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Criminal Justice – Making Our World a Safer Place

The field of criminal justice is full of the stewards of our safety–police and corrections officers, employees of the court system, and many others. If you are considering a career in criminal justice, getting a degree can dramatically increase your chances for success.

But what is Criminal Justice? It is the system used by government to maintain social control, prevent crime, enforce laws, and administer justice. Law enforcement (police) courts and corrections are the primary agencies charged with these responsibilities. The fast-paced expansion of all areas of the criminal justice system is creating a demand for skilled workers as never before in local, state, and federal systems. Today’s criminal justice system workforce must be knowledgeable and skilled in every component of the system to address the public’s demand for protection and services–and having a degree will ensure that you have that knowledge and skill. Job growth is expected to exceed 25% in all of these fields over the next ten years:

o Correctional officers and jailers

o Police and sheriff’s patrol officers

o Private detectives and investigators

o Security guards

What Criminal Justice Degrees are available?

Associate’s Degree

By far the most common Criminal Justice degree is an Associates–or a two year–degree. An Associate in Criminal Justice program graduate can successfully work in a variety of settings:

o Criminal Justice (local, state or federal)

o Intelligence Agencies

o Juvenile Justice

o Homeland Security

o Corrections (local, state or federal; probation and parole)

o Forensic Science

o Courts (court services/administration)

o Private Investigations

Also falling in the field of criminal justice, with Associate Degree programs available, are two other fascinating careers: being an Addictions Counselor or a Paralegal.

If you are interested in working in the social sciences and helping people change their lives for the better, you might be interested in becoming an Addictions Counselor. Most programs utilize a clinical focus to provide students with the knowledge base needed to immediately apply therapeutic skills. You’ll also find that many courses are taught by practitioners currently working in the addiction field.

Paralegals, also called Law Assistants, are a vital part of the court system. While attorneys assume the ultimate responsibility for the legal services they provide their clients, paralegals assist them in almost every aspect of their work. As one of the fastest growing careers in the US, you’ll find plenty of paralegal jobs in every part of the country.

Criminal Justice Degree Search

Bachelors Degree

A Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration will provides you with an interdisciplinary study of crime and justice in American society. Most programs include the study of interpersonal skills and managerial and administrative subject matter, which helps prepare students for positions of responsibility and leadership within the criminal justice community and related professions. If you are already working in the Criminal Justice field and want to advance your career, a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice may be right for you.

Masters Degree

A Masters Degree in the field of Criminal Justice will be tailored to your specific area of study, but you’ll find that in a good program an individual curriculum is structured to meet the following four objectives:

o Provide students with the conceptual and research skills needed to undertake advanced analyses of the criminal justice system.

o Furnish law enforcement, corrections and court practitioners with knowledge of justice administration, social science perspectives of human behavior, policy analysis and criminal justice theory.

o Train those who will become leaders in the criminal justice system by providing the skills needed to upgrade levels of professional practice, improve supervisory standards, initiate fresh perspectives and act as agents of social change.

o Prepare social scientists to pursue careers in university and research settings.

If you are interested in pursuing a leadership role in the field of Criminal Justice, a Masters degree will be the tool that will help you reach your goal.

Criminal Justice Degree Search

Doctoral Degree

If you are interested in pursuing research or teaching, a Doctoral Degree in Criminal Justice will launch you into that career. A doctoral program is designed to help develop social scientists that have the ability to consume, transmit, and independently produce research knowledge on crime and criminal justice. Demand is strong for graduates with a doctoral degree in criminal justice.

A juvenile criminal justice operates according to the principle that adolescence is fundamentally different than grown-ups in terms of responsibility and possibility of rehabilitation. The primary goal of the juvenile justice system is the successful restoration of youth into the society. Juvenile legal systems focus more on rehabilitation rather than on a normal sentence to an adult convict or criminal. This philosophy maintains that youths have a greater chance of being reformed or changed because they are young rather than a developmentally advanced adult. There are age limits that are set by laws for juvenile delinquencies. Most cases in the juvenile court system involve children between ages 10-18. Although many states extend their cut-offs through the age of twenty. Other youthful offenders may be considered or tried as adults depending on the severity of the crime. A child’s criminal history and previous arrests are taken into accounts in determining the youthful offender’s punishment. Some of these punishments depend on the nature of the crime. In some cases youthful offenders are sentenced to stay at a youth prison center, do community services, and attend a boot camp program. These types of punishments are ways for the offenders to realize their wrong doings or be restored in the society. Since the juvenile criminal justice have the goal of restoration of the youth into society, privacy is implemented in the system proceedings. Juvenile records can be sealed and
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Question by Claire: How do you get into Naval Criminal Investigative Service?
What do you have t do in order to become a NCIS?

Best answer:

Answer by HOOAH! MP Veteran
You obtain a Bachelor’s Degree and apply. You will have a background check performed on you, and if you pass, and NCIS accepts your application, you will attend FLETC in Georgia. Once you satisfactorily pass that, you will be a probationary agent, subject to evaluations. Once you complete the probationary period satisfactorily, you will be a full agent.

Keep in mind, because of the popularity of the TV show, NCIS is not currently accepting applications.

Add your own answer in the comments!
Veteran officers promoted to major
Lt. Darren Grimshaw, who was a finalist for Burlington police chief, has been promoted to major of administrative services. He will retain his … Lt. Dennis Kramer, commander of the Criminal Investigations Division, also has been promoted to major. He …
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The World At One with William Hardcastle on the BBC Home Service……. In June 1966 Radio Caroline embarked on a joint venture with rival pirate Radio City, which broadcast from a Second World War marine fort off the Kent coast, seven miles from Margate. One of the directors of Caroline, Major Oliver Smedley, agreed to pay for a new transmitter to relay Caroline’s programmes from the fort, while Calvert, the owner of Radio City, would continue to run the operation but this time on behalf of Radio Caroline. However, Radio Caroline then withdrew from the deal when it was heard that the government intended to prosecute those occupying the forts, which were still Crown property. Smedley, however, had received no payment from Calvert for the transmitter. A raid on the Radio City fort was subsequently launched by Smedley on June 20 and the station’s transmitter was put out of action.On June 21, Calvert visited Smedley’s home to demand the departure of the raiders and the return of vital transmitter crystals. A violent struggle developed during which Smedley shot Calvert dead. During the subsequent trial, Smedley was acquitted on grounds of self-defence. After the sensational death of Reg Calvert and lurid tales of real swashbuckling piracy, the British government brought in the Marine Broadcasting Offences Act (Marine & Etc. Broadcasting Offences Act) of August 15, 1967 to make offshore broadcasting a part of British criminal law in the United Kingdom. Radio City stopped
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Non-Profit Leadership Development – Where is the Best Place to Practice Leadership Skills?

Did you learn to swim by reading a book?

The answer of course is no, even if you did read about the different strokes, breathing methods and different types of kicks. Sooner or later, you actually had to get into the water.

In the realm of leadership development, the same principle applies. You can take very valuable and informative courses, you can read books, articles and blogs about the subject and talk to people as well as observe leaders in action. You can participate in valuable organizations that teach you and give you some experiential opportunities (such as Toastmasters International – which I highly recommend). To actually develop your leadership skills you have to lead people.

So where can you get practical experience in actually doing this? Eli Manning and Peyton Manning did not play their first football game in the Superbowl; Yo Yo Ma did not have his first concert at Carnegie Hall.

Even the best in the world find a good place to practice before the performance, and they devote the time and energy necessary to developing their skills before they go on stage whatever the specific type of stage is, including leadership in the non-profit sector.

Most leadership experts would agree that these skills are fundamental for all leaders:

Interpersonal skills (including Team Building).
Oral communication
Written Communication
Continual Learning
I would add that project management principles and skills are necessary for success in the 21st Century.

In the non-profit sector, whether you are an emerging leader eager to develop your own skills, or someone responsible for the leadership development program of your organization, there exists a unique opportunity to develop these skills, by participating in workplace giving campaigns, such as the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), America’s Charities Campaigns, and United Way campaigns, etc.

Workplace giving is a unique method of fundraising within the non-profit sector, and many think of it only in terms of fundraising. But workplace giving campaigns have unique benefits – which I call “Hidden Treasures.” Briefly, in workplace giving, the actual solicitations are performed by the employees of the organization, during the workday, hence the name “workplace giving.”

Some of the other “Hidden Treasures” of workplace giving campaigns include conducting inexpensive market research, leverage of your development efforts, and exposure to a much wider audience than is possible on your own, plus developing multiple year revenue streams.

However, the focus of this article is leadership development, and in workplace giving campaigns there are campaign events known as “charity fairs.” In a charity fair, selected charities from the workplace giving catalog are invited to come to the organization’s offices, and staff a table with their representatives, give out their materials, and answer any questions that the potential donors might ask. One of the biggest “hidden treasures” of workplace giving campaigns is that they can be the ideal “practice field” for emerging non-profit leaders.

Charity fairs are one of the best leadership development opportunities that exist in the non-profit world. Non-profits that have learned how to integrate workplace giving campaigns into their overall leadership development efforts can use them to provide low risk, high value opportunities to their staff in a number of areas, including project management, public speaking, and team building. For example, the skills that can be developed and practiced through participation in charity fairs include:

Oral Communication – public speaking skills -you can practice your “elevator speech” dozens of times in the course of a campaign.

Team Building – the non-profit action officer can get practical experience in creating and leading a team, whether they are paid staff or volunteers.

Listening Skills – the non-profit team will have the opportunity to listen to hundreds of people in your community – what are they saying, what’s most important to them, etc. These are your potential donors and supporters – does your mission resonate with them, are they aware of your organization, etc.?

Written Communication – there are multiple opportunities to develop one’s writing ranging from simple memos to an analysis of the comments from the members of the community that were made at the charity fairs that is prepared for the executive and board leadership.

The paradox of workplace giving programs is that precisely because they are not a high risk or high cost program they can be an ideal “practice field or rehearsal hall” for leadership development. No one is going to “blow” a major gift solicitation at a charity fair, but the future leader can gain experience in “reading people.”

To learn more about the world’s largest workplace giving campaign, the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), please go to the http://www.cfcfundraising.com website and request your copy of my free report about the CFC, which includes a brief description of how to apply for inclusion in America’s largest workplace giving campaign, the CFC.

Bill Huddleston, The CFC Coach
MPA in Nonprofit Management

Article Source:

Chicago police told Occupy Chicago protesters last night that the group’s ongoing “occupation” of the sidewalk in front of the Federal Reserve Bank was unlawful. Around 9 pm, six police vehicles arrived to inform the protesters, who have been camping on the street downtown since Friday, that they could not sleep on the sidewalk. “We’re not telling them they have to leave,” said Sergeant Luke McKee, who added the group was among the most civil of the hundreds of protest crowds he had dealt with over the years. But to remain in front of the Federal Reserve, McKee said, they would have to keep moving. Tensions were high upon the arrival of the police, in light of arrests and police clashes that turned violent over the weekend for Occupy Wall Street — the demonstration that has inspired protests in more than 30 cities across the country. By design, Occupy Chicago has no formal leader or representative. The protesters convened several “general assemblies” to discuss and vote on how to react to the police orders. “What we want is democracy, and it’s interesting because in the process we have to work out democracy for ourselves,” said Joseph DiCola, 21, a Loyola student. At the request of the protesters, the non-profit National Lawyers Guild appointed an attorney, Jerry Boyle, to the group to act as a legal observer and provide advice. By midnight the protesters compromised with police: Officers promised protection from parking tickets for those who spent the night in their cars

Question by : Do I have to have a federal tax ID for a non-profit business?
I am starting a non-profit business and do I need a federal tax ID for it?

Best answer:

Answer by Spock (rhp)
yes, you need an Employer Identification Number. [EIN] .. apply to the IRS for this.

in order to be considered a no-profit by the IRS, you also have to apply for that status. see irs.gov online for forms and publications

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
Valley nonprofit, University of Michigan team up for genetic analysis
16, 2012 06:43 PM The Republic | azcentral.com. A Phoenix-based non-profit that specializes in genomic tissue banking on Thursday announced a deal with the University of Michigan to create a new group that will analyze genetic information for doctors …
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Grant Writing 101: Everything You Need to Start Raising Funds Today

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—Emmett D. Carson, Ph.D., CEO and President, Silicon Valley Community Foundation “This new book is an essential tool in helping nonprofits manage grant writing by keeping it simple, easy, and enjoyable!”

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A government regulated and centrally planned economy has never produced personal prosperity or enhanced human freedom at any time in history. So why do we have on in America? Tonight: The Folly of the Federal ReserveOriginally aired 10/20/11 on “Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano” on Fox Business Network www.foxbusiness.com www.judgenap.com www.twitter.com www.facebook.com NOTE: This video may be reproduced for non-profit, educational purposes ONLY. FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 USC section 107 of the US Copyright Law. DISCLAIMER: This channel is in no way affilliated with Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox Business Network, Newscorp or any of its subsidiaries or employees. The contents of this channel reflect the views of its owner, only. Videos made by various authors of various topics should not be construed to represent the views of the other authors also uploaded on this channel. Each video is representive of its creators only.
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10 Reasons Why public Don’t Visit Your confusion place

Article by Lemy Yusento

1. You don’t offer without charge fundamental content. It’s significant to offer your visitors in turn they can’t realize anywhere besides. If you’re the individual source on behalf of a particular type of in turn, public motivation drove to your confusion place.

2. You don’t offer without charge software. For the most part public like to realize able deals on software on behalf of their computers. If the software is without charge, to facilitate is even better.

3. You don’t offer a without charge contest otherwise sweepstakes. It’s a detail, public like to win things. If you can fill to facilitate need, public motivation obstruct by to visit.

4. You don’t offer a without charge directory. Create a directory of confusion sites on a exacting matter to facilitate is interconnected to your target audience. Public motivation visit since they motivation realize pardon? They’re looking on behalf of, all wearing solitary place.

5. You don’t offer a without charge e-zine. For the most part public dear to make without charge in turn to facilitate they’re interested wearing emailed to them on a regular basis. This saves them point in time and money.

6. You don’t offer a without charge unity. Public like to experience a place were they can experience discussions with others on a exacting issue. You can add a chat extent otherwise message board to your confusion place.

7. You don’t offer a without charge join list. Solitary of people’s indispensable needs to endure is money. While you offer them a without charge opportunity to compel to money they’ll line up to visit your confusion place.

8. You don’t offer a without charge online value. While you offer a value to facilitate can solve a obstruction, public motivation visit your confusion place. The value can remain a without charge autoresponder, e-mail description, search engine submission, and so forth.

9. You don’t offer without charge current in turn. Supply news stories interconnected to your confusion place. Public be after up-to-date news on the topics they are interested wearing. They motivation moreover remain interested wearing visiting your confusion place.

10. You don’t offer without charge samples of your merchandise otherwise service. Experience you always been to a pile and you jumped next to the attempt to make a without charge sample of food? This same thought motivation moreover draw public to visit your confusion place.

About the Author

Do You Like This Article? Go here For More Information and Free Resources:http://AutopilotProfitsIncome.com

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France is a Good Place Drive

Article by Dan Davis

Driving is the best way to appreciate rural France. The countryside changes every fifty miles or so. Stop whenever you please, explore ancient villages, discover wonderful little restaurants, and set your own pace. Rent your car at the Paris airport, unless you intend to visit Paris first. Avoid driving in Paris.

French freeways are everywhere. Exits are easy to find. Roadside cameras inhibit speeders. Roadside gas stations and restaurants are available at regular intervals. But, you miss the glory of scenic rural France when you only drive freeways.

Get off the freeway onto N” or “D” blacktopped roads. They are the best for sightseeing. There are numerous roundabouts as you approach a village, so it helps to know the names and highway numbers of the nearest towns. There are signs at every exit on the roundabout. If you have don’t see your exit sign, keep going around slowly until you find the right one.

At noon, drive into any village. Look for the packed parking lot. That is the place to have a great lunch, usually at a reasonable price. Buy a pocket French guide that lists menu items in English and in French to help you decipher the strange-sounding dishes.Buy the Michelin Road Atlas to select your route. Each page shows all the roads in each small section of France. Buy the Michelin Red Guide (hotel and restaurant rating guide) and the Logis de France catalog of government-approved two-star inns and hotels with usually great restaurants (info@logis-de-france.fr). If you cannot decipher the French listings, consult a french-speaking friend before you go.

French people are friendly, contrary to common opinion. The trick is to speak a few French phrases. Begin with “pardonez mois” (pard-own-ay-moo-wah), “sil vous plait” (seal voo play) and “parlez vous anglais?” (parlay voo on-glay?). meaning: “Pardon me”, “If you please” and “Do you speak English?”. Carry a Berlitz reverse pocket French/English dictionary to use when needed..

Rent from Auto Europe (888-835-1555). They are always available by telephone. You can drop off your car anywhere in France without extra charge. An International Drivers License is not required. Consider letting your travel agent arrange the car rental and the hotel for your first and last nights.

Choose small manual transmission Class B or C cars that hide your luggage and use less fuel, which is expensive. Air conditioning is needed only in summer. Ask about age restrictions and extra driver charges. Streets in many ancient villages are narrow and will not accommodate large cars. Meandering through villages is part of the adventure.

If you want to experience the real France, driving is the only way, even though it’s more taxing. You need patience, but it’s worth it. Every wrong turn leads to an adventure you

About the Author

Dan Davis, nicknamed Travelin’ Dan because he travels so much, has been an international traveler for over 42 years. Dan found all of the tricks to make his travels stress free and has published articles and booklets showing others how to make their travels easier. To learn more about Travelin’ Dan’s Stress Free Travel Tips, you can go to his website: http://www.stress-freetravel.com

Pyongyang, August 5 (KCNA) –A report on Former US President Bill Clinton’s visit to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is as follows: Former US President Bill Clinton and his party visited the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea from August 4 to 5. Kim Jong Il, general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea and chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK, met with Bill Clinton and his party. During their stay Clinton and his party paid a courtesy call on Kim Yong Nam, president of the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly. Clinton expressed words of sincere apology to Kim Jong Il for the hostile acts committed by the two American journalists against the DPRK after illegally intruding into it. Clinton courteously conveyed to Kim Jong Il an earnest request of the US government to leniently pardon them and send them back home from a humanitarian point of view. The meetings had candid and in-depth discussions on the pending issues between the DPRK and the US in a sincere atmosphere and reached a consensus of views on seeking a negotiated settlement of them. Kim Jong Il issued an order of the Chairman of the DPRK National Defence Commission on granting a special pardon to the two American journalists who had been sentenced to hard labor in accordance with Article 103 of the Socialist Constitution and releasing them. Clinton courteously conveyed a verbal message of US President Barack Obama expressing profound thanks for this and reflecting views on

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Wash Your Horse – Hints and Tips in place of Washing your Horse

Article by Emma Stewart

Grooming your horse need not be a stressful practice. If you are another to horse grooming, you will unearth with the aim of it can be challenging by the side of basic. You maintain to be willing to create a trusting correlation with your inborn and discover your pet’s quirks. There are selected horses with the aim of require ultra attention and grooming, so it pays to discover first on pardon? Your horse needs.

If you are a newly minted horse proprietor or a beginner, you may well not know someplace to start. Here are selected ideas on how to start your bathing ritual. Begin with a pre-bath enhancer. You can create your own pre-bath enhancer using household items such as vinegar and olive lubricate. Mix two equal parts of both mutually in place of a natural coat saturate. Sponge it against your horse and leave it in place of up to three days. Make really to diagram this ahead of time in place of the appropriate schedule of the time.

The subsequently step is to apply a little gasoline jelly to your horse’s hooves by using stream. Water is surprisingly negative to hooves. Water can cause your horses hooves to dry barred or happen to simply cracked. Don’t apply jelly if you diagram on sanding the hooves.

Now it’s schedule to organize your horse shampoo mixture. Use a baby shampoo in place of horses with delicate skin and mustache. You can wear out the horse shampoo in place of selling by the side of your confined pet supply put in storage. Make really to dilute the shampoo, rebuff carry some weight pardon? The bottle says. For bringing barred your horse’s natural color, try a color enhancing shampoo in place of horses. This is a fussy way to contract your horse’s ensign to attitude barred.

If you diagram on braiding your horse’s mane, you ought to not shampoo or condition it. Keep it wet and wear out mustache gel similar to bathing, for the reason that using shampoo or condition will kind it challenging to plait it.

There are selected areas of your horse with the aim of may well be challenging to wash or clean. If you are troubled of getting too close, consider getting a flash team up of hands to help you barred. Try to continue calm as your horse can read anxiety. Horses are amazingly delicate animals and can tell whilst you are anxious not far off from something.

Hot lubricate is single trick you can wear out if your horse’s tail is dry and brittle. Choose a scorching lubricate medicine with the aim of is intended in place of humans. Clothed in nearly everyone luggage, you will find out minute results, enjoying the shine of a moisturized tail.

For rinsing your horse’s tail, wear out selected apple vinegar and colorant with stream. This is a lofty mixture to remove shampoo. Apple vinegar besides makes a lofty colorant for the reason that it repels flies, like so plateful your horse continue comfortable.

Remember to apply a shine artifact to the tail area and the body by it dries. Do not apply it to the saddle area, girth or mane, as these areas are delicate. Instead, wear out a small cloth to contract your horse’s look. If you don’t maintain a shine artifact made especially in place of horses, wear out selected baby lubricate in your rinsing stream as a substitute.

Finish up your bathing process with a steel fur cloth and lightly take the dirt inedible of your horse’s hoofs. Use saddle soap and neat’s-foot lubricate to take custody of cracking hooves. An old mother country remedy is to wear out bacon grease in place of this snag.

Bathing a horse is a lengthy and involved process, but it ought to be ready appropriate. Despite the challenges, everybody can discover how to rinse a horse the appropriate way. With selected patience and awareness, you too can allot your horse the rinse of its life.

For More Info Visit: http://www.horsecareguide.net

About the Author

For More Info Visit: http://www.horsecareguide.net

Here’s yet another video game theme song that has been rolling around in my head of late. Any old school gamer worth his salt will recognize these well known melodies from Sega’s “Golden Axe”. Please rate, comment, and apply constructive criticism where needed. And… pardon the repeat screenshots; finding pics of these characters is a little difficult.
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