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Is Bankruptcy A Way To Pardon Student Loans?

The Condition of “Undue Hardship”

Many people are in debt due to the student loans they took out in order to pay for their college education. With many possible solutions to remove the debt once and for all, however the most favored is bankruptcy. But being students, claiming bankruptcy is defiantly a problem because the legal terms and conditions of the student loan clearly states that the loan is non dischargeable. Due to this very reason, the loan repayment causes the borrower “undue hardship”. This hardship only occurs at time when the person is facing a high degree of financial problems that he or she will not be able to satisfy his or her basic needs once the loan is repaid. In order to claim bankruptcy, the borrower needs to affirm that he or she is facing undue hardship; however hard it may be.

History of Undue Hardship Clause

In the past, students were able to get rid of their student loans. However, lenders criticized the system, which lead to changes in the rules and regulations of the student loan contract. Now it is harder for students to get their loans discharges. Even thought this may seem unfair, the system was criticized because students took advantage of the system as they declared bankruptcy immediately after completing their students before they even got a job. This is why the rules and regulations of the contract had to be changed, as the lenders were losing out.

What the Clause Says About Student Loan Discharge

After the change in rules and regulations of private loans, the government felt it was necessary to apply this clause to government loans as well. This made student loan discharge even more impossible. However, in order to get a student loan discharge, you will need to prove to the government that your living of standard is not high and that you have tries every possible means of paying back the loan. Only then will your loan be pardoned.

The Sign of the Co-Signer

Even when you have met all the terms and conditions in the clause, you will need a co-signer. The co-signer is the person who signed the contract with you when you took out the loan in the first place. That specific co-signer will not be able to take into account his hardship exclusion.

What to Keep In Mind

When you decide to claim bankruptcy, you need to make sure that you have thought about it very clearly. You should only file for bankruptcy if it is necessary and there are no other options available to you. Make sure that when you are going to claim bankruptcy that it will pardon your student loan, otherwise declaring you are bankrupt will do you no good.

If you are in debt and you need to pay your student and other loans but are unable due to a low income job, you will need to visit the court. By visiting the court, you will be able to find ways to declare hardship and have a new start to your life debt free.

Hilary Bowman is the author of this article. She works successfully as a financial advisor with years of expertise on Military Loans for Bad Credit. Hilary publishes informative articles about Bad Credit Loans and other financial topics at

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Question by Tipsy Dipsy: What is the official term for a pardon after a death sentence?
I know there’s a an official term, I just can’t remember it. And google’s not much help either. It would be if someone had been put to death by the state, and then pardoned after the government re-investigated and realised they weren’t guilty after all.

And – what would be the point of that?! Why do they do it? Is it for the sake of the victim’s family?

Best answer:

Answer by Tanya D
It could be a stay of execution, which is usually temporary.

There could be a commutation of the death sentence to a term of imprisonment, usually life.

And, there could actually be a full pardon and let the prisoner free.

Often, the stay is because there is a chance that the court will overturn the penalty or even the conviction – so it is to let the courts do their job.

The commutation is to stop the execution – it could be for any of a number of reasons – the Governor of Illinois a few years ago commuted every death sentence in that state to life.

The pardon is when the prisoner didn’t do it, or the trial was so unfair that there is no way the prisoner got a fair trial, or the sentence is ridiculous, or any one of a number of reasons.

Rarely does the victim’s family have much to do with it. These are executive decisions, sometimes political,

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
David Brooks is Mostly Right about Mitt Romney
Pardon me for piling on but I think one element of the Mitt Meltdown has been missed. Brooks is on to something but doesn't understand completely the enormity of what he is saying. The comparison between the two fundraiser recordings — Romney's on the …
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Those Were the Days

Those Were the Days

A year in the making, this album of era-defining songs from the 1960s and 1970s is an astonishing collection of indispensable classics, performed in Dolly Parton’s signature style with a top-notch list of friends.Parton, who produced the album, invited several of the artists who wrote or made these songs famous to sing with her. Renowned musicians Roger McGuinn (of the Byrds), Kris Kristofferson, Judy Collins, and Tommy James make appearances on Those Were the Days. She also asked recent chart-t

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Of Moons, Birds and Monsters – MGMT – Live at Morning Becomes Eclectic Download it at Why’d you cut holes in the face of the moon base? Don’t you know about the temperature change In the cold black shadow? Are you mad at your walls Or hoping that an unknown force can repair things for you? Pardon all the time that you’ve thrown into your pale grey garden? If the ship will never come you’ve got to move along Even a bird would want a taste of dirt from abyssal dark The prick of a feather could make a kingdom burn and the bloodshed start The falling apart Made me a shadow in the shape of wonder The waves of black If she’s going under I can hold my breath till the sky comes back Or drown like a rat, rat, rat He’s a rat! To catch a monster We make a movie Set the tempo And cut and cut its brains out It will inspire on the burning pyre Half the distance Half the motion Communication It’s easy as the ocean Download the video & song at
Video Rating: 4 / 5

How Granting Yourself a Pardon Can Boost Your Creativity

Do you find that some of your best creative ideas are ones where you just wing it? I have also had some real creative stinkers because I failed to make some sort of a plan. It is these not-so-brilliant outcomes that I want to discuss.

What would be no-big-deal from anyone else’s point of view seems to be huge to my Blockhead; my all-knowing-bossy-expert-on-all-things-Diana internal-critic is named Blockhead and is alive and well, thank you very much.

I’m guessing you have a Blockhead too who loves to confront your small and not so small disappointments such as:

Not doing what you said you’d do
Not starting or completing a project like you’d planned
A project not turning out like you’d hoped

This list could go on and on.

It takes an amazing amount of energy to live with disappointment, guilt, regret, self-recrimination, and grief that it is no wonder we don’t do our art or resist doing what we love. If you have to run the gauntlet of these feelings before you can resume your work, how can you expect to physically and mentally make yourself move forward?

I say, we need a daily forgiveness ritual.

Goofed off yesterday? Forgive yourself!
Left the cap off the tube of paint? Let it go!
Didn’t finish your e-book? Grant yourself a pardon! (You deserve to live!)

Do you know that sound of the needle being pulled across a record to stop the music?I can hear it right now as the thought of forgiveness brings my idea to a screeching halt.

Blockhead says: “You are letting yourself off the hook. You are tolerating bad behavior. You’ll never create anything if you don’t hold yourself accountable.”

What is unforgivable is already done. You can allow your blockhead to have his or her way with you and wallow in the muck or you can choose to give yourself a break and start where you are.

Put the needle back on the record and play the music to the commercial that McDonald’s used for years. “You deserve a break today…”

Give yourself a break today.
A forgiveness break.
A letting-go break.
Beg your own pardon…and grant it.

Don’t get hung up on the term, “forgiveness.” The root of the word forgiveness means to let go. Or you can always pardon yourself. I like that too. Use your favorite pen or paint brush like the Queen’s scepter and tap yourself politely on the head while granting your pardon.

Start your day or your creative project by forgiving you for all the stuff you didn’t do; or do well enough; or didn’t get marked off your to do list.

Pre-forgive yourself for all the reasons you will need forgiving for the whole day. Pre-forgiving yourself could be just the permission giving you need to get started. Oh what a relief that would be.

Humming that little song, “You deserve a break today…” made famous by McDonald’s is your trigger to let go.

Diana Meade is the creator of Energize Your Creativity. She helps creative people turn down the volume on their own internal critic so they can experience confident and carefree creativity. Diana made her living as a working artist for over seventeen years and knows that it does not matter how seasoned or how new you are to traveling the creative path; it can be a rocky road. Even with unlimited skills, time and energy our own negative self-talk can undermine and paralyze our creative intentions. To help quiet the negative inner voice for her clients, Diana conducts online workshops and writes a weekly newsletter on creativity. For more information and lots of creative support go to

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Two Gallants – Las Cruces Jail Album: What the Toll Tells, 2005 Saddle Creek Records Released Feb 2006 Lyrics: Well I spent last night in Las Cruces Jail. Raining hail, born to fail. Nobody come for to go my bail. Sun, don’t you rise no more. Well I shot one man on the county line. Took his dime and I blew his mind. Now I’m just sittin’ here doin’ time. Sun, don’t you rise no more. Well a restless wind is whistling through the windows in my head, through all the scrapes that I’ve survived. And in my hour of darkness I keep counsel with the dead, just enough to remind me I’m alive. Well I write to the governor for to hear my plea but he don’t even answer me. The judge said he’s gonna set my spirit free. Sun, don’t you rise no more. Gavel fell, he chose the day, cattle tie, thirteenth of May. But I don’t plan to go that way. Sun, don’t you rise no more. Goodnight my Anda-Lucia. Don’t buy all the lies that they feed ya. And though you’re heading slowly to some place I can’t respect, I’ll keep you in my collection of regrets. And that’s twenty-one fell by my gun, oh, they all fell the same. Just need one more to match my age. Then I’ll count my killin’ done. but I won’t deny my name: Quickest wrist of chaparral and sage. Now desperate times call for desperate men, I’m just a kid but I’ll pretend my time will come but until then, Sun, don’t you rise no more. Well I see that gallows altar, that circle ’round the Sun. They’re gonna hang me if I stay here, and shoot me if I run

Question by : Why do Presidents pardon turkeys every year @ Thanks Giving time, and what did the turkey do to get in trouble?
Every year a big white turkey is released and said to be pardoned by the President, when did this tradition begin and why? Also has anyone ever saw a black turkey pardoned? just asking, because I haven’t.
Tyler i can’t believe you’ve never seen a black turkey, oh well if you a say so. however they do exist and are plentiful, i kid you not!

Best answer:

Answer by Jenny K
sigh! the turkey is not in trouble, it’s dinner!

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Spanglish as a third language
Comedian and Huffington Post blogger Bill Santiago has written a book that takes an it's-funny-because-it's-true look at the rules of communicating in Spanglish called “Pardon My Spanglish: ¡Porque Because!” Santiago and Our Lady of the Lake University …
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The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

Texas madam Miss Mona and her sheriff boyfriend try to save her Chicken Ranch from a TV muckraker.This is an energetic, but ultimately mediocre adaptation of the play, directed on Broadway by Tommy Tune. Burt Reynolds is the town sheriff and a regular patron of a local bordello. He wages a public battle to keep it open after it is targeted as the devil’s den by a television minister. Charles Durning was nominated for a Oscar for Best Supporting Actor, and there are some lively song and dance num

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What Is A State Clemency Or Pardon?

A good question by a loyal reader! A clemency is the act of completely removing one’s criminal past. It’s performed by the state in which the conviction was originally recorded, executed by the governor of that state, It’s similar to a presidential pardon but on a state level.

How difficult is it to receive one? You may be better off hitting the lotto! It’s an extremely daunting task. It’s a political decision, not a question of forgiveness. In theory it’s suppose to be based on the length of time that the crime occurred and if the person requesting it has stayed crime free. But in reality it’s something most governor’s won’t touch.

Here’s why along with an example:

Lets say 40 years ago you were charged with a rape or murder at the age of 20 ( or any felony ). Since that time you’ve committed no crimes, lived a clean life and in fact wished you’d never committed that crime. You’re now 60 years old, certainly much wiser. You’ve served your time years ago, 40 years ago. Now you wish to open a small grocery store but in order to sell beer you need a liquor license.

In order to get the license you must have no felonies when they perform the background check. You surmise, ” I’m going to apply for a clemency to get that crime remove”. You apply to the board, granted a hearing ( they will hear your case in most situations ) and get your hearing date. A few months later you’re sitting before a hearing board ( usually 3-5 people ). You begin to explain your reasons for a clemency along with the fact that this crime is old. After you’re finish guess what will happen? Members of that board will ask and interrogate you to no end. One would have thought that the crime happened two weeks ago. When they finish they will probably ( most cases are NO votes ) vote no. Why?

The hearing board vote is a recommendation to the governor. Do you think that a sitting governor that might even have high aspirations for some other office is going to approve your request, especially when most governors run their campaigns on crime? No! Matter of fact I know of many sheriff deputies that viewed these proceedings that tell me they don’t know why there are pardon or clemency hearings. Many have never seen a person granted a ‘yes’ vote.

If many board members could speak to you privately they’ll say to you, don’t even apply.

Please note: This article is not an opinion one way or the other as to whether this fictitious person and example should have been given a clemency or not given a clemency, or even if they deserved a clemency, I’m simply explaining how most clemency boards operate!

My suggestion: Open your store, just don’t sell beer!

This author submits professional articles to His articles informs citizens about how to handle different situations when confronted by the police. He is a former award winning police officer. Mr. Davis is an authorize speaker to young police recruits in Louisiana. He is also a master in wilderness survival. He studied criminal law at Loyola University in New Orleans, Louisiana.

In addition, Mr. Davis has been a featured guest on many television shows detailing how to detect rogue police officers as well as a defense against such officers. This author is also working with Authors Stephen Peach, the award winning ex swat officer of California, and Mike Madigan. These two authors have also dedicated their lives to exposing rogue cops. Mr. Davis will be at Barnes and Noble, CitiPlace Ct., in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at a book signing on April 14, 2007, from 1:00pm – 2:00pm. The author is single and resides in Louisiana.

Article Source:

As Salaam Alaikum, this is Allahu by Sami Yusuf. Insha Allah you like it. Please read the entire description. Chorus Allahu Allahu Allahu Allahu Allahu Allahu Truly He is the One He has no father or son Everything in creation was by Him begun With His infinite power anything could be done Ask Allah for His Pardon And you’ll enter the Garden Chorus Before Him there were none Of partners He has none He knows what is apparent and what is hidden All the fate of creation has already been written His Will is always done And can never be undone Chorus From amongst all humans Muhammad was chosen He was illiterate and he was an orphan Yet Allah sent him to those who were pagans Oh Allah let us drink From his hand in the fountain Chorus Ya Allah You’re the Sovereign You’re the Sultan of Sultans Please protect me from Shaytan and all of his treason Let him not with his whispers my iman ever weaken My only wish in this life Is to attain Your Pardon ———————————————————————————– Regarding the use of instruments in this song and since so many brothers and sisters have asked about them or given their opinion on the use of them here are the words of brother Sami Yusuf himself on the matter. Extract from “Open Letter From Sami Yusuf to Yvonne Riddley (17/06/06)”: “As a Muslim artist, I regularly seek clarification and advice from world-renowned scholars on art, music, singing and culture. Be informed that the subject of music is one of

Question by SYDNEY 2055: Is a STRIKE by the border patrol the best way to free the two jailed agents?
If the border patrol strikes, it will force the government to enforce our leaking borders and it will force bush to pardon the jailed border agents.

Best answer:

Answer by billypowell88
i dont know yet

Add your own answer in the comments!
David Beckham Uses Trademark Free Kick to Hit New Heights in MLS (Video)
Or it could be that he has adapted to the league and fully settled in Los Angeles. If he keeps banging in goals like this one, Galaxy fans will pardon Beckham's many interruptions and ride his right foot into the playoffs. Watch Beckham bury the free …

1872 Mary Burgundy Sheriffs Ghent Pardon Councillors

1872 Mary Burgundy Sheriffs Ghent Pardon Councillors

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Full page from the Illustrated London News dated 1872, an illustrated weekly newspaper weeks date as shown on top of page, the size of each page is approx ( including margins as shown )imately 15.5 x 11 inches (395×280). All are genuine antique prints and not modern copies, the Illustrated London News is an illustrated magazine which was first printed in 1842 and is the finest pictorial example of a historic social record of British and world events up to the present day. The ILN is known for it

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Dealing With Infidelity – To Pardon Or Not to Pardon is the Question

Dealing with infidelity is a major area of concern in any marriage, even when promiscuity, in several developed cultures is as commonplace as brushing your teeth. Some protagonists of extra-marital affairs say that infidelity is a great ego, confidence and performance booster, and it is perfectly acceptable, so long as you do not get caught!

Even when you know what to expect, infidelity, every time it happens, creates ripples around the people concerned, bringing shame and infamy to the families concerned. Of the people who are directly involved with infidelity, it is difficult to say who suffers most – as they are all dealing with infidelity in their own way, trying to bring sanity into their own little worlds.

Over and above the people who are directly involved in the ‘affair’, there are scores of others who try to barge in – giving advice, offering counseling help and so on. Of course, there are the inevitable other lot, who simply add their bit to the story and make it the juiciest topic for the next cocktail party in office.

You can either cheat or be cheated up on. While both the situations demand dealing with infidelity, the only change is in the perspective. In this article, let me talk about dealing with infidelity, when you have been cheated and now suffering from the eternal dilemma, which every victim of infidelity has to face: to pardon or not to pardon.

Though every individual has his or her own life story regarding how and why the extra-marital affair happened, etc., these hardly matter when it is ultimately a matter of making a choice. You too could be having your own rationale regarding dealing with infidelity. Nevertheless, you cannot deny that no matter whether you pardon or not, the ‘affair’ would impact your life in a number of ways in the future. Therefore, it is up to you to decide whether you can handle the post-infidelity era of the relationship maturely and with grace. Here are some points to ponder:

When you pardon:

o By pardoning the errant spouse, you have undoubtedly shown your undying love for your partner, as well as your forgiving attitude. However, dealing with infidelity would also involve how you handle your life with the same errant partner in future. Can you pardon unconditionally?
o Can you completely forget the episode while dealing with infidelity?
o Be very sure why you are pardoning. Is it because you feel pity for the ‘helpless and distressed’ spouse? Or is that you feel that everyone deserves a second chance?
o Are you prepared to walk that extra mile, making the necessary compromises in your behavior and attitudes, so that you can continue with the relationship?

When you do not pardon:

o First of all, you need to have very good reasons why pardoning the errant spouse is out of the question. Repetition of the same deed is a good reason; permanent incompatibility is another.
o Be prepared to face some ugly aftermath, depending on the kind of person your spouse is. Things can turn nasty, legally as well as emotionally.
o When dealing with infidelity, the question of not pardoning only comes up when you fail to see eye-to-eye with your spouse regarding the reasons for the affair to happen in the first place.

At the end of the day, dealing with infidelity requires a tremendous amount of patience, fortitude, grace and of course immense amount of love in case you want to continue living with the errant spouse. It is your call, what you want your life to be.

Whether you are still together and and trying to deal with infidelity or you are already separated and want to save your marriage… the next step is absolutely crucial!

Don’t make the mistake of saying or doing something that will kill your chances of getting back together with your spouse. Visit my site to find out what you need to do to save your marriage and emotionally reconnect with your spouse again.

Article Source:

The Out-Of-Towners (1970)

Jack Lemmon and Sandy Dennis are perfectly matched as the hapless Kellermans of Twin Oaks, Ohio, in Neil Simon’s tumultuous comedy hit. The top candidate for a prestigious promotion at his company’s corporate headquarters in New York City, George (Lemmon), accompanied by his wife Gwen (Dennis), is all set to take a bite out of The Big Apple — only to quickly discover that The Big Apple can bite back! Their dream trip to the big city turns into a nightmare of diverted flights, forfeited reservations, missed trains, sinister strangers, paralyzing strikes, lost luggage … and uproarious laughs for all who experience this hilarious screen classic, directed by Arthur Hiller (“The Hospital,” “Silver Streak,” “The In-Laws”). Beware the man in the black cape!
Video Rating: 0 / 5

Question by : Can I get a pardon of my criminal history if i am on parole?
I was recently released from prison about a year ago. I am filing a petition for executive clemency. What I want to know is if I am still on parole will they allow my current case to be pardoned?

Best answer:

Answer by fire4511
If the pardon is granted, it will end your parole. The simple fact is that you have very little chance of pardon until well after your complete sentence is served (including all parole and probation time), and you have established a history that shows that you have changed your ways.

Give your answer to this question below!
Manti Te'o, Notre Dame step up at Michigan State
It's been awhile, so pardon the confusion. Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o dealt with the death of his girlfriend and his. Matt Cashore, US PRESSWIRE. Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o dealt with the death of his girlfriend and his grandmother in the …
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Tall Tale

Patrick Swayze stars as gun-slinging, tornado-riding cowboy legend Pecos Bill in Disney’s rousing Western adventure. Summoned by the imagination of a young boy, Pecos sets out to help the lad save the family farm from a greedy land-grabber. Teaming with two other larger-than-life heroes — a mighty lumberjack and a hulking railroad worker — they embark on an incredible journey where danger and surprises await at every turn.
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Pardon Me For My Crime

A pardon is legal believe it or not. It is a way of receiving forgiveness for a crime and for the penalty that usually comes with it. In most cases, the President of the United States or a state governor hands out pardons.

Try not to confuse pardons and clemency. Clemency only reduces the penalty for the crime committed, but does not forgive the crime itself. The other word used for clemency is reprieve. You may have heard of instances of this in the news and wondered about it.

Most often pardons are given to people who have been wrongly convicted. Interestingly enough, many of the people who are offered a pardon under those circumstances turn it down. This is largely due to the fact that accepting a pardon may be seen as an admission of guilt.

What an odd system of justice when those wrongly convicted of a crime must wait until their appeals process has run its course and hope to have their sentence overturned. A pardon would obviously be an easier way to clear their record, but what society perceives is more important to them.

Under the Constitution, the President has the right and the power to hand out pardons. The formal wording goes like this: “to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment.” On initial reading, this may seem fairly straightforward.

However it isn’t always as clear and to the point as a political figure may like. The US Supreme Court has actually interpreted the above powers to include granting pardons, amnesty, respites, remissions of fines and forfeitures, commutation of a sentence, conditional pardons and conditional commutation of a sentence.

Federal pardons are sent to the President and go through the Pardon Attorney’s Office prior to being vetted by the President. The President has the ability to grant the request or deny it.

Jeremiah Denslow is a Dayton Divorce Lawyer [] in Dayton Ohio with Denslow Law Firm. The firm specializes in family law. Jeremiah also practices Dayton criminal defense []. To learn more, visit

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Ashok is a fast-talking conman who will do anything for a buck from cheating to stealing. He has, however, lied to his mom in village that he is the owner of a hotel and is very wealthy, although he lives in a small room. Ashok meets Seema, and both fall in love. But Seema has another admirer in Kumar, who will do anything to marry her. Who will she choose?
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No pardon for Florida delegation to the Republican National Convention
No pardon for Florida delegation to the Republican National Convention. Delegate count will be slashed. Video; Photo. Florida's Republican delegates punished. Photographer: WFTS Copyright 2012 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may …
Read more on ABC Action News

Unlikely Angel

Unlikely Angel

Dolly Parton, Roddy McDowall. Dolly Parton plays a country singer that dies and comes back as an angel that must do good deeds. 1996/color/95 min/PG/fullscreen.

List Price: $ 9.98

Price: [wpramaprice asin=”B000EWBNV4″]

[wpramareviews asin=”B000EWBNV4″]

Shout out to Susan G. Komen Foundation, my description about what my Breast Cancer is, and is not. (pardon the poor audio quality of the built-in mic on my digital camera.)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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