reference 4364249
  • Image of Criminal Record Office is supplied by Mary Evans. © Mary Evans Picture Library

14 x11 Framed Print, Black Satin Frame White Digital Mat. showing CRIMINAL RECORD OFFICE. Fingerprints branch of the Criminal Record Office of New Scotland Yard. Metropolitan Police . Chosen by Mary Evans. 14 x11 wooden frame with digital mat and RA4 print. Finished back including brown backing paper, hanging bracket and corner bumpers. This item is shipped from our American lab.

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A woman in Cleveland pleaded guilty to sitting on her 120-pound boyfriend, Mikal Middleston-Bey, and killing him. (She was 300 pounds and he was 120 pounds… It happened back in August, during an altercation between the couple, who share three children together. Mia Landingham, pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter, during her sentencing, her boyfriend’s family spoke out letting Landingham know the pain she has caused.. “I just want to let you know how much you have hurt us by taking Mikal away from us. You have devastated our family.” Landingham’s public defender told the judge there was a long history of domestic abuse between his client and her late boyfriend. He also pointed out she has no prior criminal record. Landingham then told the judge she was sorry for squashing the father of her children. “I just want to say that I am sincerely sorry about this situation. I wish I could take it back Judge Carolyn Friedland sentenced Landingham to three years probation and 100 hours community service. She was immediately released from jail. While Middleton-Bey’s family hoped Landingham would eventually be able to take part in her children’s lives, they were surprised that she got no additional jail time. “So basically you can say that I can go sit on somebody and get probation? I feel there wasn’t no justice. My brother’s gone and all she get is three years probation.”

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Important Things You Need to Know About DMV Records

The DMV or division of motor vehicles in each state can be a very rich source of public records for you. However, there is something that you should know about those records. It is called the “Driver’s Privacy Protection Act.”

The Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) is a federal law that regulates how the DMV releases and shares the information in DMV records. The DPPA regulates how motor vehicle departments release driver records, vehicle records and your ability of accessing DMV records. The DPPA also regulates how a recipient of DMV records can share information with another person. Basically, it restricts your access to this type of state records.

What records are protected?

Photographs, Social Security Number, driver’s license number, name, address, telephone number, medical information, and disability information.

If you were able to access it, what could you get (depending on the state)?

· the name, the date of birth, and the mailing address of the driver;
· the driver license class, endorsements, and restrictions;
· the current status and the expiration date of the driver license;
· any suspensions or revocations of the driver license; accidents, and moving violation convictions.
· Some states will have the Social Security Number on the records
· A registration abstract contains the information about a vehicle, the name and the mailing address of the registrant, and the expiration date of the registration.
· A title abstract contains the information about a vehicle, the name and the mailing address of the vehicle owner, and the information about the current lien.

What can you access?

The 5-digit zip code for the driver’s address, criminal convictions, traffic accidents, traffic violations, and any driving restrictions.

What about the rest of the other information (the information that’s protected by the DPPA)?

The DMV will only release that information to people who have a “permissible use.”

What qualifies as a “permissible use”?

1) Government/Law enforcement agent.
2) In cases of motor vehicle safety, accidents, and theft.
3) By a legitimate business or its agent to prevent fraud.
4) For use by the courts system for civil, criminal, and other processes.
5) For use in research where identities are not revealed.
6) Insurance purposes (by insurers).
7) For impounded vehicles.
8) By licensed private investigative agency or licensed security service.
9) And other state governmental matters.
10) Use by any requester who has obtained the written consent of the motorist.

In regards to requesting an accident report from the DMV, you will need to offer a valid reason and proof to back up your request, such as:

1) Being involved in the accident.
2) Named in the accident report or an authorized representative.
3) Being sued because of the accident.
4) Using the accident in a governmental manner for statistical research.

What’s the bottom line?

The DMV can be a very good source of public records -state records. However, because of the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act, you will need very good reasons and proof to be able to obtain useful information. Of course, a licensed investigator can have access to what may be off limits to you. Also, do not forget the Freedom of Information Act. You may be able to file a request for information through that option and receive positive results.

When you are trying to access public records, things can get very confusing. But there is free help just around the corner, just a click away. I am a librarian and my website is designed to help you. Learn how to search properly, for free, and find the information you seek, including how to access Public Records for FREE [] People come to me all day at the library. You, too, can get help from me. I am just a click away: []

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Terry's European suspension reduced on appeal
PGA Championship Roundtable: Rory's record win · The Technology Games. SI Writers. Court Vision · Dwight Howard trade leaves array of questions for Lakers, Magic and more · Don't expect tougher suspensions from the CBA. SI Photos. AFL 'Dream Team' …

Suspension Of Disbelief

Suspension Of Disbelief

List Price: $ 9.49

Price: [wpramaprice asin=”B0015DT2MI”]

[wpramareviews asin=”B0015DT2MI”] Ce modèle réduit hybride est LE PLUS POLYVALENT DU MONDE.
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