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DUI Expungement Basic Process

DUI Expungement can be achieved, although it’s not easy. Always consult with a competent attorney. Expungement is really a court-ordered process in which the legal document of an arrest is sealed or erased. Expungement is also legal process through which an arrest or conviction may be erased from a person’s criminal record. When a conviction is expunged, the process may also be known as “setting aside a criminal conviction.” The availability of expungement, and the method for getting an arrest or conviction expunged, will range according for the state or county in which the arrest or conviction occurred.

A DUI expungement ordinarily signifies that an arrest or conviction is erased from someone’s criminal record for most purposes. Right after the DUI expungement procedure is finished, an arrest or even a criminal conviction ordinarily doesn’t have to be disclosed by the particular person who was arrested or convicted. As an example, when filling out an application to get a job or apartment, an applicant whose arrest or conviction is expunged does not must disclose that arrest or conviction.

In most cases, no document of a DUI expunged arrest or conviction will show up if a prospective employer, academic institution, or other company conducts a public data inspection or background search of an individual’s criminal record.

A DUI expungement arrest or conviction is just not automatically completely erased, in the literal sense from the phrase. A DUI expungement will ordinarily be an available part of a person’s criminal file, viewable by selected government agencies, such as law enforcement along with the criminal courts. This limited accessibility is sometimes known as a criminal file currently being “under seal.” In some legal proceedings, this kind of as for the duration of sentencing for any crimes committed following an expungement, or in immigration / deportation proceedings, an expunged conviction that’s “under seal” might even now be regarded as evidence of a prior conviction.

If you had a drink and got pulled over, would you know what to do?

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James Steele

Article Source:

For more information please visit www.RecordGone.com Expungement Attorney Mathew Higbee talks about the benefits of expungement.This video will briefly go over Expungement and Record and Sealing in the state of Oregon and provide viewers information on how to have their criminal record removed in a fast and safe manner.

Question by RaDaR: How does one file for misdemeanor expungement in California?
I pleaded guilty for a misdemeanor 5 years ago. I completed the probation without any problems. Now I am trying to expunge the record, and I am wondering how to do it.

Best answer:

Answer by Noreen
Call your county courthouse clerk.

Give your answer to this question below!
Juveniles need protection from themselves
And it's why any record of a criminal offense can be expunged if a kid satisfies the conditions of probation. The idea is to rehabilitate and not punish — indeed to protect kids — a baseline philosophy that should guide all decisions made by the …
Read more on phillyBurbs.com

California expungement manual: Expunging California criminal convictions for immigration purposes

California expungement manual: Expunging California criminal convictions for immigration purposes

Price: [wpramaprice asin=”B0006RTDYG”]

[wpramareviews asin=”B0006RTDYG”]

Expungements Under New Jersey Law

A 10+ minute selection from the Garden State CLE course, “Expungements Under New Jersey Law”. Go to GardenStateCLE.com and earn credits now for this and dozens of other CLE courses on DVD, CD, MP3, and streaming video. A number of recent statutory changes and and new cases have dramatically expanded the number of people who qualify for an expungement of their criminal records. Learn how to change your client’s life and navigate the complex procedures associated with correctly filing an expungement.
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A Pardons Process for a Moose: Animal Trials

There is a humorous tradition in Washington DC that involves a pardons process by the President for one turkey at Thanksgiving. The bird, which is donated by a hatchery, is introduced to the President, who gives it a last-minute reprieve and sends it to live out its life in a petting zoo or sanctuary. Recently, Pete the Moose, who had been raised on an elk farm in Vermont, was the subject of his own “pardons process” when Governor Peter Shumlin gave ownership of the moose to the farm; normally, wild animals are in the public trust and under other circumstances, Pete, who was not born on the farm, might have had to be subjected to game animal culling. These stories may strike us as cute, but they hearken back to a time when the criminal law could actually be applied to animals as well as people.

Trials of animals were a surprisingly common practice in the middle ages. According to the prevailing mentality at the time, an animal bore the same moral responsibility for its actions as a human, and could therefore be called to answer for its actions before an ecclesiastic (or civil) court of law. Defendants at the time ranged from dogs, cats and rats to invertebrate pests like ants, usually for harming a human plaintiff in some way. Pigs were a common subject of criminal trials; they used to roam semi-wild around villages and could go in and out of houses, biting children in the process. Today, it would seem plain to us that the responsibility in the matter rests upon the farmer, but in a 1494 French case, for example, a pig entered a house and mutilated a child’s face, whereupon the child died. Predictably, the pig was sentenced to death. This in itself is not so surprising, as even today, many animals that harm people are destroyed. What is remarkable is the fact that moral and criminal responsibility was assigned to the animals, which, conversely, were given a full trial in court, during which they were entitled to lawyers and to be fed while in prison, just like a human.

As can be expected, animals on trial were usually found guilty. But sometimes, a defence would be successful. In Medieval Toulouse, France, a man was once charged with bestiality for having sex with his donkey. As was common at the time, the donkey was charged as well! The man was sentenced to death; according to the prevailing custom, the donkey might have been convicted as well. Luckily for her, many people stepped forward with the (logical) testimony that she was not a willing participant in the act, resulting in her acquittal.

Animal trials continued into the 18th century and, sometimes into the 19th. A much more recent case has been a source of controversy as to its facts. In 1924, Pep, the dog of Pennsylvania Governor Gifford Pinchot was “imprisoned” in Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia. The story is that the Governor had had Pep sentenced to life imprisonment for killing the Pinchots’ cat and according to prison records, “criminal” Pep was actually issued a convict number (C2559). It appears likely, however, that Pep’s “crime” is a later embellishment of the story from a newspaper article, and that Pinchot had merely donated the dog to the prison in order to provide companionship for inmates. On the other hand, as recently as 1906 in Switzerland, a man and his son were charged with murder together with their dog as a “willing accomplice”. While the human defendants were given life sentences, the dog was sentenced to death.

In the civilized world, at least, we seem to have gotten over the notion that an animal can bear criminal responsibility. But on the other hand, many people today believe in recognizing rights for animals. What exactly these rights should include is a matter of contention; to some it mainly concerns the right to be free from cruelty on the part of humans, while others would grant animals equal rights to life with people and there is even a movement to give great apes (which are biologically classified together with humans in the family Hominidae) legal personhood. Should animals be given more rights in law, is it possible that they will also be given more responsibility, such as criminal responsibility? Also, while it may seem absurd to charge an animal with bestiality or bring termites to trial for infesting a house, could some kind of trial process be instituted, for example, to assess whether a dog should be destroyed for attacking a person, considering the animal’s (and its handler’s) side of the story against the charge? These might be questions to think about the next time a turkey receives an official pardons process at Thanksgiving or a wild animal is subjected “to a pardons process” in order to be released from the hunt.

Ned Lecic writes for a pardons agency in Toronto.

Article Source:

Aap Ki Kasam

Rajesh Khanna plays Mumtaz jealous husband who begins to doubt her fidelity when his best friend Sanjeev Kumar enters their lives. She is unable to convince Rajesh Khanna that she loves only him. He leaves her not knowing that she is pregnant with his child. Depressed and confused Rajesh Khanna becomes a homeless wanderer while Mumtaz remarries to provide a secure home for her child.
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Question by rentslave: How soon will Mumia be free once Obama loses in 2012?
No President who loses the popular vote and is defeated for re-election has ever again attempted to run for President.What is to stop Obama from pardoning Wesley Cook,a cause celebre of the extreme left?

Best answer:

Answer by ddd Peppddde
Wow its a genuine fox news dipshit spouting nonsense and not even trying to seem sane or level headed. This is always fun

BTW Obama is probably at the low point of his presidency. Even so things would have to get wwwwaaayyyy worse for him to lose to anyone of the possible POG crapidates

What do you think? Answer below!
Pardon Me, But Your Liberties Are Stepping on My Freedoms
And if we want to live in a society that is free from fear, we cannot have guns so readily available that anyone with a Joker fantasy can gun down scores of innocents in a movie theatre. So the question of which gun regulations should be put in place …
Read more on Huffington Post

A Familiar Dialogue Between Eve And Mary: Concerning The Free Pardon Of Sins, Through The Precious Blood Of Jesus Christ (1757)

A Familiar Dialogue Between Eve And Mary: Concerning The Free Pardon Of Sins, Through The Precious Blood Of Jesus Christ (1757)

This book is a facsimile reprint and may contain imperfections such as marks, notations, marginalia and flawed pages.

List Price: $ 30.95

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A brief video on the wonders of Open Source audio recording using Hydrogen drums & Ardour…all samples manipulated via Audacity & Jackbeat. This is my first video on Open Source Hip Hop Production. Pardon the amateur vid production work. More videos to come soon..enjoy..and as always Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Video Rating: 5 / 5

DUI Expungement Process – Steps to Clear Your DUI Record

If you are convicted of DUI, you may want to expunge your DUI record in order to get a job, loan, house, etc. Expungement refers to the process of removing or erasing your DUI records. You are required to petition the court in order to get your records expunged. This article discusses steps to clear your DUI record by covering the whole process from petitioning to obtaining expungement. Each state’s expungement laws vary; therefore, this article gives you a basic idea on the process.

DUI expungement process:

1. Where to file a petition for expungement?

You need to file a petition for expungement in the superior court in the county where your DUI arrest occurred. 

2. What are the grounds for denial of expungement?

You can be denied for expungement:

– if you haven’t completed probation.

– if you didn’t show a good reason to expunge your DUI record.

– if you are convicted of severe felony.

– if a great deal of time has passed since your arrest or conviction.

3. What are the grounds for acceptance of expungement?

You are allowed to expunge:

– if this is the only conviction on your record.

– if you didn’t spend any time in state prison.

– if you have rehabilitated yourself.

4. How to file for an expungement?

– Do you need a lawyer?

You don’t necessarily need a lawyer for expunging your records. It’s just that this process involves a lot of paperwork and if you have a lawyer by your side, he can give you advice regarding that. If you don’t wish to hire a lawyer, you should learn all the procedures that are required to get this process done.

– How long does it take?

The entire expungement process could take anywhere from 4 to 6 months.

– What is the filing fee? 

The filing fee may vary from $ 50 to $ 400 depending on your case and your state.

– What forms do you need to fill and where to get them?

You need to go to your county courthouse and ask the clerk for the expungement forms. As mentioned above the forms may cost around $ 50 to $ 400. The clerk may give you the following forms: 1. Expungement petition, 2. Affidavit or proof of service form.

5. What happens after you file the petition for expungement?

After you file the petition for expungement, a copy will be sent to all agencies that have your records like arresting agency, the county attorney, the city police department etc. They may accept or refuse your request. If they accept, the court will grant your petition without hearing. If they refuse, a hearing will be held and you are required to attend. (This law can vary from state to state). You will be notified of hearing date through the mail. In some states, though, the court sets the hearing date, while in others you have to pick the date. You must ask your clerk beforehand regarding how your state’s county court hearing date is set. 

6. The Court hearing and decision:

Your petition for expungement may or may not be granted. If you won the expungement hearing, you must check after 60 days to see for yourself whether your records show up during a criminal record check. The 60 days period is when the court orders all the agencies to seal your record. However, if you lose your hearing, you may need to ask for an expungement once again. 

Expunge your DUI record “completely” with the help of DUI Process Manual. It offers little-known strategies to clear your DUI record completely and pass employment background checks in a step-by-step approach. Especially, this strategy is helpful if your state (US) does not allow formal expungement. Visit my site for free DUI strategies report and DUI Process Manual review and take action to clear DUI record [http://www.dui-process.org/dui-process-manual-review/].

Article Source:

Question by Katie Marie: Filed for expungement in the state of Ohio. How long until it is off my record?
On Sept. 29 I payed the $ 50 fee at the court house and did my expungement paper work. My question is how long do you think it will take until my record is cleared? It my first and only conviction (unauthorized use of property) and I am a straight A student in college. This happened in Franklin county. Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks.
It is a year and 5 months old. and it was a 4th degree misdemeanor.

Best answer:

Answer by corp_752000
How old is your conviction? was it a felony or misdemeanor? My attorney told me its a 5 yr waiting period. I was convicted of disorderly conduct and ask about that also. I too live in Ohio. Lemme know how it goes for u.

Good Luck

Give your answer to this question below!
Fitial vetoes bill to expunge some criminal records
Benigno R. Fitial vetoed yesterday a bill that would have allowed the expungement of certain criminal records and restore certain rights, but the bill's author, Rep. Stanley Torres (Ind-Saipan), said he still believes his legislation will give those …
Read more on Saipan Tribune

Expungements: Freedom From the Disability of a Legal Record (Third Edition)

Expungements: Freedom From the Disability of a Legal Record (Third Edition)

A must have for writing on legal matters both for the professional and the lay reader. This book covers both state and federal subject matter for criminal and civil expungement, correction of inaccurate records and amendment of such legal records.

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Information on California DUI Expungement explained by California DUI attorney Nina Hodjat, Esq. of www.DUIpartners.com
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Related Expungement Articles

Expungement – An Easy to Understand Overview of the Process For Clearing Your Criminal Record

If you have a criminal conviction or arrest record in Washington State, then you might already be familiar with the many ways the record can inconveniently affect you. From employment – not getting the promotion or job you want, to not qualifying for a loan, not being able to rent an apartment, and a variety of other embarrassing situations. An expungement of the criminal record might be the right answer for you to clear your name.

Expungement of criminal records is not easily understood. If you have searched on the Internet for any amount of time, you already know there is quite a bit of misinformation about expungements. While the term “expungement” is widely used to describe clearing your criminal record, “expungement” does have a specific legal meaning. Even so, on my website I do refer to the expungement process generically because it is the term most people are familiar with.

In Washington State, expungement of an actual criminal conviction is called Vacating the Criminal Conviction. However, Expungement actually refers to destroying a criminal record that contains only “non-conviction data”. Non-conviction data refers to a criminal record where you were not convicted. This could be an arrest where no charges were filed, or a situation where charges were filed but dismissed outright. Non-conviction data does not include a dismissal of charges if the dismissal followed a deferred sentence.

Many people I’ve helped expunge a criminal record are confused about this point -and understandably so. In Washington State, courts sometimes defer a sentence after a person pleads guilty to a misdemeanor. In this situation, the person pleading guilty must complete certain conditions, and when the conditions are successfully completed the court dismisses the conviction. But here is where the confusion arises. The charge is dismissed, but the conviction continues to show on the person’s record. So, in other words, the charge is dismissed but doesn’t go away.

With an actual criminal conviction, expungement is technically not available. Instead, in Washington State the criminal conviction must be vacated.

Expungement of non-conviction data is a relatively simple process. A request in the proper form is made to the law enforcement agency that made the arrest, and to the Washington State Patrol which keeps the official record. When the expungement is complete, the record is destroyed and no longer shows in the database. The expungement request can be declined by the law enforcement agency if you have a subsequent arrest or criminal charge.

A criminal conviction is removed from the record when a court enters an Order Vacating the conviction. The result is very similar to an expungement. The conviction no longer shows in the database, however the court file continues to exist. There is no law in Washington State that permits destruction, or expungement, of a court file. Even sealing the file does not expunge the file. Sealing removes the file from public inspection, but the file still exists in the court.

While the expungement process sometimes appears confusing, it really is not. As you can see in this article, Expungement refers to deleting non-conviction data such as an arrest record. A criminal conviction must be vacated by a court. After it is vacated, Washington State law permits a person to state he or she has never been convicted of a crime. With either expungement or vacating, after the process is complete a person can put away an unhappy and sometimes embarrassing chapter of his or her life.

Douglas Stratemeyer is an expert on expungement law in Washington State. Doug has been a lawyer since 1992, and is a former part-time judge, who helps people expunge Washington State criminal convictions, clear criminal records, expunge juvenile criminal records, and restore firearm possession rights. Read more about him and how to clear your criminal record at his website http://www.StratemeyerLaw.com, or http://www.WashingtonStateExpungement.com
Copyright ©2009 Douglas Stratemeyer. All Rights reserved.

Article Source:

Expungement in California - Removing your California Criminal Record

For more information please visit www.RecordGone.com Criminal and Expungement Defense Attorney Mathew Higbee, talks about how the State California offers ways to have your criminal record removed, expunged, sealed, or set aside. This video will briefly outline the benefits, and provide viewers information on how to remove their criminal record.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Question by : What is a clear criminal record?
I was looking at a job position and it said “must obtain a clear criminal record” does that mean for example if i was arrested but not convticed? or does it mean not even arrested? in nsw australia btw

Best answer:

Answer by WATCH DOG
It means no convictions.}{

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
Former DA to get his record expunged
Former DA to get his record expunged … A judge on Thursday granted a petition by former District Attorney Richard L. Gray to expunge his criminal record.
Read more on Tahlequah Daily Press

Did you know your arrest record stays with you forever? View your record and clear it online. Watch this story on how to Clear Your Arrest Record. Go to www.arrestfree.com to learn more.

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Broadcast Quality Checking Process.

The Technical Checking or Quality Control “QC” of broadcast material ensures that all TV broadcast standards and specifications are met and maintained. Professional QCing enables Distributors and Broadcasters to send material worldwide, safe in the knowledge that programs are fault free. It negates the need to urgently repair or replace material after distribution, thus meeting broadcast deadlines and ensuring client satisfaction.

During the process of QC, the Technician will measure the media parameters of the supplied program and assess its many technical aspects, as well as visually and audibly monitoring for any faults that may have been introduced in the Broadcast Duplication process..

Each tape format is assessed to ensure that the ID board, label and associated cue sheets all match the material on the tape. Audio track allocations are determined for accuracy, as is the program’s aspect ratio, frame rate, VITC (Vertical Interval Time Code) and (LTC) Longitudinal time code.

Visually the QC Technician will watch the program – assessing the Vision and Chroma levels, colour timing, and note any errors that may have been introduced via the incorrect operation of equipment or equipment configuration, as well as human error or oversight.

Particular issues to be noted include such errors as dropouts, pixilation, channel condition errors, lag, stepping, Moiré, Aliasing, flicker, Subtitles, missing VITC in vision lines, and that supers and subtitles are within the broadcast safe title area. All action is within Safe action, no black holes, continuous timecode, file and archival footage, DVCAM or Low band footage and conversion errors are all measured and noted. Clients may also wish to be notified of film based blemishes such as film scratches, pitting, cue slugs, negative and positive dirt.

Those involved in the broadcast QC process will also monitor all aspects of the program’s audio. All audio formats are monitored for dropouts, pops, clicks, peak distortion, recorded distortion, crackle and any other audio issues that may inhibit viewing satisfaction.

These checks include confirming all tracks contain the relevant information for their allocation such as Dolby mixes. Stereo programs are checked for correct phase and Music and Effects tracks are assessed for accurate effects.

At the completion of the QC process, a detailed tech report is completed for the client, highlighting the faults found and the decision as to whether the program meets the client’s technical and delivery specifications.

Mary-Anne Black QC Operator FATS Digital Services, a leading Australian owned and operated company offering CD Duplication, Digital Cinema, Broadcast Duplication, Blu-ray duplication, DVD, Authoring, Replication, Duplication, DVD printing and packaging services to the Film, Production and Television Industries. FATS Digital also uses Offset, UV cured 6 colour Digital CD printers. Visit us soon at http://www.fats.com.au

Question by : how does one start the pardon process?

Best answer:

Answer by jemhasb
Go see a solicitor/lawyer.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!
Bomb victims say no to pardons
On Sunday, the Worcester Hope and Reconciliation Process said it could not support a pardon for three of the four perpetrators because they had not communicated any form of remorse. The organisation, which among other things promotes reconciliation in …
Read more on Independent Online

1 Rep Mass
Earn 75% Commission On 1 Rep Mass.
1 Rep Mass

Executive clemency or bureaucratic discretion? Two models of the pardons process.: An article from: Presidential Studies Quarterly

Executive clemency or bureaucratic discretion? Two models of the pardons process.: An article from: Presidential Studies Quarterly

This digital document is an article from Presidential Studies Quarterly, published by Thomson Gale on September 1, 2007. The length of the article is 9921 words. The page length shown above is based on a typical 300-word page. The article is delivered in HTML format and is available in your Amazon.com Digital Locker immediately after purchase. You can view it with any web browser.

Citation Details
Title: Executive clemency or bureaucratic discretion? Two models of the pardons process.<

List Price: $ 9.95

Price: [wpramaprice asin=”B000Y751JE”]

[wpramareviews asin=”B000Y751JE”]

Had this idea whilst watching some of @EduElfie ‘s MinecraftEdu videos. It combines the idea of MCEdu with a little demo of WorldEdit, and some BukkitEssentials functions. MinecraftEdu has some of these functions built in, but not all of them. For example, it has teleport blocks and the fill/clear tool, but plugins like WorldEdit and VoxelSniper can make building things a breeze. This can help with speeding up the build process for teachers who make their own maps, and it can also help teachers make more complex maps to use in lessons, educational Adventure Maps, for example. Please pardon the slight cough. Part 2: www.youtube.com FAQ: What is CraftBukkit? bukkit.org What is WorldEdit? dev.bukkit.org What is the WorldEditCUI (Client User Interface)? www.minecraftforum.net What is VoxelSniper? www.voxelwiki.com What is MinecraftEdu? minecraftedu.com What is an Adventure/Puzzle Map? (Examples of Adventure/Puzzle Maps under the “Maps” section). www.youtube.com What’s the difference between an Adventure Map and a Puzzle Map? Adventure maps are typically progressed by surviving dangerous situations and/or getting past areas which are difficult to navigate. They also tend to include a detailed storyline through which the player progresses. Puzzle maps are generally progressed by the solving of puzzles, usually involving a lot of redstone circuitry. They often contain a less detailed storyline, but let the player concentrate on solving one puzzle after the other, after the other

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