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Child Obesity – “Ultimate” Cure

Good morning, or good evening, depending where in the world you may be. If you have read any of my articles you may realise by now that my writing style is more akin to those writers who tell it like it is, no fluffy bits, no fat, pardon the pun and especially NO BS.

Sorry to be so blunt but it is true there is enough BS in the world today and at least Barrack Obama the President of the USA is taking a more poignant stance by telling it like it is because deep down he firmly believes that the people of America, and the people of the world, have waited long enough for a no-nonsense approach where BS is a thing of the past.

Of course time will tell if what is said today is the outcome of tomorrow!! But rest assured Barrack Obama has started by taking positive action and will continue in a manner to which the people of America will come to respect and admire.

So what is the bearing of the above have to do with my child’s overweight condition?

Just to lay the foundation I would like to confirm the following important points;

·        You are an intelligent person

·        Good at what you do, in fact you are probably very good at your work and know how to enjoy yourself to the full, Excellent!

·        A loving parent

·        A giving person who is selfless and a proud home owner whether you’re in rented or mortgaged accommodation, the fact remains the same you love having a home to care for and enjoy.

Now let’s reflect on your teenage children…

·        They see Mon and Dad as a bank… pay for this, pay for that

·        They see the home as a place to hang out, sleepovers etc.

·        They see the kitchen/larder as a free deli… always stocked!

·        They see the home as a place to slob around, do nothing, watch videos and play games hour after hour after hour.

Now I’m sure your saying to yourself that my child is none of the above and I am  happy for you that that is the case as most of the children/teenagers today do look at the home as one or more of the above.

Let’s assume for one moment that your kids do have one or more of the above conditions and let’s assume that your kids love you to bits and would do anything for you, which is great!

Now let’s assume for one moment that you decide to raise a subject over supper, assuming that the whole family eats together around the table…good now going back to the task at hand, yes you are intending to raise a subject at supper that you firmly believe will have a profound impact on the family as a whole and on your kids individually.

You start the conversation; being a tactician that you are and after rehearsing your pitch over and over again days ahead of supper to make sure you have covered all the base points to bring in your mind a happy conclusion, you open the conversation with your eldest, “Honey, how was school today? What did you have for lunch?” By this time your eldest now suspects something is up and mutters something that sounds like a foreign language.

Anyway you move on even though the conversation at this time is terribly one sided and not going to plan but you persist and keep your tone light hearted and flexible, several minutes go past that seem like an eternity and finally you decide that enough is enough and you almost shout it out “Let’s go for a walk on Sunday after lunch. ” There you have done it told it like it is and after a few moments of hesitation at the table everyone agrees to your good idea.

So you see, your preparation and anxiety has paid off by “Telling It Like It Is” now all you need to do is follow through, make the walk enjoyable by bringing a tennis ball to throw and tennis racket and you have the beginning of what will over time flourish into fun times together where the whole family bonds, you gain more respect and your kids get much needed exercise.

The “Ultimate Cure” is YOU. As you have what it takes to bring about change in your life and the lives of your kids?

Be patient, yes I know you are saying that it will be difficult one, but hey, if it was so easy we would all look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolly!!

So you need help, we all need support some more often than others and you must not feel proud or unworthy as a parent by asking for help…We are here to give you that push and to provide you with the building blocks to bring about lifestyle changes for the long term.

Brian Grasso the CEO of “IYCA” International Youth Conditioning Association has successfully coached and mentored over 10,000 kids worldwide and has achieved what no other fitness or health guru has done is to bring; 

·        Long-term lifestyle changes in the home

·        Elevate self esteem

·        Boost confidence

·        Get your kids to move more 

His latest best seller “The youth Obesity Solution” is a must read you will not want to put this book down as it is packed with FUN, FUN and more FUN for you and the whole family. 

You will also receive additional books/Audio written by the very best to include;

·        Kelli Calabrese – International Fitness Celebrity and Mom

·        Holly Rigby’s – Fit-Fast-4-Week Workout

·        Jayson Hunter – Healthy Eating for Kids

Each acknowledges and has come to respect Brian Grasso as the “Best of the Best”. 

In addition you will receive a regular News Letter bringing you up to the minute help and support to keep you on track as a loving parent and to keep your kids in the grove so that you are all pointing in the same direction.

Please Remember

“The Life of your Child is in Your Hands”

Take Positive Action Now and come and Join all those Happy Families by securing your copy of

The Youth Obesity Solution

Brought to you by Robert Parson

Copyright 2008-2009

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